Monday, November 12, 2007

More than 60,000 turned up!

Mother of all open houses. And we were bragging about getting 60,000 people to march to the Istana for free and fair elections?
Check out the Bernama story here and find out how happy Zakaria Deros was on Saturday. (In contrast, Minister Zulhasnan's open house on the same day, which was attended by the PM himself, drew only 10,000 people!)

Zakaria said he'll leave it to Pak Lah whether or not to retain him as a candidate at the next general election.

The Star's story here said thousands came to Z's mansion. Many waited from 5 pm outside the istana for the open house to start at 7.30pm! Among other things, 300,000 sticks of satay were served.


  1. rocky,

    i always believe...that the people deserve the leader they choose, and a leader deserves the people he picks (to serve him).
    So, if the people of Zakaria's constituency wants him and elect him...well, bro, they deserve him.
    and if the Umno president/PM wants to retain him, well.....

    kita dah penguin march, dah yellow march making 10-Eleven a day to remember because as Haris Ibrahim said --" the dawn of a new day"...

    so...all we can do now is ..besides blogging and doing the little that we are able to in our own small to just go out and vote-lah during the election.

    YOU know who and what you want.

  2. Anonymous11:46 am

    60,000 attended Zakaria Open House. It was a joke of hte century. How could his mansion accomodate such numbers. If it can then ACA shgould move in to check how could he amassed such assets. After all he was just a falg man, manning hte gate for Kereta Api Tanah Melayu. So now you can see, how fast one can get rich when one is near to Badawi. No prosecution for flouting the laws and at the same time one can brag about one's assets.

    Furhter, I am sure that there must be at least 20,000 cars if not more. These cars must have casued traffic jams in the areas. Why the police didn't move in to block them from going to Zakaria's palce? Well, this is the slant in the stories that were carried int eh Star and NST that the march on Novemebr 10th casued terrfic jams ad inconvenience ot the public.

    What a bullshit by Star and NST? Pondeklah Wong Chun Wai and Kalimullah.

  3. Anonymous11:55 am

    Pak Zak is one example why Pak Lah's cabinet must be replaced.

  4. Well, if Zakaria's house can fit 60,000 people, it only goes to show how corrupted he absolutely is. It took the entire road outside the Agong's palace to hold more than 40,000 protestors, yet his house could entertain 60,000 with food and drinks. Impressive.

  5. Anonymous12:01 pm

    badawi -don't dragged the king into it...

    and now this guy - tit for tat - is using the agong to retaliate against the 10eleven march... and forcing the agong to throw the memorandum out.


  6. Things are not gonna change. The people don't wanna change. They like it this way. They like the satay and the free entertainment. And the peace. They can't see what's anything wrong with the country. They can't see the big picture. They don't want to see the big picture. They don't wanna waste time thinking about it. They can't see where the country is heading. They don't care. All they care about is to vote for the same government and then complain about it the next five years. After five years, they vote the same thing again. This is Malaysian humor, mate.

  7. Yes, right Ena. That's Democracy. You have a choice. If you chose an idiot, you will get one as your leader. LOL!!

    In the constituency where I'm staying, it has always been Keadilan & PAS who stood against the BN for the Paliamentary and State seats in the last two general elections.

    Unfortunately, many are still stupid/blind enough to return the two BN jokers.

  8. Anonymous12:11 pm



    without free lunch & drink, getting pocket money, free cap or t-shirt.

  9. rocky, the main principle here is very simple.. if you want to amass wealth and bragging about your wealth, then be a business man... not a politician! a leader musn't had to be seen as clean by the public!

  10. Anonymous12:20 pm

    This saying is holding its own:

    If you want to be rich, join UMNO/UMNO Youth

    If you want to be really rich, get elected and become a chairman or member in UMNO/UMNO YOuth Divisions/Branches

    If you want to be filthy rich millionnaire, get elected as MP or as a Councillor

    If you want also your family to be filthy rich and millionnaires, become an UMNO Minister in cabinet.

