Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rasa not-so Sayang

Update: Rais says Jakarta's suit threat "unrealistic".
He said "Rasa Sayange", like other folk songs such as "Jauh Di Mata", "Burung Pungguk" and "Terang Bulan", were songs of the Malay archipelago inherited by the people from their ancestors.
"I think Indonesia or other parties will not be able to prove who was the composer of the song."
Original posting:
Indonesia to sue us for using song in campaign. The issue has been brought to Indonesia's Parliament and the MPs there want their government to take action.

From Malaysian blogger in Jakarta called Unspun (who also has a posting on Beyonce Malaysia Boleh):

The House on Monday urged an immediate response from the government to Malaysia’s use of the traditional Indonesian song Rasa Sayange in its “Truly Asia” tourism campaign.

House of Representatives member Hakam Naja of the National Mandate Party (PAN) said if the government could prove the song belonged to Indonesia, Indonesia should sue the Malaysian government.

“The government needs to check on its origins, whether it’s from Indonesia or not,” the deputy chairman of House Commission X overseeing education and tourism was quoted as saying by detik.com newsportal.

Rasa Sayange is believed to have originated in Maluku, where it has been sung for generations by people to express their love for the environment. (rst of story here)

Bernama has filed a story Indonesia lawmaker accuses Malaysia of heritage theft.


  1. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Let's make a deal -- they can have back their song, if they take with it the Indonesians making a living in Malaysia right now.

    How about it -- two million Indonesians for a song?

  2. Anonymous6:10 pm

    It is as good as claiming the 'pantun' to be Malaysian.

    During Soekarno's time the big brother played "Terang Bulan' to entertain their guests.

  3. Anonymous6:14 pm

    padan muka malaysie

  4. Dalam globalisasi, identiti diri sudah mula digantikan dengan identiti global. Sesuatu yang dulunya menjadi identiti perkampungan kecil kini sudah menjadi identiti global. Saya sarankan sahabat2 dari Indonesia membaca buku "Globalisasi: Sebuah Proses Dialektika Sistemik" tulisan Dr Firmanzah dari Universitas Indonesia. Boleh ya, pak?

  5. Anonymous6:42 pm

    I know Rasa Sayang as long as I can remember long long time ago!!

    Indonesians!! No point helping them in anyway, they NEVER appreciate our good deeds during their Tsunami in Acheh or Anything!! Instead they always want to find anything at fault with us.

    Take back lah the song. And take back their one million illegals home and feed them with Rasa Sayang song.

  6. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Oh dear, we grew up with that lovely song, still singing it to my kids today. A song, like most music, is copyrighted so unless you ask permission .... Guess it's a case like borrowing my neighbors tools and forget to return. Or maybe borrow some indigenous peoples land and after some time, think it belongs to us.

  7. Anonymous7:32 pm

    first the national anthem originated from hawaii and now rasa sayang originated from indonesia?

    what next?

  8. How about we sue the Thai for claiming Tom Yam as theirs on behalf of all the Kak Tom and Kak Yam in Malaysia?

    All this since Syed Hamid and the police's poor handling of the Indonesian karate coach. And they are also gleaming with jealousy at our Murphy Oil find off Sabah.

    Somehow my conspirational mind is sensing some divisive hands wedging between us and our Indonesian brothers.

    Hmmm ... the usual suspect must be Singapore. My stomach discomfort this morning also had Singapore hand in it.... rojak Singapore from buka puasa.

  9. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Alaahh Pak...kata nya kan serumpun..sama laa semua nya....jangan ribut2 nanti ribut datang....Waduuhh..pusing...

  10. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Aiyayayaya!!! The Indons are correct. Rasa Sayange belongs to Indonesia.

    As is well known, many Malays of Malaysia originated from Indonesia. There are many Malays of Javanese, Minang, Sundanese, Madurese, Bugis, Acehnese etc etc living here, now calling Malaysia their home.

    Many Malays still have alot of relatives in Indonesia. Many government ministers, Chief Ministers and politicians have Indonesian blood and are proud of it. Some were even given "heroes" welcome when they visited the kampongs of their forefathers.

    Could it not be possible that the song came with our forefathers who migrated here from the big country? If so, give credit where credit is due. But shouldn't we be able to share some of the heritage? After all we have adapted the song with some local verses.

    Another popular "Malay" song that we might have "curied" is "Suriram".

