Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nazri's Act 2

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Wan Azizah's right, the Witness Protection Act does not exist. Our de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz has admitted there is, indeed, no such Act. The Act is being formulated and what he actually meant to say was that we have a mechanism whereby a witness can receive protection from the Police. Nonetheless, Nazri said he propose to this Wednesday's Cabinet that the Government expedite the tabling of a Witness Protection Bill in Parliament.

The m-Star has the story here.


  1. Anonymous3:54 am


    If the sitting pretty cj reports to such an idiot, it can be assumed that the cj himself must be a complete idiot.

    And has the audacity to even broach on displacing the constitution – expecting idiots capable of inventing universal laws when they are delusional and more capable of lying thru their teeth. LoL.

    Such is the scene in Malaysia. …..*sigh*


  2. in a decision process system whereby the choice are simply yes or no in order to proceed into the next path of decision making process....visualize a branch of tree.....of how it grows and spread......in a system of ones and zeroes.....sometimes when 2 potential functions clashes with one another and either cancels the function of the other ..the decision process system fails.........the level of authority of each function will then be questioned......next the question of where it should resides arises ......and if the function is in the control of a single entity, the entities objective during the decision making process will raise considerable doubts to the system population who depends on these two decision process to work effectively.........

    Now imagine the functions of Official Secrets Act and the Anti Corruption Agency and its supporting acts and the function of the government decision making process.......
    Individually OSA and ACA should function with its own objective......but when there's a mexican stand off between the two ......i must say who ever is at the seat to decide at that moment ..will have to do some serious thinking...........

    Imagine someone who is seeing it with his or her own eyes a blatant corruption process in the making with people whom he knows or probably report to .....and depending on the level of authority the boss has.....one could probably have fears to even go to sleep......sometimes one suddenly becomes a part of the value chain of corruption....maybe by choice ...and maybe by convenience....for some extra financial support....becomes one feels that one is so underpaid and unappreciated.......

    The ACA should be completely independent of the Government and made up of an Independent Commission from the People of Malaysia depending on the skill set required to evaluate the charge......it should be armed with proper information surveillance technology, advanced data mining and have access to all financial transaction records held by the banking system and capital market systems and corporate information, financial accounts information, genealogy data .......and of course i cant help but mention the primal function of being able to undertake an effective witness protection system........people should be safe to be able to divulge how messed up the system without fear of being prosecuted under the OSA for these information.......

    My Fellow Malaysians wherever you are.............. its happening right in front of our eyes folks.........how the two function collides and the impact to the system of government.....

    ACA should use the power of information technology to the maximum in providing transparency in its decision making process, proper documentation of successful prosecution should be made public in a simple layman terms....and if a case goes to a hearing it should be made public for more people who in the corruption value chain to come forward and be able to testify backed by solid documentary evidence with full identity protection.....and they should be at the top of the food chain in order to be able to snatch to biggest fish in town...but they must be accountable and proper system of check and balance should be introduced......this is where the system of Agung and the rulers could come in to support.....stand and protect the people interests.......

    OSA should have the function to protect our National Interest but wielding such an ability to say that you cannot talk about it or you are being put away .. or other .........treason on the other hand is just gutless...i'm still 50:50 on the OSA.......

    It needs to be fixed urgently......people want to have a proper and stable working system of decision making process in governing the country , in building the nation, in building the bangsa malaysia which we all belong to .........

  3. Anonymous7:13 am

    hah!!! another foot-in-the-mouth case ?
    hmmmm.... bring it on sharizat, nazri, t. adnan, zamzam alakazam,semi-value,their boss and the clowns in the parliament.

    Either cure them or cull them.Bring on the election i say.

  4. Anonymous7:49 am

    There are so many laws in Malaysia and the rich and powerful are 'exempted' from them.

    Furthermore the enforcement part is selective.

    Even with the Witness Protection Act in place, can we trust our lives with the BOZO and big mouth Narzi?????

