Wednesday, November 21, 2007

If we lose, you know why ...

Malu. Did we really resort to an anonymous one-month old blog to fight the Pulau Batu Putih case at the Hague? I've read and re-read Jeff Ooi's entry Malaysia uses plagiarist's blog to claim Pedra Blanca at ICJ? on this national embarrassment.

I feel so malu I want to die, to borrow young journalist Meesh's angry posting Let's Play Shoot the Blogger, Shall we ..? in her blog.

Other than us using the plagiarist-anonymous blogger, 2 things on my mind with regards to this issue:

1) Why is our Deputy Prime Minister here when his counterpart from Singapore is in The Hague fighting his nation's case?
2) Why is the New Straits Times quiet on this issue? The (Singapore) Straits Times has been attacking us and belittling our reps in The Hague while NST is busy with trying to discredit the yellow marchers. With its experience dealing with the issue of plagiarism, I thought the newspaper would do some real national service here.

Ok, ok ... I've got a third thing on my mind.
3) Why is A-G Gani Patail's son in The Hague? Is he on the official Malaysian team?


  1. Bro,

    WTF. Tot the GoMen said bloggers are liars. Huh.. Pi lah.


  2. Can any country stoop any lower?

  3. Anonymous10:57 pm

    am told mr sleepy head was asked for his views on this matter by journalists. what was the response?
    eh.."i dont know much. I have to be briefed by my people"..shit the case is already in proceedings in hague and he doesnt know. this is soverignity matter and is damn serious. i sincerely hope what i heard is a pack of lies! can someone enlighten me. hey, this Pm is not my favourite but can he be so thick up there or is there a conspiracy to finish his career early with all these rumour mongerings?

  4. Oh maaaaaaan... I'm studying in Singapore now. We're on study leave for exam season, so I haven't bumped into any Singaporean friends yet. But I won't know where to hide my face in shame when I do. I won't hear the end of this for awhile.

    Shame! Shame! Shame on the government! If they can lodge police reports against Jeff Ooi and RPK for supposedly giving the country a bad name, we should lodge reports on ZAM, and the team at the Hague for completely humiliating Malaysia like this.

  5. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Ghani's son according to Jeff is a junior Federal Counsel, the question is why bring a junior to something big like that? Maybe cos he's IT savy kut...

  6. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Why we will end up losing.

    Our No.2 wants to play tennis.He has asked Azalina to lay a synthetic court in PBPutih.

    Patail JR is doing his chambering in the Hague after pasing his CLP on his first attempt.

    Brendon managed to pull the peninsula closer to the island with his mighty sketch pen.

    No worries Bro, the CIQ being built in JB is now stacked with our honorable kris by the thousands.Kerismuddin will lead a batallion to regain PBPutih.

    Are you still there Syeeed Haha,haha,meeeeeeeeed ?

    Rastaman (JB)

  7. Singapore's arguments:

  8. bru,
    try this for answers;
    Q1) The hague is pretty close to Paris, can't risk No2 being spotted for fear of being recognised in the sidewalk cafe
    Q2) cannot publish anything, for fear of being called a copycat....not that we weren't
    Q3) daddy cannot sleep, and think straight wihtout daddy's boy!

  9. Saw this posting on another blog

    anyway to flush this guy out in the open.

    600K Peanut said...
    I am sure your are from M'sia, u have visited my blog this noon at 1251hrs ( 21st Nov 07, Spore/M'sia time ) from (

  10. Anonymous12:49 am

    Can't get rid of this nagging feeling that 'they' actually wanted to lose.
    Given the 'improved' relationship we have with Singapore lately, what's a rock or two among friends?

  11. Anonymous1:39 am

    rocky, i found this one while using google earth...

    it is kind of a forum...

    if you click on views in google maps, there's 190 downloads before me, the picture it gives us is almost the same [if not the same one] pictures in the issue discussed.

    from the properties, it said, they were modified on may 16, 2 on july 24 this year.

  12. Anonymous6:46 am

    Now, who is tarnishing the image of the country.

    Can we lodge a police report against our "legal team" for giving us a bad name?

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

  13. Anonymous8:46 am

    Real big joke.

    How can such an important case be handed by junior staff?

