Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First Malaysian in Space

Baikunor, Oct 10, 2007, 9.21 pm. Soyuz carrying Sheikh Muszaphar, 35, lifted off smoothly from this desert town in Kazakhstan for a 10-day space mission on the International Space Station (ISS).

The programme to send a Malaysian to space was conceived in 2003 when Russia agreed to send a Malaysian to the ISS as part of Malaysia's RM3.4 billion purchase of 18 Russian-made Sukhoi jet fighters.

Some of us were watching the lift-off "live" on Astro from the National Press Club.

There've been a lot of verbal fights about the decision to send a Malaysian up there. But to quote this person sitting across the table enjoying his glass of wine: "Call him an Angkasawan, a Cosmonaut, a Space Participant, or whatever you like ... that's the first Malaysian in space there!"

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updates, The day after:

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They forgot to credit Dr M!
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  1. Anonymous10:37 pm

    I am proud to see my fellow Malaysian to space. But I cant contain my embarassment towards my Prime Minister.

    During the launch (live coverage from KLCC) there was this one captain from US that has been up and down to ISS for 5 times.

    After the lift-off, the Prime Minister asked that captain about the Soyuz go directly to the ISS. The captain painstakingly explain that it takes 2 days for them to catch up with the ISS enabling docking to the centre.

    You are the Prime Minister, you should have access to first-hand information. Even a layman like me knows about the facts from the newspapers that cover this program months ago...

    Then, there was this one incident whereby this captain asked JJ all the way in Astana on when is the next voyage for Malaysia? JJ then tactfully passed the question back to our PM, and he innocently asked the audience where is this 2nd guy ...???!!!! He was actually looking for Kapt Dr Faiz among the audience... Does he knows that Kapt Dr Faiz is up there in Russia being a back up crew???!!!

    Oh my!! Proud moments being shadowed by lack of information by our Prime Minister.

    I may listen to it wrongly over the live telecast. But thats what my interpretation is. If I was wrong, please enlighten me.

    So sad .....

  2. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Yes he is the first Malaysian in space.

    He is a space tourist that cost our tax payer US25 millions.

  3. RM3.4 billion? That's a lot of money!! There's a lot can be done with that kind amount of money! How about improving our Education or Health? Or what about upgrading our highway to include motorcycle lanes? At least it lowers accidents to our poor motorcyclists...How about give it to couples who have no children for IVF treatment?

  4. Bro,

    Saya bersama dengan lebih kurang 1,800 orang jemputan khas menonton "the lift off" di KLCC.

    Saya rasa terharu apabila orang ramai bertepuk dan bersorak apabila Soyuz berlepas dan TV menunjukkan imej di dalam kokpit dan jelas bendera Malaysia di lengan pakaian angkasawan yang dipakai oleh Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar.

  5. Anonymous11:11 pm

    He's just one lucky fellow.

    We got a free ride for buying 18 Sukhois costing billions. We essentially paid for him to go.
    The trip was just a sweetener for the purchase.

    Question is "Does the Sukhoi really fit our needs?" Were we dazzled by the carrot (which we paid of indirectly)?

    If you watched the live telecast, our "Angkasawan" really didn't do anything important, nothing at all. He just sat there like a prop. Fear was written all over his face.

    Like I said, one lucky fellow who will come back a "hero".

    By the way, we can only say he's the "first Malaysian in space" but the first Asean national to go up there was a Vietnamese Pham Tuan many, many years ago, courtesy of mother USSR in 1980, the first Asian and the first from a developing country.

    Read all about it here:

  6. Anonymous11:13 pm

    My friend Stephen is sore saying why must only Malay goes up in space, and my answer is, it is a simple law of probability! Why there are so many blacks playing basketball because there are so many of them playing, as oppose to why so any whites playing ice hockey! So since there are many more Malays applying to go to space so go figure Stephen!
    But I would love to hear Malaysians giving praise to the first Malaysian doing what many would love to do Good luck and may you land safely!.!

  7. Anonymous11:28 pm

    I was watching the live telecast on Astro on the lift off. At the prayer session prior to the actual lift off, I was greeted with a sight i thought ruined the majesty of this historic occasion. And the sight was our PM dozing off at prayers live on TV. He was clearly drooping off and bending over towards the floor and would probably have hit the floor if the session had not ended.

  8. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Let's cheer our boy, guys. C'mon. Wish him well.
    Haha, the star sms alert has two lifts-off. First, lift off at 9.12pm, a few mins later lift-off at 9.23pm. Gulp.

  9. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Angkasawan, space participant, astronaut, cosmonaut, whatever. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. He had no hand in the dealings - backhanded or otherwise - that went on leading to this trip. He qualified and there he is at lift off. Let us celebrate as Malaysians. He deserves our best wishes and congratulations.

    Just pray that this trip will not be hijacked to promote narrow agendas ala 50th Merdeka celebrations. We don't need any satu lagi projeck oleh kerajaan BN type crap. This achievement shouldn't be sullied by the grasping ambitions of small minded politicians.

    But I don't hold out much hope. MCA bigwigs displayed such a tendency parading their smirking faces beside the bed of heart patient Hui Yi, heedless and careless of the risks to her in their quest for cheap points.

    Their BN bedfellows too will want their share of such infamy.

  10. Anonymous11:56 pm

    "Call him an Angkasawan, a Cosmonaut, a Space Participant, or whatever you like ... that's the first Malaysian in space there!"

    Hear! Hear!

    Syabas Dr. Shaik!

  11. Aha! No wonder Jakarta's pissed off with us.

    We've got one of our blokes up in space.

    On a side note, the Russians used to send monkeys in the early days of space exploration.

    Just glad that, for Malaysia, they've decided to send a real guy and leave the monkeys back in Putrajaya.

    For what it's worth, kudos to Sheikh Muszaphar.

  12. Anonymous12:52 am

    That would dishearten the skeptics. I mean why can't people give him his due credits. He IS an astronaut as far as I can understand and none of you people here who give negative comments can achieve what he achieves, not in your lifetime. Most international press call him "Malaysian astronaut", for God's sake, why do you still insist he is a mere space participant, and of course he is not spending a vacation out there in space. I am proud of our astronaut. Why question the money spent by our govt to send Doc Sheikh to the space station, the millions is still chicken feed compared to billions other nations are spending on space research and exploration. For the skeptics I would say, if you don't like anyone going to space, you can go to hell instead.

  13. The most important our Angkasawan is Malay/Muslim ... How proud Muslims all the world ... Takbir!!

  14. Anonymous1:19 am

    Sheikh Muzapher is the second Malaysian in space. Ayah Pin was the first. He is the ketua kerajaan langit some more.