    Zakaria as just proven the point.

    BERNAMA as a national news agency is a bloody disgrace. Reminds me of newspapers in North Korea, when I visited there on a UN Mission.

  11. Anonymous12:25 pm

    pak Lah attending his open house, just send a clear message.Pak Lah's words and actions on corruption etc is full of crap. He should have not gone to his house to show that he is against people who don't follow rules. Instead this will be used by Datuk Z to show Pak Lah's support for him which is true.

    Pak Lah is can't be compared with any of our previous PM. If not for what they have done, this country would have gone down the drain. Time to get him out before he cause permanent damage.

    Daulat Tuanku

  12. 2 Dzulka'edah 1428

    60,000 X RM2 per head = RM120,000.
    RM120K is about 5 fresh grads annual salary. Zakaraia can efford to spend it in one day event.
    Only my mathematic.

    Ramli AR

  13. Anonymous12:29 pm

    I was just commenting to my wife about local politician's claim to tens of thousands turning up for open house. If a mere '4000' Bersih march created so much havoc to KL traffic, what will 60,000 do to his istana with everyone rushing for the satay. Either our politicians fail their primary grade maths or they are supernova black(ass) holes, capable of sucking in or out huge figures. I was even stupified by one leader boasting of 1 million marchers. Maybe if he pays RM100 for each that turns up, the dream can come true. w9

  14. bro,
    sure-or-not? not figures played up or down to meet maximun advantage/disadvantage for media and he sure got everyone by their balls, right??
    imagine a lucky gate-keepers's meteoric rise to power ala umno politics...and not forgetting the mansion he stole !
    Now he is truly deserving for the simlpetons of Klang !hahaha !

  15. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Funny people, this bolehlanders. So proud to have their lawlessness and thieving natures boldly paraded as something good and accepted as an achievement.

    Bad enough that this illegal edifice built from funds of dubious origins seem to have been condoned by the top hadharian and his forces of law and order. Now the media, led by the national news agency no less, and dutifully mimicked by the common papers have proudly published this travesty of all that is decent and honorable.

    And if we Malaysians still don't reel from this blatant slap in the face by the custodians and watch dogs of the public trust, we shouldn't cry when our pockets, our sensibilities, our honour and our pride are further ravaged by these
    scavengers, parasites, and their water boys.

  16. Anonymous1:09 pm

    He was on TV yesterday kissing the hand of Lord Ali a grateful rich SOB!

  17. Bro,

    Dll firasat I lah, Datuk Z, is expected to be next MB of Selangor......

  18. Anonymous2:06 pm

    If 60,000 x RM5.00 per pax + waiters & waitresses, that could easily reached RM350k, wow ......... shouldn't ACA make a check ???

  19. Rocky,

    This is a show of power and influence; that with wealth, they can buy support and political positions. It's a signal to the state government that they stand to lose a strong support if Zak is not selected to stand in the next election

  20. Anonymous2:08 pm

    rocky akak ada di sana masjid jamek...tapi as u know...semua yang ada kat masjid jamek pukul 2.30 tidak bole berarak di sekat oleh fru dan polis...kecewa sikit tapi puas hati kerana dapat mengikuti gelombang kuning...

  21. Anonymous2:38 pm

    I, a law abiding taxpayer "PANTANG DICABAR!!!"
    So, to Bodowi and the rest of your monkeys, go sock it! Even if I have to choose a donkey over one of your idiots, my vote will go for the donkey.

  22. Anonymous2:48 pm

    This is real DEMON-cracy in full display and Zakaria is the ultimate role-model for UMNOputras, past and present and yes, promising up-coming ones too!

    Congratulations!! This is why DPM said ours is a very successful country!!


  23. Anonymous2:50 pm

    i don't know how can he be so happy. it's not a matter of liking and supporting's all about free food! well..yea, there were people who wants to rub shoulders with Zak so that they too can build he-uge mansion without getting caught.

