Sunday, November 18, 2007

3 lodge police report against Jeff Ooi

update, after dinner on Sunday
Umno member lodges police report against RPK. It's a Sunday for police reports. The latest is against Raja Petra Kamarudin, who runs the hugely popular MalaysiaToday portal, by an Umno member from Shah Alam, Selangor.
According to this pro-Umno anonymous blogger, the report was over the article "What the eye does not see".

Original post
It is your right to lodge a police report and once that is done the police is obliged to investigate. But to say the interview by Jeff Ooi "not only tarnished the image of the country but was also seditious and cause racial tension" is stretching it. Unless you didn't watch it or didn't understand what was said.

I mean, just take what Nazri said on Al-Jazeera about the Press being "free to write anything". Do you lodge a police report over this misinformation? The newspapers did not report the whole truth about the 10-Eleven march; maybe we should ask the police to investigate the editors? We all winced at Zam's performance on Al-Jazeera but do we lodge a police report against the Information Minister for tarnishing the image of the country or causing us untold psychological stress?


  1. Anonymous6:35 pm

    "The reports were lodged by the Malaysian Islamic Consumers Association, Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress and Pertubuhan Seni Silat Ikatan Kalam Malaysia against a statement issued by Ooi to an Al Jazeera reporter."

    They left out the Association of Nasi Kandar Restuarants, the Association of Masak-Masak Malaysia, the Association of Kavadi Carriers, the Association of Botoi-men, the Association of Teh-Tarek Pullers, Kelab Seni Roti Canai, who were all also offended.

  2. How more stupid can UMNO get. The world will laugh at such nincompoops who lodge report over a TV interview.

  3. By the way do the three fools understand English? Or their standard is similar to the Misinformation Minister?

  4. Anonymous7:29 pm

    well, the phrase of 'tarnishing image or promoting racial blah blah' these days, are very subjective.

    depends on who got the gun, is it?

    gone were the days where the accountability, respect, and that melayu-ism spirit that once was the launch-pad of Melaka historious period few centuries ago.

    i've got to poke into zam's tirade and bloddy idiocy on al jazeera on that sunday. i can't help myself.

    what da load of rubbish.

  5. Anonymous8:10 pm

    I'll bet the authorities will quickly call Jeff in for questioning. They are super-efficient when it comes to the opposition.

    What do they have to say about sitting for years on the report against V. K. Lingam by his own brother?

  6. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Well, Jeff Ooi has been making a lot of enemies lately when he becomes the talk of the cyberspace. From just Kali and the NST gangs his enemies become bigger to include Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia and host of other corporate Malaysia. So it is not a surprised these people are waiting for him to make a mistake.
    An advice to you Rocky.. make more friends instead of enemies.

  7. Anonymous9:38 pm

    To me Jeff Ooi gave his frank opinion when asked by the ALjazeera reporter, and it's just an opinion anyway. Aljazeera viewers number in tens of millions and I doubt the majority of them would adjudge Malaysia simply by listening to only one opinion.

  8. Anonymous9:43 pm

    really this guys are all stupid and chasing after cheap publicity. I hope the police don't waste time on this.

  9. I will walk with you and Jeff Ooi...

  10. Anonymous10:35 pm

    I thought everyone is entitled to his opinion. Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia also has made a complaint against NSTP over the Prophet Muhammad cartoon controversy. Since when they become Umno stooges when they go against you all?

  11. rs. Really? What mistake did Jeff make? Since when has speaking the truth become a mistake? Jeff is growing from strength to strength - there is a vast difference from the first time I saw the cautious Jeff on tv and the focussed Jeff now.

    Jeff should be made the Minister of Information - if the opposition ever (which I great doubt) wins the GE. Compared to Zam who's full of noise and fury and confusion, Jeff is ARTICULATE and cool and clear-headed.

    Jeff is known and anything happening to him will create international news. The same goes for Rocky.

    I think we would have better governance with the opposition in power but it's up to the people. If you vote for BN, you will be asking for MORE of the same shit you are having now. I know most will do that and all I can say is you truly deserve what you will be getting.

  12. Anonymous1:11 am

    RPK wrote,

    "....When the first volley was fired on the assembled marchers around the Masjid Jamek-Masjid India area, word was passed down the line that the 19th Brigade of the Royal Malay Regiment or Regimen Askar Melayu Di-Raja (RAMD) was on stand-bye, to move in if there are any fatal casualties. Fourteen armoured cars (kereta perisai) had earlier arrived from Sungai Petani and were parked at the Sungai Buloh military camp, ready to roll at a minute’s notice. It would take them ten or fifteen minutes to arrive at the scene of any violence against the rakyat....."

    Sorry RPK, I'm very doubtful on this story. Unless you can provide proof. I mean a real proof! This is ala Thailand?

