Friday, November 02, 2007

Of long and bloody long ....

It's been four long years, as one pro-Umno blogger laments in what is probably his longest posting (click here).
And as A Voice puts it, in his posting It's a bloody long four years:
"It's just a pity that many would succumb to place their belief in a leadership surviving on others' efforts in the past but pass up as their own; leadership floated by mere perception, distraction of attention, and re-branding/ repackaging; and leadership totally lacking in any substance.
"It is timely that UMNO make a decision and now to remain relevant. Lest, we wish others to make that decision for us. If we are to believe that our ideology, practicality and ability to govern will provide that balance of unity for progress, then something need done now!"


  1. Anonymous12:29 pm


    My grandfather used to remind his grandchildren to study & work hard to improve ourselves after being under penjajah for more than 400 years. he told us that "Kaya is not everything but merdeka is very important to every human being"

    He remind us that before merdeka, when Tuanku Abdul Rahman & his umno friends didn't have enoungh fund to go to London to discuss about merdeka, village folks donate their money & valuables
    (including my grandma gold earring) on the spirit of freedom from the penjajah.

    He even told us a joke of how his friend, donate his gold teeth because he didn't have extra cash to donate. That's the kind of spirit they have during those time.

    But now, I wonder if UMNO still get the same support & spirit from the Malays and I also wonder if the Malays are under penjajah. Except this time around the penjajah is our own people.....


  2. Anonymous1:19 pm


    Pada tahun 1511, kita telah mula dijajah oleh Portugis, kemudian, Belanda, British, Jepun dan British semula sehingga tahun 1957

    Penjajah ini datang semua atas dasar satu sebab sahaja - hasil bumi untuk kekayaan mereka.

    Segala undang undang yang ada diubah, kuasa raja dihadkan, keperluan asas seperti pendidikan, infrastruktur dan sosial hanya dibangunkan jika ia berkaitan dengan kepentingan mereka.

    Dari tahun 1946, semangat ingin merdeka semula dan berjuang untuk memajukan bangsa menjadi nawaitu dalam perjuangan mereka.

    Pengorbanan harta sendiri, masa bersama keluarga dan tidak kurang juga nyawa sendiri tidak menjadi satu hal yang besar atau di ungkit ungkitkan.

    Bahkan mereka merasa malu jika diri mereka dilihat oleh saudara lain sebagai penumpang sahaja. Apa sahaja yang mampu mereka bantu, akan mereka usahakan

    Tahun 2007, saya lihat faktor kekayaan dan kepentingan diri sendiri jugalah yang telah mengujudkan sekelompok penjajah dalam bentuk yang baru.

    Tiada banyak beza dengan nawaitu penjajah zaman dahulu, cuma cara yang lebih "halal".....

    Cuma jangan sampai satu hari nanti, anak cucu kita akan memaki hamun "penjajah" abad 21 seperti mana kita tidak dapat memadamkan dari sejarah hitam kita bagaimana para penjajah terdahulu merakus bumi kita.....

  3. Anonymous1:49 pm

    wtf? is this for real?

  4. Bro,

    Walaupun saya baru berusia 7 tahun semasa bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr. Mahathir menyambut ulangtahun ke4 pemerintahannya, tapi secara nyata dan terbukti beliau telah banyak melakukan perubahan.

    Jambatan Pulau Pinang, Proton Saga menjadi kenyataan (eventhough the project is slowly recovering, thank God with release of Proton Persona!), Dayabumi mula menampakkan hasilnya dan tak lupa juga "the Dawn raid", tapi pada waktu sekarang kita hanya dijamu dengan retorik dan layout plans yang masih belum jelas dan nyata realitinya.

    Bro, tong kosong bila diletakkan batu memang kuat bunyinya!


  5. Anonymous4:23 pm

    If Abdullah were to helm the country for 22 years like Dr Mahathir did, then Malaysia will become one of the most backward state of South East Asia.
    Thailand , Indonesia ,Philipines ,Vietnam or even Indonesia will be more prosperous than us.
    That time our fellow citizens will be working in other countries as maids and laourers.

  6. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Why is this not blogged??!! What is happening in Malaysia??? We need to spread awareness and blog this whether we are Malay, Chinese, Indian or Lain-lain.