    Looks at the pathetic preparation done, 'copy' photos from the internet instead of going there personally to take the picture?

    Is that a reflection of the mentality of most government staff or the standard of education in Malaysia?????

  14. The learned lawyers
    AG and his gang
    In The Hague
    Monkey the loose ends

    Remembered Anwar’s case?
    AG got free though he wouldn’t have
    Now in The Hague
    He makes the same mistake

    What a shame!
    The sleeping beauty sleeps
    Again in his juicy dreams
    And we are losing our country’s dignity
    In ICJ

    Copying cat what are they thinking?
    I always believe The Lord moves magically
    In everything we do and say

    He may take years to come by
    But justice and fairness will surely arrive
    Now look at our current leaders
    And the goons running around

    Isn’t it The Lord has made it?
    Now AG better resign
    He has made us a laughing stock
    In ICJ

    And our prime minister and his deputy
    Never take it seriously
    What a shame indeed!
    When country’s dignity is at stake

  15. Anonymous10:08 am

    Lets face facts. Spore sends its best. Tommy Koh and the DPM are law profs from the NUS. G. Patail is no match for them. Even their AG beats him flat in the brains dept. Spore is not known as a kiasu nation for nothing. I thought our bodoh govt would have realised that by now and prepared better for the ICJ hearing. This is not to say we will surely lose the stony outcrop in the sea, but if we win, it's by the grace of God. Why do we keep showing ourselves up as fools to an international audience and then complain we get no respect!

  16. posted this on Nuraina's blog:
    First it was Zam, now Syed Hamid and son, I said it doesnt get any better and now am convinced it will never get better. Ministers shaming our beloved country and within such short time frame.

    Shamefully,after reading Jeff Ooi's website, I have no choice but to agree with Singapore. We Malaysia, can send someone to space, but cannot afford to take a picture ourselves? Going to court with an picture yang "dicuri" from someone, claiming it came from an anoynymous blog? I can only guess it came from the suggestion of a young "ciku" Abdul Gani Patail as this is what you get when you get young punk to represent the country. I am assuming that our Syed Hamid Albar is not so IT savvy, considering PM hates blogger so his downline cannot be blog crazy.

    What is the punishment for defaming, degrading, disgracing, embarassing, humiliating and dishonoring my country? Sadly, after shaming us, it will be forgotten and it's back to work as usual for them, just like Zam zam ala ka zam.

  17. Anonymous11:29 am

    looks like those cinakui downsouth kena these village bumpkins kau kau...

  18. Rocky don't be a moron!

    Our DPM is in Malaysian and not in the Hague to articulate in defense of our territorial integrity at the World Court is because he was not ask to do so by our PM.
    S'pore's DPM Jayakumar is in the Hague to articulate on his country's behalf for Pedra Blanca is because LKY wants him to head the team, I am pretty sure.
    But it is quite disconcerting to know that I know all of the Malaysians in our team presenting our case in The Hague and articulate they are not, and if their life depended on them to enunciate an important word in English to win a case we will lose everything.
    So Rocky do not try to cast aspersion on our DPM, whom I am sure will win the case for Malaysia if he he was asked to do so.
    But after saying that I am not saying our team is a total moron they can win the case, in spite of junior lawyer being part of the team to fight for Malaysia's territorial integrity!
    Rocky, just because S'pore is doing that does not mean that we have to do it also!So do not be a Moron!

  19. Anonymous12:42 pm

    set up by the singaporean and they fell for it???

  20. Looks like a strategy to get the ICJ to rule that blog content cannot be relied on as evidence?? And blame bloggers for losing the case for our country??


  21. Anonymous1:19 pm

    The Spore DPM, Jayakumar, is also the Republic's Law Minister.

    One might well ask why Msia's "de facto" Law Minister (a certain Nazri) is not part of the Msian team at the ICJ hearings.

    Surely Nazri is sufficiently fluent in English, and knowledgeable in international law, to argue the case for Msia in front of the ICJ?

    Or isn't he (fluent in English, I mean?)?

    What I am really surprised about is that the foreign lawyers on Msia's team (including an eminent QC, I think) did not check and re-check all the facts and arguments from the Msian side. I can't understand how the foreign lawyers let this blog thing slip through!

