Monday, November 12, 2007

Kids and women hit, too

VX, a Yellow-marcher, left this comment under my Journalists, journalism hit posting this morning. He later e-mailed me some pictures.

KIDS and WOMEN are hurt by tear gas too, if ur interested in the photos; i could email you.
10:45 AM

A group of ppl rush into Guardian pharmacy to get away from the tear gas, thank God Guardian didn't lock up their shop like McDonald. There is a video footage whereby this tear gas was shoot into kaki-5 (and not the main street); which hit the public who was standing there.

According to NST, which blacked out the news on the Saturday march yesterday but tried to make up for this most unjournalistic conduct, 18 children were detained by the police. The youngest was 6 (six)! The kids were released after their statements were taken, according to the OCPD here.
I wonder what the 6-year old's statement read like!


  1. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Collateral damage bro...that's what they will say. N remember, FRU folks are all psyched. Maklumlah, long time no see action

    Depa bukan nampak sangat women and children. Terjah aja.

  2. Anonymous5:06 pm

    rocky and readers
    this is the reason and tectic used by them

    please READ :

  3. Anonymous5:25 pm

    police whack journalists. journalists, find out who the family members of the cops are, any cop will do, and whack them. after whacking, tell them to tell their family who are cops to be more professional. tit for tat.

  4. 40,000 people went for the gathering, it meant everything, they represented the millions that could not go. 60,000 people at Zakaria's house, it all for the free satay and shows corruption at its peak. I saw his house few months ago,it's a monstrous building amidst squatters. Beating up people, wrong information to foreign press, wrong information given to the public, booking children and harming others in the process, it's DEMOCRACY as its best - customized Malaysian style.

    My friend in Vietnam told me this, during election time, you can vote for anyone you like, afterall, there's only one party. Here, we can vote for whoever fit or unfit we like, with more than one party, afterall, the results will be manipulated. Why are they afraid of BERSIH? The stronger they pull the knot,the tighter is becomes. Just make sure the knots not on their neck!

  5. Anonymous5:36 pm

    hi, Rocky.

    i've been to a few anti-war rallies in the US that numbered a kajillion times more than the Yellow march in KUL. parents brought their children because the rallies are usually orderly and peaceful; almost festive. yes, even those held outside the White House. the Malaysian parents who brought their kids on Saturday obviously thought they belonged to an equally civil society. well, they thought right. it was the police they miscalculated! i was there on Saturday and would like to congratulate all Yellows who made it into town and a special salute to the PAS-affiliated Unit Amal Malaysia who did a fantastic job at keeping order.


  6. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Good posting... I was there too... in Guardian....Check out my video...

  7. Anonymous6:01 pm

    where these kids bashers don't have the guts or balls to go after those crime lords in jb & sabah just like their boss in that ministry

  8. Anonymous6:50 pm

    'Gangsters in uniforms' FULL-STOP.

  9. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Yang bangang sangat pi bawak anak sekali buat apa. Kan dah kena...

  10. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I'm not a Malaysian but a friend of Malaysia. It is very disturbing that Abdullah who had promised all that's good under the sun has resorted to all that's bad under the sun. For children to be hurt and suffer police brutality only shows the insensitivity of Abdullah's government, but sometimes I ask myself: Why did they choose him? Again, I remember that he was new to them and he promised a lot, so they were honest to give him a chance but he utterly betrayed their trust. The question is: Will he be elevated again? That will be answered by Malaysians when they proceed to polls (although may be rigged). All the children who were hurt have every right to seek damages and sue the government. In fact, according to Dr. Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, if a Muslim government becomes corrupt and insensitive; people have every right to seek popular justice through the streets (get the answer in Islamonline), so I guess all the noble men and women who went to BERSIH rally did an Islamic duty (for the Muslims at least). Abdullah should have congratulated them since they were Islamic (I.e. did an Islamic duty, in fact this was captured by Raja Petra too in his blog), but I guess Islam Hadhari means UMNO Islam, (if it is correct). We pray for you and wish you all the best. Your country lost esteem in the eyes of both Muslims and non-Muslims, lost its glory, prestige, international recognition and economic juggernaut status. It is you who know what's best for your dear nation.