    BTW, going to the Agong to hand in some piece of paper is just a show for publicity sake. Agong has no real power behind him. He is like a Puppet. He is a ceremonial symbol of unity that is not supposed to take sides.

    The real power is in this coming election lah!

  13. I wish the Islamic Consumers' Association were as serious in doing their job to ensure the muslims' rights to eat halalan toyyiban were well taken care of as well as they take care of the DUMNOH masters asses..Oh lupa...the chief of the World Halal Forum is no other that IF he cares what goes in and out...what a person to head a body entrusted with getting only clean stuff into our guts...go do your real jobs la Islamic Consumers' Association..I'm sick of having swine byproducts in every form "creatable" stuck down my throat...go check the status of the chickens, that's a real hot issue right now affecting all Muslim consumers...i can't eat Jeff Ooi...don't think I want to...

  14. Yeah RPK, How so very romantic a notion...

    "....When the first volley was fired on the assembled marchers around the Masjid Jamek-Masjid India area, word was passed down the line that the 19th Brigade of the Royal Malay Regiment or Regimen Askar Melayu Di-Raja (RAMD) was on stand-bye, to move in if there are any fatal casualties. Fourteen armoured cars (kereta perisai) had earlier arrived from Sungai Petani and were parked at the Sungai Buloh military camp, ready to roll at a minute’s notice. It would take them ten or fifteen minutes to arrive at the scene of any violence against the rakyat....."

    Crap i say.

  15. Anonymous3:44 am

    Rocky and all,

    I agree with you, Anon 1.11am. To question the professionalism of the RAMD is bad. RAMD is the oldest regiment in the country. It has been around since pre-war and was one of the last unit who were still actively fighting on 14 Feb 1942, at Bkt. Chandu, they day before Lt. Gen. A. E. Percival surrender the entire Commonwealth forces to Lt. Gen . Yamashita and the Japanese XXV Corp.

    Defending the 1O-Eleven march is a cause, noble to some and worth standing up for BUT to 'prostitute' the integrity of a professional army like RAMD, is really low. There is a limit where politics should be and this is way over the limit.

    Yes, I remembered the case against NST about the caricature, early last year.

    So now that the Indian Muslim are 'ganging up' against Jeff Ooi, are we boycotting the Mamak eateries or what?

  16. Anonymous4:14 am

    Jeff Ooi ""not only tarnished the image of the country."

    wow, Zam caused more damage to the country.....

    imagine, a minister from Malaysia, that speaks like the common village idiot.


    in their right mind would want to visit Malaysia? again?

  17. Anonymous8:00 am

    AS a matter of interest---Aljazeera channel 513 is now a paying channel guys !

    Hmmmm...wonder why ! I guess Astro is "FREE" to 'regulate' themselves.

    ''or ,could it be the hands of god ?

  18. Anonymous9:42 am

    Oh puhlease lah you all,

    Helloooo... Is Jeff the mighty untouchable? Everything he did is for the so-called noble Malaysia. La.. la.. la.. la.. So we can't touch him, because everthing he writes is the gospel of truth.
    Oh anyone who goes again him is dumbwit umno.
    I remember there are some people who tegur him about his mistake - even if he did make the mistake (like his so-called analysis of why KLSE tumble).
    You know what, there have to be check and balance in cyberspace too.
    Ok I rest my case.

  19. Anonymous10:53 am

    Desperado nutcases reign in this country. Who da f*** are these people? Mamaks hav nothing better to do ah?

    All this has left a sour aftertaste in my mouth, not unlike the taste of the recycled dhall at the mamak stalls.

    Hahah. I'm sure of all the threats and reports against Jeff all these while...this one must have stuck him dumb...

    The sheer inanity of it.

    On this rationale, can I lodge a report on Zam for tarnishing the image of Malaysia by appearing on Al Jazeera as a minister and spewing embarrassing drivel?

  20. Anonymous10:55 am

    Sycophants’ systemic campaign to protect abuses

    Contrary to the rants of posters, these Indian Muslim associations knew exactly what they were doing. They understood the cause and effect, and consequence of BERSIH’s praiseworthy movement, and it concludes to being “very bad” for Umnoputra. So, don't be fooled. These people are not idiots. On the contrary, they are simply cynical sycophants doing their masters' bidding at the push of a button. And this is all the more dangerous.

    The police reports against Jeff Ooi, or Raja Petra Kamarudin, or the New Straits Times Press lawsuits against Ahirudin Attan and Jeff, are part of this systemic and very organised campaign to silence critics because the pro-Umnoputra mob have simply no answer to the compelling inquiries against the rotten way our democracy has been manhandled or how our justice system has been bought and sold, or how our police force is just a little better than the thugs they ostensibly try to arrest.

    That is why they implemented the “deflection” counter attack: pile on the frivolous police reports or lawsuits to take people’s mind away from the core issues of stuffed ballots, judges for sale and police thuggery.