    Haiyah! When will all these accusations of theft of heritage end?

  11. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Wow I didn't know before this that Rasa Sayang is NOT Malaysian.

  12. Anonymous9:01 pm

    That's the thing with Indons - Nasi Goreng is theirs, Sambal belacan is theirs, satay is theirs, heck, even the KLCC is theirs by virtue of Indon labourers being involved in the construction. anonymous @ 6:10pm is right - they ridiculed our NegaraKu (they actually danced to the tune) during the early 60s.

    I agree with Aisehman - I am more than glad to 'give back the song' if they take with them their people here who are often more trouble than they are worth. Yeah yeah the obligatory not all are like that, but most are.

  13. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Yeah, aiseh. Lets do the deal and wean our fat appetite for foreign workers.

  14. What do we expect from the sleeping beauty government?
    Don’t we have our own original songs to use?
    Right now I am not so sure about the origin of the song
    We have been singing in clubs, gatherings and scouting
    Now Indonesian MPs want their government to sue Malaysia

    Maybe Indonesia MPs think Malaysia has a lot of cash
    Announcing so many corridors involving so many billions
    There must be something to enrich Indonesia
    So the MPs think it should be

    Maybe Indonesian MPs are right
    Reading about billions Malaysia on spree
    Police force high tech costing several billions
    Soft loan to PKFZ about 1 billion
    Samy asking for another $100 million for road repairs
    Malaysia must be truly Asia
    So Rasa Sayang hey hey!

    Now Indonesia has over 2 million people here
    Don’t we think we should be wary of them?
    If there is another Confrontation
    Will the police and armed forces gear up for it?

    It always takes an excuse
    To ride over to another country
    Hitler did it his way
    Do we have to repeat history?

    I hope not for the sake of peace
    If we infringe the song
    The government should say sorry
    And pay compensation
    That is the law
    Malaysia signed on it

    Learn the lesson
    If that is the truth
    Tightened the screws on cross-over
    Show no mercy protect our soil
    Our land our people our security
    Our country

  15. It's that Tourism minister's fault, I tell yer.

    How about 'gobloq' then?

    Anybody got any figures on how much is repatriated by Indons here back to the homeland annually.

    Or let's do a 'balik kampung' survey for this Raya season.

    And I thought Jakarta have unresolved problems in the Malukus.

  16. Fight over a song? I'm beginning to think the Indonesian govt is getting to be as stupid as their Malaysian counterpart. What's next? Patent mie rebus? Patent orangutans? The region shares a cultural heritage so I refuse to understand this pettiness over a song. With Malaysia leading 1-0 by sending a space tourist first, will the Indonesian govt please rush to patent stupidity first before the Malaysia govt gets the idea? We'll be most grateful.

  17. Anonymous10:27 pm

    laaa. ni pun nak heboh

  18. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Ini semua karehnah kite le.. when Indonesia Ganyang kite, kite bising nak defen negri... tapi skrang, semua rumah ade Indon - dari Jawe ke Kelimantan... wahai, anak anak kite pon bahasa indon lebih dari bahase kite.. tak malu ke kite semua? hai... ape nak jadi ler..

  19. Anonymous12:17 am

    At least 10 million Malays that is 75%of the total Malay population of Malaysia who are paradoxically have earned the Bumiputra privileged status have to return to Indonesia.

    Orang Aslis are the original people of Malaya not Malays.They are the true Bumiputras. Aisehman the deal would be 10 Million + 2 Million plus Rasa Sayang.

  20. this is stupid. give them back the song. get rid of the ad, replace it with some pak ngah/wah idris songs or something and lets move on.

  21. Anonymous1:29 am

    Replace the song with Pak Lah's rhetorics and Hishamuddin's keris slogan.That would bring up the True Malaysian flavour among tourists...If not enough Zam too can help out with his frequent gobloks and not to forget our legal eagle Naz.

    Don't challenge the Indons. As far as intellectual property is concerned Malaysia is no match to Indonesia.The Scholars are very intelligent and publish great many books.

  22. Anonymous5:32 am

    Indonesians are hard workers, Malaysians are hard thieves. Both are in almost every context.

  23. I remember during the 'konfrontasi' days, Sukarno wanted to rename the Indian Ocean to Indonesian Ocean. No one took him seriously.