    TOPIC: BLACKED OUT NEWS: Temple Demolition in Padang Jawa
    this news was nowhere to be found on the newspapers, view video at:

    Samy: Stop temple demolitions or risk Indian votes
    Oct 31, 07 5:25pm

    MIC chief S Samy Vellu has urged the government to stop the demolition of Hindu temples or it will risk alienating Indian Malaysian voters.

    This appears to be the first time Samy Vellu had spoken out strongly on the issue which has been dogging the Hindu community, particularly in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, for the past few years.

    Samy Vellu, who is also the works minister, said he had raised the issue several times during meetings with state government leaders but temples were still being demolished.

    The most recent example, was the demolition of a temple in Kampung Rimba Jaya, Shah Alam, yesterday which Samy Vellu said had "hurt the feelings" of residents there.

    "It is common knowledge that the majority of Indian voters, if not all Indians in Malaysia, support Barisan Nasional.

    "Thus, I urge the relevant authorities not to resort to the drastic action of demolishing temples even though they are not built legally," he said in a statement faxed from the Works Ministry.

    'We have no choice'

    Samy Vellu said the Hindu community was forced to build temples on private or state land because the community did not have land to do so.

    "I have on many occasions asked state and local governments to allot land for temples in every residential area, but it has yet to be implemented.

    "Thus, the Hindu community has no choice but to build temples on land that is not theirs," he added.

    The veteran politician went on to quote the first pillar of the Rukun Negara - Belief in God - adding that no one should be punished for practising their respective religion.

    He also urged the relevant authorities to seek alternative land for temples which have been demolished or were scheduled to be demolished.

    'No compromise'

    The MIC president suggested that small temples be combined together on a larger piece of land.

    "I will not compromise or tolerate anyone that does not take this issue seriously. I would also advise the Hindu community to only build temples on land where they are allowed to," he said.

    Yesterday, Samy Vellu visited Kampung Karuppiah after the demolition had taken place.

    According to vernacular press reports, he was pelted with sticks and stones by angry residents.

    He also reportedly lodged a complaint with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who was attending a function nearby.

    Shah Alam council blamed for bloody fracas Nov 1, 07 7:34pm

    Malaysia Hindu Sangam, the umbrella body for people of that faith, today blamed the Shah Alam City Council for the violence which occurred during the demolition of a temple in Kampung Rimba Jaya on Tuesday.

    MHS president A Vaithilingam said MBSA mayor Za'ba Che Rus had no control over his enforcement officers who were throwing stones into the temple while a special religious ceremony was taking place (left).

    "The confrontational retaliatory action by the MBSA enforcement officers was in our opinion the cause for the violence in the temple," said Vaithilingam in a faxed statement.

    When contacted for clarifications, Vaithilingam said eye-witness reports claim MBSA enforcement officers were initially pelted with stones from a group of unknown individuals.

    "But it did not come from the temple. How can they (MBSA personnel) attack devotees like that? No enforcement body in the world attacks people with stones," he said.

    In his written statement, Vaithilingam said those injured at the hands of MBSA enforcement officers included T Ganesa, the Selangor chairperson of MHS.

    However, he stressed that the police were restrained compared to MBSA officers.

    Against procedures

    Vaithilingam also slammed Za'ba for allegedly personally telling temple authorities at 9am on Tuesday that the temple was to be demolished in the next two hours.
    He said the temple was a large structure with many facilities that cannot be relocated in the short period of time.

    "What else can the innocent devotees do when given only two hours? Attempting to destroy deities (in the temple) is very sensitive and is considered an insult to the Hindu community," he added.

    Vaithilingam also criticised Za'ba for reneging an agreement between MBSA, the Selangor state government, MIC officials and temple officials on Oct 28.

    The deal apparently gave the temple a grace period until Deepavali celebrations. Deepavali will be celebrated by all Hindus on Nov 8.

    Vaithilingam also urged MIC leaders to open dialogue with leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) to resolve the matter.

    Five-inch parang wound

    In a separate development, Hindraf legal advisor P Uthayakumar revealed that some of the devotees who suffered injuries during the scuffle were not given immediate medical attention.

    Citing an example, Uthayakumar said that he witnessed one detainee who had a five-inch cut on the head while he was detained at the Section 11 Shah Alam police station.

    He claimed that the wound was inflicted by a MBSA enforcement officer with a parang. He added that the detainee was not given medical attention even after 24-hours of the incident.

    "Only after persistent appeals by Hindraf did the police take this victim to the hospital," said Uthayakumar, in a letter to Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail. The letter was made available to Malaysiakini.

