Monday, November 19, 2007

Blogging for Washington Post

This week, The Washington Post, the largest and one of oldest newspapers (est. 1877) in Washington, D.C., publishes my first piece for a column they're calling The Spider. This new feature, which appears in print and on-line, weaves together "the hottest stories on the Web" reported by bloggers around the globe.
I am only the first Malaysian blogger who will be featured; they have spoken to another one and, hopefully, more Malaysian bloggers will be included.
Go to the Outlook page of the for a read. You will need to register but it's quick and free. [Below: a print version of the Washington Post's Outlook].


  1. Anonymous11:58 am


    At least, the Washington Post recognises your efforts!

    Keep it up.

  2. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Way to go Brother!

  3. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Pak Rocky,
    They go to space, i got nothing to feel!
    you have that space in washington post saya merasa amat berbangga!

  4. Anonymous12:19 pm

    and despite all the labels like gobloks, monkeys, liars, unemployed ... etc

    its most rewarding... recognition by your peers from international mainstream media


  5. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Hope the article show that not all bloggers in Malaysia have their own political agenda.I fully support bloggers who remain neutral and not afraid of voicing his or her social or political belief. Sorry Jeff Oii. I used to respect you but now after you joined DAP I have lost that respect. Be it in BN or opposition,for me bloggers,at least must be seen,as neutral.
    Abang Rocky, I hope you will not join any political parties in Malaysia.
    Bob from Kuching

  6. syabas, bro!

    thanks for talking about nurin alert..

  7. Congratulations! Now perhaps you know how the other Malaysians who have migrated feels in their adopted country. Welcomed and free to nurture and develop their talents. That is progress.

  8. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Congratulations Bro,

    You're hitting closer to home. Used to work in DC, lived across the Potomac in Arlington and was a regular subscriber to the POST in the early '80s.

    Now, if only we could get Putridjaya to see that the way forward is to acknowledge and accept the increasingly important and legitimate role of blogs and bloggers. And not treat them like the media world's outcasts.

    This morning was introduced by a friend to a professorial looking American at the library in this little mid west town. Asked the "prof" whether he knew of Malaysia. Braced myself a little when he said yes, thinking he just might give his take of zealous Zam's song and dance rendition on Aljazeera, or any of the other numerous newsworthy items blighting our national landscape of late.

    Fortunately, prof mentioned Dr Mahathir and his role in promoting global peace. Could at least walk away a little elevated.

    So, in spite of the heroic actions of the officially anointed guardians of the nations maruah, there is still some hope for salvaging our fast diminishing reputation and standing in the world.

  9. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Washington Post is an institution, a fearless paper which is dedicated to the truth and transparency. The Post recognises you, but in Malaysia the government dislikes you. In Malaysia the mainstream press hates you. In malaysia, talent is a dirty word. Rocky, you have no future in this blessed country.

  10. Tahniah!!

    Itu dia! Ada juga orang yang menghargai tulisan blogger Malaysia.

  11. Rocky,wanted to say congrats and way to go,but it's been said by others. Well, in years to come, almost all of us will probably be reading our daily news from the computer,not newspapers. So,i think this is just a beginning and a very interesting one!!

  12. Congrats rocky!! Did I tell you i work for Washington Post? :)

  13. Congrats Bro ....

    You deserve the recognition.


  14. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Kudos to you, bro.

    Seize the moment.

  15. congratulation, at least someone big notice your exixtence.

  16. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Congrats Rocky!
    It's great to see a Malaysian blogger recognized, rather than be seen a gobloks!

  17. Anonymous2:36 pm

    I have always said this is a battle of ideas that UMNO and its forces will lose as Malaysians join the global community. Congrats bro.

  18. Anonymous2:58 pm

    your voice will be heard brother ROCKY.......

  19. Rocky, as I have written, Bloggers do makes waves. It is only the beginning and " we're all journalists". Congratulations. Thanks.

  20. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Ah, but will Zam and Nazri congratulate you on your achievement?

    Or will they seek to tag you as a proxy for foreigners who want to interfere in Malaysia's domestic affairs?

    Beware of the spinmeisters!

  21. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Congratulations Rocky!I hope your efforts to start the alert system works.God knows we can't rely on the Police to solve the Nurin case. Just to let you know, I offered the Investigating Officer, ASP Loo some help to use a very sophisticated software to assist the case - for free - and we will throw in some staff as well - but they just ignored my offer. The fact that the guy sent the bag made or received a call means he has a handphone that is registered.The Base station records nearby will tell you who made calls. Each call will have an address of the customer. The guy also rode a Kriss Modenas. So check the road tax records. Put all the data into my software and you will have matches in a few seconds.
    As a parent all I wanted to do was to help but they don't even have the courtesy and professionalism to investigate further into my offer.

  22. Anonymous3:38 pm

    So happy for that well deserved recognition. Perhaps you are opening the floodgates for more enlightened Malaysians to be bloggers.

  23. Tahniah Sdr, keep it up. But let me remind you as an older colleague, Malaysia is our country. Defend its honour. Thank you.

  24. hey bro,
    Congratulations and rock on! Cheers now... this calls for a drink, right ??

  25. Here's to Malaysian bloggers!

  26. Hi Rocky, congratulations for being recognised by the Washington Post, can you also write for the Times and Telegraph UK? Cheers!

  27. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Congratulations Rocky, well done!

  28. Great Buddy. There is a saying that a prophet is never accepted in his own country. I am very sure I read this in more sober times.Will buy you a celebratory drink tomorrow.

  29. Kali's piece last Sunday would have been instantly in the shredder.

  30. Wah...not bad for "pondan bodoh and monyet" your heart out Nazri and KJ...

  31. Wah...not bad for "pondan bodoh and monyet" your heart out Nazri and KJ...

  32. Rocky,
    Congrats! Like me, m sure many more are so very proud of you. And I totally agree with what AKJ said too.


  33. Wahlauweh! Bro, you're a media celebrity now, man.

    Now what was it that KH was saying about credibility and integrity in journalism.

    * beeeers going down the hatch*

  34. Anonymous10:57 am

    Congrats and kudos aside, I just want to know one thing: do you get paid by the WP? And how much?

  35. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Truly feel real proud of you man !
    Congrats -meanwhile let me call up Zam ala Kazam and tell him that he needs an email address to gain access to WP.But being a goblok that he is, should I bother ?

    Bro Rocky -after TDM -you are the next Malaysian to be recognised globally -someone without fear or favor !

    I am proud to be associated with you.

    Rastaman (JB)