  11. Anonymous7:04 pm


    why NST did not show photo of children with their parent in the yellow march in front of Istana Negara where there are 40,000 others rakyat from all races and ages ?

    Afraid the rest of the world watch ?

  12. Anonymous7:04 pm

    As i saw it: the polis and FRU provoked the peaceful ralliers to satisfy their agenda and give the 10-Eleven event a bad name in the press. Otherwise the haprak media would not have anything to report thanks to our minister of no-information.

  13. Anonymous7:29 pm

    The rally was peaceful, it was almost perfect, they even clean up the streets after the rally. In-fact! some marches even broke up quarrels against the police to avoid provocation.

    The only thing that is not peaceful is the police. I guess Pak Lah was referring to the police?

  14. Anonymous7:52 pm

    PM statement dalam paper baru ni :

    1. Bagitau saya terus terang, walaupun ia pahit bagi saya.

    2. Dalam PAU Umno, orang dia tak bagi bangkit isu isu yang sensitif ( rasa tak puas hati ahli umno kot)

    3. 10eleven ( rakyat ) march - la ni nak bagi tau kat Pak Lah terus terang lah, itu pun tak pahit pun kalau nak banding demo reformasi dulu. kita tak suka buat kacau.

    Lagu tu pun kalau tak terang lagi, walau tak sepahit mana, tak tau lah chek nak cakap.

    KJ, hang ambik perhatian sekali no.

  15. Anonymous8:00 pm

    dah tahu polis ke , FRU ke, perangai macam tu, buat amende bawak bebudak. BODOH punye orang!!
    Akal udang!! Nak ikut US konon, tengok le sape kita punya PM.
    Dah tahu depan ade parit, sibuk nak terjun dalam parit.
    ini macam bersih jadi comot le.

  16. I just don't get it ... why is BERSIH using children as shield? This is not Palestine.

  17. Anonymous8:18 pm

    What kind of journalism is nst adopting - refuse to report the walk, but emphasise only the bad points - PPPOOOOORRRRAAAHHHH!!!

  18. Anonymous8:21 pm

    The JPJ block the road from Seremban at the sungai besi toll just to stop the flow of the traffic. I was stranded for two hours on that day there and suddenly I realised they did that on purpose. The JPJ staff sitting nicely by the roadside doing nothing but they block half of the road... I guess they did not want us to joint the crowd...I am so tired and they are being unfair!

  19. I'm totally disappointed in the monarch. Totally emasculated and voiceless by choice.

    I hope his beloved horses still have the equipment necessary to make the mares happy though..., even if the rakyat are left wanting...he failed to even step out of his cocoon and see what the rakyat went through to pass him a measly memo to fight for their basic rights.

  20. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Wow kids huh...
    I guess politicall rallies, one which the police has warned people not to go to and where you know there is a risk of violence can be a family affair...
    I wonder if Rocky brought his kids, or whether Guan Eng brought his,
    I didn't because I figured there might be trouble

    Congratulations to the parents who introduced their children to the political process early, maybe they will register early and start votign as early as they can

    BTW: Did you guys ever wonder if the police first picked up the parents and they said "Wait I got a six year old with me, I can't leave her/him behind...."

    so the police let the parents take their children along for the family experience...

    I think those who brought their children to political rallies should reconsider their decision because political rallies always present a more than likely possibility of trouble, if not from the police then from those who oppose the rally....

    politics is a thorny issue even at the ebst of times...

  21. Anonymous8:42 pm

    mengikut cerita KAK ANI, wakil rakyat tempat saya, beliau melihat dari tingkap hotel, sorang lelaki dibelasah beberapa orang FRU... sedang lelaki tu, tak pakai baju kuning pun... mungkin kerana marah mereka tidak berjaya menghalang perarakan dari sampai ke Istana, atau kerana sakit hati ditipu oleh peserta perarakan... sayangnya dia tak bawak kamera...