    So, to the BERSIH people, and to conscientious bloggers everywhere, keep on plugging because you have hit the right raw nerve. However, no matter how careful you are of your movements and your exposes, Umnoputra under the amateurish clutches of Khairy Jamaluddin, the son-in-law of the woeful Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and the media under its malevolent mogul Kalimullah Hassan, will find a way, no matter how outrageous or ridiculous, to get to all critics. After all, they have been pushed into a bunker and the only way to get out alive is to rush out firing on all cylinders. It doesn’t matter if the bullets hit the target or innocent bystanders.

    Now that the reason for the counter attack has been outlined, bloggers and other commentators must avoid being sucked into the Umnoputra game plan and focus squarely on the core issues. Be mindful of these:
    * Don’t label the Umnoputra mob stupid or idiots because they are not. In fact, they are extremely clever, well-organised and highly dedicated;
    * Don’t condescend them with name calling of the ethnic variety because that’s exactly what they want you stoop to so as to give their counter attack a “sympathetic” facade;
    * Don’t fly off the handle in case Zainuddin Maidin makes another seemingly farcically, mentally-retarded statement because the reaction is exactly what this wily Minister wants, so as to get the real issues off the radar.

    In a nutshell, don’t ever underestimate them. Instead, whack them for what they really are: cynical bullies/abusers of the system who can’t shrug their crass greed, opulent excess, craze for power and moral failings. The more Umnoputra abuses the system – siphon all funding meant for public utilities, give out senseless contracts or grab them all, silencing well-meaning critics, harass and embarrass pro-democratic reform movements – the more they will pretend (the operative word here is PRETEND) to act foolish, idiotic or stupid, take your preferred noun.

    Remember: these sycophants also act and move in a mob, just like BERSIH and the bloggers, but they are more purposeful, have all the initiative, the advantage and the edge, and they are not shy in enforcing a “scorched earth” policy if it means getting their way and pummelling their critics.

    For us, all we have to do is continue in our courageous ways, look after each other’s backs, tackle and oppose these abusive cynics with more tact and intelligence, and still retain our passion, dignity, decorum and, above all, our sense of humour.

  21. RS, yada yada yada...of course whatever jeff ooi and rocky say isn't the gospel truth, same as whatever the mainstream media/powers that be say...the problem is authorities and powers that be are more quick to act against any opposition rather than important issues affecting the rakyat... and suppress any attempts to reveal the true extent of corruption and rot and detachment within the whole system...that's the main issue here la...

    ... and as the mudslinging continues...the rot everywhere deepens and before our very eyes, even buildings everywhere start collapsing as a physical indicator and stark reminder of the unabated corrupt practices deeply engrained and entrenched within the system... btw when the hell are they getting rid of Samy Mr Bad Toupee...tak malu langsung ka dia...berapa banyak construction fiascos under him...any decent Japanese Minister would have committed hara kiri out of shame long ago..but this moldy vadai keeps hanging on...

  22. Anonymous11:38 am

    sikenit and all...

    these indian muslims or 'mamak' are monority...

    as nazri says minority views & protest are NOT important.

  23. Anonymous11:56 am

    hope these mamak & umno boys are ready when these bloggers decide to counter...

    just look at the guy with 2m

    gotcha kau... kau...

  24. Anonymous12:04 pm

    hoi mamak... why jeff & why not al jazeera also?

    not up to it... izzit?

    worry al jazeera give you mamak boys another zam-ed ke?

  25. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Must be Mamak Zams pals.
    As they always say:
    "Birds of a feather stick together"

    With each passing day, due to inane stupidity like that shown by the Malaysian Islamic Consumers Association, Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress and Pertubuhan Seni Silat Ikatan Kalam Malaysia, Malaysia is ridiculed and becomes a greater source of amusement in the eyes of the world.
    Soon there will be no image left to tarnish.

  26. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Can the National Alliance of Bloggers or yet-to-be-formed National Alliance of Blogreaders do a Police report against the three mamak organisation, instead?

    What for...?

    Well, we are minority too. We'll think of something just for the sake of making a Police report and give the Police more papers to seave through.

    Wonderful isn't it, the world of bureaucracy?

  27. What has Jeff Ooi done to deserve a police report.The only people that paint a bad picture of this country are the leaders and those in power, by their immoral and rotten behaviour.Jeff Ooi is not part of the rot.

    The police report should be against those that abuse their powers.

    Well, there is nothing much you can do with faulty brains.

  28. ye gods! they're trying every which way, aren't they?

    The newspapers did not report the whole truth about the 10-Eleven march

    and worse still they are charging the public to read it!

  29. Anonymous12:22 pm

    what about the association of ball carriers?
    i think it may be better for general public to lodge a report against ZAM for bringing disrepute to the country with his atrocious response to Al-Jazeera. Any takers? guess a waste of effort anyway coz the report will only be gathering dust in the police station.