    One Q: Has he no shame at all? I'm embarrass even by reading it. poyo la dia.

    ~anon 11.55

  24. apologies to Rocky (Original) and Gobloking,

    i may have confused you guys. Pak Lah did not go to Zakaria's open house, he went to Zulhasnan's (the FT Minister) do.
    Zulhasnan, according to one report, got 10,000 visitors. But he presented Pak Lah with a framed picture of the PM and beloved wife Jeanne. Expect Zakaria to do one up next Raya!

    thank u.

  25. Anonymous3:25 pm

    We went for the food and to check out the mansion. Hahaha
    Can't access M2day, can u?
    Hacked again?

  26. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Wow, so angry everyone here.
    Did you guys ever stop to wonder why the guy is so popular?
    just ask his constituents, he was their wakil adn took care of them, he was a shoulder they could lean on and sort out theri seemingly petty problems.
    maybe the average voter cannto see the'BIG' picture so touted by you lot
    or maybe the big picture that you think is so big is actually not that big at all, there is an even bigger picture that you have failed to see....
    toksahlah sombong sangat, ada sikit knowledge dah nak run down other people
    they vote for BN you call them idiot, who are you to be calling people names?
    I thought you guys claim to be liberal and open minded, calling names are certainly not the way forward lah....
    tolonglah tengok diri sendiri dulu sebelum nak ketawakan orang lain...
    Zakaria may ahve amassed his wealth through his political connections but you tell me most of the contracts and jobs that you guys ahve gotten is more due to the fact that you are the best in teh country or because you convinced your FRIEND that you can do the work and asked for a chance... kalau lepas tu tak leh buat orang tak bagi lagi dah....
    In Islam they say dont think that the Pharaoh is so bad, if you had walked in his shoes you would probably be a bigger tyrant....
    at least this ADUN served his people, that he made money on the side, a lot of it, has to be proven in court to be illegal, failing which it is between him and God....

  27. Anonymous3:37 pm

    So you see, there are still people who supported Zakaria, rightly or wrongly, for better or for worse. Cronyism can work wonders. Don't underestimate the power of money politics.

  28. Ketua krani said: "at least this ADUN served his people, that he made money on the side, a lot of it, has to be proven in court to be illegal, failing which it is between him and God...."

    Eh, eh...tersasul atau menyatakan kebenaran tu...the " proven in court to be illegal" part..kahkahkah!!!!

    BTW, kalau betul nak ikut shouldn't use your connections to get wealthy for yourself...while so many of your rakyat are still eating ikan masin for sahur and buka puasa....

  29. Anonymous4:53 pm

    @ketua krani, 3:30pm - there are a few things which came to mind after reading your comment:

    1) There is a fine line but always a huge world of difference between one using business connections to get contracts and abusing your political position to get wealth; and

    2) If a politician is taking care of his constituency, good for them. However, if he is benefiting his constituency by abusing his position to obtain wealth through illegal and morally dubious means, it says a lot about the people's moral conscience and their concern about the well-being of their fellow man. Firstly, performing good deeds with duit haram does not make it morally ok to get the duit haram in the first place. Secondly, the very nature of corruption means that someone else is getting screwed over so that this person can unfairly benefit. Having the attitude that you don't care how a corrupt person's action affects other people as long as you benefit is something I believe the majority of the rakyat will find despicable.

    3) I don't think most Malaysians will hold a grudge against people who demonstrate their diligence and work their way up to success through wit and sheer grit, the late Genting founder being one of them. If anything, I think we try to emulate them because we recognise the honourable qualities and values their posses which made them successes in the first place.

    I agree that it's difficult to say what we would do if we were in someone else's position. Would we also abuse our political power for personal gain? But, it depends very much on the individual, who always has a choice as to whether or not they will misuse their position for personal gain or not. Being a pharoah does not automatically make you a tyrant. Likewise, being a politician does not necessarily mean you have the right to abuse your connections for personal gains, even if you have the means to. The issue surrouding Zakaria is a moral one, rather than a materialistic and legal one as some parties have tried to frame it.