  5. Anonymous7:53 am

    AS MALAYSIANS rejoice in the double miracle that brought life anew to 14-year-old Tee Hui Yi, I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who played a role in this incredible Malaysian story.

    Our heartfelt thanks to the 34-member Institut Jantung Negara team led by chief cardiothoracic surgeon Datuk Dr Mohd Azhari Yakub who worked tirelessly and professionally to make all this possible.

    Despite having to perform a second operation so soon after the first donor heart was rejected, the team rose to the occasion. Malaysians could see for themselves how, despite the fatigue, the faces of these individuals were aglow with passion and compassion as they met the press to update the nation.

    And we also have the unsung heroes: the paramedics, drivers, the RMAF, the police, staff from the blood bank and Institute of Medical Research (IMR), operating theatre staff, the pilots, the lab assistants, the telephonists, and staff from Ipoh Hospital and Johor Baru Hospital.

    The operation would not be successful without the support of these individuals. It was a truly Malaysian team in the spirit of Rakyat Malaysia!

    In these few days, I am sure all Malaysians from every race and religion were united in spirit and in prayer for Hui Yi and each and everyone connected to her case. We were surely also united for the parents of two wonderful Malaysians – one a 15-year-old Malay boy from Sitiawan, Perak, and the other, 20-year-old Chin Yoon Keong, from Johor Baru – who willingly surrendered their sons’ hearts to Hui Yi.

    I believe that the words of the father of the Malay boy from Sitiawan said it all: “My son was God’s gift to me. Now it is time to return the gift to God.”

    These are poignant words that remind us that “Belief in God” is the first principle of our Rukunegara and that all Malaysians, because of this belief, will instinctively, and without any prejudice, reach out to help one another.

    Our diversity is our strength. Indeed when I look at the predominantly Malay team at IJN, I am also reminded that this is the holy month of Ramadan and despite the fasting of the faithful, this team gave its best to Hui Yi.

    As we continue to pray for the recovery of Hui Yi and also the 39-year-old lung patient who benefited from the Ipoh boy’s gift as well, let us remind ourselves that we are indeed blessed to have so many talented and caring people in our midst. This is the real Malaysia where every act transcends race and religion and reaffirms the fact that all human beings are the same.

    Finally, I wish to take this opportunity to wish our Muslim friends who were involved in this heart-warming exercise a Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

  6. witness protection act ah? does it constitute the act of blowing up women? that one ah?

  7. Sdra. Rocky,

    Politician akan marah apabila mereka di katakan penipu. [Tidak semua politician penipu]. Tetapi ini adalah satu contoh klasik yang menunjukkan politician menggunakan kuasa mereka untuk bercakap sesuka hati seolah-olah mereka sahaja yang betul. Seolah-olah orang lain semua bodoh.

    Sekarang terbukti, akta berkenaan tidak wujud lagi.

    Soal pokoknya ialah kita [tidak kira siapa juga] kenalah berfikir sebelum bercakap kerana orang yang mendengar kadang-kadang lebih arif daripada kita.

  8. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    There we are.

    Had there not been a Wan Azizah, an opposition MP, and the blogs and independent websites, we would have been lied to.

    Now our Brother Syed Nazri must seriously make the correction.

    This is bulan puasa. So I would like to believe that Nazri's oversight was genuine and not one caused by any form of intoxication other than that of power.

    Remember, Nazri had sometime ago proclaimed himself to be "Pendekar Umno" in the fight against Tun Dr Mahathir?

    For me, I choose Pendekar Bujang Lapok anytime.

    Thank you.

  9. Anonymous9:39 am

    Show how much Naz knows his stuff. So, before he calls another person 'bodoh', he better look at himself in the mirror first.

  10. Anonymous10:08 am

    Sigh, what ever, what ever (to Minister Nazi)

    Bro, Selamat Menyambut Aidil Fitri!

