Monday, October 08, 2007

Out of ICU!

update 2.15pm
Daughter Marina has a new posting, with the latest pics from IJN! Click here to go there.

oringal post

Walking again! The Tun continues to make great progress. The latest IJN statement says he has been transferred to the Bunga Raya ward and doctors are happy with his progress.
Dr Mahathir has even started walking unaided, the statement adds.
Check out daughter Marina's blog now and then (she's having problems with connectivity right now) for a "surprise" about her dad.


  1. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Good to hear the news. May God bless Tun and give him strength to continue with his 'work.'

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Tun!

  2. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Doesn't look he had a bypass, looks more like he just recovered from a bout of flu. Hope Tun continues with his great recovry.


  3. Prayers and continuous positive (qi)energy from family and friends always works miracles. Keep the qi flowing.

  4. Anonymous5:04 pm


  5. Let me get this off my chest, Tun was a benevolent despot and I hate his style but respect his leadership and commitment to make the country and the people proud, that two different things.
    Once I had an operation in Canada and the South African doctor treating me spoke highly of Tun and I was proud.
    I hate AAB for his style and his leadership, actually thats almost constitute and oximoron, there is no style and no leadership.
    I hate Tun for all his wisdom and leadership that he made a grave and fatal mistake and decision of choosing AAB to succeed him. Now what can I say, but I can actually say Tun you have made a major blunder and now we are suffering emotionally and psychologically. Tun while I pray for your speedy recovery, I still cannot forgive you though for choosing AAB as your successor, and many will agree with me.

  6. Some places like in the lifts and whole of first floor you can't make cellphone calls because the waves are blocked; something to do with affecting the electronic monitoring systems; probably that's the connectivity bit.

    After operation in the ICU, things will be blur, see banks of computer monitors swirling around above.

    The ICU is just one open ward with beds and electronics.

    Taking crab meat not good, high cholesterol.

    But veterans of IJN may be excused for not caring very much after the ops; it's usually a second life.

    The important thing is to get the antibiotics right to heal the infections.

    To think, Ezani and the others did the transplant ops in one long and probably tense session right through the night on fasting month.

    Good feelings here.

  7. Anonymous8:02 pm

    doesn't look like he just had a bypass or for the matter 82, seen a lot of ppl in their 60+ & some even in 50+ looking more haggard than tun.

    would like to wish Tok Det & family - Selamat Hari Raya

  8. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Yes Dr Mahathir , please stop the looting of our nation's wealth and resource by Abdullah's cronies.

  9. Great news.

    I would like to take this space and time (since I deleted my blog and all that shit) with Eminem blaring on the speakers, to say this:

    I may want to leave this fucking country one day, but as long as I'm here and STILL an undisputed Malaysian, I'm a-fucking continue what the Old Man, the Terminator, the M-1000, Dr M, Degeneration M has started.

    In fact, I'm gonna do what Dr M failed to do - change the fuckiong Malay mindset.

    My time is short. I will die before I'm 40. And I will probably be elsewhere before I reach that milestone, but mark my words, motherfuckers!

    I'm a-fucking carry this nation on my fucking shoulders, dragging it, kicking and screaming into a future of marvels and miracles.

    I don't give a fuck what people say. I been backstabbed so many times by the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians, the Whites and the Blacks that I don't even have any more blood to shed, motherfucker!

    Stab me some more, motherfuckers!!! I ain't got nothing to lose no more. I'm gonna die anyway.

    I don't care what you think. I don't care what you do.

    This fucked up country is mine. And as long as it's mine, I'm gonna make damn sure, with everything I can do, that it will be a safe and good place to live.

    The key is not infrastructure. It's not non-fiction. It's not buildings or money or oil.

    The key is fiction. The secret is stories. And we owe it to each other to tell stories.

    I am the greatest motherfucker to have ever fucked your mother. I got power. And with power comes responsibility.

    SPider-Pig, Spider-Pig...

    I am not Generation M. I'm a Degenerate M. A part of Degeneration M.

    Dr M was and still is MY PM. The only one I have ever known. I was born on 1980.

    And if I've learned one thing from the Old M-1000 is to never give up. never surrender. To take the world by the balls. And squeeze. Squeeze it like you're making lemonade, motherfuckers!

    I don't know what the fuck I was rambling about. Who the fuck gives a shit?

    Suck my dick.

    Degeneration M!

  10. Anonymous2:44 am

    Can't believe I read Amir's insane comment twice. TWICE!

    Merde, I've missed you Degenerated Male! :D

  11. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    The Old Man is a fighter.

    If there's anybody who stands a chance of leading a normal life after such a surgery, Tun Dr Mahathir is a leading candidate.

    The man just does not give up.

    Over the years, I had some very intimate chats with him during some of the darkest days of his career.

    He is fearless but isn't a fool. He knows how to conquer fear and how to manage danger.

    As for his doctors, nurses and other helpers, they can feel assured that Tun trusts them fully.

    But he's not perfect. His judgement of character is often flawed.

    He relies too much on the superficial goodness of people, especially "orang yang dia sayang."

    I had questioned him, often privately, on his choices of successors from the time of Tun Musa Hitam.

    He always told me that "Umno wanted them" and "I want to hand over the whole of Umno to them and not a portion of it."

    So we shall continue to pray to God to give this great man many more productive years.

    At a time so devoid of critical thinking, Dr Mahathir's unconventional thinking is sorely missed.

    Thank you.

  12. alhamdulillah..
    semoga TUhan sembohkan penyaket dr mahathir kita nie..

    dah nak raya nie...

  13. ya datuk,

    memang dia seorang pejuang yang tak reti2 nak mengalah.
    susah nak dapat org mcm tu...

    selamat hari raya datuk.. balek kedah ka?