  22. Anonymous9:11 pm


    During times of conflict or war, conventional moral and ethical codes concerning the treatment of others are often challenged.

    Political leaders often seek out methods to override their citizens' objections in order to gain support for their cause.

    One such method of public manipulation is called dehumanization.

    Dehumanization is the deliberate removal of sympathetic human traits when referring to members of an opposing ideology, race, political party or other source of conflict.

    Adolf Hitler's references to Jews as 'vermin' or 'rats' is one example of dehumanization in action.

    Convincing an average citizen to commit a violent act or to murder a fellow human being is extremely difficult.

    Our moral code tells us that such acts are immoral and indefensible. However, through the skillful use of dehumanization, leaders throughout history have succeeded in doing just that.

    Once the enemy has been stripped of humanity and becomes an object worthy of punishment, the idea of mistreating or even destroying this threat becomes morally justifiable.

    Dehumanization often begins with the removal of personal identification. A convicted criminal is issued a prison identification number, for example.

    This form of dehumanization allows the guards and other authorities to maintain an impersonal relationship with inmates.

    This practice of dehumanization is also used by military prisons to maintain a feeling of superiority over captured enemy combatants.

    Viewing the enemy as a human being may compromise a soldier's ability to interrogate him or her later.

    Dehumanization methods can also be seen in other controversial areas. Those who support the rights of women to seek abortions, for example, rarely use the words baby or child in their literature.

    Using more clinical terms, such as fetus, could be seen as an effort to dehumanize an important element of the issue. Conversely, pro-life supporters may use dehumanization methods to reduce the staff members of a health clinic to uncaring baby killers.

    Dehumanization as a propaganda tool can work both ways.

    Another example of dehumanization in action occurs during media coverage of wars or conflicts.

    The enemy forces are often described as extremists, rebels or terrorists, while friendly forces are described as troops or freedom fighters.

    Dehumanization allows the public to override their natural aversions to conflict by perceiving their enemies as inhuman.

    Dehumanization tactics also tap into a person's innate prejudices, such as by creating the character of the "Muslim extremist" or the "Jewish threat".

    It is far easier to justify the annihilation of a caricature than an actual race or religion.

    Dehumanization is an effective propaganda tool when used skillfully.

    In the case of capital punishment, for instance, details of the convicted prisoner's crime are often given more media attention than details of his or her personal life before the act.

    As long as the public continues to view the Death Row inmate as an inhuman monster, it is relatively easy to permit the execution to occur.

    Dehumanization succeeds when average people with average morals and ethical principles no longer see the person behind the label.

    PS: Thank You
    "" explained said...
    rocky and readers
    this is the reason and tectic used by them please READ : "

    Note: Hmm..sounds familiar la. Cili~man.

  23. Listen to the whisper
    In the mamak stalls
    In posh restaurants
    About the yellow tee shirts
    Waving high in the air

    Defying convention
    The people wanted to say
    What they felt the wrongs in the country
    As always with the government
    They think they have 5 million members
    Ruling the 21 million people

    When people change
    When whisper spreads far and wide
    Something will be done
    Effectively take out their arrogance

    The 20:80 rule
    It can change
    When things are gone overboard
    When country’s wealth is at stake

    The future lies with this 80%
    Will they change their perception?
    Are they feeling so comfortable they don’t change?
    We will see when the ballot boxes rolling in

    Time for change
    The whispering has begun
    One person to another
    Group to group
    Eventually something will get it done

  24. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Hi Rocky

    These fascist police officers are brainless. So we cannot blame them for not knowing the law. under our criminal law, children below 10 years old cannot commit crimes. Therefore, they can even killed and they cannot be charged for murder.

    The fascist police must be desperate that's why they had to resort to arresting the 6 years old. But the police has no balls to arrest and charge Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Irahim and Ustaz Hadi Awang.

