Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pro-Corruption Agency ll

Lingam tape deadline for PKR duo. The ACA said it will throw PKR vice president R. Sivarasa and party worker Tse Zin in jail for refusing to blow the cover of the whistle-blowers in the Lingam tape.
The deadline given to the duo expires today.

Let's see what the ACA is really made of.
Screenshots has more, including the ACA's letter of threat, here.


  1. Anonymous4:42 pm


    lets start a fund to help the duo if these lapdogs from ACA proceed with their threats.

  2. Kes RM200 dalam envelop di Kubang Pasu pun boleh selesai. Itu melibatkan mantan PM yang menyerahkan tampuk pemerintahan kepada PM sekarang.

    Inikan pula kes Lingam! dan yang ingin jadi hero pula ialah orang yang keluar dari penjara dan segera diberi passport sebaik keluar, dalam era pemerintahan PM sekarang.

    Kita boleh lupakan. Pemimpin sekarang hanya perlu diam saja. They really enjoy the elegant silence.

  3. Anonymous11:01 pm

    muah ha ha...

    those rabies-infected bn dogs barking
    up the wrong tree.



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