    Budak budak suka kata 'jilo-jilo (zero-zero)', but believe such things be better said by Minister Nazi.

    Oops! Did I miss out the 'r'? :) - Amir

  11. Whistle blowers have no protection
    It had happened before it will happen again
    What the minister said wasn’t true
    The sleeping block losing off its shine

    Give a paint job
    Is that so easy isn’t it?
    What about families?
    There is always a connection
    No one should forget

    How will the sleeping government do?
    Issuing statements got no way to help
    Important people to catch
    They don’t do it
    They go after the rats
    Running through its holes
    On crack walls under the drains too

    When the whistle blowers tell
    The BN leaders don’t care
    They just turn blind eyes
    They turn deaf suddenly
    They don’t know what were said

    On the road to power
    They want it there to stay
    Let the whistle blowers be known
    Ask ACA to shoot at them
    Then send them to jail for not complying
    Under the law one has to show

    But what they do they don’t tell
    They wrap it up under OSA
    Nobody can question it
    Nobody can know

    It is time we changed
    The government of the day
    Let a new team takes over
    Clean up the closet
    Let a new day shine on us
    And the country marching forward
    Let us change it
    Before it is too late

  12. Anonymous11:03 am

    of course Wan Azizah knows this matter, very clearly. He husband is someone who abused this 'protect the whistle blowers'.

    Anwar Ibrahim was sent to jail by Justice Augsutine Paul for making the Police Special Branch to hunt down Azizan Abu Bakar and Ummi Halfida Ali, broke the metal grill of Dr. Ruby Majid's home in Bukit Pantai and forcefully pressured both of them to sign a withdrawal letter of their allegations for Anwar's sexual misconduct. That decision remained till today where all legal avenues for recourse were exhaustive.

  13. Anonymous11:05 am

    its not too late to learn and change. the moral is, please use ur head before you use your bloddy big mouth and bark nonsense.

    but i doubt people will forgive him after all those blunders and 'jokes' he did. In and off parliment.

    and going back to him wanting the bill to be table so soon. dont rush rush my rottw. plan carefully. you guys are policy making bunch, so if u screw up, then the whole nation screw up.

    use intellectual mind more often, than yelling and calling people stupid. will ya?

    naaaaahhhh...old habit die hard they say.

  14. this nazi boy is truly a 'kaki goreng'

  15. Anonymous12:28 pm

    If I were Nazri, I would get plastic surgery done to hide my moronoic looking face.

  16. Anonymous12:29 pm

    How do you make el balachi' eyes glow?

    Shine a torch into his ear...

  17. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Almighty mirror on the wall, who's the most stupidest of all?

    Answer (mirror)to the stupidest:

    Blimy, you need plastic surgery!


  18. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Why is it good to have el 'bodoh' balachi & bodowi for as passengers?

    You can park in the handicapped spots.

  19. Anonymous12:51 pm

    got this joke today & with this lingam thing going on...

    At the height of a political corruption trial, the prosecuting attorney attacked a witness. "Isn't it true," he bellowed, "that you accepted fifty thousand dollars to compromise this case?"

    The witness stared out the window, as though he hadn't hear the question.

    "Isn't it true that you accepted fifty thousand dollars to compromise this case?" the lawyer repeated loudly.

    The witness still did not respond.

    Finally, the cj leaned over and said, "Sir, please answer the question."

    "Oh," the startled witness said, "I thought he was talking to you."

  20. Anonymous1:28 pm

    He ain't nothing but a hound dog...

    #1 Hound Dog was a term used to describe a useless bum who was always hanging around and getting on people’s nerves.

    #2 And here’s a bit about the lyrics:

    * “Cryin’ all the time” - constantly moaning and whining for no apparent reasons.

    * “They said you was high classed” - but for this guy, a lawyer turned out to be just the opposite, a compulsive liar.