  15. Anonymous1:45 am


    Can you imagine..people couldn't watch the "blast off" at Dataran Merdeka because the big screen "rosak"!
    C'mon man..people went to the moon and came back alive!

    That's Malaysian style of maintenance!


  16. Anonymous3:22 am

    yes he is the first malaysian in space. and for the racist blokes, first malay but not first muslim.So lets give the guy some credit and it is good to say a Malaysian has been to space. we should be proud and yes we paid for the trip via our tax dollars.

    and his commander on this trip is a woman, which is also a break through for the ladies.Lets cheer that too. Hopefully the religious floks are not upset about this.

    Now I totally disagree that we should send the other guy there for another USD25million or more. No thanks.Lets keep that money for better use like helping the poor. One is enough. What is next. Some minister wants to go or do a Azalina with the Everest expedition.


    "the millions is still chicken feed compared to billions other nations are spending on space research and exploration. For the skeptics I would say, if you don't like anyone going to space, you can go to hell instead."

    bro you must try to differentiate what they are doing and what we are doing. we are spending money to send a man into space, piggy back riding on a program that was researched and funded by other countries, Russia for the rockets, others for the ISS. we are not doing any research!!! very much like what the tourist paid for his ride into space. So one man paid for the trip and we as a nation are doing it, what research is that.Exploration? well yes and no.Nothing ground breaking other than first Malaysian into space.

    So lets get the facts right before we ask one to go to hell.

  17. Anonymous3:37 am

    "Call him an Angkasawan, a Cosmonaut, a Space Participant, or whatever you like ... that's the first Malaysian in space there!"

    But the Malaysian looks so nervous inside the space cab. Whilst the other two crew members seems busy checking and updating their position with the control centre on the ground, our man just as good as a robot. Only a while after been realized his image was aired live via NASA Imaging Systems then only the guy started to flip over few notes. Definetely it is just another tourist program to the outer space. Poor Malaysians!!!

  18. Spaceman,

    Dr Sheikh is an orthopaedic doctor who happened to be chosen to fill up a slot that the Russians opened for Malaysia due to a business deal. This business deal is funded by the Malaysian taxpayers.

    Is he an astronaut or space participant or whatever? Doesn't matter much to me but the bigger question is what happens after he completes the trip and returns to Malaysia ? Does he go back to medicine and instead of his part time modelling, will he be speaking on the lecture circuit on his experience ? As far as I know, Malaysia does not have a space program - so what is the purpose of this taxpayers expense ?

    A temporary "feel-good" event ? That's a lot of money to spend on a satu kali sahaja acara.

    It is chicken feed compared to the billions that other countries spend, I agree. But their budgets are also way bigger than ours. I can't think of any developing country who has a space program, so perhaps Malaysia might want to be first ?

    The space programs developed by other countries have also brought changes to the man in the street - teflon and freeze dried food/drink are two examples. I'm not aware of what tangible benefit Doc Sheikh will bring to the Malaysian public.

    At the end of the day, as Malaysians, we are proud that a Malaysian has been lauchned in to space. But why is it that I feel cheated ?

  19. Anonymous4:11 am

    "Call him an Angkasawan, a Cosmonaut, a Space Participant, or whatever you like ... that's the first Malaysian in space there!"


  20. Anonymous5:01 am

    Let's put things in perspective. The government paid US$25 million to put one man in space. It must be the most expensive joy ride of the century. Imagine how much we can utilise the money. Imagine the thousands of poor people who could benefit. Come on man, what is our priority. Our PM says putting our man in space is a big step forward but i dont see how our country can benefit. Right now, only russia, US, India and China are involved in the space race. Dont come to tell me countries like Britain, SWeden, Norway are useless just because they are not bothered about going to space. Malaysia doesnt seem to get its priorities right.

  21. Anonymous5:22 am

    dulu time ada offer, apasal tak de ramai orang nak apply, masa apply bukan senang, 1st test je dah test fitness, ingat semua boleh lepas ke?

    klu pun bangsa lain dapat naik, syukur la sorang anak malaysia dapat naik, yang nak timbul isu apasal melayu naik tu ini apasal, masa 10 teratas pilihan tu ada beberapa bangsa bukan melayu/muslim kan, tapi lepas kena tapis lagi ada yang kecundang

    boleh tak aku rumuskan bahawa apabila orang melayu/muslim dapat naik angkasa lepas kena tapis dengan ketat dikira "bantuan" tapi kalau orang cina naik free tanpa ditapis langsung dari hari 1 adalah dikira sebagai "bakti"?

  22. Anonymous5:34 am


    Yes, we have sent someone up there. Nevermind by what ever name he is called, astronaut or astrocargo. We can now thumb our noses at Singapore and Indonesia and a whole bunch of nations surrounding us.

    But let's hope this small step for a Malaysian will be a big leap for the entire nation where progress is concerned. Don't be like the historic night where at Merdeka Square, which received so much publicity to have the wargakota gather at witness the lift-off, turned out to be a farce when the giant monitor refused to be switched on. If not for the TV3 crew which provided a 14-inch TV, many would not have seen the majestic event. Across the world we are sending a man to space and right down here in the capital of the country which is send a man to space we are not capable of turning on a giant TV monitor. Who are we kidding that we have all the technology and capable to use it? Hang pikiak la banyak banyak. Takkan laer nak jadi jago kampung je..
    Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir batin.

  23. Anonymous5:45 am

    boleh tak aku rumuskan bahawa apabila orang melayu/muslim dapat naik angkasa lepas kena tapis dengan ketat dikira "bantuan" tapi kalau orang cina naik free tanpa ditapis langsung dari hari 1 adalah dikira sebagai "bakti"?

    see what I mean? Space technologi, longkang mentality. Oi kawan, can you bugger not be racist? Sikit sikit throw in racist card. Podah..

  24. Anonymous7:42 am

    "The most important our Angkasawan is Malay/Muslim ... How proud Muslims all the world ... Takbir!!"

    Yes you are right but he is in the hand of the commander whom is a Christian...So christian can be more proud than......Takbir!!

  25. Anonymous7:44 am

    A great leap forward borrowed from Chairman Mao...

    Once our oil field run dry we are back to eating ubi kayu.

  26. Anonymous8:00 am

    I have nothing against the good Dr.personally. The trip is there for the taking.Its offered,he applied,qualified and accepted .So i will not hold anything against him.

    So, now we have a spaceman up there. How much did it cost us? To me we can translate the cost to something to make life easier for more Malaysian. Like petrol cost,and if we have to, absorb the cost of rising food items. Can we spare that RM ? Why we may even give the the Police that super-duper equipment to prevent crime.

