Monday, October 29, 2007


Ah, Nazri Aziz. My old friend has made a fool of himself again.

Miss Aniza Damis was just being a good journalist - she asked questions and wouldn't take a simple no (or simple yes) for answers.

The de facto Law Minister started self-destructing from the very first question.

Really He should turn down future interviews, at least with the English-language newspapers, but knowing him ...

Anyway, read the interview, with add-on comments from lawyer Malik Imtiaz, here.

At least I know now that Nazri does not read blogs. The only blog he read was "the few pieces that people print for me and they are rubbish". He probably does not know what a blog looks like on a computer screen but based on those few pieces he sums up:
"I’d rather spend my time to do things that are constructive; that go down directly to the people who are really in need of the help of the government. Our bloggers are really not up to standard. When they put up something, it’s not something that they want to discuss in a very intellectual way. It’s more because of their anger - the language they use. Why should I read all this rubbish? When the standard of our bloggers is upgraded, then probably I will look at what is written. But anyway, they are a minority. My concern is for the majority."
LOL. Bugger makes me laugh.


  1. Anonymous5:11 am

    i am such a fan of nazri!!!! our de facto law minister!!!! he can talk rubbish and be published!!!! who else would have such THiCKKKK Skin? and can quote melayu peribahasa and swear in Inggeris too! Motherf**
    and i LURVE it how he sees the BIG PICTURE, crisis only when EVERYBODY is talking about wise!
    correct, correct, correct!

  2. This botak samseng keeps saying majority only counts.

    Why not switch to a jury system then? An opinion of a judge is not a majority ruling.

    The bald kambing talks again but without substance.

  3. Anonymous7:19 am

    what a monkey!

    either he does open up weblogs and read them and is not telling us the truth or not giving us the pleasure of knowing that he does read blogs


    he is a real ignoramus and knows zilth about blogs.

    anyway, you are right. some people do not have to try hard!

  4. Anonymous7:36 am

    Nazri shows himself out to be the flippant,ill informed,incoherent and arrogant mouthpiece that he's always been.

    If this is the calibre of the country's Minister with the Law portfolio we are indeed shockingly deprived and depraved.

    To allow this man to comment on issues of law and justice and parliamentary integrity is a travesty.

    The country's Law Minister should be a person with the most impeccable legal/judicial background, the widest experiences, the greatest wisdom and unflinching integrity - NOT SOME STUTTERING, STAMMERING NITWIT!

  5. Anonymous7:50 am


    But most blogs are in French, Arab and Swahili, so how would he know? BTW, isn't he a close friend of 'Mike Tyson', the guy who does not know how to use a pc/laptop! - Amir

  6. Didn't his grandma teach him to shut up when he's got nothing intelligent to say?

  7. Anonymous9:08 am

    Bodoh,, bodoh, bodoh, i bet he is even not good at using the internet.

  8. The bloggers are stupid
    The taxi nasi seems to imply
    Driving his roads he gets nothing
    In frustrations he horns his taxi

    Looking left and right
    Nobody wants his taxi
    Dirty and scratches aplenty
    He thinks he is saint of the Almighty

    He keeps pressing his horn
    Even the rats and cats don’t care
    He shouts in frustrations
    When he can’t find his dough

    He should stop
    Listening to the voices in the wind
    He may learn a thing or two
    Clean up his act and his taxi
    Polish it; make it shines for all to see
    Then perhaps he learns something

    Go to cyber cafe
    Spend an hour learning the tricks
    Read what the bloggers say
    About his taxi

  9. Anonymous9:43 am

    Nazri is only one out of 27 million and I guess you can work out that percentage to weigh how important his rubbished views. He is less than the minority he was talking about. His "classic" views (published) during the interview is saturated with contradictions that it even confused him. I doubt what he said can convince himself, that's the reason for the spattering of his spoken thoughts, like as if he is talking to himself in the mirror. He earns himself as the biggest clown in the Abdullah administration. And talking about anger, you can certainly find "traces" of his anger by the way he answered. Good job by the interviewer.


  10. Anonymous9:46 am

    Rocky, it's your misfortune that you have such a friend. This guy is insane, he is mad, he is like a runaway train running out of control.

  11. Anonymous9:58 am

    "A: Human beings, there are ways, how you do it. You want something, you talk. You don’t shout, and then expect to get something, no way."