  22. Anonymous2:03 pm

    "Why is A-G Gani Patail's son in The Hague? Is he on the official Malaysian team?"

    This young 20 something needs something in his CV. Looks good you know for his career to say he appeared before the ICJ. Courtesy of daddy's influence of course. But will it amount to corruption if your daddy wants to take good care of you? A similar case comes to mind back in 1988 regarding a very senior judge who was later found guilty and dismissed. Hmmmm.

    Pak Lah doesn't know? He's in Singapore for the ASEAN Summit. Surely he has access to Singapore's newspapers, Channel News Asia, etc etc? And he doesn't know? Did he lock himself in the cupboard or was he asleep?

    Was he not embarrassed (to put it mildly) that his country, Bolehland, tried to deceive, of all tribunals, the International Court of Justice? Is this how a country behave? Is this our moral standard and common practice? Is this the much touted "Cemerlang, Terbilang and Gembilang" or should it be Sudah Hilang? Is this some new Hadhari principle?

    Gawd, I am ashamed. The country has been put to shame for having senior government officials with such low morals and using dirty tactics including plagiarism and cut and paste. Compared to Tian Chua's effort, this is the mother of all cut-and paste, forgery and deception of the highest order!!

    A COUNTRY is commiting these shameless acts.

    The entire Malaysian delegation should be sacked and a Royal Commission should be set up to determine who is to be held to account for bringing dishonour, disgrace to the country!!!!

    Use Hishamuddin's keris to do the honourable thing.

  23. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Tampering with evidence. Isn't it what is common practice in Bolehland even at very high levels?

    We have numerous reports in the media recently about how police investigators (among others, including lawyers) fabricate or tamper with evidence in several cases. Is this how justice and the judicial system is being administered and meted out in this country?

  24. Anonymous2:53 pm

    the team that represented us, some of them are not EVEN MALAYSIANS!
    anyway i am in singapore and i can tell you one thing,
    bye bye pulau batu puteh, hello pedra branca.
    that blog picture, which was called wolf by Singapore will be the final nail on Malaysia's case.
    pathetic. as pathetic as englands game against croatia this morning.
    bunch of jokers. a bloody disgrace

  25. Rocky, do you have to ask questions for answers, I'm sure you're already well aware of?

    1) The DPM's counterpart is in the Hague as Foreign Minister of Singapore having Syed Hamid as his equal there.
    2) I'm sure you know how the NST works. When you were there, there may not have been 4th floor boys, but orders were sent down to the editors just the same. So let's not act like there's anything different during your stint at the NST.
    3)If Gani Patail's son was a bucket boy for Manchester United, you'd probably say he made the first eleven and was individually responsible for an own goal.

  26. Anonymous3:00 pm

    The arse-luck Prime Minister:

    Nov 22, 2007
    M'sian PM's car stalls with flat tyre on way to airport
    THE Malaysian prime minister's car stalled on the highway with a flat tyre while on way to the airport after an annual Asian summit, forcing him to get into a security escort car to continue his journey, an official said.
    The incident happened on Wednesday, just a few kilometres before the international airport in Singapore from where Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi caught a flight back home, the official said on Thursday.

    The BMW sedan carrying Mr Abdullah and his wife, Jeanne, was forced to pull up on the side of the highway because of the flat tyre.

    There was no backup limousine and Mr Abdullah and his wife had to get into a bodyguards' car, said the official, speaking on customary condition of anonymity.

    The prime minister reached the airport and there was no delay in his flight, he said, though the Malaysian foreign ministry was slightly peeved.

    The embarrassing incident came on the heels of another mix-up during the Association of South-east Asian Nations' summit: A private discussion between Asean leaders on the current crisis in Myanmar was broadcast inadvertently on closed-circuit television to the media on Monday night.

    A microphone near the table where the Asean leaders were sitting was left on by the host broadcaster, and journalists in the nearby media centre clearly heard the animated discussions, mostly between Mr Abdullah and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. -- AP

  27. Anonymous3:26 pm

    and our Chief Justice used to be from Ipoh.

