Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lingam tape "child play"?

"The (VK Lingam) video clip is child play compared to what is going to be revealed tomorrow." - Wee Choo Keong
Wee, the vindicated lawyer-politician, has called for a media conference (new and old media) tomorrow to reveal some shocking details with regards to the Lingam-Fairuz saga that has questioned the integrity of the country's judiciary.

Time: 11 am, Sunday, 18 Nov 2007
Place: No 60 2nd Floor
Jalan SS2/67
Petaling Jaya
(it's above Mahagony Music/Coffee Bean)

The Royal Commission that the Abdullah Administration has agreed to establish (after protests staged by the lawyers and the recommendation of the the 3-men inquiry panel) should have its work cut out for it with these new details.


  1. Anonymous5:28 pm

    How could the 'Lingam's Video Clip' be child paly when the contents were so shocking. Nothing can be worst than the video clip which protrayed the promotion of judges can be fixed by a lawyer, business and a small time minister (Tengkun Adnan),and the judiciary can be bought.

    I am looking forward to see what Wee Choo Keong is going to reveal tomorrow.

    What is more important is what the Sleepy PM going to do about it? Most probably, the Sleepy PM will go on dreaming in his sleep and Khairy and/or Nazri will be making all kinds of stupid statements.

  2. Anonymous7:12 pm

    I hope WCK is smart enough to keep the originals in a safe place beyond his own reach if certain conditions not met.

  3. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Wow...cant wait, keep us posted rocky

  4. Anonymous4:37 am


    Never a dull moment in bolehland!

    Putridjaya denizens must have their hands so full dealing with all these pesky revelations, wonder if they spend any time on matters that really matter to the country. Wonder if there is any thinking time spent mulling on the type of governance vital to elevating the country to respectable levels.

    Damage control here, damage control there. Not that the DC is done any intelligently. Just bribe and bully, bluster and threaten.

    In the meantime everything of consequence to the nation and its future is left wayside while the sonorous snores of the chief belie an active mind seeking solace in the next overseas, perpetual-honeymoon, holiday escapade.

  5. Child plays……what child?
    Fixing playing behind the rules
    This isn’t a child tantrum
    This is serious business

    Now the Royal Commission of Inquiry
    Let’s see what will come out of it
    It should be traced back in 1988
    The day judiciary fell from grace

    The BN government is procrastinating
    Months trying to find a way out of the mess
    Issuing moron statements trying to deflect the issues
    Mushrooming with corridors
    Laying out tracks full of wealth

    Child plays……………what child?
    This is rivalry playing behind the scene
    Stabbing the back what say you
    At last the cracks have opened doors
    The leaders trying to put up straight faces
    Believing nothing has happened

    Child plays………………what child?
    In the corrupted minds nothing is right
    The truth never light up the day
    Now the drum beats hitting the high note
    Echoing out to the masses
    “Make the change
    Don’t live to regret it
    Be part of history
    Spoken in the annals of generations”

  6. Anonymous11:49 am

    With so many interesting ongoing in Bolehland, I can hardly keep up reading the blogs , newspapars and UMNO or BN controlled media. Wonder is it high time to discontinue my ASSTRO subscription.