    Why arrest a 6 years old? Badawi should have the courage to charge Lim Kit Siang, a good friend of his and he had broken the law in attending an unlawful gathering.

    I am sure that Badawi will not do it because Lim Kit Siang and the DAP have been protecting Badawi, SIL, Kamarudin and Kalimullah for the past 4 years.

    So Rocky, it does pay to carry the right balls and you go places. All you need is to pretend like Lim Kit Siang to condemn about the government but when it matters Lim Kit Siang will be oblivious of the excesses of Khairy, Klaimulah, Kamarudin and ECM Libra.

    We are watching you Lim Kit Siang? You are no longer the Opposition Leader when it comes down to Badawi, Khairy and Kalimulah.

  25. Anonymous9:52 pm


    in fact,
    dehumanization has been used by UMNO to demonized the Chinese and Indians.

    Even though they do nothing wrong, those politicians and extremists can think of 10000 excuses to bash non-Malays (and vvice-vversa, creating a snowball effect)

    Some even used this rally to hit the Chinese by saying that they are not joining the rally.
    I thought this really is about being Malaysian, yet they still see people as malay, chinese, indian etc. etc.

    that's the highest level of dehumanization brainwashing.
    I hope you don't fall into such trap and hit your own countrymen. We are not like those police who arrest the children.

    someone should start an anti-dehumanization movement.

  26. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Rocky, I salute you and the thousands who braved the odds to stand up for democracy. Keep on fighting brudder. We will prevail in the end.

  27. Anonymous12:06 am

    Tujuan Bersih nakkan pilihanraya yang adil. bersih dan telus mmg gua sokong. Tapi jgn la sampai buat perhimpunan macam tu!

    Menyusahkan orang tau tak!!

    Habis jam jalan. Tak pasal2 keta gua kena tahan sampai kena bukak but dan jaket gua pun polis seluk! Nasib baik gua tak pakai jersi Perak yg warna kuning tu. Kalau tak gerenti kena angkut dengan Black Maria sekali!

    Apa-apa hal pun, Bersih ari tu dah jadi Comot dan Berdaki sbb dah menyusahkan org KL.

    Err... lain kali buat lagi yek!

  28. Anonymous7:15 am

    i'm very angry. pak lah and his supporters. they fire teargas on fellow Malaysians -peaceful marchers exerting their right to express themselves. they fired 2 unarmed men in the last bersih rally. they manipulate facts and visuals in the media. they mobilize armed policemen paid by the people to stop their own people. they intimidate the people then rob them in broad daylight. they cheat in elections. they lie constantly on a daily basis. they make sure any opposition is stifled. they highjacked the democratic process and still have the audacity to call it a democracy. they highjacked islam by promoting its virtues then acting the exact opposite (may god forgive their hypocrisies).

    pak lah and his party will stop at nothing to maintain his grip on power. they've done more than enough to earn the 'regime' status. my nice guy? from what he has done i cant even call him human. he's responsible for all this. he needs to be brought to justice! once pak lah (and umno) is gone, history will judge him as a corrupt, cruel, reckless, unintelligent dictator who disillusions himself as a rightful, islamic and democratic.

  29. Bro,

    Saya rasa semangat melihat demokrasi berkembang di negara ini. Tetapi semangat saya jatuh apabila melihat gambar kanak-kanak di dalam blog saudara. Saya rasa terkilan dengan sikap ibu bapa yang meletakkan anak-anak mereka dalam keadaan bahaya dan juga mengheret kanak-kanak di dalam dunia politik sedangkan mereka sepatutnya tidak terlibat.

    Saya harap saudara nasihatkan mereka yang terlibat ini agar tidak terlalu taksub sehingga lupa bahawa mereka sepatutnya tidak melibatkan kanak-kanak. Walau apa pun alasannya, mereka yang menggunakan/membawa kanak-kanak ini ke demonstrasi politik tetap bersalah.