    Lol prob left because of malaysia's affirmative policy.

    malaysia's brightest = foreign talent for singapore

  28. Anonymous3:27 pm

    The Star's report:

    Singapore red-faced as PM's car tyre punctures


    SINGAPORE: Singapore officials were caught red-faced again Wednesday after the official car Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was travelling in punctured on the way to the airport.

    The tyre puncture occurred just a few kilometres away from the Changi Airport as Abdullah was departing home after attending the Asean summit and the East Asian summit here since Monday.

    According to officials when the BMW 7 series car had to stop along the highway, Abdulah and his wife, Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, had to hop into a security car since there was no other official car available.

    The embarrassing incident happened on the heels of a boo-boo by the host broadcaster Monday night when the closed door informal dinner was shown live and the media had a peek at what was discussed by the leaders on the hot issue of the day - Myanmar.


  29. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Singapore's deputy prime minister is also the Minister for Law. Malaysia's deputy prime minister is not as well-versed in matters of the law, so probably he has nothing much to contribute by being at the Hague. Yet.he could have beem there to give his team moral support.

  30. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Those representing Malaysia must be imbecile, if the image cited was plucked from the web, unverified and of uncertain authenticity, and what more in a legal tussle to defend the sovereignty of the country.

    However that does not mean that the image was not genuine. For the matter, the image could be genuine and it could be the Singaporean who had doctorate their image.

    But of course, the issue in question is the stupidity of using an image that was plucked from the website as geological proof in an international hearing, where at stake is the soverignty of our country.

    Can someone share with on how to locate Batu Putih on google earth (
    ?Number=810884&t=k&om=1?)...dont have an atlas with me.

  31. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Anon at 12:42 PM above

    the website was set up by someone living in Puchong, Selangor.

    Go to the site below and key in the IP Address:

  32. OMG, brudder! Are they adding more candidates for listing at BursaA MalaysiaA's nu'e category shares under Laughing Stocks?
    PS: I borrowed your 2 paras and I assme as a Blogger bddy, you won't shoo me, 'rite? Placate U2 with One goblet of tehtarik, to thee and Jeff buddy!:):)

  33. We're fighting a case in the International Court of Justice and this is the best that our "best" lawyers can do?! How much are we paying these guys?

    The photo doesn't look doctored by PhotoShop. There are photography techniques that can be used to achieve the effect of two objects being closer than it is. As they say... a picture tells a thousand words, but what's the word behind the picture?

    But the blog in question definitely has been fabricated by our own kaki, so our lawyers can cite it as evidence a few days later (but c'mon, cite a random Blogspot site??!!!). Some Kiasuland dude even found out the IP address of the dude... and its in Puchong, Selangor! I don't think Selangor's in Germany, no?

    If this reaches Reuters, we're gonna be made a laughing stock. Since it happened in the ICJ, right in The Hague... it'll be only a matter of time.

  34. Anonymous9:37 am

    Dear Leuchttuerm3,

    I will assume that you are truthful when you said you have been interested in lighthouses since you were a little boy, and not lying through your fangs.

    That means you should know quite a bit about lighthouses, ya? Sprechen Sie Englisch?

    So, what would be the first thing you, as a lighthouse enthusiast, should do? That's right - go to a site called World Lighthouse Society. Click on the link below.

    And you would find on this site has several photos of lighthouses, with their countries of origin. One of which is Horsburgh lighthouse and in brackets, it says "Singapore".

    Now, isn't this a better picture of Pedra Branca than the ones you posted? The quality is better.

    Why did you not choose this photo? Or link this site to your blog? Is is because it says Horsburgh lighthouse belongs to Singapore? BTW, if you go to Google Earth or any international maps, you will find the reference to this little island as Pedra Branca and not Pulau Batu Puteh.

    You sure you sprechen Sie Deutsches? Methinks you sprechen Sie Malaiianer.

    Come on, fes up.

  35. Anonymous1:56 pm

    A lighthouse on a rock now. 150 years from now it'll be WPI or whatever the 'olde' name in spanish/dutch ala Pedra Branca aka Batu Putih.
    Was it Menachim Begin who swore that a peeble a day doesn't matter, but eventually all of Palestine will become part of Greater Israel.Maybe I'm wrong, but in principle it's what Menahem Kuan Yew is seems to be practicing, to a good effect.