    Pride is good.But pride of sending a man to space ( not with our technology,mind you) is pretty meaningless. A year down the road ---will we still have this euphoria ?

    Siggghhh....still its better than someONE to buy another jet, yatch and what have you.
    Next time we do this , lets send the Putra Jaya monkeys -not to space ,but to the sun or the BlacK Hole...

    and , sincerely Dr., come back safely.

  27. To Anonymus 3.37:

    You are looking at it from negative point of view. The others has roles to play as captain and flight engineer. Our cosmonouts will execute his roles as cosmonouts and scientist upon arrival at the ISS.

    Come on. Please be pround.

    Why we can only be pround when some Mat Salleh or non-malays are doing it?

    Agree with "Steven the mamak" that some of us here still have longkang mentality when we already embaracing space technology.

    What a shame.

  28. A first Malaysian in space
    Now Malaysia walks a bit taller
    Amongst the developed nations
    Telling Malaysia on the rise

    In the country
    PM, his cabinet and the people
    Smiling happily for the occasion
    The blast off perfect
    A doctor in space

    Yet I am not jubilant
    Our space is our backdoors
    The leaders pocket billions
    Not to walk tall but tall in money
    Leaving the people poor
    Finding life hard to live by

    This is wool over the eyes
    Let the people forget sometimes
    Excavating billions out of the nation
    Leaving pittance for the people

    And the people celebrate
    All colors in one unity
    The billions walk away
    Out of their eyes
    They think it is for space exploration

    Malaysia walks tall
    Backdoors the poor cry
    The millions can be used
    To feed and upgrade them

    Though I am happy
    We have a Malaysian in space
    Yet my heart bleeds
    For the poor and needy
    And the economy………..

    Ah….this is Malaysia Bolih
    What more can I say
    Money talks my friend
    So the people will forget

  29. Anonymous9:28 am

    rikki u got it wrong la the prime minister knows that he is on video when he asked for captain dr faiz...surely la he expect dr faiz to surface in astana and not in malaysia hapa la lu!!!

  30. Anonymous9:31 am

    flying kite your level of patriotism is like the kite that youre flying unlike the space tourist as you term this young malaysian whom you as a malaysian should be proud of.....imagine if it had been your relative or son you would be singing a different song....chet... call yourself a malaysian!!!

  31. Anonymous9:35 am

    Whatever he is, it's not really because of talent and brains. The rakyat paid for it. Worse still NASA and Russia STILL claim he is a space participant on internet. But we heard astronaut. Many felts so cheated when he flies.

  32. Anonymous9:37 am

    what's the big deal? it's all hype by the government for their re-election campaign.

    If it wasn't for the purchase of the military hardware from Russia, would a Malaysian be in outer space? Was there any concrete plan in the first place for ANY space studies in the 1st place?

    I refuse to be suck into all the hype of this guy being the 1st Malaysian in space. Seems to me, he got there through some shady deals and not through his OWN REAL achievement.

    Give me sponge-bob any time.

  33. Bah! Malas la nak komen....but I will...before reaching for the stars for some hollow, temporary glory, look down at those still dok scraping the dirt on this earth...kais pagi makan pagi...

  34. Bah! Malas la nak komen....but I will...before reaching for the stars for some hollow, temporary glory, look down at those still dok scraping the dirt on this earth...kais pagi makan pagi...

  35. Anonymous9:44 am

    spaceman....well said la...lots of people are so jealous and narrow minded.....and we talk of all races should be called we have certain individuals who ask why a malay is chosen and not other race.....but the individual drink and mix with mostly malays in the press the individual genuinely a friend or what!!!

    to you dr sheikh muzaphar may you and your fellow astranauts come back safe amd make us TRUE MALAYSIANS proud.

  36. Anonymous9:48 am


  37. Anonymous9:52 am


  38. Anonymous10:01 am

    I commend Sheikh for his abilities and achievements. He must have the qualities to be chosen among many aspiring Mlaysians for the mission. it is a personal triumph to him.

    Is it a triumph for the bolehland? No, no, no. Any country can do what this one does, by depending totally on Russia to send a person into space; provided of course the country has enough taxpayers' money to spend.

    Mind you I'm not a racist. The issue here is purely about the confidence of this government in managing our money. It has squandered so much of the maney on wasteful projects that people are losing confidence in it. Can you blame the people for being so sceptical about this space programme after so many so-called' lofty' programmes have gone down the drains together with the taxpayers' money?

    So kudos to Sheikh, but never to the country.

  39. Anonymous10:05 am

    Congratulations to the good doctor.
    All Malaysians should be happy.
    Malaysia celebrates 50 years
    Reaching for the stars.
    We should now grow and build
    our own rocket and spaceship,
    Like our other Asian brothers
    Japan,India and China.
    This will spur the space industry locally.
    Maybe one day we touchbase the MOON.

    Maniam Peter.

  40. Asil said,

    RM3.4 billion? That's a lot of money!! There's a lot can be done with that kind amount of money!

    I agree with you that they should improve the education, health,road etc but that 3.4 billion was spent to improve our defence. Furthermore we need those Sukhoi. We cant let our pilot on old fighter. It is just like sending them straight to the grave.

  41. Malay or chinese or indian or iban etc. Who cares...
    He is Malaysian.

    Proud to be Malaysian.

  42. Anonymous10:16 am

    How come this became a racial fight pulak? lol

    The first woman space tourist paid US$20mil for the ride. We paid RM95mil, on top of the billions ringgit deal. Feel the leaks?

    When the very first escalator was built in a supermarket in my little hometown, people flocked from all neigbouring villages for first-ever rides. They must had the same ecstatic feeling :)

  43. I do agree .. he is the first Malaysian in space. He worked hard, stayed mentally and physically fit, stayed focused, stayed on top, amongst the bunch that were sent for training and selection. I'm sure he knows how he was sent there, and who's paying for his trip - he's got to deal with the public's negative flack, added with the pre-launch jitters and fears that all cosmonauts, astronauts, whatevernauts.
    I am proud of his personal achievements (having gone thru full training and preparation, his credentials as a doc, etc). I'm just not proud of how our government sent him.

  44. Anonymous10:42 am

    USD 25 Millinos up in smoke.

    Do our pilots have enough spare parts to keep the new planes up in the air?

    Do they have enough training so that they dont get their fannies shot by our enemies... whoever they may be....

    PM sleeping again... whats new?

  45. Anonymous10:49 am

    A jutaan pernghargaan for Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the visionary Prime Minister for 22 1/3 year for his drive to do something quantum leap like this mission.