    In his letter, Uthayakumar urged Abdul Gani to take immediate action against those responsible for the injuries suffered by devotees during the open fracas.

    Uthayakumar and three other lawyers were arrested while accompanying devotees who were lodging a report on the incident in Kampung Karuppiah, which is located within Kampung Rimba Jaya.


    Kg Rimba Jaya fracas: Four lawyers released Bede Hong | Oct 31, 07 2:30pm

    The Kampung Rimba Jaya in Padang Jawa, near Shah Alam was a chaotic scene last night when residents tried to prevent the Shah Alam City Hall from demolishing their houses.

    The residents' attempt to save their homes turned physical and bloody when scores were hurt in the ensuing melee.

    Fifteen residents were also arrested and are now being detained at the Shah Alam Section 11 police station.

    In the end, over 200 houses, a 100-year-old temple and a surau have been levelled to the ground by the authorities. Even the presence of MIC president S Samy Vellu could not save the houses and the temple.

    And later in the day, four lawyers - human rights lawyers P Uthayakumar and P Waythamoorthy as well as DAP lawyers M Manoharan and S Ganabathi Rao - were also arrested by the police when they attempted to enter Section 11 police station to help the release of the residents.

    The police have today obtained a four-day remand order against the residents, said DAP legal bureau chief A Sivanesan. However at 5.30 in the evening, a 16-year-old boy and a 52-year-old woman were released.
    The lawyers were all released on police bail at about 7.45pm.
    When contacted Sivanesan also said that at least two residents suffered serious injuries.

    "A woman, in her fifties and a 16-year-old boy suffered great injury. Their clothes are soaked with their own blood and they are still wearing them," he said. These are two who were released by the police in the evening.

    Tamil dailies today also carried images of another man with head injury.

    Lawyers manhandled

    Earlier in the day today, the police took statements from the four lawyers.
    The lawyers were arrested for creating a scuffle in front of the Section 11 police station after they were refused entry by the police.

    "Their purpose there was to assist residents lodge reports against the state government and relevant authorities. They were also to inquire on the status of those arrested and detained," said Hindraf lawyer R Gengadharan when contacted today.

    "The conduct of arresting and detaining by the police is unjustified," he said.

    Last night, Waythamoorthy lodged a police report against the conduct of the police in arresting him and the other three lawyers.

    In the report lodged at the same police station, Waythamoorthy said that he was manhandled and had a machine-gun pointed at him when he inquired as to why the lawyers were being refused entry.
    "I was pushed down and stepped on my leg, preventing me from getting up," his report stated.
    "I injured my head, my back and elbow...the same constable threatened to shoot me if I didn't go out and his machine-gun was pointed at me while I was still on the ground," he said.

    He added in his report that he and the other lawyers faced racial abuses from the other police personnel at the station, with one policeman allegedly stating that he would "make sure I'm kept in lock up tonight".


    Meanwhile, human rights activist S Kumaravel, 44, said a surau was also demolished by council authorities in the eviction exercise yesterday.

    The surau is located in Rimba Jaya, about one kilometre away from the temple. The Sri Maha Mariaman temple is located in Rimba Jaya. Residents from nearby Kampung Karuppiah carry out their prayers at the temple.

    Kumaravel, who is Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit) exco member, said over 200 houses in Rimba Jaya were demolished in the exercise that saw at least 300 police personnel, including the Federal Reserve Unit, participating.

    Rimba Jaya is mostly populated by Malays while Kampung Karuppiah is mostly populated by Indians.

    The MPSA enforcement officers were beating people with batons, said Kumaravel.

    "I saw an enforcement officer pulling out a knife and waving it around threateningly," said Kumaravel.

    It took almost three hours to demolish the Sri Maha Mariaman temple. The temple's nursery was the first to be demolished when the exercise began yesterday morning.

    After a pause at noon, the demolition continued at 2pm and continued for another three hours amidst resistance from at least 400 residents. Several hundred council enforcement officers were also present.

    News reports said stones were thrown between both sides.

    Shots fired

    In addition to that, today's Sin Chew Daily reported that police fired several shots at a lorry, puncturing at least one tyre. Nanyang Siang Pau reported that five shots were fired. The report said several residents had tried to escape the police in the lorry. They were later arrested.

    There were also accounts of a stabbing, but which could not be verified as yet.

    "They should have waited until Deepavali is over before they begin demolishing the temple. At least the residents have somewhere to pray," said Kumaravel.