  30. Poor kid. Macam baru lepas bertumbuk muka dia. He's gonna grow up hating the cops. Or hating his parents.

  31. Anonymous10:05 am

    Why should there be "danger" when the march is peaceful, of course, unless there is police brutality or sabotage by political scums. In the USA, as one commentator rightly said, it is normal for children to participate as an education process of democracy. Oh, yes, I apologise for the comparison, in USA, there is "DEMO-cracy, in Bolehland, there is DEMON-cracy. And BolehLand is ruled by scums.


  32. Bro,

    Apa ler dia orang nie...bawa kanak2 bersama dlm perhimpunan nie...kan ker bodoh nama nya....tak pasal2 kena.....

  33. Anonymous10:11 am

    Most will realise that the "spinning" on the traffic jam" was blamed on the rally. If you have seen the photos, so-called police blocks showed the police were not even checking the cars, they narrowed 5-6 lanes to one lane that caused the chronic jam. Good but cunning strategy to infuriate the public against such rally. It was NOT a demo, and there is a difference between a rally and a demo, the public should be made aware of the difference. Compared to the "demo" during the Asean meet, that was a demo and not a rally. Well, you have seen it all, the double standards of interpretations and "psycho-war" propaganda. The governance culture of UMNOputra led government STINKS to new heights. They think the rakyat is stupid, we are becoming MORE educated than those in the August House. Thanks to their deteriorating behaviour. They are the real pondan.

    Don Key

  34. Anonymous10:19 am


    Hello! I am a silent observer of your cool blog.

    I heard some rumours that the Agong was not even in the Istana when the memo was submitted, he was playing polo in Terengganu.... is it true??

    Could you pls confirm/deny this news.

    I was one of the thousands that marched...........

    Can we get the Agong's press secretary to confirm that the Agong has received the memo this possible?

  35. Anonymous10:21 am

    Who is not peaceful?

  36. Anonymous11:09 am

    hiya! Malaysiatoday cant access but kennysia translation on Zam rap is so hilirious :)

  37. Meanwhile, my company's bowling event, held on the same day as the march, was a resounding success.

    Except for the few people who were late because the roads were closed due to the demonstration.

    I am suing Rocky and the Malaysian people for holding the demonstration and causing roads to be closed.

    You made my guests late. Now pay the consequences!

  38. Guess what, Wikipedia posted the BERSIH rally on the 11 November, and below are part of the excerpts:
    The 2007 Bersih Rally was a peaceful rally that occurred in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 10, 2007. The aim of its participants was to protest against corruption in the electoral process, that heavily favoured the ruling party of the previous 50 years, UMNO. The rally began with the gathering of people at Dataran Merdeka square, before culminating in a march to the Palace gates to hand over a Memorandum to the King to ask for electoral reform.[1] The rally was officially illegal, but early estimates put the number of attendees between 10,000 to 40,000[2].The name of the rally comes from the name of the organizers, BERSIH (Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections).[3] Bersih means "clean" in Malay.

    Last week when I came across the Bersih rally, I told myself, wow!! let's wait for the headlines on Sunday. So, I imagined the following headline;

    "Malaysian Government against BERSIH's fight for fair and uncorruptable electorial system."

    Now, that would have been the ultimate truth of what happened. Of course, the papers reported otherwise, twisting it saying that we dragged the King into Politics etc. I was in Bangkok some time ago and upon arrival at the airport, I saw masses of people in yellow, everywhere - on the streets, offices, shopping centres. I was told it was for the support of their King, appealing for intervention of their corrupted Goverment led by Thaksin. All the people I met pledge their loyalty to their KING when I was in Bangkok, saying that the King is sovereign, that PM and Government can come and go, but the KING remains above all.

    Well, so is our beloved KING.

    Daulat Tuanku!

  39. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Have to agree with 'atan bin jamil' & 'anon 8pm'.
    How come the lawyers involved did'nt remind the organisers.
    "You go to court only with clean hands".
    Takpe la tengok malam ni macam mana...
    Keep on marching!!