    Hello!!!! who shouted in parliament out of all places??? his words ..“M****r*****r you!"

    freaking double standards. Only he can shout and yell and others can't. Piiilah!!!

    False allegation? Have you proved it to be false? If not, why say it is false? You as a lawyer should know better to claim it to be false without any proof.

    Talk to the CJ he tells the lawyers. Should have said the same thing to the CJ when he wanted to address the issue on CJ's speech on common law and on this tapecontrovesy...CJ should speak to the lawyers, rakyat and the rulers and not thru Nazri.Right? Nazri talk C@*k all the time!!! Glad he is not a practising lawyer

  12. Anonymous10:14 am

    Rocky, you may want to sit down and talk/chat/inform your "old friend" about the growing importance of blogs and bloggers in this new age.It's still not to late for him to learn up.

  13. He must be referring to my blog.

  14. I think whilst we dislike this guy and what he says of bloggers, we should not discount other stuff he says and read his words with such tinted glasses.

    Nazri has given a good interview here and I believe has damaged the credibility of the Bar Council, putting sufficient doubt over their independence and professionalism. Rocky, you know that being reasonable and polite plays to a Malaysian cultural norm! The western rooted aggression like the march is still a minority approach...

    As I had warned before, this case is a poor one for anyone to champion with all its flaws. A source close to Anwar just informed me the reason the tape was 4 years late in coming is because the source is a recently disgruntled chum of VK Lingam's! Which such poor quality of source, this could well blow up in the Bar Council and asociates' faces...

    ...with not just Fairuz vindicated, but with Nazri made a hero for standing up for the judge!

  15. Anonymous11:29 am

    like he said: not interested in minorities, focus on the majority.

    yeah..he is just one people. minority. lets ignore him. everytime he open his mouth, all those stinking and jelly-ish xxits dripped onto our holy land.

    let us focus on the majority. and bring this man with xxitty mouth down. not i am with the opposition, but i had enough of joker who cannot even talk properly.

    guys..time to strike back. bring the rain!

  16. Anonymous11:39 am

    "Joker"? Surely you jest.

    Moron, idiot, imbecile more appropriate.

    "First, it was erect. Then it became limp. Then I had to use my mouth" Nazri.

  17. Anonymous11:50 am

    Contrary to what he says, I believe Nazri reads blogs, but because all comments concerning him are far from flattering, he postures that he doesn't give a damn. That idiotic, arrogant so-called law minister's ego is deeply hurt by what he has read in the blogs. Lets do ourselves a favour and black him out from newspapers and blogs. Why waste words on a fool.

  18. Anonymous12:01 pm

    that kind of gibberish - put his own race to shame...

    with this, can never take the 'kampung' out from him.

  19. hi rocky...

    who is miss aniza damis ? maybe someone should write a profile on her. Sorry to say i have not heard of her before but seems like she is someone who will go places, if she is not already there.

  20. Pepatah ada mengatakan:

    Biarkan si Lundai terjun dengan labu-labunya.

    Adakah ini Si Luncai?

  21. Anonymous12:34 pm

    at the end of the day, the last line in the interview is actually quite succint..." they are scared of the govermnent, that is not a reason."...

    pkr does not trust the gov, hell, even i dont trust the gov to give this tape its due recognition....

    so what if this tape was obtained after 4 years, and so what if it was obtained due to a breakdown between lingam and the source....

    all in all, its a question of trust....and no one trusts the gov to give this issue the gravity it deserves.....

    this is going to be washed away, and nazri has said it himself,...

    this gov doesnt give two hoots about the separation of executive branch and the judiciary....

  22. Ubaidah said:""the source is a recently disgruntled chum of VK Lingam's! Which such poor quality of source,.."

    it is such a poor quality of source because he is an erstwhile chum of VKLingam or because he is disgruntled? if the video is proven genuine what does it matter where it came from ? it does not detract from its content.

  23. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Ah...rocky, u ended by calling him bugger. We've established that he is ill-informed, blind, boorish, stupid, belligerent, evasive, shameless and a bully.

    But bugger? Isn't buggery illegal in Malaysia? If so, can we have him arrested? Oh wait...not enuff policemen...the police force is down by 5 men (dead or critical).

    Have him prosecuted. I'm sure there are many among the 12,000 that didn't march, who will volunteer.

    By the we still have enough clean judges for him to have a fair trial? Whatever happened to Rungit Singh.

