Friday, November 02, 2007


59, Taman Rapat Setia. It's a home I've never lived in but this afternoon I'll be heading there. If the place exists - and according to the Election Commission it does - I will have the opportunity to meet house mates I never knew I had, pose for pictures with them, maybe even have tea.

I was supposed have been an occupant of 59, Taman Rapat Setia, Perak in 1999. Someone had stolen my identity and registered me with the Election Commission as a voter that year, using my ID and stating this address as my home address.

When, in actual fact, I've never been to this place.

Will update with tales and pictures later. In the meantime, flash back to my old posts that have led to this homecoming:
I, Phantomed, 21 Sept 2007
Excuse me, WTF registered me as a voter?, 20 Sept 2007


  1. Anonymous1:11 pm

    You never know, he may be your long lost twin brother. hehe

  2. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Kit Leee satirises about Phantom Voters in his best selling book ADOI way back in the 80s. We have been warned, and why I was not more perceptive then. Now, got to really search for that hilarious-cum-serious book ... haven't seen it for quite some time. Hope Arman has not lend it to his Iskandarian friends.

  3. hey, its your evil twin you'll be dealing with this afternoon. you 'guys' may have loads to catch up on, over some lunch, and not just a cuppa.

  4. Anonymous1:38 pm

    No road name, only Tmn Rapat Setia?
    Looking forward to what you find there, and the actual progress of the police case.

  5. Hey Rocky,

    Hehe...That was funny...=)

  6. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Sdr Rocky...

    Don't you ever investigate further
    .............For all you know...only in Malaysia you will find that the one in 59, Taman Rapat Setia is an "Ori" and You are
    a "fake"!!!

    Too many Halloween stories now.


  7. Waiting but not holding my breath, bro. Being brown and turning blue ain't a pretty sight.

    Photos would be good too coz you might find it useful later when filing a complaint to the EC i.e. if the address is genuine.

    Good luck on the meeting with the EC officials about Ipoh Timur.

    P.S. Don't forget to get pics on your 'wife and kids' too. Man oh man, curiosity is killing me. I hope you won't be updating this posting starting with "I'm a grandpa!".

  8. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Be careful Rock. Just as these guys can bump off Altantuya and not only tried to erase her presence on earth, they also tried to erase all her Immigration records. They can just as easily remove all traces of you on this earth and have an illegal immigrant taking over your identity lock stock and barrel.

  9. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Rocky may just like what he finds and won't be home anything soon. Just hope Tumpat is not broadband deficient and he can continue to blog from there.

    The other possibly sticky fact our bro has not thought of is that he could have had over-used his limit for significant-halves.

    i am holding my breadth too. being banana and turning blue ain't no pretty sight, also - only the blue is more discernible. hahahahahahaha

  10. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Taman Rapat Setia, lah ... bukan Tumpat (another case of mistaken identity)

  11. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Yes, Taman Rapat Setia exists.

    I used to stay in Taman Rapat Indah, which is adjacent to Taman Rapat Setia. My parents and my siblings still stay there (in Rapat Indah).

    59, Taman Rapat Setia is not a complete address. It is lacking the street name.

    Didn't know we were once neighbours! :-P


  12. Anonymous7:19 pm

    'this is a very serious matter. two things could have happened.
    1. someone had details of yr IC and registered himself as voter. Very unlikely. WHY WHY why would anyone want to do that? Nope, don't think so.
    2. Classic case of phantom voter. your IC being used to register as a voter.
    in THAT case many more IC could be use to register as a vote,hmmmm.....let me guess!

  13. Anonymous7:22 pm

    u need me to escort?
    malay says, could be pelanduk dua serupa?
    the EC will be in 'shock'

  14. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Taman Rapat Setia? As you enter from the main road, drive for about 2 km and you will come to a small bridge. After that, take the left fork and you will pass by some warongs on the left hand side. Take a break at Pak Mat's after the long drive. Ask for his teh halia "spesial" and have a mee rebus too if you are famished.

    Have a chat with him. He's gold mine for information. You might even find out about the phantom who's masquerading as you. If however, he recognises you and bids you a warm welcome back, pinch yourself, you have come "home" and you should feel worried.

    After the short break, go straight on and watch out for that old rambutan tree on the left about 1 km on and turn into the lanes. Which one, well you will have to pick to find your "home" and "relatives". A kenduri might be the order of the day for your "homecoming". Good luck.

    P/s It might be a good idea to determine which side of the political fence this taman is in.

    After the

  15. Anonymous11:47 am

    P/s It might be a good idea to determine which side of the political fence this taman is in.
    YA YA YA! the EC will be glad to lead the way................

  16. Anonymous12:36 pm

    This tip may come in late. Must be a dozen houses no. 59 in taman rapat setia. why not ask for a person by the name of ahiruddin bin atan who lives in taman rapat setia, maybe he is a well known person there.

  17. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Once again proves that...
    "Malaixia Buleh"
    ~ apa-apa pun boleh jadi realiti !

  18. be more precise, rapat setia baru or just rapat a whole, this place stance tends to lean towards the da-cing.

    good luck.

  19. Anonymous11:35 am

    so??? what happend during ur "home coming" trip ???

  20. hi anon 11.35am who wants to know "what happend during ur "home coming" trip ???".

    i was there on saturday afternoon. we met spr officials and then went looking for the address. we found it.

    i will do a posting as soon as i'm able to upload the pics. having probs with my camera.


  21. hey rocky... maybe you will find yourself a haunted house... LOL!

  22. ...oh!now i know rocky's bru3 in the making.....

  23. bro,sorry.just thinking are u doing any time travelling lately......