  24. Anonymous8:12 am

    lagu2 nie tak payah la bising2...
    pasal lagu ja, org Indon pon guna negara kita jugak untuk keroje...
    ape heinye plak?

    tu la dia, depa punya lagu2 senang2 masuk malaya, tapi lagu kita nak pi sana, chukop payah la.. mcm2 tapisan... lagu depa mai masuk sini, satu lirik pon tak tukaq, tapi, kalau pi sana, ini kena tukaq, itu kena tukaq, mcm mana gayanya nie?

  25. Ingatlah Konfrontasi dulu....
    jangan sampai berulang kumbali....

    kira halal la...

  26. Anonymous9:13 am


    Keroncong pun asal Indonesia
    Ghazal pulak asal Arab
    Dondang sayang asal Cina
    Boria asal India

    Tukar dengan dikir barat aje lah
    panggil wan semail golok nyanyi.

  27. Anonymous9:16 am


    suruh depa tukar lagu Raya Ahmad Jais ke atau TS P.Ramlee ke, sedap juga.

  28. Anonymous10:14 am


    Here is a question to ponder:

    Who is the bad neighbour: Indonesia or us?

    Don't forget, once upon a time, we treated Indonesia as ABANG, and still is, and many naturalised Malaysias are Indonesians; that is not correct. They are Javanese, Bugis etc.

    "Indonesian" is a "bangsa" ie "nationality" . Like when you write in passports, under Nationality, you say Malaysians, not Chinese,Malay or Indian. Sadly, this UMNO Minister and politicians have deliberatey confused Malaysians to define Bangsa as Race ( which should be Keturunan ie ethnicity).

    So it is not correct to say that Malaysian Malays were Indonesians.

    The way I look at it, we have not been a good neighbour in recent months, and that is why the Indonesian politicians are putting the stick into our eyes.

    To claim heritage to Rasa Sayang is like Ireland suing the whole world for singing Auld Lang Syne.

    The action in Indonesian Parliament is to show Adek who is Abang in this whole ruckus.

  29. This is indeed stupid. The reality is that our relationship has become so increasingly symbiotic, both sides should be taking extra effort to make things work. There is also so much heritage between the two, Indonesia should really be the Malaysia's 'China' with Malaysia playing the role of HK/Taiwan/Macau.

    Unfortunately, we have such a lame foreign minister these days that all the efforts to bridge the gap through joint friendship committees, cross-border trade and labour movement, etc has been ruined. The guy even undermined his own PM in the one thing he's good at, forming bonds with other lame duck leaders! (Indon, US, etc)

    Share this view around...


  30. Btw, I'd say we should let this case develop in any case. Even if we lose, we can the use the precedent to sue Singapore for the same, but for loads more; e.g. Durian, Ampang Yong Tau Foo, Laksa, even names like 'pura' and 'Singa'! Maybe they'll be forced to give us their Durian building for compensation!

  31. Anonymous10:39 am

    Annonymous 7.32 said

    First the national anthem originated from hawaii and now rasa sayang originated from indonesia?
    what next?

    Well the malays are from Kampuca , the indians are from India and the chineses are from China and others are from some far away land , so what's original in Malaysia ....LOL

  32. Anonymous10:40 am

    Oh cmon, I think you malaysians need to be a bit more creative. It wont hurt you guys :) I promise. Its pathetic to say "I heard this song since I was a kid" to be able to claim it as yours. Being true nationalists, create your own song.

    It's understandable that you guys claim sumatera's traditional outfit,food etc (even if its not ethical either) but the song is from Maluku. They're not even melayu!!!

    The point is malaysia is using an indonesian song as their national identity. Arent you guys embarrassed by that? Their would be a huge outcry if my govt used another countries song to promote us.


  33. Anonymous10:50 am

    When even the Negaraku is not original Malaysian, what else Rasa Sayang?

    Is there anything original about Malaysia? Even corruption we borrow from Indonesia.

    Ah just remembered, UMNO and UMNOPutra is a Malaysian original!

  34. Negara Ku is a tune taken from Indonesian Terang Bulan? Oh dear! But if Indonesia insists we have no choice but another Confrontation, or Konfrontasi, but this time if we do we will lose since there are about 4million illegals in the country!
    I have a suggestion, why don't we just concede and not sing the song. and if they claim Negara Ku also, Pak Lah can suggests a search for a new national anthem competition, in the line of say "Maju Lah Malaysia?"