    Syabas to Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie to be accorded with earlier space explorers like Maj. Yuri Gagarin, Alan Sheppard, Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell and the works. So it takes us 46 years later than these whites BUT we are definitely far ahead compared to Indonesians, who started aerospace industry more than 30 years ago, Singaporeans who mastered avionics and Vietnamese who had been a very close political and military ally to then Soviet Union (now Russia), in this region.

    Sekalung bunga to Dato’ Dr. Mazlan Othman ho was the pioneer of this but conveniently left out for this historical moment.

    Good show to the people who worked tirelessly to put a Malay doctor in space and gave him opportunity to do medical and bio-technological experiments and research in space, for the betterment of mankind through science. I know because he is conducting research on behalf of my bro-in-law, who a leading geneticist in this country.

    Boo Hoo to the sore losers with a really sore thumb who think this project and mission with lesser thoughts. It is BIG DEAL and a major step for Malaysians!

  46. Anonymous11:25 am

    No big deal, give me USD 25 mil; even I also can become a spa ce tourist (Bolehnaut).

  47. Anonymous11:53 am

    I am proud of Dr Shaik as the first Malaysian in space. But I do wish that the live telecast of the angkasawan launch at KLCC had been more secular in tone. But they seem to have given it a Malay_muslim slant, to the extent of even showing the magjrib paryaers. I would have thought Muslims watching would be praying and not be in front of the Tv set then. So it would have made more sense for Astro to show more informational stuff during that period when non_muslims would the ones in front of their tv.
    I am a Muslim, by the way. But that is really what I would have done if I had been programming director or whatver such guys are called.

  48. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Our PM was an embarrassment yesterday during the launch with his inane comments. And among other happenings, there was a moment when he camera showed him cupping a hand over one side of his mouth to presumably pick his teeth.Did anybody notice that historic moment?

    And all this while I thought all cameramen know that they should never show people chewing or picking their teeth on Tv. Or maybe whoever did the cutaway shot to the PM wanted to 'sabo' him !! If so, then Syabas to him !!!

    and did you all notice how Mahdzir Lokamn was sucking up to the Pm and to Najib. One would have thought these two were the ones going up . ( Come to think of it, sending Badawi up and not bringing him back would be a good idea! ) Mahadzir must be thinking of future lucrative govt-linked hosting jobs.

  49. And the verbal fight continues...

    If there is a positive aspect to this event, perhaps, our government should re-consider the possibility of setting up a space port in Sabah which was proposed sometime back. The main advantage is the equatorial location which apparently lessens the gravity pull during a launch, hence, reduces the fuel load required. For example, France have theirs done in South America and the U.S in Florida.

    The idea then was to approach the leading participants in space exploration i.e in satellite launches, to invest in the research and infrastructure, etc with Malaysia providing the location and manpower to build the space port. Perhaps, it will also generate an interest within the locals to venture into related engineering sectors which will have dual and/or spin-off applications benefiting other industries.

    It would be ideal if this is a private sector effort rather than one by the government (for obvious mitigating reasons i.e. leakages, bureaucratic red tape, etc).

    China have recently gone ahead to build another space port and maybe, it's not too late to approach them. Or Japan, India and Russia as well to make it an international effort as done with the ISS project.

    Think about it, folks. It's a lot better than having the vision to 'blast off' one another here at Rocky's.

    *Dons kevlar protective gear in anticipation of incoming brickbats*

  50. Anonymous12:07 pm


    paklah kamu memalukan! sebelum p attend majlis ni buatlah homework sikit! jangan tanya soalan-soalan bodoh mcm kamu duk merapu di kepala batas.

    woi, budak-budak tingkat 4, kamu pun duk tidoq sama ke?

  51. Anonymous12:20 pm

    bila kita nak merdeka orang melayu kena bagi kerakyatan kepada orang ..... & orang ..... lepas tu kerakyatan ni tak boleh ditarik balik sehingga keanak cucu cicit dan seterusnya.
    akibatnya ekonomi terus dikuasai oleh orang-orang ini. sekarang dia nak kuasai negara ini. pernah dengar teori 'lord of the rims'.

  52. i feel ashamed that i'm not proud of the 1st malaysian in space
    i feel happy for the space tourist from malaysia.. yes, he's the 1st malaysian to do it
    we have to ask ourselves, what is the significance of this programme? putting a malaysian in the space, that's it?
    with that amount of $$, it can be put to much better use

  53. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Sheikh is not the only Malaysian in orbit. We, majority are also drifting in "another" orbit between a sunless inflation and a lunatic government.

    There will be more erected "spins" to intoxicate the gullible voters from this crafty publicity stunt. This is indeed the greatest achievement of this administration in the past 4 years or so. At great expense of your ringgit, the taxpayers.


  54. The First Malaysian in Space

    Malaysia finally sends a Malaysian into space courtesy of the Russians. Finally, after months of training, the Malaysian astronaut and a chimpanzee are blasted off into space.

    Once in orbit, the Malaysian waits for instructions. The screen flickers and the instrucions are flashed on it:

    "Chimpanzee, execute space manuever No. 23B"

    The chimp takes over flight control and carries out the manuever. The Malaysian astronaut is impressed but patient... he knows his instructions will come and they'll probably be more complex than what the chimp just did.

    The screen flickers again and more instructions appear:

    "Chimpanzee, carry out scientific experiment No. 234"

    The chimp goes to the lab and mixes chemicals and carries out all sorts of complex scientific experiments. While he's doing this, the Malaysian astronaut is impatient. He speaks to Ground Control tru the comm link: "Eh Control, how come I got nothing to do man... train for so long but the monyet does all the important work but I'm smarter than the monyet"

    Finally Ground Control responds: "Be patient, your instructions are coming soon"

    Finally, the monkey rejoins the Malaysian astronaut and they wait for the instructions from the screen.

    The screen flickers and the message appears....

    "Prepare for new instructions...."

    A small door under the screen opens. Inside, there is a compartment with a wrapped item inside.....

    "Malaysian astronaut, remove the item and unwrap then wait for further instructions"

    The Malaysian astronaut unwraps the item and finds a banana inside. "Must be biogenetic banana" he thinks...

    The screen flickers again....

    "Malaysian astronaut, please feed the monkey"

  55. Anonymous1:05 pm

    I miss the live telecast, I got no Astro. Keep on switching free channels but....really disappointed. How to inspire youngsters with no Astro?