  30. Anonymous5:04 pm

    ZAkar's sticks are in demand...sate sticks.

  31. What's there to say? He's the one they want. I suppose none of those who came bother to read the blogs.

    Goes to show that as there are many who are discontented, there are many more who are quite happy with the way things are. Unfortunaletly, they form the majority.

  32. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Accept it! Malaysians want leader like Zakaria. We deserve the government that "we deserve".

  33. Anonymous5:12 pm

    even ikan masin also cost more nowdays..everything on the f@$king inflation price hike .. this zakaria on the other hand without hesitate and worry can lavishly throw out RM350k probably for 60k people who turn up to his bloody palace..for all the skinny dog out there to eat..hahaha

    Suprising how money works these days.. i can become king and enslaved a whole bunch of dogs that keep eating my sh!t every half decade General Election.. the only thing these dogs can do is just bark..but still obey the master ..warf..warf.. no harm at all.. dogs!..PakLah might be saying that he also got a team of armoured 'rotwiller' dark blue and red to beat and bite u dirty dogs and shoot chemical water to wash you filthy smelly canine things.. "Hey filthy dogs..Jangan cabar saya..saya pantang dicabar !!"

    too much barking u'll end up in a bloody canine pound kamunting ISA camp or they can make a canine popcorn out of u filthy flesh with a C4...hahaha..

    I wish I could be with the devil team...if u cannot beat them, join them, enjoy life to the fullest...if one dog dies doesn't make any different to me at all! They are just a bunch of worthless filthy animals..keep on ruling to kingdom come..!

    We're are living in a sanatarium country..everything that is beyond norm is an accepted standard of practice here in sanatarium bolehland... wooohooo...


  34. Anonymous5:42 pm

    what do you know? siapa2 saja yang berkumpul melahap makanan yang disajikan?

  35. Anonymous5:58 pm

    why are the papers covering this idiot so much???!!! FISH!


  36. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Hey, ketua krani,

    Can u tell me where I’ve heard this song before? Was it the lyric or the title of a song?

    “a shoulder they could lean on”
    or is it “ A shoulder to lean
    on” ?

    It can be quite catchy u know. Hey, why don’t u set up a blog and slap the music on. Then u & Rock can listen and sing to it in harmony!

    And another thing, what is this all about?

    “maybe the average voter
    cannto see the'BIG' picture so
    touted by you lot or maybe the
    big picture that you think is
    so big is actually not that big
    at all, there is an even bigger
    picture that you have failed to

    Small picture, big picture and no picture, then a bigger picture. Oh, you forgot to mention the picture frame!

    Never mind, welcome aboard the starship enterprise, comrade Kerani, oops, Krani! Now, we all have shoulders to lean on! But lean on Rock's, not mine! I've got a bad shoulder!

  37. 26 freakin' bathroom mann. none of his family members gets to shit in their pants.

  38. Anonymous6:48 pm


    Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar ( MMC ) make his wealth through his business connection, intelligence and some politic channel ( I guess ) & has proven he is capable to handle his business well & legal

    Yet with Muzium kesenian Islam, the mosque complex plus asrama anak yatim in Alor Setar and many other charities which were not mention in the media, he choose to be low profile.

    And looking at his business prosper especially with contracts in Saudi, I guess his business dapat berkat agaknya.

    Itu baru betul menjadikan diri ke arah lebih Islamic, bukan setakat slogan wayang sahaja.

  39. Anonymous7:07 pm

    This Zak is very RICH...

    Just the 300,000 sticks of satay @ 50 sen will cost him RM150,000.00 alone?????

  40. Anonymous8:19 pm


  41. I sure he didn't use the stray dogs in Klang for his satay aa...wealth thru duborious (not typo) served also very duborious...