    Early this morning, he had lodged a police report at Section 11 police station against the state government for ordering the eviction exercise.

    "The police told us that the order was from the Menteri Besar (Mohd Khir Toyo). There was no court order to demolish the surau or the temple," he added.

    Tamil dailies also reported that the residents had shown their anger towards Samy Vellu for not doing anything to help them. Samy Vellu is quoted as saying that he would raise the matter with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.


    Temple demolition motion shot down Yoges Palaniappan | Nov 1, 07 4:37pm

    An opposition motion to debate the temple demolition in Kampung Rimba Jaya, Shah Alam yesterday was rejected by the Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker.

    Deputy Speaker Lim Si Cheng rejected M Kulasegaran's (DAP-Ipoh Barat) motion on the grounds that it "does not warrant immediate action" as the temple was located at a squatter area and that matter has been referred to the court.

    Kulasegaran, in his urgent motion, said that the Indian community in the country is puzzled, shocked and saddened by the demolition of the 100-year old Sri Maha Mariamman temple.

    It was reported that several hundred police personnel and local council authorities clashed with the residents who sought to stop the demolition.

    According to Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), at least 300 police personnel and council workers had cordoned off the temple yesterday morning.

    It said council workers began hurling stones and beating devotees with sticks and batons when they tried to halt the demolition.

    Kulasegaran described the demolition as "an extreme act which is unconstitutional, criminal, despicable and unrelenting."

    "Temple demolitions have been going on in the country for the past few years and has worsened recently," said Kulasegaran.

    Without notice

    "The temple was demolished cruelly by 500 policemen, FRU personnel and local authorities without even respecting or considering the feelings of Hindus," he said, adding that the demolition was exercised without proper notice and procedures.

    "250 houses and a surau, for which an alternative land has been given, were also demolished in the exercise."

    Kulasegaran explained that the temple devotees were kept from the temple area yesterday by Indian gangsters hired by the contractors who broke temple deities which are scared for Hindus.

    "The clean and beautiful temple, which used to be the place of worship for more than 1,500 devotees, was torn down using tractors and other machineries yesterday," he said.

    He said that demolition is against the Article 11 of the Federal Constitution which guaranteed freedom of religion in the country.

    Also, he added, to destroy a place of worship is a serious crime under the Penal Code.

    Kulasegaran urged the government to immediately stop the demolition of temples to preserve the culture and identity of Indians in the country.
    Sweeping under the carpet

    In a statement issued later, Kulasegeran said that the rejection was unfair, undemocratic and against all decent norms of fair and adequate debate in a democratic society.

    "Parliament is the place for elected representatives to bring up issues of public importance but urgent motions for debate are routinely rejected in an off-handed brutal manner that makes a mockery of democratic practice," said Kulasegaran.

    "The speaker has shut out an issue of great importance by not allowing a full and frank debate thus preventing the government from making a stand or policy statement of its attitudes to Hindus in the country," he added.

    "By denying the motion the government has swept another issue of great public importance under the carpet."

  7. Bru BRO .. u made me click and read that crap .. shame on u rock...

  8. Let us all my fellow Malaysians at heart , pls do yr part well by disseminate , distribute , blogged and even debate all those information that we have read and understood to the others outside that dun have access or info abt what the current crisis that our country is facing , the PM and his administration and lots more ......

    The present ruling goverment are so confident at their heart that the mass rural folks especially the FELDA settlers and the Kampung folks out there will continue to give them their vote bcoz a lot of them are being blackout and spinned on the current affairs of this nation . Therefore let us all work hand in hand and contribute our small part in changing the way this nation is heading by spreading our words of mouth to the others ..Let the PM knows that we the normal folks out there are really unsatisfied at all on how the way the country is being run and manage ........

  9. Anonymous9:31 pm

    And thats why come this Election... I'll be voting against the BN-coalition.

    And against PAS too..!

  10. The long roads
    There isn’t one come to mind
    Every minister seems so quiet
    Do you hear them say anything good?