  56. Anonymous1:19 pm

    1stly, congratulations to dr sheikh.

    but just like those guys that sailed round the world, scaled the highest peak, swam the english channel, strolled up & down the north/south poles...

    after spending obscene amount of money on all these expeditions, so what?

    is it just becos of pride? or just to make the s'porean/indonesians pissed off?

    just like all those guys before him, when he touches down those jokers in bn will parade him in every nooks & corners of the countries.

    just like those guys before him, he will get a datukship.

    but unlike those guys before him, the bodowi guy will put him up as a candidate in the next ge... at least that better than those monkey, bodoh, bocor, racist etc mp

  57. Anonymous1:20 pm

    That can go to the Malaysian Book of Records. No doubt.

    Proud is okay. But I don't think it's another "Malaysia Boleh". I would agree if you say Malaysia Ringgit Boleh. Better don't behave like a clown.

    I'm proud a Malaysian is in space, finally. But, I won't think we have achieved anything technologically. That's a fact we should know. And should not be overly proud.

    To find out what Malaysian astronaut means, read here. Malaysian government is promoting space tourism!

    The russians and americans does not care if you call yourselves astronaut. To them, we are "tourists" and their potential customers and you can be proud of it if you like, as long as you pay USD25million.

  58. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Thrashed - Have to clarify a fact. Malaysia have a space program, the vision of the great Mamak Bendahara, Tun Dr Mahathir and it is under development. Maan maan lo.

    Dr Mazlan (lady) used to head this Agency that used to come under the PM Department but has now moved under MOSTI.

    One thing I know for sure the existance of a Malaysian Space Program is the fact that my sister in law is doing her Doctorate in Aerospace and her sister doing Masters in it.

    There are two Universities already giving courses in Sains Angkasa Lepas.

    Space program like NASA is one of the major impetus in developing scientific finding in the US. In my varsity days in the US, I used to be involved under my Prof doing research in material using grant from NASA. My brother used to be involved in NASA research in communication under his prof.

    If we learnt highway building to revive economy in 80s, from US post WW II experiance, whats wrong emulating the US to develop our science and technology.

    Look! We used to hear Malaysians disputing Malaysians ability to build own cars. We ridicule "Malaysia Boleh" to the point we forget that Malaysians can do many things if they are given opportunity and support to do. Lets just add this into the list of things Malaysian are sceptic of Malaysian.

    Why bother about what the ignorant taxpayers say? Do they know what they want? As far as I know, most of these barking taxpayers are selfish self absorb bunch, and they only think about themselves. Or they are drunkard at some bar, dishing out wisdom from their beer bottle. Best to ignore.

    If thats the cost of sending, that is the cost of sending a Malaysian out in space. Why make comparisons? In that case, why have for example, internet and broadband, lets spend it on plantation workers homes? Or maybe have a super duper sewerage system?

    All have to address, and allocated for. Work within the allocation. MOSTI spent whats affordable and allocated. Anyway, doesn't having no astronaut program means our Sukhoi purchase will be nay cheaper.

    Steven the Mamak

    As much as you do not like it. I believe all these criticisms are levelled becasue the first and second stronaut are Malays. If its an Indian (who commendably happened to make the last 3), you would defend it like your life depend on it, even if it is clearly written as astro-tourist.

    Not being racist, it is just reality. I've live with these realities all my life.

    Anything that is good and great achievements cannot be Malay. Aren't Malay supposed to be stereotyped as corrupt, inefficient, lazy and subsidy mentality? It serves the Nanyang Chinese pscycho war agenda on Malays! If you are sick to hear this reality, I am sick looking at this repeated habit for decades!

    For me, if the Angkasawan had been Indian or Chinese, I would be just as proud just like when we had two Indians planting the Malaysian flag on Mt. Everest and our Chinese badminton players beating Indonesia in Thoms Cup.

    I support Malaysia/(n) not only in such achievements, I will support the National team agst MyTeam, Petronas agst Shell..., Proton agst Mercedes ..., Maybank agst Citiank, HSBC, ... etc etc etc

  59. Anonymous2:17 pm

    plis ppl... stop all those racial slurs & sh*t...

    give yourself a chance to grow up a bit... those immature & childish rantings doesn't do any good to anyone.

    don't deviate from the immediate & real issue in our society today - rotten goverment.

    so let us come together and remove this harmful & dangerous element from the system.

  60. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Maybe we should recommend Putrajaya as a possible launch pad. There is always enough gases to power our Rocket. The moon is only an arm length away under a watching eye. And gavity don't seem to work no matter how grave is a situation. Our cabinauts are expert on MJ moonwalk. Besides didn't we intend to export monkeys. Sending them to space won't be a waste at all. Aye...Putrajaya is ideal for a launch pad.

    Bon Voyage Dr. Sheikh. You lucky fellow. Please ignore my pasquinade. It is really really really not for you. Malaysians wish you well. obnoxious9

  61. Anonymous2:27 pm

    I don't understand why we should proud of our "First Malaysian in Space"? First, the spaceship is not ours, the space station is also not ours and the pilot is also non malaysian!

    It is merely "Number 1 Malaysian Space Tourist".

  62. this space programme has nothing to do with race.. it makes no difference whether a malay or chinese is being sent to space.. where does this programme takes us? yes, we can say the US Nasa's programme bears a lot of fruits, a lot of new tech transpired from space programme.. however, lets be frank this is malaysia.. if we were to emphasise a lot on innovation, r&d- we'll be quite successful.. u don't need a space programme for advancement in science.. we have a national car project, where have that brought us? it's just the way it is in malaysia, other countries move few times forward but we are still sipping our fav teh tarik.. people who opposes the space programme should not slander the malaysian 'astronaut'.. we should look at the bigger picture

  63. Anonymous2:46 pm

    peluang untuk migrate ke new zealand, australia atau united state terbuka kepada mereka yang tak suka duduk kat malaysia.
    orang yang paling tak 'racist' ialah orang melayu. mereka percaya sangat dengan orang lain. cuba lihat kedai-kedai orang bukan melayu. mereka boleh berniaga dan ramai orang melayu berkunjung. tengok kat shah alam 99% orang melayu. kedai orang bukan melayu tetap maju tak pun orang melayu tak pergi kedai orang bukan melayu. kedai orang melayu di kawasan orang bukan melayu tak akan ada orang bukan melayu yang datang. lihat syarikat orang melayu ramai pengurus-pengurus bukan melayu mendapat peluang bekerja tetapi syarikat bukan melayu kalau ada pun bahagian HR. sekarang pun HR kena fasih bahasa ibunda bukan melayu. orang melayu bercakap tentang perkauman untuk mengingatkan kaum melayu sendiri. kaum bukan melayu bercakap tentang perkauman untuk mencetuskan polemik antara kaum.

  64. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Selamat jalan Dr. Angasawan dan semuga selamat kembali. Of course we are proud of him.