    Nazri is a walking and talking farce. He isn't even nasty enough to be feared.

    For pure, unadulterated evil Vote Cthulhu !

  24. Anonymous1:29 pm

    i love the part when right after Nazri said "bloggers are minority. i'm not concern about minority", the super brilliant reporter asked "does that mean you didn't care about the indian, since they are the minority?"

    Ouch, that was a definite "bite you in the ass" moment.

    ~anon 12.55

  25. Anonymous1:55 pm

    'The bald kambing talks again but without substance.'
    I have bald kambing here too which I can knock the kambing head.Oh how I wisg to knock that botak kambing too.

  26. Rocky we should refer to him from now as NAZI nor Nazri, sure behave like one! He also sounded like Hitler when he said the problem of the Jew was just a minority problem! Sheikh Kickdefella should draw Nazi Aziz with Hitler moustache!

  27. Jangan marah nanti kena jual.

    Bar Council reputation is actually on the line here. They have marched on a tape that is not proven.

    Anwar seemed to have witheld disclosure of the second part of the alleged tape. I thought he was going to broadcast it live from Permatang Pauh in one of his public speeches?

    Tsim and Siva are refusing to disclose or the alleged witness has cop out?

    Whatever the reason or insider info as provided by Ubaidullah, if there is no evidence, then Bar Council will have shot itself in the foot marching over mere allegations?

    He is not my favourite person, but when politically incorrect Nazri said Bar Council was unprofessional, it looks liek there is some amount of truth.

    Anyone out there have the other half of the tape to save the Bar Council's faces?

  28. Anonymous2:27 pm


    I do not know how to describe the people who voted him as MP,MT and the people who pick him as minister sureply know how to make full use of this A** L***er.

  29. Anonymous2:36 pm

    again and again and again... never stops!

  30. Anonymous3:10 pm

    those buggers in umno are canggih...

    from idly badawi right down to their scumbag mps, without fail every single day & every single one of them must take turn to utter senseless or insensitive things...

    and yet calling themselves towering malay... muah hah hah...

  31. Anonymous3:11 pm


    a good interview. sure, this loud mouth is saying that majority decides everything and minorities are subjugated to the majority rule by law. the constitution and rule of law is under the thumbs of the majority? if this is so, i fear for this country coz there will be no laws except at the mercy of the majority.
    who cares ubaidah whether the source of the videotape has a fallout with lingam. the gist of the matter is that is the judiciary independence compromised and if so, is something being done to restore their credibility and independence. this is the true test and for once lets put politics at the backburner.

  32. Anonymous3:21 pm

    like that moron from jerai says...

    all the mess we create by voting for bn, god is punishing us with this mp with 'mulut cacat'

  33. Anonymous3:48 pm

    As usual, the Minister is farting via his mouth. Minority nor important. How many Malaysians actually voted in the UMNO president cum Prime Minister? A minority of some 3000 UMNOputras (estimated less) voted out of some 16 million Malays (majority don't belong to UMNO). Whose side is the majority, Mr. Fool? How many voted in the fool as MP (minority again). Mr Fool, if one may ask then, why a minority small number who voted the top post must be accepted by the large majority who has got no voting rights (if this goes according to the fool's rationale)???? A minority of only 3 million UMNOputra population (even the authenticity of the membership population is questionable) out of a total population of say, 15 million Malays, got to dictate official policies. Why must the majority listen to this small minority??

    Minor Donkey

  34. With Minister like this, what does it says about the people running the country? Well, we have to accept every circus needs a clown to keep us entertained in between shows, otherwise, it would have been too boring. BUT,really, this is downright shameful and he probably avoid blogs as bloggers speaks their mind and what the MAJORITY thinks of him, malu la. So,best way is to say that bloggers are rubbish and safeguard his ego. I bet he reads ALL the blogs about him daily, that's why he is SO MAD when the issue of bloggers pops up !!

  35. Anonymous4:32 pm

    sure the tape comes from a buddy of lingam who is no longer his buddy. No need to crack your head on that one, if not how can the guy sit there and record the whole damn thing.So now things are sour, who cares. But that means the guy needs protection.

    The issue is what is on the tape. Now who has seen the whole 14mins? has the bar council seen it?

    Now lets not underestimate the bar council by saying they have gone into this with their eyes closed. they are not like Nazri.