  36. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Give me a few tons of C4 and a remote detonator so I could do Malaysia a great deal of favour ending this screwed up mess by blowing that piece of sh!t rock off the nautica to sky high! A patriot missile launcher and conventional warhead might come handy too! That's how to show my patriotism!

    Call it Batu Putih or Pedra Branca once its no more then no more fight..ziltch..

    Hopeless clowns! Deep sh!t...Now I'm being kiasu like Singapore.. Its our soverignity you f@&king moron!

    You loose that, then you better have some token of that C4 and blow yourselves off this motherland, if you have the so called 'maruah' you Patailingus!

  37. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Hahaha, someone was suggesting that the cut and paste from the internet was a trap set by Singapore and they fell for it.

    Now it turns out that the IP address of the blogspot has been traced to Puchong, Selangor. So Malaysia, in fact, fell into a trap they set themselves.

    Hahaha, Malaysians are by and large really imaginative and creative I must admit. At the slightest opportunity they will cook up stories to blame kiasuland. Careful, you may end up cooking yourself as in this case.

  38. Anonymous6:30 pm

    I refer to "Why is our Deputy Prime Minister here when his counterpart from Singapore is in The Hague fighting his nation's case?"

    Singapore has more than 1 DPM. =)

  39. Anonymous8:45 pm

    I don't know about you Rocky but I'm not waiting for UMNO to give away our land to the Chinese as we did with Singapore.

    Ini tanah Melayu and no one except the Melayus can give it away. Kita dah bagi kat Cina, Singapura, cukup le tu.

    Singapore is a migrant nation that built itself on land given to them by the Malays. And if we Malays say Pulau Batu Putih was not part of the deal, then end of story. And that should be the underlying principle.

    If the European decides otherwise, then it would be another May 13. This time in Singapore!

  40. Anonymous12:06 am

    "Why is our Deputy Prime Minister here when his counterpart from Singapore is in The Hague fighting his nation's case?"

    Answer : Our DPM had to attend another court at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam last night. More important than The Hague

  41. Anonymous10:51 am

    UMNO gave away land to the Chinese in Singapore. Who gave land to UMNO? The British of course. If the British had not given independence to Malaysia would there be land to be given away.

  42. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Just thinking - what will happen if the ICJ decides in Malaysia's favour?

    Will all those naysayers then say that the ICJ judges are stupid etc?

  43. Anonymous9:27 am

    History and geography should favor Malaysia. It is clear that we own the island, but if we loose, we have to seriously question the credibility of those representing us.

    The anger vented by most here is mainly on the stupidity of using a web image as a material of evidence, hence I wouldn't labelled them as naysayer

  44. Anonymous11:47 am

    Sorry to digress. To anonymous at 10.51 am

    Your purblind statement “…..UMNO gave away land to the Chinese in Singapore. Who gave land to UMNO? The British of course……." is an indication of how you have refused to accept the history as it is. Truth is sometime hard to swallow, but it normally leads to a constructive solution to most problems.

    I am a Malay and my ancestors had resided in this land even prior the term "Malaya" or "The Federation of Malay States" was ever coined. My ancestors had resided in this land long before the British had step foot here. Hence your suggestion that the British gave land to the Malay is very obtuse and foolish. I beg your integrity to accept the fact that the British colonized the land that had been governed by the Malays for centuries. Please do not rely on limited sources to learn history. Read other history book apart from LKY version of the history or those published by Chinese fundamentalist.

    The Malay civilization is already in existence long before the British arrived, where the different Malay states had not merged to what is known today as Malaysia. Each state was ruled by the Malay 'Sultan' and a set of ‘Pembesar’, i.e.the ‘bendahara, panglima etc’. The different provinces in the state might be governed by smaller ‘raja’ who paid allegiance to the ‘Sultan’. For example, my great, great, great... grandfather was the "Bendahara" of Kampung Penambang (Kelantan). The population consisted of Malays.

    The Malays definitely did not live in trees when the British arrived, which I am inclined to believe that is how anonymous 10.51 am would preferred it to be. Do yourself some good by visiting the museum in the various states. Written law of the Kedah state, dated back to ~800 AD, is available for your perusal. See yourself the beautiful traditional Malay houses and ‘Istana’. The architecture represents a sophisticated and civilized culture. Agriculture and businesses are already part of the Malay civilization. Coins (Money) dated back to 738 AD could also be viewed.