  21. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Had there not been a Wan Azizah, an opposition MP, and the blogs and independent websites, we would have been lied to.
    "Pendekar Umno"?SHIT!!

  22. Anonymous2:11 pm


  23. The Bar Council has also issued a press statement to the effect that the said Act doesn't exist. However, none of the papers today carried that part of the press statement.. although there is some "clarification" by Nazri on what he actually "meant"

  24. Anonymous2:19 pm

    stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid..ouch its me, Nazri who is stupid coz i presume they are all stupid and does not know the law. next time, i must not be so stupid to expose my stupidity so easily coz it seems they are not so stupid afterall.

  25. Anonymous2:25 pm

    With a politician like that, who needs comedians? Question: Why is that there is no circus in Malaysia? (Answer): They are all in parliament!!


  26. Actually, he isn't stupid.

    He knows exactly what he is doing, and so do the other Dumnohs ...these Firauns have come to rule over this country like their own private kingdom for far too many years and the words they say reflect how they see this nation and the rakyat...as mere tools to use and manipulate any way they see fit fro their own benefit and piggy banks. He knows exactly what he's doing and saying...just look at his ugly as sin smug, arrogant face. It's a trademark of all the DUMNOhs and Barisan Tumpang Sekaki.

  27. Anonymous11:03 pm

    The de facto law minister? More likely the defecating law minister the way he's been crapping on everything. That, Mr Minister, in case you didn't know is what you do when voiding impurities from your body.

    Or maybe he's just suffering from a serious case of VD...verbal diarrhea.

    Either or both could very well explain the stink we get every time he opens his mouth.

  28. Anonymous1:55 am


    When you have a PM, who is sleeping all the time or visitng other countries all the time, you will definitely hgave an idiot like Nazri. We should ask Nazri how many taxi permits did he approve and how much did he get..?

    Please do not blame NaZri because he is an idiot and ball carrier just to survive to bleed the country.

    Now that he has admitted to have made an obvious mistake, he should now resign in order to safe the image of his sleeping boss.

    We would like to ask Nazri to clarify whether it was his son, who was involved in the fight in Warung Uncle Don (in Mont Kiara) where Dareen Kang, a law student was killed?

    Perhaps IGP should enlighten Malaysians who killed Darren Kang?

    Since Nazri like to open his big mouth and talk rubbish, he should now tell us who was involved in killing Darren kang?????

  29. Sdra. Rocky,

    Apa yang dikatakan oleh Pembesar Negara kita YB Nazri itu agak sinonim dengan cerita-cerita Hollywood. Dalam cerita-cerita Hollywood ini terdapat banayk versi "Witness Protection". Ada yang dipindahkan dari satu negeri ke satu negeri, diberikan identiti baru, kerja baru dan wajah baru.

    Adakah ketika membuat kenyataan itu YB Nazri terpengaruh dengan khayalan Hollywood?

    Apa-apa pun saya bersetuju dengan Dato' AKJ. Sekiranya tidak kerana YB Wan Azizah dan juga para blogger, kita akan ditipu hidup-hidup. Jadi di sini saya nampak peranan positif yang dimainkan oleh blogger dan juga pembangkang.

  30. Anonymous12:09 pm

    10 November Saturday, 3pm Dataran Merdeka - walk to the Istana

    09/10: Tuntut pilihan raya adil - Perhimpunan Rakyat 10 November ini di Dataran Merdeka

    Intan Abdullah

    Gabungan Menuntut Pilihan Raya Bersih dan Adil (BERSIH) akan menganjurkan satu perhimpunan raksasa yang dinamakan perhimpunan rakyat pada Sabtu 10 November ini di Dataran Merdeka.

    Dalam satu pengumuman yang dibuat pada sidang media hari ini, BERSIH dijangka akan mengadakan perhimpunan tersebut bermula jam 3 petang.