  36. "Sadly I must acknowledge there has been some disquiet about our judiciary over the past few years and in the more recent past. In 2004, I had stated that it grieved me, having been a member of the judiciary, whenever I heard allegations against the judiciary and the erosion of public confidence in the judiciary.

    Recently there have been even more disturbing events relating to the judiciary reported in the press. We have also witnessed the unprecedented act of a former Court of Appeal judge writing in his post-retirement book of erroneous and questionable judgements delivered by our higher courts in a chapter under the heading “When Justice is Not Administered According to Law”. There are other serious criticisms."
    (Sultan Raja Azlan Shah at the Bar Conference today).

    Does Nazri insist that the former Lord President is wrong.?

  37. a m ubaida said, "A source close to Anwar just informed me the reason the tape was 4 years late in coming is because the source is a recently disgruntled chum of VK Lingam's!..."

    So what?
    Does the souring of that relationship devalue the authenticity of the tape?
    Does it mean if a murder witness comes four years late to identify the murderer, the evidence is unreliable?.
    Why do people, like the government and the ACA, bark up the wrong tree?

  38. Hey, I like the picture you attached on your blogpost. He looks so funny there. It's as if he's telling a joke or something. I can imagine him saying this as he points two directions:
    "I was in the toilet up the PM building one day, then that fellow on my right... came in naked... then Khairy stands next to him..hehehehe"

  39. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Seriously,BN should set up a compulsory class for Ministers on how to engage journalist.

    Mungkin Nazri memakai ilmu "tahan malu"atau mungkin Ilmu ini datang sendiri nya apabila seseorang itu hilang harga diri.

  40. Dear Rocky.

    Correct me if i am wrong. Nazri is the current MP for an area adjacent to Lake Cenderoh... Perak upperland. Count the number of voters in his constituency, yes, a relatively small number.

    MP is an MP regardless of where he come from, clever or stupid, UK trained or UKM trained, lawyer or teacher.

    I read the full interview. Nazri's understanding about majority and minority and importance of issue is somewhat simplistic.

    If i may remind him, gone are the days when politicians can happily smile after settling issues of AIR API and JALAN.

    Society develops and moves forwards. People needs more than air api and jalan. Politicians should keep abreast of things.

  41. De facto or Defective Law Minister?

    And kudos to Aniza Damis... it's been a while since I've seen such a Rottweiler-ish interview... great line of questioning and follow up... and from NST no less...

  42. jokers galore!

    padang rengas, kinabatangan, jerai, jasin, jerai, JERAI, JERAI, JERAI, JERAI, JERAI & JERAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII...

    the list seems to be endless...

  43. Kerinchiguy,

    Aniza Damis was a reporter/writer with the political desk (NST when I was political editor.
    When Kalimullah Hassan took over as group editor-in-chief, he disbanded the political desk.
    Aniza -- as with our other writers/reporters of the political desk -- joined the general news desk. while there, Aniza was tasked with assignments covering legal/socio-legal issues.
    Her beat was essentially the AG, the Bar council, issues arising from the syariah court, civil/criminal courts etc...
    Aniza, a university graduate (either UPM or UTM) decided to further her studies in Australia. She left in mid 2005.
    SHe returned from her studies last year, after I had quit the NST.
    During the "walk for justice" in Putrajaya, Aniza was there on assignment to cover the event.
    I had not seen her since my NST days after she left for Australia.
    We had so much to talk about, to catch up.
    That was why we were together walking at the Putrajaya walk..

    I think she is with the New Sunday Times features desk..

  44. Anonymous7:47 pm


    I beg to differ.

    Expose them. We need to expose Ministers like Nazri to show the rakyat tthe stupidity of these wakil rakyats.

    Monkeye. That is what they are. Even monkeys can be trained

  45. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Poor man, he did not know anything about blogger and the internet too, I bet!!!!! What a joke.....ha,ha...

  46. hurmm...very funny eks???
    We learned about this blog thing in class few weeks ago..and yes my lect also told me that these people (the MPs) are internet blind!!! woah..harsh??

    someone please la teach them..
    jangan pandai cakap saja "globalization" lar, "global village" theyreally know what it means anyway???

    shame larr..!!!

  47. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    AM Ubaidah may have an axe to grind with the Bar Council.His deep seated frustrations towards the BC has appeared many a times in his various comments past.

