Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Beasts among us

update 7.30pm: Nurin's uncle Jasni, who runs a blog In Memory of Nurin, has confirmed receiving four pictures and has been told there are more. He said the family is expected to lodge a police report on this tonight.
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Who'd post Nurin's post-mortem pics on the Net? Whoever it was, it's the other beast the police needs to nab.
From Pahit Manis's Who spread pictures of Nurin on the Net?:
The pictures show various injuries the little girl suffered. I assume they are meant only for medical record. But today, they are spread over the Internet in what can only be described as a dastardly and an inhumane act of violation on a dead person.
How could this happen? Who is responsible for this? Where is the right of the dead to privacy? Where is respect for the dead? Isn't there any trace of human decency at all by those who did this? What kind of action can be taken against the petpetrator/s? How many more of such acts of indecent exposure?

When an English-language tabloid splashed the picture of a dead girl (its editors didn't know she was Nurin then) on its front page last month, it must have sold more copies.
Spreading the post-mortem pics of the poor girl on the Net is a heinous act. But what the editors of that tabloid did was not decent, either.


  1. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Is there any way to trace the digital trail through the hosting company?

  2. Yes I thought so too. Image on the front cover was in very poor taste. Not the first time either, many other headlines that will make you cringe. makes you wonder what kind of a sadist editor working for them.

  3. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Hard to pinpoint the exact culprit, but there's a host of them on yahoo groups. These are the people who wants to show others they are 'in the know', without realising what they're really doing. It is, really sad. - Amir

  4. Anonymous8:00 pm


    I am still trying hard to figure out why would the murderer(s) wanted to leave the bag at that particular place and not disposed them elsewhere?

    1) Do they want the body to be found and get all the attention?

    2) I cannot recall any of previous incidents where the media in Malaysia published pictures of a dead person's face for identification. If I am not wrong, the police/press released the picture even before the results of the DNA was out. Why?

    3) In fact, all the sickening crimes happened so far were rather puzzling with the culprits yet to be caught. THe 10 year old girl Ang May Hong who got raped and murdered in April 1987. Audrey Melissa in May 1999. And now Nurin in September 2007.

    All these crimes were serious and attracted so much attention.

  5. Anonymous9:42 pm

    oh yeah, I forgot to add to the earlier message. Why is everyone posting the out dated picture of nurin instead of her latest picture?

    How to look for someone with an outdated photograph?

  6. Let the dead lie in peace
    With dignity dwells in it

    Yet we find
    There are some living souls
    Taking pride to display
    Photographs of deceased
    As if it is something to cherish

    The dead has gone
    Never know how
    What living do
    The sorry state of their last rites
    Solemn in dignity
    Saying goodbye

    We never know the living
    What they are up in their minds
    Sad with these people of sick minds
    They shouldn’t be allowed to walk
    For they have destroyed
    The solemn dignity of the dead

    For in death
    There is another chance to live
    So don’t destroy the dead
    Allow them the peace
    For saying goodbye

    When we are born
    We are promised paradise
    This is the birth right
    In another world we will fly

  7. Anonymous10:38 pm

    God, is there no peace for this poor family? Haven't they suffered enough?
    My question is: How did these pictures enter the public domain?
    A Mother

  8. Anonymous11:02 pm

    I personally believe this country has lost its soul, materialism has compromised our goodness as Malaysian and we are getting worse, we need a strong leadership to steer this country back to normalcy, we need a conscience, we need a police force that can be respected and trusted, we need some kind of a revolution to save the day, we need to cry to cleanse our soul again, we need so many things and we need them fast!

  9. yea...seems that her family's misery is endless. raya is just around the corner and this had to happen.

  10. Post-mortem pics?

    Aren't these usually taken at the morgue by the authorities i.e. RMP, etc to determine cause of death?

    If it now appears on the net (haven't seen them, though), it must have originated from 'authorized personnel'. No?

    And if a police report has been lodged, it shouldn't take the RMP ages to nab the culprits.

    I have to concur with Anon(8.00pm), in that, there has been various 'out of turn' events since the discovery of the body, as if, there is a covert purpose to keep this case in currency with heinous sub-plots.

    With the beast still loose, there is no closure yet for Nurin's family and this new development is definitely not helping matters.

  11. Shar101,

    The Selangor Chief Police Officer may have answered your question.

    Quoted by Bernama, Khalid Abu Bakar said: "I've seen the pictures ... and I've lodged a (police) report."

    "Investigations are underway under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) and I warn those distributing such photographs to stop doing it or risk being prosecuted under the OSA or in possession of pornographic materials.