    Memang tak sakit hati kat orang2 yg earn their wealth thru their own efforts...yang sakit hati bila abuse public position or nak jadi wakil rakyat to help themselves to titik peluh rakyat dan khazanah negara ...itu yang buat sakit hati dan orang sumpah seranah...

  42. Anonymous8:23 pm


    I meant what I said, you have to prove in court that its illegal before you can burn him at the stakes....if not its just mengumpat lah kot.... or maybe tis OK to say things about people you don't like or agree with
    If he is so good at hiding his improper dealings then its between him and God, after all God conceals our shame as he chooses and I am quite sure we all have shames we would liek to keep away from public eyes
    sorry if I did not make that clear enough

    so you have business connection, he has political ones, unless you are getting contracts strictly from sole propreitorship, there are other stakeholders in a company, not least the employees so if you got your contract through friendship, you know to give you a chance, then you are putting every stakeholder's right at risk.
    its the same thing in a different field,

    Do keep in mind I am not condoning corruption but we cannot say one thing about others and behave another way....

    Shoulder to cry on..
    other commentators here started with the big picture thing... I just add on to it....
    you see some people here like to ridicule those who vote BN into least they voted and exercised theri right, which is more than can be said of some people here....
    If you think that PAS, DAP and Keadilan will form a better government then I say good luck to you....
    I personally prefer to help fix the BN because I think they have the experience and track record
    its a case better the devil I know.
    BTW I do not think that Anwar, Kit Siang and Hadi are angels...

  43. I can't believe that they are people who wanted to be in that deros's mansion! These people got no shame! so... free food are more important! Damn!

  44. Anonymous9:48 pm

    If Star and NST dare to publish that Zak's open house got 60,000 visitors, then Kalimullah and Wong Chun Wai must be lying through their teeth. This is the standard of journalism for both of these guys.

    I can understand Klaimullah had to lean backward to lie because he had to protect his boss. Why Wong Chun Wai, who tried so hard to be professional. But failed miserably over night.

    I feel so sorry for Wong Chun Wai and I don't understand why he had to sell his soul for idiots like Badawi and Khairy.

  45. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Call "The Star". I think we've found their missing '0'.

  46. 60k ppl showed up at zakkie's mansion?

    So - mana ke permit for zak ??

    I recommend next time instead of rally - we invite ppl to a "yellow picnic" for eg we give durian (yellow lah!) sweets as token, then no need permit to gather kan?

    rocky bro - no need to apologise - the point is not WHERE our dear GREAT Leader was ...

    The point is

    Where EXACTLY is B's brain lodged???

    Does he truly think that attending a party or 2 is FAR more impt than

    - taking charge and talking to the rakyat who showed up in great numbers...

    - or worst SUFFERING in great numbers during the Johor floods!!

    PKM!!! (another lovely term of endearment I learnt !!)

  47. ketua krani... does it mean then that every single politician who has turned immensely wealthy in Malaysia is only answerable to God?

    Wow...tell me how to become one...

    Oops, I'm not good at sucking up, kissing ass, incorporating massive commissions into contracts...or cakap beralas, berlapik or I guess I will always remain poor...coz I'm not as rajin as Lim Goh Tong to cut through thick jungles with a parang and own blood, sweat and tears and build Genting....( I don't condone promoting gambling to become rich...but got to admire this illiterate man's toil and semangat)


  48. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Ketua buat i Ketawa Ranggi lah.
    God didn't put Zak is the people who put him there.So, your contention of "between God and him" doesn't hold water dude.

    You have no picture of it.So it doesn't matter big picture kah,small picture.
    Can you recall any other ADUN from the other component parties of BN having such a lavish palace and throwing such grand open house parties for their respective celebrations these past 30 yrs ?

    Please grow up and see it with your own eyes.This Zak is a evil man.This Zak is a fine example of our corrupt BN system.
    It is hoped that the Sultan of Selangor will do something to this gatekeeper.