  35. Anonymous12:14 pm

    What is the big deal? Trading their seasonal "haze" for a song. Counter sue them for the haze. Look out your window now. The normal lapdog mainstream newspapers are silent on this hazy issue, maybe they reported, too hazy to read. And I truly pray after more future earthquakes, their islands will drift further south to the South Pole. For a song or haze, they never prosper our nation, nothing but problems from this arrogant neighbor.


  36. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Claim of a song belonging to a country is ridiculous. Having said that, if the Indonesian construction workers leave how will you build your overbridges and tall buildings? Malaysia would be quite flat without Indonesian workers ;-)

  37. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Claim of a song belonging to a country is ridiculous. Having said that, if the Indonesian construction workers leave how will you build your overbridges and tall buildings? Malaysia would be quite flat without Indonesian workers ;-)

  38. Anonymous1:50 pm

    My suggestion here is to ban all indonesian songs from being played/aired on TV and Radios here...

  39. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Oh please ... take back the song ? of course we will !!!!! take back our one million workers from Malaysia ? We will, we will and let your economy go down after no Indonesian work there. Believe me, taking back our worker is what we aimed to do.

  40. Guys ,guys , kita kan saudara ,give and take lah a little.Anyway ,it was said by a POLITICIAN .Duhhh....

  41. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Saya pun tengah marah ni !!!!Seluar dalam saya telah DICURI oleh pendatang haram Indonesia ...

    Tengok ? Siapa yang kuat mencuri ?

  42. Anonymous8:48 pm

    gua caya sama lu. Pls ask the Indonesian Government to take back that song with their people off Malaysian land NOW.

    That song is not our priority now,

  43. Anonymous10:20 pm

    The Indon politicians have nothing to do in their country, because everything is out of control. So they need to look outside for things to do.

    Let them make noise. The whole country's a one-stop-centre for disasters, anyway - earthquake, flood, tsunami, volcano, crashing airplanes, bombings, riots, bird flu, etc, you name it. When one (or a few) of these things happen, then the politicians will be busy - for the wrong reasons, but busy nevertheless...

  44. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Why trouble our Indonesian friends. Raya Sayang is indeed an Indonesian song, no doubt about that. We have our own talent and the most talent being namewee. He already created a song for our “Visit Malaysia 2007” tourism campaign and that is Nergarakuku.
    Long life namewee! You are truly Boleh!

  45. the song was here it seems long before malaysia was malaysia ... and certainly long before indonesia was an independent nation

    (how can a country that didn't exist sue another country that didn't exist at the time music flowed across borders?)

    no-one knows anyway who composed it and so it must be considered a folk song which by definition belongs to whoever passes it on orally

    there is so much shared heritage between indonesia and malaysia anyway ... the same thing happened in the folk music of england and ireland, ireland and america ... wherever people come into contact with music

    and even if the composer were known, he must be a very long time dead judging by the age of the song

    so in the end the indonesians are being terribly silly

  46. Anonymous1:04 am

    kelakar betul.

    i thought indonesia was improving, but looks like their politicians are just as stupid as ours.

    kita ni serumpun je.

  47. Anonymous7:08 am

    The fact is most Malays originate from Indonesia. The 1st Malay leader, Parameswara, an Indian Hindu prince from Sumatera ran from home. Fooled around in Temasek, and ran north with his life. Then at Melaka, he decided to start his new kingdom. He then became Moslem, and that is the official start of Malays in Malaya.
    Of course, Indians were here way before that in Kedah. The Chola Indians (who comprise Indians of India & Tamil's of Sri Lanka) were here in 3 AD. So there is a question as to who are Pendatangs?
    But more importantly, Malays from Malaysia originated from Indonesia.

    Where did the Indonesians come from? Originally from Yunan, China.

    All Malaysians are inter-related. So lets forget race & religion, and focus on people.

  48. Anonymous10:21 am

    "... if the Indonesian construction workers leave how will you build your overbridges and tall buildings? Malaysia would be quite flat without Indonesian workers"

    Experience has shown that Indonesian workers are more trouble than help. Many employers now prefers Myanmarese because they are more trust worthy.

    As a matter of fact, is the falling of bridges, cracks in buildings have any relation to using low quality Indonesian workers?

  49. Anonymous10:58 am

    They also wanted to claim ownership of batik and wayang kulit. see the star

  50. Anonymous11:17 am

    The value of the "Happy Birthday" song (copyrighted in 1935) is estimated to about US$5million.
    How much is Rasa Sayang worth?

