Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hey, have you signed up?

We need 5000 names. Haris Ibrahim said as of last night, the People's Parliament had 885 names.
Read the petition here.
And send your name and ID here.


  1. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Hi there Rocky. It's over 1,000 names now.

    Jeff's blog seems to be down. Anyone know anything about that?

  2. ghostline,
    got an email from jeff this morning:
    "My server is down. Webmaster is auditing the machine and has activated extra surveillance.
    There was a hacker attempt last night, though not successful."

    1000 names already!
    less than 4000 to go!

  3. Anonymous7:22 pm

    That confirms it then; I suspected it was a DDoS attack too.

    Malaysia Today is also down, and has been since a reader alerted me to it last night.

    Malaysiakini was also exceptionally slow last night at the same time.

    Cyberthugs on the loose again.

  4. YUP, kiddie and demented porn sites up and running full swing, always can access, no problemo...cannot control...tapi free speech always can control...maybe its not their kids being abused on porn sites kot...they are well protected and away from the masses of mass murderers at pasar malams and kampung barus, depa beli hair clip kat Harrods jer...cuba kalau depa put the same effort at putting down the real thugs...eh, thugs look out for each other..oh well...back to square one...

  5. Anonymous11:34 am

    rock! any other way to signed up.
    may i suggest!on paper maybe at shopping complex!

  6. why so many petitions... can't we concentrate to rpk's petition?... (just asking)...

    i suggest first thing first....

  7. Anonymous3:42 pm

    I agree with long above. Why don't the signatures in RPK combine with Haris one to make up more names?

    I think some of us didn't sign both sides. Splitting of votes weaken the fights that have a common goal.