    Some of my friends who went there said the satay sticks smelt PKFZ !!!!

    Rastaman (JB)

  49. Anonymous11:51 pm

    .. something fishy here. more likely that 60k turned out for the walk and 4k at the Z's house. nst doing the usual bad reporting. all these guys cant shit and piss w/o being told to do so anyway.

  50. Anonymous12:06 am

    @ ketua krani, 8.23pm

    I'm not sure that I understand what you are trying to say. If I understand your meaning correctly, you are saying that leaders who use business connections to profit and politicians who use political connections to profit are basically the same thing? (please correct me if I misunderstood your post)

    I agree that business and politics share certain similar characteristics. For one thing, they have stakeholders to which they are accountable to. CEOs and politicians can be seen as the leaders entrusted to guide their organisations to achieve maximum returns of investment for stakeholders.

    In businesses, employees are not necessarily considered stakeholders with all the rights and privileges as accorded to other stakeholders like the board of directors and investors. They may be stakeholders, but not the stakeholders to which the company is obligated to maximize returns for. Basically in business, they only recognise money, and unless it's stipulated in the company's charter, the people who invests the most money into the company is the one who has the greatest say over how the company should be run and how profits should be distributed.

    In politics and a country which practices democratic elections, the people are the largest shareholders as they are the ones who have invested the most into the country. Not just in terms of money and investments, but other priceless intangibles like loyalty, trust, blood, sweat and tears. The people means everyone, not just one race, one religion or one political party. Every person should be given the right to vote and the process must be such, that everyone is given an equal opportunity to vote. Holding elections on time is one thing, but what's more important is that everyone be entitled to a fair and unbiased election process, whether government, opposition or voter.

    Politicians should be accountable to the people and the stakeholders are the one who should decide which leaders should helm the country and how they should be compensated. Sadly, recent events only seem to highlight that this is not the case in Malaysia. Those in power seem more concerned with "saving face" by shielding wrong-doers and sweeping everything deemed unsavoury under the carpet, to the point of restricting and manipulating the flow of independent information for their own purposes. Rather than rooting out the wolves in sheep's clothing from among the flock, they appear more likely to take a stick to the whistleblowers and so-called bearers of bad news who's only deed is to tell the truth, that they have seen that the emperor has no clothes on his back. This is a grevious error in judgment.

    I strongly agree with you that people should not say one thing about others and behave another way. I believe that the many brave people who participated in the BERSIH rally were expressing this sentiment.
    They were and are concerned about the direction our country seems to be heading, where our leaders' actions don't seem to line up with their words. These leaders promised transparency and accountability, a Malaysia for all Malaysians. These were the promises upon which the people - their stakeholders - elected them into office. Some of our politicians don't seem to understand that people were marching for free and fair elections, not for the goverment or for the opposition. People were marching for the future of Malaysia, their children, and their children's children.

    However, I digress. Going back to what I said earlier about politicians and CEOs. CEOs are accountable to their investors and board of directors who appointed them and pays their salaries. Politicians should be accountable to the rakyat who elected them and also pay their salaries. If CEOs use the company's funds and assets to profit themselves, they are corrupt and will be fired to prevent them from damaging the company further and to protect stakeholders' interest. If the board of directors played a role in encouraging the corrupt behaviour, stakeholders also have the right to fire them. In Malaysia, some politicians are elected under rather dubious circumstances and even after they have been proven to be wrong-doers, for some unclear reason they are allowed to maintain their positions of power from which they can continue to profit themselves. In the business world, it would be highly irresponsible for the board to keep on a corrupt CEO. Stakeholders have the right to fire the CEO and also the board for not carrying out their duties. In Malaysia, do the voters really have the right to oust underperforming and corrupt politicians? The government has pretty much said to the rakyat, "if you don't like us, vote us out". People marching in the BERSIH rally have basically responded with "fine, if that is the case, we want a transparent and fair elections". If they are above board, the government really has nothing to lose with ensuring a free, transparent and fair elections. If they win, it's a strong mandate for them and critics will look foolish complaining otherwise.

