Wednesday, November 21, 2007

TELLing the story of Nurin Alert

Once in a while, a publisher comes up with a gem of a magazine cover. This latest issue of Tell, on the on-going Nurin Alert initiative, hits the stand this week, and may prove to be the biggest push for an initiative to make this country a safer place for our children. Kudos to Wahti the publisher and Nuraina A. Samad the group editor (yep, the blogger), and all the beautiful staff at Tell Magazine.

Nurin's killers, by the way, are still out there.

Click here to see the magazine's full cover.
Last Oct 9, Wahti chaired a roundtable discussion, attended by Minister Shahrizat, to discuss the Nurin Alert idea. Go to Nurin Alert Roundtable with Minister Shahrizat to view pictures from the pages of Tell.


  1. They manage to put thousands of policemen to face BERSIH rally, but not on Nurin's case.

    I guess this case is not meant to be solved. Maybe, it's syndicate's cover-up? Human trafficking cover-up? Child porno? Are we becoming Bapak Ayam, now? Who involved? Gangsters, politicians, authorities? It looks that way...

  2. Tell always seem to have good covers...but this is the best cover to date. In fact I think it is the best cover of all time in Malaysia's magazine publishing industry.

    Nothing local can beat their quality of content too.

  3. CONGRATS!! Finally, some good news!
    and..sadly, Nurin and Presheena's killer/s are still free. Let's hope that we dont hear the same news (killers free) after one year.

  4. great work bro and friends.will be looking out for it at newstand.if the government is apathic and not sensitive to citizens' needs.lots of proclaimations but lack the initiative,i guess it's time for the true MALAYSIANS to wrestle back the country.


  5. Is it really a priority to those people to catch Nurin's killers or is it now a cold case?

  6. Anonymous5:13 pm

    I was in brand's outlet in curve with my 8 year old girl last week.
    This Malay chap just sat next to her trying to chat with her while I was nearby looking at some things. I called her immediately and when the chap saw me, he left her quickly. According to my girl, he asked her what was her name. This incident left a chill in me as I thought of poor Nurin. Can the authorities catch the killer asap? He is still lurking and we are all living in fear.

  7. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Tahniah to Wahti and Mus.

  8. Anonymous7:28 pm

    nice cover... although I wouldn't want to use superlatives to comment on a design that has already been used elsewhere (was it the Copperfield advert?)

    however, the design of the main article was in poor taste... the use of negative frames for the photos is appropriate for informal, trivial issues... but, this "Nurin Alert" is anything BUT...!

    and, why the yellow colour for the "quotes?"

    red or amber would have been more appropriate... and yellow is not exactly amber, or is it? ( or is it Saturday already!)

    the moral of the story is that "gems are only for designs that are appropriate to the issues at hand!"

  9. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Rocky, once a journalist always a journalist. Blogging is a powerful channel that is so immediate. But to have the NURIN Alert in such a high quality magazine, it feels good bro! Makes me feel proud to know we worked for the same media once. But you know, sometimes things turn out well despite appearances. Their loss, our gain!
    You get better and better bro!

  10. Nice cover...whatever happened to Nurin's killers? And the people behind the autopsy pictures? And Presheena's killers? Takkan tak de leads langsung?

  11. Anonymous12:32 pm

    After all that we know about our ministers and the quality of their output, why so much excitement that Sharizat attended the roundtable?

    This meeting should not even have needed to take place if she, and her kind in the government, had been doing their jobs in the first place. Her ministry has been entrusted with preventing or having in place systems and mechanisms to prevent or mitigate such crimes. Yet she happily tags along on an initiative created by others as though she is completely clueless about her job responsibilities.

    For all I know, for her this is just another opportunity to jump at for some publicity, show her concern, and pretend to be serious about wanting to do something.

    Bet you after a few sessions, her junior staff will start turning up at meetings, she having fully milked the opportunity, and this initiative will lapse or drift like most others which don't benefit politicians like her.

    So, I suggest we reserve our kudos
    till something solid comes out of this, something that should have been in place a long time ago. Something that her ministry should have done. So that tragedies like Nurin and Presheena, et al would not have occurred and caused such pain to their families and blighted the consciences of all decent Malaysians .

  12. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Hi Mr Bojangles, let's give Shahrizat the benefit of the doubt. It's an imperfect world and we need to make the best of it.

    Just want to alert anyone looking for a copy: Meesh says ”We’ve been getting really good publicity for this issue, because of the serious issues covered in efforts to “Save the Next Child: NURIN ALERT.” If you are interested in purchasing a copy or more, please do visit all major bookstores this weekend, they should be stocking it by then. Alternatively, if you cannot find it, contact us directly for your copy:TELL MEDIA SDN BHD, 1, Jalan SS 7/10, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan TEL: 03-7873 7313 FAX: 03-7873 8545 or email:

  13. Great work people! I am proud of you'll.

    Siapa kata Blogger hanya mahu membangkang saja, kami adalah rakyat yg prihatin dan sedia membantu kerajaan.

    Tapi dengolah. Jangan panggil orang berok, tiru orang panggil dia goblog, menghina surirumah, dan macam2 panggilan yang merendahkan maruah diri!

  14. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Rocky... better late than never.

    anyhow, the cover of TELL magazine was plagiarized from the CD cover of James Blunt's "All the Lost Souls."

    here is a copy...