  51. Anonymous11:43 am

    hmmm. Rais had to mention terang Bulan lah. they may not be able to track the origins of Rasa Sayang which we ALL know came from Indonesia - may even have come from Holland. But for him to mention Terang Bulan why? I am quite sure Terang Bulan's origins can be traced. If that happens - what is going to happen? Malaysia to be sued for plagiarising someone else's song for its national anthem without paying royalty? or sue us for changing its lyrics without permission?
    I know that Indonesian's parliamentarians have better things to do than attack us over something trivial like Rasa Sayang...therefore we must find out what happened and why it happened? who instigated this and why?
    meanwhile, isn't there something that we can counter sue? Can we sue them for claiming satay is indonesian? can we sue them for stealing batik as their invention? can we sue them for speaking Malay? Hmmmmmmmm

  52. Anonymous9:25 am

    my great grandfather came here from indonesia and married my malaysian great grandmother. we are all malaysians.

    if the song is indonesian, i guess it also belongs to 1/8th of me. that is only one person out of millions of malays who originated from indonesia.

    if the indonesian government wants to insist on their heritage, i want to insist on my heritage.

    the indonesian government suing for a song that has been 'mine' since my grandmother's malaysian childhood is as ridiculous as malays who tell the chinese who has been in malaysia since their grandmother's malaysian childhood to go home to China.

    but i guess, it happens.

    cant we just get along?

  53. Anonymous7:21 pm

    i thought Rasa Sayang was from a Portugeuse song! you mean that everything i learnt is a lie now??! :((

  54. Anonymous4:38 pm

    same with me.. i thot that song was from the portuguese.. guess the history book lies again.. anyway.. i think if we were to react or behave like our neighbour.. then everytime theres a palembang group robbery or some indo group terrorizing, raping and so forth, we should protest at the Indo embassy,burn some effigy or sumthin.. or one of mesian students kena pukul.. protest!rampage!we should eliminate all the Indos people, the Indo communities in Chow Kit, Keramat and every part of Malaysia.. kasi buang sama itu laut! ...that's IF

  55. Anonymous1:11 pm

    lets us counter sue the Indonesian govt for

    1) Annual haze (jerubu)
    2) The crime comitted by their

    And charged the with interest all the aid from this country..

    Funny indeed (from the newspaper)- an 34yrs old female Indonesian reporter who came to Malaysia to write a story how misfortune & how we mistreated their citizen end up being raped by her fellow Indonesian in a kongsi house..hahahaha :D you see..

    Rality is painfull eh? Indon ?

  56. Anonymous5:52 pm

    yeh, i knew they're not creative at all. i mean my government lol. and bloody fake, see ourself claiming as a islamic country, thousand prostitutions, clubbing, and such stuff, even legalize the gambling, what a country... lol. trouble maker lots of lazy bums except those malay-chinese and malay-indians who really hard worker.

  57. Anonymous6:26 am

    Aisehman said

    "Let's make a deal -- they can have back their song, if they take with it the Indonesians making a living in Malaysia right now."

    And, the next thing u know the whole country economy just collapsed... We are depending on them too much.. contruction sector, household, even cleaning...

  58. Anonymous8:49 am

    I beg to differ. If we agree that Rasa Sayang and the likes belong to the Malay Archipelago, it means this is something shared and we should not personalise anything shared, should we?
    And just because we are feeding the 2 millions Indons (are they not doing anything in return?), we reserve no right to personalise anything that the Indon has a share! Nobody stops us for singing the shared song anytime, anywhere, anyway!

  59. I beg to duffer. If we agree that the song and the likes belong to the Malay Archipelago, it means they are shared. We should not personalise anything shared, should we? Just because we are feeding the 2 millions Indon here (are they not doing anything in return?) we reserve no right to personalise anything they have a share. You can sing it anytime, anywhere and anyway!

  60. Anonymous10:04 am

    Anon 7.21PM said:
    > i thought Rasa Sayang was from a Portugeuse song! you mean that everything i learnt is a lie now??! :((

    You are confused. Jingkling Nona is the Portugese Song.