    To be honest, barring an independent and transparent investigation into the allegations surrounding Zakaria, I am not ready to conclude whether or not he obtained his wealth through illegal means. However, the facts of the case as detailed by the mainstream media and as uncovered by the bloggers, and the apparent lack of transparency surrounding investigations of the corruption allegations suggests that abuse of power is taking place and the rakyat/stakeholders are getting the short end of the stick.

    Sorry for the long post and for running away from the topic. Had to get some things off my chest. Thanks for everyone's patience :)

  51. Anonymous12:39 am

    dont get too upset. nothing beats when you take a decision to hit where it hurts most. yes, boycott the STAR paper.
    if you all remember how the STAR paper came out to be the numero uno with the slogan of people's paper. now, it has deviated completely and its time to forsake a prodigal son.
    i am boycotting nasty pee ( since they initiated the suit against rocky and jef oooi) and am extending to the STAR now. my last mainstream paper now is the SUN and I can only hope that nades and his gang will not abdicate their responsibilities. this is the last bastion of credible reporting in MSM!

  52. Anonymous12:53 am

    Hi, Ketua Krani or may I call u comrade Krani instead,

    So, you do admit that there are rots within the BN government that need to be set right? Is that what you mean by “fixing the BN” Then, how do you propose to do that? By voting them back in power again? Wouldn’t that perpetuate the rots until it becomes a cancer beyond remedy? Now, wasn’t the Bersih March last Saturday at least contributes somewhere towards fixing the BN government by giving every party a fair go at the election. Any party that is elected by free and fair means deserves to be installed as government. Don’t you agree? And also with this system in place, wouldn’t you also agree there will be a check and balance on the government as a 2/3 majority government would be highly unlikely to arise. A strong opposition would also help keep the government in check. Wouldn’t that be the case?

    As for politicians who would like to dabble in business, then I am sorry to say, one should either choose one or the other. As they say: you can’t have the cake and eat it too. If one would like to be extremely rich, then take up business as one's option. Of course, there are other options too: get rich first, then serve the country later OR serve the country first, then retire from politics and get rich. This is to prevent any conflict of interest(s) that may occur. Hey, if one wants to run for public office and serves the country, then one should be prepared to sacrifice a bit. It is not as if elected representatives and ministers are not provided with ample pays and benefits. Now, if they feel their remunerations are insufficient, all they have to do is to appeal to the electorates with justification. And as for all those hidden expenses they need to fork out to please their supporters, well, sorry, can’t help you there.

    As for those who call you an idiot for voting for BN, I do apologise on their behalf. But you also have to understand those who don’t agree with your points of views. As at present they have no way to choose their government in a fair & just way. The electoral system as is now practised is heavily skewed in favour of the BN government. I am sure no matter how strongly you feel towards the BN government, you would also like to have a future for your children in this country. If the BN govt is allowed to continue to run without any check and balance to be put in place, then you yourself may not have a future in this country. Don’t forget, no politician will stay in power forever. Once your favourite politician loses power, then you will wish you had the check & balance system there for you. Look at TDM and his supporters now.

    As I said before, I am neutral in so far as political party is concerned. But I certainly do not like the way the BN govt is now going. 50 years of power has made them arrogant and power craze with not a single strand of morality left in them.

    So, you have your favourite, I have mine; but at least make it an equal footing for all of us.

  53. Anonymous8:35 am

    I agree with Ketua Krani. 60k ppl from all over the corners of the peninsular showed up in defiant to protests against the Govt. Some of these 60k ppl were induced and/or encouraged by the Oppositions and so much campaign on the blogs for the "like minded ones", which incl the distribution of those yellow t shirts and caps.

    On the other hand, the same amount (just from ONE CONSTITUENCY) showed up for Uncle Z's openhouse in Klang, almost equivalent to PM Dr. Mahathir's openhouses in Seri Perdana, five years ago. If his openhouse can do better than the PM's five years ago or a Cabinet Minister, today, means the people love him.