    The Malay was the original people who civilize this country. During the 400 years of British colonial ruling, the Chinese migrants were given preferences over the Malay in the economic, education, governing and professional opportunities (to become lawyers, doctors, engineers etc), and the degree of oppression and unequal opportunity experienced by the Malay back then was worst that what the ‘Non Bumi’ experience today. The majority of the Malays (except affluent one or Royal) were kept in the rural area, admonished into the farming sectors, or at the most to become school teachers. The 400 years affirmative segregation, resulted in an unequal state of education among the different races, the Malays was worst off (remember, The British only left 50 years ago).

    Many younger Malays today have accepted the fact that every Malaysian citizen, irrespective of race, deserved the same birth right and to be treated equally as they are. I understand the unhappiness of the ‘Non Bumi’, but I don't believe it could be solved by distorting historical facts. It would be easier for the Malay to accept the concept of ‘equal opportunity for all’ if the other races themselves could stop these attempts to deny the Malay of their birth rights, stop segregating among yourselves and stop this delusional ideology of ‘stupid Malay’, ‘we are cleverer’, ‘Malaysia would become Africa if not because of the Chinese migrants’ and what hurt most is the exaggeration of the degree of this unequal opportunities.

  45. Anonymous9:56 pm

    lol another may the 13th? both the french navy and us pac fleet are in changi naval base right now my friend.

    and since singapore believes in Israel's right to exist, and that they are not obligated to return to pre-1967 borders, guess who Uncle Sam's going to come to the aid to?

    lol we might annex more than pedra branca in that scenario. you sure you want to take russian planes against our f-16s?

    given the way the chinese & indians are treated in johor, i'm sure some of them won't mind singapore citizenship :D

  46. Anonymous9:14 am

    lol if we were to go by history and geography, argentina would own the falkland islands, america would be returned to the native americans, and hawaii would be an independent nation.

    the ICJ tends to make decisions based on status quo, unless documentary evidence can prove that one party has state ownership of the island. so far all m'sia has done is insinulate tt yes we do have the evidence, but it's in s'pore's hands.

    and taking text out of context + doctored photos.

    you rlly need to get better lawyers malaysia. not those that uses wikipedia and blogs as fact checking and then submitting then to the ICJ.

  47. Anonymous9:18 am

    to anon 10:51

    i'm sure the malays have a very proud and rich history, civilisation etc and all that, but the ICJ really doesn't care lol. i'm sure they've heard that argument tons of times.

    i'm sure the swahili tribes or the nubians in africa have are very proud of their history as well.

  48. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Anon 11.47 am.

    The Red Indians were the original people of America. What is the status of the Red Indisna now that the whites have not given them back their rights?

    The Aborigines were the original people of Australia. What is the status of the Aborigines now that the whites have not given them back their rights?

    So, if the British had not given back the rights to the Malays, would they not be just like the
    Red Indians in America and the Aborigines in Australia?

    A colonised people loses all their bragging rights whatever history tells you. Witness what happens in Iraq. They have a longer history.

  49. Anonymous1:10 pm

    For a country that's seemingly anti-semite, and anti-zionist expansion, we certainly have no qualms about having a Jew represent our case at the ICJ. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  50. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Sarcasm when you feel it is right to do is typical of the arrogant who refused to accept and ackowledge facts. Try to be factual with your discussions , not selectively factual (accepting facts only when they sided with you, but rejecting or distorting facts when they are not favorable to you). What a bunch of hypocrite.

    What an obtuse comparison. There is tons of difference in between the aborigine of Australia, the red Indian of America, the aborigines of Africa and the Malays of Malaysia. The most striking different is that the Malays had already a government (in the form of 'kesultanan melayu')running the different states of 'Tanah Melayu' when the British arrived. Your comparison is a way of you saying that the Malays were just a bunch of tribes segregated in different place when the British arrived. Unfortunately that wasn't so, I am sorry that the truth hurt your pride, but sometimes it is better to swallow your pride.