  61. Anonymous10:18 am

    This is my first posting here. We sound kinda like a hypocrite when it comes to issues directing at ourselves. Talking about issues between countries, why are we so defensive when it comes to 'threat'? I think we should look back at ourselves and think not of the contributions we would have made in times of needs but look at how educated are we in terms of knowledge. Most of us doesnt even know Rasa Sayang might not even be our own. How many here claims to know the actions taken by the politicians and cops are rightful in the first place? If you ask me, I would point the finger at the government for keeping its citizens ignorant and media vetted. You'd be safe to assume we'd be as ignorant as the North Koreans if not for the web and blog sphere access. No prize for guessing why our government is trying to take control of this too.

  62. Anonymous10:31 am


    If malaysian don't want to admit the fact that trey are not creative enough to write their own song, turn off your TV. Why? because 90% the songs that your so called singer sung is Indonesians.
    In fact, Siti Nurhaliza realize so much that malaysians is not creative enough, she asked many Indonesian song writer to write her songs. Even asked Erwin Gutawa for her concert in London (ck...ck....)
    So what make you think your forefather can write something as good as rasa sayange???
    You know, it would be less controversial if you just admit Rasa Sayange originated from Maluku. We indonesian very aware of our diversed background. Yet we also recognized each culture uniqueness. Thats why we still recognized Rasa Sayange from Mollucas, Cublak-cublak suweng from Java, etcetera. Unlike Malaysia who is trying to make a "gado-gado" culture these past years.
    Go ahead, claim batik, keris, rendang, lodeh, terang bulan, rasa sayange.... (I believe there would be more to come).WE KNOW THE TRUTH.

  63. Anonymous10:36 am

    I think you're all being very ridiculous by pointing out who committed the most crime unto others: Malaysians stereotyping Indonesian workers as criminals and calling them with derogatory word such as "Indons", and Indonesians accusing Malaysians as "cultural thief", "uncivilized" etc.

    When will this over? Quarreling over the past is useless because we cannot change them. I myself am Indonesian and proud to be Indonesian, but I think we both are being very irrational in attacking each others. Let's just end this cultural bias: not all Indonesians are criminals just as not all Malaysians are.

  64. how about if China sue malaysia for having Hainanese chiken rice here, or Yong chow chao fun or maybe Hong kong will sue malaysian for having 'their' Hong Kong feet..

  65. Anonymous11:14 am

    Hello everyone!

    I have been reading a lot about 'we have been feeding the 2 million Indonesions (more than the Malaysian Indians population!)! But hey, is that true, I don't think so, as a matter of fact, it is we Malaysians, or rather the Malaysian Govt. is fully dependent on their labour! Why? to build the tallest building and tallest everything in Malaysia! I think without Indonesians, Malaysua will suffer in terms of hard labour, that is... or o'wise, Malaysia can also look for alternative labourers from India or China ! ;-) Or will they! LOL... (reason is obvious) But anyways to say that Malaysia is feeding the 2million odd Indonesians, is certainly a fals or inaccurate statement!

  66. Anonymous5:30 pm

    I'm Indon.. Indonesian... or whatever..
    Just want to make one point..
    All of us (Indon or Malays) are being used by our bloody government. We're all a victim of stupid politicians..

    Despite the fact that the two countries has billateral issues, I don't care. I have lots of Malay friend..

    Nothing beats people to people relations..

    Politicians, diplomats etc just like to complicate things and make life worse for us..

    Damai kawan kawanku.. damai!!!!

  67. Anonymous4:21 pm

    "Begitu saja kok repot" Said Mr. Abdurrachman Wahid.

  68. It's always like that, older brother like to pick on the younger one. Indonesia likes to pick on Malaysia, and so does Malaysia on Singapore.

    I wish we could be more like Australia and New Zealand, they like to make fun of each other but with love.

    I am Indonesian living in Australia but I love Malaysia eventhough i've never been there. I used to love watching Titian Muhibah, it's indonesia-malaysia music show run in both countries live. I like Malaysian songs and I found Malaysian accent is cute. This song is usually sung after the end of the show.

    I dont think any Indonesian will mind Malaysian sing this song. But perhaps use this song for commercial use is very inconsiderate of Malaysian Tourism dept. It is an act of personalizing the song as Malaysian.

    But above all, I am sure you guys can come up with something better for your tourism ad.

    Hatred will only consume us.

    Love Malaysia and God Bless Indonesia.

