Saturday, November 03, 2007

Missing Kha Mun

Have you seen her?

On my way back from my "homecoming" in Ipoh last night, blog commenter Msiaman sent an sms to alert me about another missing little girl. Chin Kha Mun, 12, from Gopeng, Perak, is the daughter of Msiaman's friend.

Msiaman will give us updates at, created to the effort of helping find this missing girl. I was on the phone with Msiaman a minute ago. He said Kha Man's parents are knocking on the doors of newspaper bureaus at this moment to inform them of their plight.

Let's hasten the Nurin Alert initiative, guys!

Meanwhile, the person who was responsible for distributing Nurin's autopsy pictures has been identified and will be charged soon, says the IGP here.

The person who killed her is still out there.


Pak Zawi said...

I will spread the words around. We will be on the lookout incase somebody from here is involved.

Walski69 said...

Bro.. good job getting this out.

BTW - I've already done a post, relaying the news of this latest missing child...

I pray that she be found safe and sound, soon...

Anonymous said...

Please check the local hospitals, too. I am still agngry with what happened too Nurin and pls god may this girl come back home fine.

Everyday, when my children don't turn up home in time I am worried.

There are simply too many missing children. Where is the law and order.

Gone were the days where our children can freely explore and wander about.

Just curious.. In Nurin's case didn't the press/police said that the so called 15 years old girl seen sitting next to the bag and then they said the 15 year old girl didn't even see the back.

Also, the initila report stated that the office staff carried the back to the office thinking it belonged to their collegue who just came back from Singapore.

Just thinking about the wild goose chase

Pasquale said...


Years ago there was this case of an Indonesian illehgal immigrant living in a house built on a kampung land near Batu Pahat, Johore. The Malaysians who gave him the kindness were nice to him. After two years, this Indonesian violently raped the wife of the Malaysian man who gave him his kindness to live on his land.
The Indonesian cried uncontrollably when apprehended.
If you care to take a drive in the country likme Gopeng, or anywhere in Malaysia you will see a group of foreigners, once I asked they were from Bangladesh, and Vietnam and local inhabitants were living in fear, local women were accosted and disturbed. In Johore, near Pasir Gudang foreigners were attacked for conduct unbecoming of a foreigner.
The point is they are sometime lonely and do crazy thing, I put my bet on these people. To put it bluntly, they can get really violently horny, and do crazy stuff.

Anonymous said...


Nurin's killer(s) still not caught!!!

What the hell is the police doing? Looking into corners for bloggers or what?

Bukit Aman is hopelessly incompetent... for a major crime like this, this is too long to wait.

Now with the mess in the police force and the infighting going on between Divisions in the Police force and the politics of the Deputy Minister for security, no wonder, the criminals are having a field day.


Anonymous said...

whts happening in Malaysia? why r they after children? who r they?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

she didnt survive. apparently she was found drowned. whether there was someone else responsible is still unknown. we have to always keep in mind the bastard who took away nurin's life is still at large.

*bro, how was the outcome with your homecoming thing?

Rockybru said...


That's what I heard but Msiaman hasn't come back to confirm what the cops know. It seems the girl went out with her friend but the friend came home later without her. The cops found her body in a pool on a hill (this is what I heard) but her bicycle was a few km away.

I wanted to write about the "homecoming" but news like the one about kha man always pull you down. you know what i mean, bro. Yes, we found the place. It's a shoplot. Tell you all about it in my next posting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rocky bro

Please keep us posted.

A sticky link was put on malaysians unplug blog
after your alert posting.

You mean police have found her body ???

malaysian unplug

Knights Templar said...

what can i say old rock,, well done to the IGP kot ? letih lah bang ,, tapi depa tak letih pun,, well done aje lahhh .

jaflam said...

Rocky, the missing children episodes look like a “Loss Control " situation out there. Until the enforcement agencies can regain control of the situations/resolves their internal problems we have no options but to look after the safety of our family and community ourselves.

Enhanced neighborhood cooperation & kick start community safety and security programs/activities in your areas.

Anonymous said...

May God bless our children and keep them safe from all the evil and malice out there.

Excellent job, Rocky. Hope those involved in setting up the Nurin Alert get the job done quickly.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, I am afraid Kha Man was found dead. There is another little girl, Preeshena, also dead. Post mortem details will reveal worse. This time nobody better be leaking their post mortem photos.

I just can't help getting angrier and angrier bro. And give a wild guess what the politicans and the media will be doing tomorrow? More hot air blowing and butt sucking will fill the pages and airtime of our mainstream esteemed media as usual!

lanaibeach said...

There is no light for her
Chin Kha Man found floating in Kampar River
By two river guides cruising along
She was reported lost in Gopeng

The young girl died
She didn’t know what she would become
Life was too short for her
Lying with the floating river

The school breaks beginning to start
She was gone before she could begin
The young girl of many dreams
She never knows what she will be

Was it a suicide?
Many young people tried
What has become of the education system?
Breeding suicides in the young minds?

There must be reasons
The society should rethink its core values
Administering parental guidance
It shouldn’t be left to the school alone

Now Kha Man gone
Let the God guide her spirit
Along the light to her new home
Of laughter, jokes and smile
Freedom in many harmonious flows
In the Garden of God’s graces

Anonymous said...


Sunday November 4, 2007

Missing girl found dead in river

IPOH: The body of a half-naked girl who has been missing since Thursday was found floating in the Kampar river in Gopeng.

Two river guides, who were on a kayaking trip in Kampung Jahang, found the 12-year-old girl's body on a rock at noon yesterday.

Police later found a bicycle belonging to the girl in Gopeng town.

Chia Kha Man, a Year Six pupil of SJK (C) Man Ming in Gopeng, some 25km from here, was reported missing by her grandfather last Friday.

Kampar OCPD Supt Nordin Manan said the case had been classified as sudden death pending a post-mortem report.

Anonymous said...

Another one right at our home - a gated community.

Let some experts tell us why this is happening!


Girl, 9, beaten, raped, sodomised and killed

Anonymous said...

brother rocky, what's happening to malaysia today(rpk) site?

Anonymous said...

Fellow Bloggers,

Thanks for the support on this. The family of Kha Man and concerned friends and relatives expresses their thanks.

Now they are trying to find the culprit who causes this to Kha Man. Lets hope our enforcement is putting due attention to find the culprit.

Anonymous said...

Bro Rocky,

Thanks for putting this post.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

read the star today and it was reported that she was half-naked they found her body. another case of rape and murder or what?

Anonymous said...

Bro Rocky

Homecoming? Is it some 50th year anniversary?

Anonymous said...

I asked about your homecoming. Please ignore it.

Anonymous said...


I am bloody angry.

What's wrong with our society !!! We only see and hear these kind of things in the movies.

Politicians dividing the country on racial lines; bureaucrats serving the politicians instead of the taxpayers paying their salaries, police force quarrelling among themselves and there are more uncaught criminals roaming in our midst devouring children.

Time to start our own civil vigilante. Can't trust the police to do a decent day's work when they are being asked to peep and report on bloggers every day.

Really pissd off!!! "Sheesh" as the good captain on the other blog says.

Anonymous said...

Is the rot in the police force and government so bad that criminals are running wild? What is the point of shooting for the sky when simple things like law and order cannot be maintainced? Shame on the Government. When others talk about this the usual reaction is denial and accusation of interference. Well, we now have to live with the bad reputation of Malaysia. not others.

Zulkifli said...

Polis kita memang lembab ...
nak buat macam mana...tol naik,tepung naik, teh tarik naik, jenayah naik...

semua fikir pasal kedudukan sahaja PIIII RAh