    Saying that, I would strongly support that the Australian aborigines to be given more right, even though when the 'mat salleh' arrived they were composed of several 100 fragmented tribes without a proper system to be call a government. Same thing with the red Indian or African.

    To complement the foolish comparison statement, I like to add more: (1)the Indian in India were given their land by the British (2)the Chinese in China were given the land by the British (3)the Japanese were given their land by the American...I guess the only difference is that, the Brit/American did not bring in significant number of migrants to those countries.

    Let me reiterate, the focus of my story (above) is not to deny other races of their right to be treated equally.

    It is merely an attempt to state historical fact so that those who refused to accept history could come to term and accept the Malays status as it is, as much as the British in Britain, the Italian in Italy, the French in France, The Korean in Korea...

    I would be happy to support that all races to be given equal opportunity for education, scholarship, work etc. Please don't made it more difficult for us.

  51. Anonymous4:04 pm

    I think both countries equally screwed up much as well:

    Singapore team:-
    think they're easily gonna win coz they've send their most intellectual people to twist on the facts and Malaysia team seems are no match against them.. However, they get twisted by tongue in front of ICJ when claiming that Pedra Branca 'terra nulius' - no owner and after realized they've stucked in the shit they try to divert the case to the built light house by the British. The fact is that British India East Company wrote a letter to Sultan Johor on their intention to built the light house there.. "Hello, can i piss on your rock mate..?" its ain't easy to twist something called history & facts.. By doing that, the British has ackowledged the ownership of Pedra Branca belonging to Johor (LKY..your sperm head not even in the picture yet at that time!)..

    Malaysia Team:-
    They probably think they already had a very strong historical fact and no need to waste brain sending the briliant one when an idiot is more that enough to do the job.. lol! But when they turn up to be too much idiot by producing that garbage really irritates me and it may taper the ground of the case to the plaintif favour coz nobody like to deal with too much stupidity in sight.. f@%k those pesky oxymoron..! If we're gonna loose its because of these idiots for sure.. they've given a gun but they pull the trigger while checking the barrel hole thinking the bullet got stuck inside! Idiot!
    One thing for sure,the LKY's Singapore were not even born when the Pedra Branca exist..yet now they're claiming it as if they are the decendent of Stamford Raffles(fighting with swiss army knife?)..its not finders keeper game la .. I bet the ICJ also won't give the damn about this stupidity!

    let us wait for the final verdict from ICJ shall we...

  52. Anonymous10:19 am

    to anon 1240pm

    sure but it doesnt change the fact that the ICJ does not make rulings based on "i came and i choped here first". go read the precedents la, we're using the same argument (2002) that m'sia made in sipadan-litgan

    to anon 3:56pm

    lol and you're one to talk abt selective history. one united people? read the history books again. and not those written by UMNO.

    "I would be happy to support that all races to be given equal opportunity for education, scholarship, work etc."

    - sure you mean a meritocratic society? i got no quarrel with that.

    "Please don't made it more difficult for us."

    - us as in malaysians? if not then it only reveals how myopic you are in the "us-vs-them" mentality.

  53. Anonymous10:21 am

    lol jews really rule the world by proxy, they're even representing m'sia!

    wonder how much he's getting paid hmm...

  54. Anonymous10:23 am

    lol come to pedra branca! we welcome you with our israeli-made weapons system!

  55. Anonymous3:57 pm

    "If we lose, you know why"

    Blame Israel lah! Blame everybody else, including the ICJ, except themselves. A bad workman quarrels with his tools.

  56. Anonymous9:20 am

    As a Malaysian, I'm truly ashamed of this matter. I've been telling officials from Foreign Affairs that we can't win the case... even prepared a research paper on that... still they kid me out and say I'm a stupid researcher... and now? Who has the last laugh?

    FYI, I did wrote a research paper on PB, in which I submitted to Wisma Putra people. They called me up, harassed me and told that I'm not "credible" to do such a paper.

    Hey you f***ers at Wisma. I'm a doctorate holder in international policies and relations! What f**k "credibilities" that you want?

    My paper was a thorough one... with trips to Arkib Negara untirelessly... but still...

    Nonetheless, who now have to hide their heads in the sand like ostriches? Not me... these "people" at Wisma Putra...

    All I can say now: "Go f**k a goat..."