  69. Anonymous12:45 pm

    I like Indonesian food, I like their music and musicians, their movies, artists, places,kabupatens,the habibs,the pesantrens..

    but I dont like and fear of them, whenver there's a house or housing area to be built.. that we will constantly in fear, that they might break in into our house, steal, hit and rape, I dont like when they kidnapped our children,they steal things when the became our so called trusted maids,they hit our children, they use black magic, they took over our business and our land,they make false accusations.. its about time that we say no more to the Indo's

  70. Anonymous11:14 pm

    ha..ha..ha..national anthem pun tiru...
    Lagu rasa sayang tu aslinya berjudul "rasa sayange" woi... tu lagu kamekkkk...
    Tak boleh buat lagu ke..
    semua lagu orang nak ambik...
    batik nak ambik..
    angklung nak ambik..
    songket nak ambik..
    rendang nak ambik...

    buat something original from your own country woi!!!
    tau tak ade mat saleh nak beli ole2 dari malaysia nak bawa balik kat negara dia...
    ha..ha..ha..dia keliru lah tak ada yg ori..semua from Indonesia...
    U all ingat semua Org Indonesia sini pembantu??? hah ada 200.000 Indonesian expatriate kat sini yg kena bina negara yg bertulangkan org2 pemalas ni tau!
    Belajarlah dari sejarah...jangan bongkak sangat!
    ha..ha..ha.. mesti tak berani nak approved komen I ni kan?

  71. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Malaysia is THEFT CRIMINAL , they steal indonesian wood and sell to USA ,malaysia double standar pretending hate USA but open free trade..munafik,malaysia is scums low life people

  72. Anonymous9:04 am

    to all malaysia people
    malingsia...still malingsia....
    bajigur sia,cacak ci..naskeleng

  73. Anonymous1:01 am

    Woi!! malay "malingsia"! sekali maling tetaplah maling... dasar bangsa yang ga tau diri, ga punya malu..! jangan bangga sama keadaan negara lo yang sedikit lebih maju dari Indonesia, inget dulu negara lo seperti apa sebelum dibantu sama orang2 Indonesia. Ingat masih ada Tuhan yang lebih segala2nya. jangan merasa superior jadi bertindak seenaknya... semoga mulai detik ini, malaysia akan mengalami kemunduran jauh dibawah Indonesia, bahkan dibawah negara2 kecil di afrika, dan Tuhan menghancurkan negara lo agar kembali lagi seperti dulu seperti pada saat lo smua belajar dari Indonesia & belajar di Indonesia, seperti pada zaman Presiden Soekarno dulu.
    sebagai orang Indonesia saya tidak merasa serumpun dengan anda2 smua orang malaysia, jadi ga usah ngaku2 serumpun kali yee..
    so pathetic, bahkan lagu kebangsaan pun hasil menjiplak!!! sebenernya orang malaysia itu menutupi kebodohannya dengan cara menjelek2an Indonesia agar mereka tidak terlihat seperti orang2 bodoh ..
    Poor "malingsia" malaysia.. oia, I forgot, u're not malay but u're maling!!!

  74. Anonymous1:03 am

    ” Visit Malingsia 2007, Truly Maling in Asia …”

  75. Anonymous6:07 pm

    halah.. halah.. ngeributin TKI, kalian semua oiii orang malaysia?! ngeributin sumbangan ke Aceh juga?!! Dimana-mana yang memberi tangan kanan, tangan kiri (bahkan MULUT KALIAN!!!) harusnya bisa dijaga baik.. Mana ada orang berMORAL ngeributin apapun yang sudah diberikan kepada orang lain!! Beda hal dengan lagu-lagu yang kalian JIPLAK! Woiii namanya saja sudah jiplakan!!!! telan saja aib kalian bulat-bulat..

  76. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Wuah malay,malay kalau loe nuduh seluar dalam hilang trus hutan dikalimantan yg makan habis tuh tauke2x sialan dari negara lu!!!
    dasar maling....lagu kebangsaan aja jiplak...
    gw gak takut sama malaysia ayam sayur lu semua ...ngaku aja islam
    tp nyuri jalan terus....

  77. Anonymous11:20 pm

    orang melayu cakap, kalau "barang" yang sudah diberi lalu dimintak balek itu namanye buruk siku.. akan tetapi kalau "barang" yang dicuri dah sewajarnye lah dikembalikan kepade yang punye dengan lapang dada larr..