    "Perhimpunan tersebut seterusnya akan berarak ke Istana Negara bagi menyerahkan memorandum tuntutan rakyat kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong untuk menyuarakan hasrat rakyat untuk menjalani pilihan raya yang bersih dan adil seperti yang terkandung di dalam tuntutan BERSIH sebelum ini," ujar wakil Jawatankuasa Bersih di Pejabat Agung PAS, Jalan Raja Laut tengahari tadi.

    Menurut Jawatankuasa BERSIH, Sivarasa Rasiah, ia juga sebagai satu ketetapan yang telah diambil oleh mereka yang menjangkakan bahawa pilihan raya umum ke-12 akan diadakan seawal November.

    "Kami membuat telahan tersebut berdasarkan situasi Umno-BN yang kini berada keadaan terdesak, setelah melalui dua insiden yang menekan mereka iaitu peristiwa berdarah di Batu Buruk serta pendedahan video klip rasuah peguam dan hakim negara," jelasnya.

    Perdana Menteri, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ujarnya mungkin akan membuat pengumuman tarikh PRU 12 lebih awal untuk mengeluarkan diri mereka daripada tekanan-tekanan tersebut sepertimana yang dibuat oleh PM sebelumnya pada PRU 1999.

    "Ia adalah suatu jangkaan kritikal dibuat BERSIH berbeza dengan beberapa tekaan yang dibuat oleh beberapa parti politik sebelum ini," ujar AJK PAS Pusat, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad pula,

    Tindakan mengadakan perhimpunan tersebut adalah rentetan daripada resolusi Konvensyen Rakyat beberapa bulan yang lalu.

    Koordinator Badan Penggerak Demokrasi Rakyat, Anuar Tahir berkata tarikh pilihan raya bukan suatu fokus yang utama bagi BERSIH sebaliknya tuntutan reformasi rakyat terhadap perjalanan pilihan raya perlu terus dihidupkan.

    "Kerana ia mungkin akan mengundang kecurangan dalam PRU 12 sebagaimana yang berlaku dalam PRU 2004 yang lalu," jelasnya.

    Penganjur juga ujarnya sedang berusaha menyelesaikan urusan mendapatkan permit untuk mengadakan perhimpunan tersebut, serta telah menggerakkan ahli-ahli parti atau pertubuhan yang bergabung dalam gabungan tersebut bagi menjayakannya.

    "Kami juga telah bersiap sedia dengan sebarang kemungkinan dan risiko yang bakal berlaku nanti," tambah Sivarasa.

    Sementara itu, dalam sidang media yang sama BERSIH turut memaklumkan bahawa mereka akan menghantar surat kepada Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (Suhakam) berhubung isu tragedi berdarah di Batu Buruk pada 8 September lalu.

    "Setelah mengadakan mesyuarat hari ini, kami membuat keputusan untuk menghantar surat kepada Suhakam mengenai permintaan kami agar diadakan satu siasatan menyeluruh terhadap tragedi tersebut memandangkan Pesuruhjaya Suhakam, Dato' Siva Subramaniam telah membawanya ke mesyuarat mereka semalam," ujarnya.

    Bersih berharap akan mendapat keputusan yang positif daripada hasil mesyuarat tersebut, seterusnya membawa kepada tindakan bersepadu supaya perkara tersebut tidak akan berulang.

    "Malangnya, media arus perdana sengaja memainkan taktik 'kewartawanan jahat' yang sentiasa diulang tayangan menyebabkan persepsi buruk rakyat kepada Bersih dan parti pembangkang," tambah Dr Dzulkefly.

    Bersih menyatakan kekesalan dan menyelar tindakan parti pemerintah yang menggunakan media arus perdana sebagai jentera menyebarkan propaganda jahat serta kempen untuk merosakkan imej parti-parti pembangkang.

  31. Anonymous2:55 pm

    anon 1.55 am

    thats news to me. walau, are you sure its his son thats involved? like father like son? if this is not the case, you better retract and apologise, ok.