Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Angkasawan 2 assaulted

Malaysia's second Cosmonaut is in hospital for a hand injury suffered in defence against two men who tried to rob him
The incident happend this afternoon in front of his home.
Our man has been admitted at Gleneagles. He is OK.


  1. is the padwan hurt? will he be able to handle the light saber?

    where was obi wan kenobi?

  2. Anonymous9:39 pm

    That's show how rampant crime is!!. I hope he is ok.

  3. Anonymous9:50 pm

    The first astronaut's brother got killed. The second astronaut got injured. You smell anything strange ?

  4. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    Another telling proof that our Crime Index is soaring, and it is international news if the media pick up.

    Where or what are the authorities doing?
    Crimes are up, traffic enforcement almost nil even in front of police stations, illegal immigrants are everywhere!

    And yet they are so busy turning on the harmless Bersih people.


  5. Anonymous10:00 pm

    I heard because he is no.2 and that we the tax payers have to again bend over and kena from behind to send him up donno where to...that's why he kena rob. Why not? police also no use what.

    Anyway, no.1 has return...has done his 'research'...soooo what now? any good return yet? what you mean wan to buy that used up trash aside tin can also. not i say only, can blardy pass some $$ back to our economy ar?

  6. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Hi Rocky , crime rate in the country has shot through the roof.

    This is one of the telling tales that our economy is on the doldrum and people are hard-pressed to earn a living.

  7. Rocky, it's a pity after 50 yrs, we are not even safe in front of our gate!

    In the early day’s robbers came when we were not at home but today they preferred to come when we are around. Really hope the police and home minister will wake up before it became a loss control situation.

    I am still waiting for the POLICE to capture the MONSTER that killed Nurin.

  8. Precisely what I think, something fishy when an astronaut's brother was reported to have died when he hit his head against a pillar when he slipped and fell, and now our second astronaut got "robbed", I do not believe in a coincidence. Now the first astronaut must be very careful about himself! Better safe than sorry, may be police protection is needed, this comment is not meant to sow fear or paranoia, just may be that there is more to it than meets the eyes!

  9. Anonymous11:02 pm

    dont be surprise with the soaring crime rates. damn, the IGP and his people is more interested to initiate investigation so as to free a taiko with a chequered history from restricted residence. and in the process, how many police is being charged for fabricating evidence against this taiko?
    if the fabrication story is true and since the perpetrators are no minnons, how can you trust the police statement in future. either way, there is big problem in bukit aman.

  10. Anonymous11:47 pm

    No. 2 is just one of the hundreds who were hurt through petty crimes. Of course, none of the other cases deserve mentioning as they were not special enough , therefore goes unmentioned.

    Thank you IGP and ABB for the current state of the nation.

  11. Anonymous12:18 am

    Now there's 3 threats to Malaysian Angkasawan.

    1. During rocket launch.
    2. During re-entry.
    3. In front of his home.

    Gosh... our Angka Sawan surely need extra training!

  12. Anonymous1:32 am

    in star wars skywalker's hand was 'injured' as he was fighting evil. the astrocargo's hand was injured fighting crime. the main difference was that skywalker's allies were fighting for peace and safety whereas astrocargo's allies are busy diverting funds to send cargo in space rather than improving safety.

  13. last heard Obi wan screaming at him: " You were the chosen one,......!"

    Mmmmmmm, the dark force, I sense,.... Master Yoda.

  14. Anonymous10:35 am

    The Police should stop spying and blocking opposition members and legal NGO's and go after the crooks instead!!

    Maybe if AAB or SIL and family get robbed only the police will take action...!!

  15. Anonymous11:32 am

    Kesian kat dia.

    Tapi, why mak dia or his friend or he himself tak telepon polis masa kejadian? Polis ambik statement pun masa pukul 6 petang.

    Ishh.. kalau bakal angkasawan pun (bakal : sebab belum gi angkasa lagi) tak selamat dok depan rumah, rakyat marhain yg lain camana pulak ek?

  16.'re saying something afoot? Againts the angkasawans?


  17. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Aiyoo.. why so many sarcarstic remarks on this guy..pity him lah.. This is just a crime issue..

    The fact is crime is blind in choosing its victims, it just happened to be him today, maybe you and me next tomorrow.. Don't be just too comfortable talking about it like it won't happen to you also!

    One think for sure, just leave off the devine matter aside when commenting other people on some misfortune or unlucky things . God may return the same to you also for laughing at other people misery!

    It is not something a mortal in position to say or decide about ..please,don't act God or think you know so much what God is a mortal we too are no perfect! Don't tell me you bloggers out there are a saint!

    But never fail to curse the Police for their failure to protect us the citizen of Malaysia..
    they only good as a filthy dog serving their master and getting their pot belly scummed with millions of RM filthy money..

    Most of them I think . Only a fraction probably worth to be salute for serving us with honour.

  18. Anonymous11:51 am

    They have to highlight the case because in Malaysia now, crime is soaring to "Astronaut-mical" heights and those two are the perfect model to spread the message, in spirit and substance.