  78. Anonymous2:23 pm

    WOOOI.. kita semua ni manusia.. tak ada manusia yang tak butuh orang lain..
    Zaman dulu Indonesia bantu Malaysia, sekarang Indonesia susah, layak lah kalau saling bantu..
    Bukan orang bijak namanya yg bisa cuma saling memaki.. sesama hamba TUHAN.. tidak diciptakan kita kalau tidak untuk berbuat kebajikan..
    So apa guna saling caci maki..
    lebih baik.. PEACE...
    Paling bijak kalau berbuat kebaikan itu diam-diam.. tangan diatas tak boleh tau tangan dibawah..

  79. Anonymous5:22 am

    Anonymous berkata...

    Wuah malay,malay kalau loe nuduh seluar dalam hilang trus hutan dikalimantan yg makan habis tuh tauke2x sialan dari negara lu!!!
    dasar maling....lagu kebangsaan aja jiplak...
    gw gak takut sama malaysia ayam sayur lu semua ...ngaku aja islam
    tp nyuri jalan terus....

    sekali maling tetep maling..
    ga kan bisa diubah..!!
    penyakit KLEPTO yang ga bisa disembuhkan..!!!!!!
    jgnkan lagu..bndera aj JIPLAK..!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Malu dong..!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Anonymous6:28 pm

    rasa sayang is a song from maluku? the ambonese have their own dialect (not sure? dig broery barantika's grave and ask him about it). my grandfather told me he heard that song since he was a kid, and that was around 1930s. obviously "rasa sayang" is a malay word. when malaysia and indonesia not born yet, malay language was the trade language and also a language that unite, fought against the dutch colonial (read "rumah kaca" by pramoedya ananta toer) and built "indonesian nation" today. it's a language for uniting, mobilising and to spread love...that's where the song came from. even the non-malay malaysians today sing that song in cultural evens, annual dinners, in overseas etc. but no malays claim that song is jiplaking their language and ask about copyright etc. it's a cultural globalisation all over nusantara without copyright (for the time being?). btw, the tourism malaysia used that song for the advertisement is intellectualy bankrupt cuz there r many other songs can be use to...n the indonesians r easily provoked by their media of "nasionalisme sempit dan gadungan" caused by the continuation of the stupid RELA issues.

  81. Malaysia have no culture...
    Malaysia have bad songs, look at all of their songs (Its Boring)

    Indonesia have many clever and good musicians, singer, culture, etc...
    Indonesia is the only one country in the world which have many cultures...

    Malaysian said
    Batik was belonged to them....
    Jepara's Ornate was too..
    And Then "Rasa Sayange"...
    Now,, Barongan (What a bad name)..
    that is Reog in Indonesia..

    What do Malasian want..???

    Batik is from Java...
    Jepara's Ornate is from East Java,
    Rasa Sayange is from Maluku...
    Reog (Barongan) is from East Java...

    What do U mean.. MALAYSIAN!!!!

    We (Indonesian) have all of that U claimed belonging to You, from many centuries,,, We still use it..
    I heard my brother ask my Mother to teach him 'Rasa Sayange' Because He wanted sing in his school..

    Reog (or Barongan that U said) is still used for East Java's Festival,,, or ceremony...

    WHAT'S NEXT MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Anonymous12:11 am


    Iya... kami jiplak corruption dari indonesia. hehehehe

  83. Anonymous11:46 pm

    you're so pathetic, malays...!!!

  84. Get a life guys. Sheesh!! Such hate and narrowmindedness over a Love song!! I sang that song with gusto when i was younger and I am from South America. And I still sing it alongside Waltzing Matilda and other beautiful ones from where-ever i care little. Enjoy the gift of one human's heart bursting with Love and Joy.

  85. Anonymous8:48 am

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  86. Anonymous9:48 pm

    saya tersinggung dengan pernyataan "Ada yang bilang Indonesia tak tahu terima kasih sudah dibantu sewaktu bencana tsunami."
    dulu,pada era 70-an indonesia mengirimkan bantuan tenaga dosen,guru dan sebagainya,tapi indonesia gak pernah ungkit2 bantuan itu buat malaysia..apakah malaysia nggak tau balas jasa sama indonesia???
    masing negara punya identitas masing2, jadi berkarya lah dengan FAIR, gak usah saling mengklaim,menyalahkan,dll..klo emang blom mampu berkarya, indonesia siap membantu saudara mudanya (malaysia)..kan katanya indonesia-malaysia serumpun?