    Overheard Interview:
    CNN: What is your next project PM?
    PM: To send our next angkasawan to Sun
    CNN: Dont you think that will be too hot?
    PM: No, we will go at night!

    Selamat hari raya everyone!

  65. Yes, Malaysian's first, only and last astronaut, for the next, oh, give and take, a hundred years or so.

    But in between that hundred years (my bet) is that a Chinese Malaysian or ex-Malaysian citizen Chinese will work his way up, having done his phd research, and is a valuable and contributing member of the space team, what more to say the human race, and become an astronaut out of his/her own brain and braun.

    If the Malays are still in power during that time, we will hear nary a peep about this even in the near future.

  66. Errr... Which one again among the contenders that is gay?

    Sometimes back someone said one of them was gay.

    Saja tanya jee...

  67. Anonymous4:05 pm

    I am amazed by how stupid malaysians have become. Their inferiority complex is growing by the day. They are looking for any opportunity to claim "malaysia boleh" Ha Ha. Some of you idiots are saying that because one bodoh sit in russian rocket to space means bododland one up on Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and others.
    The smarter ones here already stated that this bodoh is a tourist and this is arussian space program, not bodohland's program lah! What is there to be proud of. Singapore, Indonesia are rich enough and can also come up with the money to send a tourist to space if they want to.
    Come to think of it, now I remember. back in those days when Russian and USA send monkeys to space, there were reports of (chimpnzees, orand utans) in the zoos and forest of southeast asia making a huge din. Many people wonder why then. I think now we know that those primates were as proud( that is why all the noises and chants) then as the bodohs are now.

  68. Anonymous4:18 pm

    An African-Ameriacan woman,Jackson was born in Washington......Just when she was getting a chance to go to a better school,the Russians launched Sputnik in 1957, and the US government became obsessed with educating young people to become scientist and engineers,a trend that was intensified by John F.Kennedy's commitment to a manned space program.When Kennedy spoke about putting a man on the moon,Shirley Ann Jackson was one of the millions of American young people who were listening.His words,she recalled, "inspired,assisted,and launched many of my generation into science,engineering,and mathematics," and the breakthroughs and inventions they spawned went well beyond the space program."The space race was really a science race,"she said.

    ...she ultimately became the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D in physics from 1995 was appointed by president Clinton to chair the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

    [taken from The World is Flat by Thomas L.Friedman]

    A long journey starts with the first step.Russia starts with Yuri Gagarin.US with Alan Shepard.Malaysia with Sheikh Muzaffar.

    Hope our first astronaut (space tourist,cosmonout,whatever..) program could inspired our younger Malaysian to have interest in science,engineering and mathematics.

    Malaysia Boleh!!

  69. Anonymous4:20 pm

    The world say malaysian astronaut. Here we have racist buggers going malay la, muslim la etc. Come on, just be proud that there is a malaysian up there in space. I'm proud of a malaysian there in space. But what benefits is it going to bring to the nation other than some bragging rights. Not first asian, SEA, muslim, doctor...ok ok over Spore and Indon and Bangla. What benefits? so please do not send the 2nd guy. save the money for better use.

    The guy qualified on merit but this is malaysia, so no matter if a malay qualified on merit, it doesn't matter cos at the end of the day there are always question marks due to NEP. Time for the malays to stand on their own 2 feet and show they are truly a proud race and 'can do it' attitude. as long as there is NEP and building on weakness and always asking for help/crutches for 20 years and indefinitely, don't blame others for questioning the merit.

    and for fellows who say he just sat there and nervous, scared la. Being nervous is normal.Scared so what..he is human after all! But sitting there while you are being hurled into space at 8km/sec is not easy job man with all the G force. some of us will shit in our pants. So give him credit la.

  70. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Reality check everyone.

    RM95 millions. What can we do with that amount of money for the benefits of every Malaysian?

    Glory. Glory. Glory.
    Glorified space tour.

    We sent him to space but we failed to

    1. sent 700 Bangladeshis back to their hometown after being stranded at KLIA for weeks.

    2. We need to catch three ( 3 ) culprits for Nurin `s case. Two suspect as per foto fit and one idiot who distribute the post-mortem picture via internet.

    3. That good money should be given to Dato Abdul Azeez - Putera Umno , to finance Mat Rempit for a Malaysia Boleh funny expedition.

    4. By more CCTV for security perpose especially at shopping malls . to minimise robs and rapes.

    5. Have more Smart Tag lanes - to minimise the dyfunctional of Proton Cars power window at driver side when paying tolls.

    Imagine the possibilities.

    Anyway congratulations. What is done is done.

    John Labu.

  71. Anonymous4:59 pm

    It's about opportunity cost. Everyone and every nation have to face this phenomenon. If I buy this nice shirt I may not have enough to purchase a nice dinner for my kids or if I marry A who have the attributes of PA I may lose out on the understanding and patience of B and so forth. The issue is not whether to send or not to send but the opportunities foregone if one went ahead. I think no one here is disputing the fact that Malaysia has the money but it also has to use a lot of money to develope further the universities where every graduate will have a place to study of their choice, decrease cost of medical, lessen poverty irrespective of race or gender, salary increase of our police and military force and so many other things to improve on the living standards of the poor. You know when you are poor, desolated, abandoned etc the 1st Malaysian to the outer space don't really mean much. I feel the money could have been used for the betterment of a wider section of the population. Others have my blessings to disagree.

  72. Anonymous5:00 pm

    "Why bother about what the ignorant taxpayers say?"

    Now, you are undermining and taking taxpayers for granted.

    "Do they know what they want?"

    Yes. The governemnt just does not listen.

    "As far as I know, most of these barking taxpayers are selfish self absorb bunch, and they only think about themselves. Or they are drunkard at some bar, dishing out wisdom from their beer bottle."

    Do your study correctly dude, how many percent of the malaysian citizens are drunkards? As a matter of fact, the selfish ones are those corrupt government officials. One corrupt official is enough to bring the country down.

    "Anything that is good and great achievements cannot be Malay. Aren't Malay supposed to be stereotyped as corrupt, inefficient, lazy and subsidy mentality? It serves the Nanyang Chinese pscycho war agenda on Malays! If you are sick to hear this reality, I am sick looking at this repeated habit for decades!"

    But dude, most reality in Malaysia is "made up" by having quotas. I'm not sure about the recruitment for the Angkasawan Malaysia. But why was there a column for race or ethnicity in the application form?

    "For me, if the Angkasawan had been Indian or Chinese, I would be just as proud just like when we had two Indians planting the Malaysian flag on Mt. Everest and our Chinese badminton players beating Indonesia in Thoms Cup.