    The conference of Rulers
    Courtesy granted a cake
    On pm rules in the nation
    A sweet for Halloween
    Then the storm rules the air

    Years of sleeping
    Dreaming about corridors
    Engaging and contracting
    Economy on paper looks so rosy

    Billions will be spent
    On the corridors of economic blocks
    Going for $336.6 billion
    The predators wake up smell the green gold
    Nothing is going to waste

    The hurriedly thought out plans
    Gunning the people
    Pulling wool over their eyes
    Telling them there is money to be made
    On this plan spreading everywhere

    When the masses jump for joy
    The votes will march right in
    The fools we are sometimes
    Getting trapped on our greed

    The long roads
    We mustn’t let it happen again
    Time to take stock
    For reality works in stages

  11. Anonymous12:59 am

    Brighteyes don't be a religous-fascist racist because you sound like one from the few paragraphs u write. A Surau was also demolosihed nearby. You should be in SIngapore when Suraus, Temples both Hindu and Chinese-bhuddist-Taoist were destroyed in then name of development.
    I do not agree with the timing , as usual the authorities never think they are either stupid, too busy geting money from the future developers of the place whoever they may be.
    BUT please

  12. Anonymous1:04 am

    I think there is too many Suraus and Temples, some of them mini temples and mini Suraus of all sorts, some temples devoted to whatever -- seeing some apparition or some rich bloke winning some money and thanking some Taoist or some Warrior/mercenary/warlord/ gangster god. This is still a democracy but go to the big temples and mosques la

  13. Anonymous1:12 am

    Hey bros and sisters, I am just anti putting mini or unwarranted places of so called worship sprouting everywhere every illegal kampongs and every settlement even every big tree or gravesite, imagine a place of warship for all "famous people" - don't worry I am no atheist, but I am against all this too overtly religious but in he end politico-ethnic bullshit, Give Religion Its Respect, Even if Your God is Clapton

  14. Anonymous2:16 am

    >>Brighteyes don't be a religous-fascist racist because you sound like one from the few paragraphs u write. A Surau was also demolosihed nearby. You should be in SIngapore when Suraus, Temples both Hindu and Chinese-bhuddist-Taoist were destroyed in then name of development.<<

    Hello, did I write anything aboot the temple n' surau demolitions?

  15. We sincerely believe AAB is the best thing to have happened to Malaysia , for he has inadvertently revealed what was terribly forcefully hidden under the carpet for so long.

    God bless him for he knows not what is happening...

    Finally we hope Malaysians ( and Malays in particular ) will know where they really stand

  16. Walk past a national school and there's some bustle. Wonder what it is all about. Quietly slip in and watch. Handing out report cards, it seems. The teachers are there, so too the parents and their children. Everyone's on best behaviour, one. There's a mixture of harmony, and what's this, smell of fear, two. Look at all of them; there's some focus on education, three. And their behavior etc remind one of something, a prim air steward, four.

    Then you overhear the passing grades have been reduced, and you remember seeing the crowds in say tesco or one of those pasar malams, five.

    You add the crowds you see in merdeka rallies, six. And the lawyers who marched, seven. You read the comments in blogs, eight. And you read all the articles in the mainstream media and watch the tv, nine. You take a walk, get into the jalopy, drive over the humps and potholes, see the factories and crummy housing estates, look at the warehouses, shoplots, government buildings, ten.

    Then you reach a stop-look-go. It's broken down again, eleven. You come back to this blog and remember rocky, aisehman, raja petra, farish noor, bakri mussa, aris ibrahim, shar, imtiaz and so many others who have again and again written something about politics in Malaysia, twelve.

    By the time you reach this point in thought, you start thinking about Ocean, thirteen.

    We all know something is really wrong. Our malay brothers need help but the help they're 'getting' through Umno isn't truly working for them. And it isn't working for the others. Which means it isn't working for the country.

    One of those airheads will jump up and ask 'why not?'. They just need to ask one of their own who have had the privilege to study or work overseas the same question and see what the answer would be. A lot of these more enlightened ones might also have shopped at the tesco's of the west, but they have something else in them after they return. Something about what is right and what is strong and what is good and what is quality. Which leads them to conclude that those things called Umno leaders are nothing but glorified air stewards, fourteen.

    The chinese will tell you what that number means.

    This is a strange post but please give it a thought.

  17. Anonymous11:55 am

    DAP can simply whack at random becasue they are perpetually outside of Government, not even at any state level. I certainly doubt the Chinese will give them Penang to govern but they do want them to continue barking in Parliament and provide that odd shrill of a voice "mana ini peraturan ....!"

    PAS will only be relevant in the Malay hinterland albeit lesser developed state. Perhasp have some presence in Kelantan and on the long shot govern Terengganu. Other than their Islamic agenda and localised Malay issue, do they have anything worthwhile to add at the national level. And, as opposition, the can pounce away at will.