    The march resulted in the govt bending somewhat in proposing the the formation of the 3 man panel.
    Who cares if the tape is 4 weeks or 4 years.
    It has all the classic ingredients of interference and influence. The BC did the right thing and has to be credited in making the govt wake up from their slumber and denial.When the opposition MPs tried to wake them up.....they were brushed aside like lame ducks.

    If not for the march, the whole episode would have been swept aside and we the citizens would be blacked out of the whole shit.Not that such has not been dished out many a times by the dimwits.


  48. Anonymous9:56 pm

    He has the kind of self-righteousness that only a court jester can proffer. LOL.

  49. He would only read blogs when the standards of blogging is improved? Or did he mean - that when bloggers start to agree with UMNO on everything they do, even if it is corruption, murder, rape, etc? Instead of being angry with him, I feel so sorry for him that he is so wrapped up in his own little world.

  50. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Shades of "Comical Ali" or "Bagdad Bob" of Iraq war fame. Nazri must have idolised him as he has outdone Comical Ali with this interview.

    He is so full of gas that all you have to do is give him a slight nudge and just wait for all the gas spewing out from every orifice in his body. Just give him enough rope and you can trust him to hang himself.

  51. to talk intellectually to an idiot...only cuss words do you OBSCENELY CORRUPTED DUMNOHS and BARISAN PENCURI ASSHONIAL justice....and yes, we ARE angry... F###ING LOOTERS...

    Rocky, your posts bring out the lady in me...

  52. Ahhhh..NA's cranium imploded and what's inside became obvious to all.

    Nuthin much in there for someone who's supposedly trained in law as well as an MP who's supposedly sworned to uphold the Constitution.

    And tsk, tsk, swearing in parliament seems to be an UMNO thingy to do when dealing with dissent.

    Btw NA, how do you explain the 3-man independent panel who was appointed by NTR to look (mind you, just sit and look at the matter according to their terms of reference) into the LIngamgate issue? With no progress (duh!) after a month, the witness protection program was brought on board. The horse have bolted out of the barn and you're now bringing the keys to the door.

    As for AI, the person who's 'credited' with this expose, he seems to be denying justice at the same time. Still crying wolf, AI? Just like the six boxes of evidences and the arsenic poisoning of the 90s? Has AI considered showing the full 14 minute video to the Bar Council instead if he's so afraid for the well-being of the whistle-blower?

    Malaysian politics on the blogs. Can NA really handle the truth? I don't think so.

  53. Anonymous1:26 am

    Alamak-dia akan hadir rumah terbuka hari raya pada petang 31-10-07 apa dia nak cakap tak tau lah, semasa jamuan berbuka puasa lalu dia hanya bercerita mengenai zaman kanak2 dan remajanya yang tidak pernah cukup berpuasa.

  54. Anonymous2:52 am

    Dear Rocky

    The Bar Council was so stupid to invite this stupid minister, Nazri, to attend the 14th Law Conference. One does not invite a known hostile personality to its function unless one wants to carry ball! The Bar Council members are the disappointing lots.

    After that famous Walk For Justice, BAr Council had gone to sleep thinking that it has served teh Malaysian public. In fact, it had done a diservice to Malaysia because its members are looking after their own interests.

    Let see what the Bar Council is going to respond to Nazri, the idiot minister, nonesense.

  55. even with 'comments' like this, term comments being used generously, they do not get voted out. why is that? too bad i won't be able to vote this time round. not gonna trust my postal vote home.

  56. Anonymous9:17 am

    To all Lenggong & Kuala Kangsar people..please do not vote this Clown Minister in next GE...he is a total disgrace and shame for you people..

    He has already mutated into monkey gene hybrid of Bozo the Clown, forgot his root of origin..and turned into a laughing stock of the nation.

    We are sick of him.. by the way, mainstream newspapers..don't be a circus by posting this fella rubbish talking...don't insult your intelligence!

    Uwekkk.. i'm sick..not because mabuk ketupat..but because of him...

    To Lenggong & Kuala Kangsar people & mainstream newspapers...please do a favour for the majority, will ya..tq

  57. Anonymous10:47 am

    look at his faCE,YEERRRKKKKKK.

  58. Anonymous11:05 am

    There is a problem of perception but is it really that big?