    Yes, the voters can see his huge mansion and read the in papers about him, BUT they still come and support his openhouse. So some idiots here would choose to talk about how these 60k are so hardup on the 300k sticks of satay, but this is the reality.

    All these 'bickering' about how and why 60k ppl showed up for Uncle Z's party illustrated a lot of the "DENGKI"ness in the minds of internet savvy Malaysians.

    Come every 4 or 5 years, Uncle Z or any other bankrupt or conviction free Malaysian citizens are free to offer themselves in constituencies like Pelabuhan Klang. Despite the rumours and bickering, ppl there voted for Uncle Z.

    The rakyat will still vote politicians like Uncle Z because YB Uncle Z provide them service, enough to make them vote him again and again.

    God allowed the people's wishes that Uncle Z to be put there, same reason why they allowed Emperor Lim to be the Boss for 38 years.


    What a goblok you are. No need police permit for social gathering like khenduris, weddings, openhouses, especially if its in a private property like a home.

  54. Anonymous9:00 am

    Would somebody use his own hard earned money like Zakaria???

    If the answer is yes, then this Zakaria is a saint.......

  55. Anonymous10:51 am

    Zakaria's open house is nothing but an extension of Umno's arrogance in the ilk of Nazri, Zam, Khairy, Hishammuddin etc. They are thumbing their nose at us, telling us in no uncertain terms that if we don't like them we can stuff it. Those who graced Zak's open house... what can we say? Let's hope their fondness is for free food and not the man. I have NEVER voted BN although my family were staunch BN supporters. I'm thrilled to say that I have managed to open their eyes. The next election, the opposition can expect a few extra votes.

  56. Anonymous11:37 am

    Khir Toyo dan SIL pun turut hadir...Wah Zakaria very powderful lah!!!

  57. Anonymous11:51 am

    I think they love his satay!

    Free makan, turn up la... he,he

  58. Anonymous2:37 pm

    One who has eaten housefly {LALAT} will not have the ability for shame. If you knew the favourite place for the lalat.

  59. Anonymous7:00 pm


    I can tell you this.
    60 000 - Bersih Rally.
    60 000 - Zakaria Md Deros Open House

    I can safely tell you that this is no revolution alright. Zakaria Md Deros has a big house is one thing, but a more ironic matter is the fact that the same number turned up for an open house.
    Cheers to Malaysians.

    For the truth is, whether you like it or not are these facts.

    1.A large Majority of the protesters were from PAS or Keadilan.

    2.A large Majority don't care much about bersih or reforms.

    3.A large Majority don't think the demonstration really meant anything except causing trouble.

    4.A Large majority of Malaysians are more interested in the rise of flour then electoral reforms.

    You may not like what I say here, but that's the reality. The reason why the the opposition could have a great chance of winning more seats is the fact that prices are up. Not because they feel the need to have this change or reforms.

    Life can sometimes be very bitter.

  60. Anonymous10:36 pm

    11 Nov 2007

    Mr.Zakaria said his only spend 3 million for his new house and not like what 'outside' saying (spend 1 thousand millian).

    He also mension that he suppose need to paid 60,000 for his swimming pool. but he manage to cut down the cost to only 10,000

  61. Anonymous11:53 am

    60000 ppl? That's crap. No lah. Asked the Klang ppl. Just a few thousands turns up & the satay was finished early. Another marketing strategy from the famous salesman Mat Deros.

    Cmon guys. Think. 60000 ppl? The place must be really jammed packed that nobody really going in. Even a huge mansion can't hold that much even in separate durations of time. Try dividing 60000 by 12 hours? That's 5000. Now imagine in a classroom the most is 60 students. 5000 is nearly a hundred classroom.

    A mansion can contain 100 hundred classroom in the interval of one hour? Thats crap!