    I support Malaysia/(n) not only in such achievements, I will support the National team agst MyTeam, Petronas agst Shell..., Proton agst Mercedes ..., Maybank agst Citiank, HSBC, ... etc etc etc"

    This, I agree.

  73. Anonymous5:01 pm

    So what if we have a Malaysian in space? What does that prove? That we are equals to the space-faring nations? What a load of crap! When we take at a deep look at our beloved Malaysia and see the unhealthy state of the nation, we will come down to earth with a thud. Of course the space flight is Dr M's initiative... one of his several ego trips.

  74. Anonymous5:16 pm

    "Call him an Angkasawan, a Cosmonaut, a Space Participant, or whatever you like ... that's the first Malaysian in space there!"

    what ever it is, i'm still proud of him... he've tried his best to be the first astronouts or space tourist (whatever you call him)... it's not as easy as buying sukhois for the government...

  75. Anonymous5:29 pm

    tehsin mukhtar
    10.01 am

    Well said ! My exact sentiment in my posting above.

  76. Anonymous5:41 pm

    I don't see what the big deal is about this guy going up into space. There have been 5 monkeys that have gone into space before him. Perhaps he is assigned to making sure that they are well fed.

  77. Guys, let's give the good-looker all the credit he deserves. He trained for almost a year after a gruelling selection process. He excelled in his training and now he is the first amongst us. Be proud for him. Lets not go into the how or why behind this entitlement to include a Malaysian in this mission. We forget that anything could and still can happen. I watched live in the Bahamas and saw the last fatal disaster. Everyone of the astronauts is aware of the possibility of something going wrong....its like going into frontline. No wonder, we cannot produce wine in this coutry...our grapes are too sour. So countrymen, think positive for this brave doctor. That is the least he deserves from us onery folks.

  78. Forget about Malay/Chinese/Indian for once will ya'll???!
    For crying out loud he is a Malaysian! PERIOD!
    As for him being a spaceflight participant or astronaut, that's debatable.
    In the Challenger was Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space. She was referred to as a crew member of the Challenger, not Astronaut. If we want to call our man Angkasawan, its our prerogative, him being the first Malaysian is indeed an achievement.
    As to his experiments, his training as a Doctor may help somewhat. But that's as far as it goes. I am not certain if he can assist in technical matters, but I am sure he is able to read manuals and assist if the need arises. Having spent one year in training, I am certain the Russians will not just 'let him in for the ride'.
    All said it was a historical moment for lets see how historic it gets on November 10th!

  79. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Who is this guy that so many of you think so highly of him? He is a space tourist and we tax payer is paying for him. What have we achieved?

    To me the following Malaysian achieved a lot more than this Mat space for one simple reason; They don't waste our tax payer money!

    Michelle Yeoh

    Siti Nurhaliza


    Ah Niu

    Be a proud Malaysian but not a "blind" Malaysian.

  80. Shar101..kevlar brick coming your way: You sinister, spying....(I promised one only...gentlemen keep their word)...can take off kevlar now cherie..

    Big Dog, did you miss out the "sian" to the Propor Noun Adjective before "Doctor" on purpose? You are fortunate you are my friend or else kevlar wont help ....TO ALL MY MUSLIM BUDDIES AND BUDDETTES...SELAMAT HARI bring some rendang and lemang to the NPC when you have done celebrating. Yes? Thanks.

  81. In 83, when I was in my science class in the US, we held up class to watch the first Space Shuttle blast off. Its amazing but I was among American being proud of American achievement. I felt nothing!

    Yesterday, its nothign amazing. Same ciggerette like space craft blasting off, two stage separations and all that. But its an emotional one. Simply becasue we are seeing a Malaysian sitting with two astronaunt and cosmonaut from two leading space countries going off together to outer space.

    Whatever sceptic Shanghai Fish is saying, it felt great too! (When is Shanghai Fish not ever a sceptic?) I savoured that moment.

    If TDM had remain PM or allowed to play a role, he'd make something useful out of it. I dunno will Pak Lah make anything useful out of it ... seeing and listening him speak on stage, he was like a misplace country bumpkin gibbering nonsense and asking inappropriate stupid question at inappropriate time. Smart!!!

    Did we agree already for Dr Faiz to be next Astronaut? Why he commit himself then?

  82. Anonymous8:46 pm

    At the end of the day
    Even as the adults berate one another.
    It is the children who will be inspired and one day be space scientists themselves.
    Dont be surprised that this group of scientists will be from all the races available in Malaysia.
    Yes, this success is just the beginning.
    Care not for the smallminded.


  83. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Passenger, Bolehnaut, Astronok, or whatever, lets congratulate Dr.Muszaphar on getting to be the first Malaysian to be in space. I prefer the money be used to send our Mat Space to ISS to perform his experiments and strenghten ties with the Russians and US. Its better than it flowing into the pockets of some corrupt politician in the guise of another useless megaproject.

    On the other hand, this event certainly won't immediately cure all the national problems we're having. Nor does it make our aerospace sector more advanced than other SE Asian nations, unlike what another commenter said. Remember we just bought a ticket from the Russies. Also, Vietnam has sent an astronaut to space before... also on a Soviet rocketship.

    At times, I wonder if he isn't really the first astronaut. Looking at our own politicians with their perspective so far detached from the common people, one can't help but think that their minds are floating about in outer space.

  84. Anonymous10:15 pm

    the idea of sending mankind into space is superb and mind boggling! plus he is the first Malays muslim ever.

    I cherish of the success, but let's not forget at whats cost!

  85. Anonymous12:40 am

    I would rather the millions be spent on something like this, than go into someone's coffers. To spend on more purposeful use? Won't happen. Remember the cash we threw for tsunami victims so that they can get their homes back? Now they have to pay for the homes. So where's the money? If there are more spare millions/billions, send our astronauts to Jupiter next.

  86. Anonymous11:27 am

    kudos fo this fella Dr Syeikh Muzaffar for having the BRAIN & BODY to be given opportunity to venture the space in 10days..

    For those typical racist default mind set like stephen guy, many nerd out there really fit in the bill for physical endurance test? Try not to drink and eat for 14hours a day for one month, can ya? Wake up la..we all living in 21st century! Live out of those cocun.. Lucky this is just a package with the 3.4billion MIG Sukhoi fighter..otherwise curse them!

    Be it Robert Kwok, Ananda or al-Bukhari..they are more than enough to fund themselves and you cosmo desperado guys for a space tourism trip..Go and start licking their boots now!