    PKR ... what is there to say abt PKR. Its waiting for its burial, even if BN do poorly. Anwar will perhaps run to PAS and accentuate his Arabic accent. They are so desperate that the Malays in PKR are so muted by their non Malay members that they are willing to accelerate the forgoing of Malay rights. As for the non Malays, if not for the continual presence of Lim Kit Siang, they would have long been in DAP.

    The non UMNO BN members are there to voice the interest of the non Malays and non Muslims, and once in a while at some token occasion, you'll hear them talk like a Bangsa Malaysia concern for the well being for Malaysia and Malaysian.

    Love them or deplore them, the reality is that UMNO and only UMNO that is wearing the many hats of looking after their own ethnic interest, balancing it with the needs of the other ethnic interest and ensuring all this fit in with the national plan.

    As a political party, they would naturally want to maintain their dominance. If any of the other parties had been in UMNO shoe, would they not do so? Now thats another hat to wear for them.

    Then lets not forget the highly competitive level of its own internal politics.

    We should appreciate the predicament UMNO and the Malays is in. Perpetual demands based on narrow interest would only make UMNO/Malays more defensive and flex their muscle to once in a while turn aggresive.

    With no other viable political options left for the Malays, it is only UMNO the Malays will give their vote and support. It's no more political but alrady aculturised.

    It is the Malays and specifically the Malays in UMNO that will bring abt change, not others, even how smart they think they are. Accept the fact that you can only bring abt chaneg if the Malays is convince, comfortable and agree to change.

    If we are truly concern for the well being of the country, learn to appreciate this reality. Whats wrong with engaging in a non adverserial and positive manner with the Malays?

    A defensive Malay will not serve the process of change. Whats wrong with appreciating their concerns and insecurity. Convince them that the change you demand will not jeopardise them. Chaneg will not happen fast, with so many balancing act needed. Be pragmatic and not be aggresive in your demands.

    If what is wanted positive change for all to benefit, whats wrong with doing that?

  18. Anonymous12:27 pm

    In Perak, where 60% of the population is Muslim and ONLY 10% are Hindus, there are ONLY 600 Mosques and Suraus compared to 2,000 temples and make shift shrines.

    So is Johor.

    What does it show?

    So many intepretations, assumptions, conclusions can be made.

    Hawaichee is just a spammer. Nothing more. He/she only see from where he/she wants to see and make a racism/biggotry issue out of it, as far possible!

    He carried his blinkered/biggotry in Malaysia Today and MyKMU in the same spamming fashion, Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya.

  19. so the champagne bottle has finally popped and we have two sterling truths: one, the malays will only change if told by malays, and two, Umno will maintain political dominance in this country.

    which begs the question: which malay in Umno is qualified to tell them to make the right changes?

    drastic? see the pools of malay womenfolks sitting sadly outside the second tier shopping malls in one of the foreign emerging markets because they don't have enough money to shop while in and out peoples of the world are moving holding bags full; it is a second-tier mall selling cheaper goods because they know the malay folks can't afford the other ones.

    now is the achievement being able to be there or is it something that is almost there but not fully?

    who in umno will make the real change when they have had at least fifty years to do so and what we have is only one excuse after another, one ripoff followed by another bravura to change records, one bangsa malaysia followed by another political-read-racebased policy dominance?


  20. Anonymous12:17 am

    brunt council:

    Have you been hiding under a rock for the past 50 years? That's 50 years of threats, some of them violent, made against the non-Malays and you foolishly ask why are the non-Malays so adverserial? Do you see non-Malays waving a keris? Do you see non-Malays threatening riots? Do you see any non-Malay equivalent of BADAI or the UPM Monkeys?

    Yes - dialoge and accomodation are good ideas - but guess what? When non-Malays raise points for discussion or put forth views in a civilized manner ala Kua Kia Soong who wrote a paper based on his research or that ASLI research fellow Lim Teck Ghee, or gather in peaceful forums in hotels, suddenly they are "adverserial." But those UMNO MPs screaming inflammatory remarks somehow are not adverserial?

    After 50 years of preferential treatment and yet Malays have so many insecurities? And these insecurities seem to be growing rather than diminishing.

    And as for UMNO looking after ethinic interests, that's precisely what we need to get rid off in Malaysia. If ethnicity rather than nationality is to be emphasized, well you can forget about a united harmonious country and can look forward to balkanization.