  40. Anonymous12:53 pm

    It had been nearly 72hrs since the yellow march. PM, his goonies & the IGP had spoken..normal fare..threats, curses and blame *&%**## et al.
    What about the Royals? This surely is not an elegant silence.
    Tried to get in MT ,maybe RPK have something there, but seems UMNO's cybertroopers are at it again.
    So Bro..anything on the Royals?

  41. Were the kids there brought along as "protection"?

    1. What protection? it was a peaceful rally; not a demonstration!

    Maybe we the rakyats are too naive but we were supposed to walk peacefully and we did!!

    Actually we ARE too naive which is why we are being s***ed none stop by the few at the top!

    2. Many parents would NOT have brought their family along had they believed the kids will really be hurt

    People went to be a part of History..not to be history themselves!

    3. And YES YES YES. SOME did bring their kids - but mainly the women folks because they do not want anything to happen to their menfolks.

    So .... SHOOT US... and if the blood of the innocent is on your hands, how will that be in History!!!

    And those who accuse the Agung of playing polo and not coming out - the fact he agreed to have us hand the petition over means he agreed on our side

  42. Anonymous2:03 pm

    For those who were not in the 10-11 yellow march and some more keep on criticizing: Woi!..have you wise-o-sh!t people posted your own memorandum in concern of the plight of the malaysian to the Agong hah???

    I thought you people are sooo damn smart, sooo holy and soo advance in every actions.. like you people care anything other than pampering your own cute @sshole...(i takut laa..nanti kena sodom dgn belantan abang FRU..huhuhu...teruk dari pondan la..)

    ..ohh sh!t.. u people only know how to criticize people from far frog croaking after the shower rain end..I bet the type of you people will start pissing in your own pants by just hearing the FRU truck sirens and hailer call from the helicopter above instructing people to dismiss even from 1500 yards away from the Dataran... talk like sooo damn big & wise but actually your ball are soooo small than a peanut...hahaha..

    No balls.. no speak lah! Just shut the fark up will ya!
    No action is just as good as no brain..because the final result is the same! .. farking oxymoron..!

    At least we the 'no-brain' on the 10-11 yellow march managed to open the world eyes on Malaysia..our farking prime medias try hard to hide the truth but its totally stupid..this is 21st century lah for you media boss @ssholelingus who still fail to realize..information travel at almost a speed of light in fibreoptic cables.

    the farking oxymoron govt here want everybody to be a one eye pirate like them ..blind to see the reality..

    Hey critic guy..I think the 6-yrs old boy got bigger ball than yours, it seem that you obviously jealous with him eh?..kid nowdays learn faster than you filthy dinasour brain couch potato oxymoron!

    You people can embrace the devil and keep on sleeping in your bed of roses until kingdom come..just in time before they had enough beating us and come and after your @sshole with belantan in your own bed..then only you know 'langit tinggi rendah'.. hahaha..

    deep sh!t people!!

  43. Bro,

    I think there are some people here that does not understand a simple language regarding "children". Some are propagating "democracy" and "to be part of the history" in this political gathering.

    Yes, I do believe that we should promote democracy, BUT in this kind of POLITICAL GATHERING or whatever name you want to call it, please do not involve children!!

    I will fight to my last blood to defend my constitutional right, but I will not endanger my children. Bringing children to this kind of political gathering (or other similar gathering) not only putting these children in danger, but at the same time giving the other party the much needed reason to attack back using mistake of those who are "not thinking" in bringing their children to this gathering.

    And I am appalled that so far I notice that most bloggers are not writing about this thing or just a "one liner" of telling everybody that "children were hit too".

    I am for democracy but please think before bringing children to political gathering. It's adults responsibility!!!

  44. Anonymous7:45 pm

    'was one of the thousands that marched...........

    Can we get the Agong's press secretary to confirm that the Agong has received the memo this possible?'

  45. Anonymous8:03 pm

    i was among those who marched... i agree we should not involve the children... especially knowing that violence has occurred in such rallies in the past.