    2nd astronout! Gila ka? we're talking USD25mil or nearly RM100mil taxpayer money!
    Pak Lah, wake up! Stop dreaming!
    Before throwing all the money to the outer space better solve the problem on earth first!:
    1) crime rate on the rise
    2) The gap between the poor and the rich getting extreme
    3) esclating real inflation rate! (not the manipulated figure)
    4) public transport
    5)health & free basic education like the developed country

    Syok sendiri! the only thing i would rather fund with my tax pay right now is to sponsor a one way trip to outerspace for those guys like Samy Velu, Nazri, Zam and other bunch of clown ministers including the chief cabinet cosmonout and his deputy (ya.. not to forget the son in-law who call people monkey)!

    People who daydreaming, live in limbo, think he is a superior minded species insulting people intellegence as monkey (hey..maybe if u lucky you get to join an alien civilization up there..) do not deserve a place in this real world...

    Earth to Putrajaya..coming please..

    Daa...What a dork!

  87. To voice and anon 11.27!

    When I refer to Stephen in my comment on "First Malaysian n Space" in Rocky'd Bru I was not referring to Stephen of Shanghai Fish, this is another Stephen from East Malaysia.
    For your information Shanghai Fish is one of my fortunate non-racist friends that I am fortunate to have! Yes! I would leave my children or grandchildren to him and his family if I have to for whatever reason! Here is a take for all of my non-Malyy friends, Stephen Francis is the only one who has invited me to his house, so my other so-called non Malaysian friends go figure!
    Cheeers Fishhead for let us be friends for a lot more years you Moron! Must come to my open house again but please not much of your jokes this time kapish!


    Hey Voice you owe Stephen an apology!

  88. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Personally I am of the opinion that any thing that can be purchased using money has nothing to shout about.

    Just like the twin tower, within a few years some countries easily beat the record.

    Do not be shoik sendiri……….

  89. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Nothing more than to boost some people's ego. After this, what? Or is this just 'warm warm chicken shit'.

  90. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Even NASA confirms that our Angkasawan is nothing more than a Penumpang:

    The others are Flight Engineers etc, but ours?

  91. Anonymous12:22 pm

    i dont know wat kind of tok guru u ar and the rest whose names mentioned in ur u guys really pay tax ah or else shut up and dont ever mention that u guys are tax payers dont be unmalaysian la...betul2 'anggol masam' or assam bolls.....dr sheikh is our hero....period!!! imagine if its ur father,brother or uncle who is in dr.sheikh's seat
    u guys will be praising pak la and gang.

  92. Anonymous4:26 pm

    I remember in my NS time, my buddy like to have ah Mat jokes. One of his jokes are like these: 1st Ah Mat and monkey x are chosen to be fly to space. Country M is proud of it. Then after Ah Mat returned, they interviewed him,"So what's your job there?" Ah Mat replied," My job very simple. Whenever monkey X pushed the button, I will give him Banana, that's all". Well, know it seems that it is almost a self fulfillment prophecy. Good luck

  93. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Well, I have no comment about Malaysian buying powerful jet fighter from Russia becos the way to boost economy is to have a strong defence force. Than all foreign investors will come in and invest. But thing of this, while Malaysian enjoy their white elephant achievements, what have they done to those still poverty sticken and high crime rates. Yes, Malaysia always wanna beat Singapore and I do agree, u guys have beaten Singapore with this achievement. But lest no forget, do u have the capability to achieve what Singapore have achieved? Singapore doesn't need to send man into space and yet they have win you in many ways. BTW, I am not a Malaysian.

  94. Anonymous11:49 pm

    For the sake of some Msian pride, so much money had been spend..Msia is such a copy cat....wat about focusing on upgrading the country first before taking such a leap..those that hv been to space are all the big shots countries...i much 'hutang' Msia is in so far...
    besides, i feel most msians that are inspired to be in space because of this were misled..
    its not just about blasting off to space...look at the preps they have to go through before blasting off?...wat is the aim of inspiring msians when we dont even have any facilities, education, anything at all on space programess ( bsides aerospace engineering in some uni )....this interesd will soon die off it is so not reachable by normal fellow msians...its like jus picking a needle in a haystack

  95. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Well, so long as the PM and ex-PM are happy and a lot of people are happy and the Russians are happy, ok lah! Money no problem for Malaysia. Style mahu!

  96. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is classified by the russian and american as a space tourist not an astronout. see jeff ooi blog for more info. We(Malaysia) pay therefore we get to send one person to space. Nothing to be proud of it.

  97. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Is Malaysian pride so low we have to take a taxi ride to space ?

  98. Anonymous4:36 pm

    So what if a Malaysian goes to space. What's next ?

  99. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Space tourism are meant for third world countries to make publicity. It is designed such that you appear to have the technology to send men to space, but the fact is you don't. You pay for a ride in a Russion technology. They even allow you to call the space tourist astronaut for the publicity stunt. But then they rank you 'flight participant' to differentiate the tourist from the astronaut skilled for the trip, those who are qualified to control the ship.

    On the other hand, the American is going to phased out manned flights to the ISS by 2015 and concentrate more on space exploration, because most experiments were not very beneficial and it is very costly. They are turning the ISS into a tourism business. You know, it's like using the third world countries to fund their space exploration a little bit.

    Some thinks we are fools. Maybe, but I think the government knows we will not be able to manufacture our own rocket to fly to space within the next 100 years, so instead of waiting for the next century, we had decided to send a man to space using someone's technology to gain some fame-lah.

    Who knows maybe after this trip our Dr Sheikh can advise proton to manufacture our own rockets for the benefits of this country?

  100. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Without even a space programme to speak of, this circus will die a natural death, like so many other projects. Never mind how many 'astronought' they intend to send up, nothing much of benefit will be achieved.

  101. Anonymous2:40 pm

    This project has made our minds too arrogant we need to come back down to earth to solve the issues involved.

  102. Anonymous4:45 am

    Spaceman? Tourist? Either this two kinds of words or else doesn't change that our PM is "sukajoli man"...maybe next time PM also can be space tourist..hehehh...

  103. dr muszaphar u

  104. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Sal says:

    I am proud to see a Malaysian in space. It is not easy to sit inside the Soyuz for two days before docking. For those of you who said Dr Sheikh is a space tourist, remeber Yuri Gaarin only spent !1/@ orbiting the earth and he is called astronaut.
    For those who think we waste money, please rembember only a nation that are willing to spent are to progress. America spent billions on Iraqi wars yet the people stand by its government. So patriotic. So must we

  105. Anonymous6:45 pm

    What Yuri Gagarin did was a space mission that was to attempt having human on space. It was a race between US and Russia to see who can be the first to send people on space, obviously for political reasons. What this Msia dude did was just doing some useless biology experiments, probably just look like the space trip was beneficial to the country. You will never know how much funds were being siphoned out into the greedy officials in all the transactions throughout the initiative.