    There are problems of perception with the judiciary, I say perception because there has been no wholesale miscarriage of justice.
    If the bar council does not agree with the bench, that does not constitute miscarriage of justice, it simply means they do not agree.
    Judges do make mistakes in law and mistakes in judgment that is why we have the court of appeal and federal court so more learned benches can deliberate on the matter, and when the appellate courts find there is a flaw in the judgment of the lower authority, they can and do overturn them.
    Therefore a wrong judgment is not a miscarriage of justice either
    A miscarriage of justice occurs when a judge cannot be impartial.
    I am sure that this happens in Malaysia, as it happens in the United States, England, France, Germany, Japan and any other country you would care to name, the difference lie in their prevalence.
    In Malaysia, if you go to court, chances are you can get a fair judgment of your case according to the relevant statutes and case laws, provided you hired a competent lawyer (we will talk about incompetent lawyers on another day)
    One has to accept that however impartial a court is, it tends to be conservative in outlook, this is in turn due to the age of the judges and standing case laws which guide them in the interpretation of the justice.
    A flaming homosexual is likely to have a tough time in court if he wants his gay marriage recognised (most anywhere and not just in Malaysia)
    On the same vein, the courts reflect the values of the society they judge as judges are people too and they soak in the community's aspirations much like anyone else.
    A person seeking abortion rights would face a mountain of an obstacle in the Malaysian legal system because Malaysian in general are opposed to it.
    Therefore I say that Nazri, is correct, in large parts, that there is no crisis in the judiciary.
    Judges are still free to exercise their impartiality as they have the security of tenure.
    If one wants to question their moral flexibility then one starts to tread where angels do not dare and if the bar council is seeking to raise that question then they themselves must past muster although I suspect lawyers may have a much harder time making the grade.
    Let the bar come up with a list of cases that clearly exhibit miscarriage of justice and not just disputes in interpretation of the law. Should the list be extensive, widespread and epidemic then the relevant authorities will no doubt sit up and take notice and so will the people.
    Until then the bar council will end up sounding like an ill prepared advocate arguing through the seat of his pants.

  59. Anonymous11:50 am

    Rumah aku beli dah jadi project terbengkalai, tapi loan tetap kena bayar. Lawyer dulu bayar mahal, tapi tak buat apa2 pun. Pegi mampus la bar council. Justice kepala hotak kau la. Kecoh aje lebih.

  60. Anonymous1:53 pm


    yet u still take him as a friend when he treat u blogging guys as irritating pests

  61. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Dari komen Ubaidullah saya fahami bahawa kesahihan tape sebagai bukti boleh dipersoalkan sekiranya saksi / orang yang merakamkan tape sendiri mempunyai motif yang bolih merosakkan kekuatan bukti.

    Tape VK Lingam setakat ini menunjukkan seorang sedang mengatur untuk membantu melobi untuk seorang yang mungkin hakim untuk naik pangkat.

    Tun Hanif kata melobi untuk naik pangkat tidak honourable. Tapi adakah ianya salah disisi undang-undang?

    Kredibiliti Bar Council di persimpangan ...

  62. Kesian ZAM, Nazree hogs all the limelight or maybe ZAM has indeed got smarter and leaves Nazree to hike the lonely road of buffoonery by exposing himself silly with unprepared interviews.

    Maybe Naz should get S-I-L to write him some notes or give him some pointers on bad PR, but alas, even S-I-L have his mangkuk full in a time like this.

  63. Anonymous4:28 pm

    'Rocky, it's your misfortune that you have such a friend. This guy is insane, he is mad, he is like a runaway train running out of control.'

  64. Rocky:

    What the heck is this OKA minister talking about?
    Doesn't make sense at all.

  65. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Guys & gurls,

    Please leave that man ( Nazri ) alone.

    Kindly refrain yourself for making him to be potrayed as tha `bad` guy.

    Think POSITIVE for all his statement...

    Positively one hundred persent genuine pure Indah Water subtance in his head.

    Do us all a favour... go wax your head, Nazri.

    You just opened a dirty can of worms.



  66. Anonymous4:45 pm


    Nazri aziz the perak man .. don't know what is blog? wow...

    please la, this pak yob don;t know what is blog.. joker la..

  67. Sometime he can be so insensitive.. not really a good leader..

  68. he is indeed correct dude. bloggers are MINORITY. keep it in ur mind.

  69. Anonymous2:48 am

    Aniza Damis was my ex-colleague, doing TESL at UKM. She scored A's in almost anything she wrote those days!