    " I'm directing this warning particularly to my own men (police) as they were the ones who had direct access to these photographs and those who are now in possession of such photographs," Khalid said.

  12. Anonymous5:36 am

    Bro, a small update.

    Whether intentionally designed or not, the said email is now virus spawned. - Amir

  13. Anonymous7:04 am

    ahhhhhh.......polis lagi......whats new!

  14. Harap-harap tindakan segera boleh diambil terhadap pengedar gambar-gambar ini. Sunguh tidak berhati perut.

  15. At this point of time, the best action that we can take as net users is to immediately delete any emails fowarded with Nurin's post-mortem images and warn the sender if you know them. This nned to stop.

  16. Anonymous8:50 am

    if they can detect the person who made up the "CT hate email", i'm sure this time around is no hardship. it is afterall came from 1 source - the forensics. Nab them! not professional, a clear breach of trust, no compassion.

    ~anon 12.55

  17. Anonymous9:50 am


    it wouldnt be hard to nab those sickos.
    what were they thinking when they distributed the images?

    and talking about that tabloid -- yeah.. waddya expect? i'm sure that asshole who calls the shots there decided to publish nurin's photo, and you must know, the editors there are ball-less and spineless, or they just don;t give a shit...so no one demurred.

  18. Anonymous10:25 am

    Ok. Can we safely say that the cops bungled on this one big time?

    If that is the case, the professional attitude of the police is sorely lacking.

  19. Anonymous11:28 am


    As I said in my blog, this can only be the work of a beast! I read in today's paper's that the Police are already on to the case. This must be given priority. I'm sure that this is far easier case for the police to solve than to find the actual killer/s. If the Police can't find or trace the culprit who's reponsible for this gross irreponsible act, then something is really wrong!

    Surely, we don't expect another round of reward before we catch the beast and throw him into jail!

  20. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Actually, that picture of the dead girl on the front cover was what attracted the public outcry. It may be 'tasteless', but it was effective. Everyone is mourning the death of Nurin together, the entire nation is grieving along with the family thanks to that powerful image. and that is not a bad thought.

  21. Anonymous5:15 pm

    I have not seen those pictures. But reading the description of the said pictures here alone is scary enough. Even the most cruel animal would not have done this. It is worst than beasts.

  22. yeah, it was bad taste of what the tabloid did... however, let me ask you this Rocky. Haven't you ever done the same thing when you were with Malay Mail? Malay Mail back then was known for its sensationalism and yellow journalism.

  23. hi luxen,

    thanks for dropping by at my posting on Nurin. you asked if i hadn't done the same thing when I was with the Malay Mail. the answer is "no". when those devils did little nurul huda in JB three years ago, the MM had pictures but we did not use it. we received photographs of accident victims daily but we refrained from using them. sure, MM was known for being a bit more sensational but then it positioned itself as a "real" tabloid (the Star and the Sun are never tabloidish and the NST does not know what it wants to be -- a broadsheet in a tabloid's body?).

    I was known for my preference of publishing pictures of Baywatch-like bodies in the paper. Got many "love" letters from KDN for that but not for exploiting the many pictures of dead men, women and kids to push up sales.

    One exception I observed was with regads to pictures of war victims. even then, I tread with care so as not to make you lose all your breakfast upon seeing them pictures.

    I believe that the pretty picture of Nurin sends a stronger message to the public about the beasts still in our midst. not a mugshot of the brutalised, dead kid.

    thank you.

  24. i am APPEALING to all bloggers, to establish BADAN BERTINDAK NURIN or sort of something to remind us to remind those in power to find the murder of arwah.

    i am afraid all is lost, i am afraid all is losing momentum, as usual in BolehLand simply because the victim is 'nobody'.

    What happened to Musa Hassan Badan Khas so and so about this case?

    Al Quran is a book of REMINDER.

    Let us remind of arwah and the others in the same predicament , with poems, with stories of truth, with pantun, with gurindam syair puisi etc.

    Let each blog has slogan, symbol to this effort just like Bloggers United.

    We must keep pushing the envelope of mysteries.

    Either we do or we died. Wasalam, Allah bless us.

  25. Anonymous4:43 pm

    They are not the actual photos. They are photos of the actual photos. So they are from people of have access of the actual physical photos.

    Who have access to those?

    Those photos have now been posted at public forum site (that contains really graphic images of almost anything) for everyone to see, without any censorship.

    Unfortunately, there will always be people like these around no matter what. Just like the Nude Squat case.