Tuesday, October 30, 2007

27 million ringgit cop speaks out

"ACA has wronged me". Ramli Yusof, the Commercial Crime director and alleged RM27 million man, told a press conference today that he did not have that kind of money or asset, and that the Anti-Corruption Agency had flouted the law by making public the details of their investigation into his case.

m-Star has the story here.
Ramli Yusof's full text, "Disturbing Events in the force", courtesy of Malaysiakini, via Malaysia Today.


  1. Anonymous4:17 pm

    read the contents of the press release. its mighty scary what the shit ACA is doing. Hey, I am no fan of this CCID fella but the AG and AA ganging up against their own kind. surely, there is more than meets the eye. Is RPK's story about this Goh fella and IGP true? looking at the events unfolding, i am now inclined to believe RPK.

  2. Anonymous4:22 pm

    'BPR telah melanggar Seksyen 21(4) Akta Pencegahan Rasuah kerana mendedahkan maklumat siasatan itu'
    FLOUTED THE LAW.WHO? BPR! ha! ha! ha! funny,you people are funny.

  3. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Sue them for defamation. Demand RM27 million in damage. Nowadays people are being awarded damages by the millions.

  4. Anonymous4:40 pm

    This man has conscience and guts.

    Expect worms to be crawling all over ... (he should be friendly to Malaysiakini and Malaysia-Today, his best bet for bearer of the truth.)

    He said he's been wronged by ACA. Who is to prosecute the ACA?

  5. Rocky!
    We have known all along the underworld elements and foreign agents from a neighbouring country, have permeated into every aspect of our society influencing decisions, including the Police force, ministries, including the PM's Office, and possibly the DPM office!
    But the question is do we have the political will to fight this clear and present danger to our social fabrics, our sovereignty and our dignity. The onus is on Dollah Badawi and Najib Tun Razak to sincerely initiate serious decision and investigation to fight this menace. To begin with, if they are sincere, they must initiate investigation within their own outfits to ascertain who are loyal and who are in cahoot with these dangerous elements. Who are the officers and so called "friends" who do not place the interest of the PM and the DPM above anything else. The stress is on the words "political will" and "sincere".
    Italy fought the Mafia since time immemorial and they are slowly winning, but with due respect to you both PM and the DPM, we are not yet too late as to stop the rot, and it is getting pretty dangerous when enforcement agencies going against one another, these are signs of a more serious stuff to come if we do not act!


    Your loyal soldier and citizen.

  6. The saying used to be "Nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga".....

    But when dealing with the government, judiciary and police force, the saying should be "Susu setitik, rosak nila (sebelanga?)

  7. Anonymous7:55 am

    looking at the events unfolding, i am now inclined to believe RPK

  8. Anonymous9:13 am

    Looks like he is being fixed up for a RM27 million corruption charges for investigating certin crimes.

    WHat a mess our police is!!!!

  9. Anonymous9:21 am

    i don't understand Ramli Yusof's intent when he asked Malaysiakini and Malaysia-Today to leave the press conference.

  10. Anonymous9:28 am

    Off-course... everyone is innocent.
    No doubt.

  11. Anonymous10:08 am

    Bro Rock,
    In any other (civilised) country, those named would probably have to account for the allegations - ACA, AG, Musa - but going by the way things are done in Malaysia there will probably be a massive misdirection somewhere to divert all attention elsewhere than the serious allegations made.

    Too many times we have seen this happen. Batu Burok shooting was diverted (unfortunately for poor Nurin) by a senseless death. Let's see what the media spinners can come up in counter of the CCID man
    allegations on the misdeeds of the agencies mentioned.

    Methinks something will break n I hope, no, pray, that it will not be the country.

    The Sun's coverage of the PC is best to be read, with NST missing out on the CCID allegation that the informants named were leaked from ACA inquiries of documents handed to AG's dept.

    How deep is the rot, really?

  12. Anonymous11:02 am

    Sdra Bru,

    Patutlah depa belum dapat tangkap pembunuh Nurin Jazlin. Depa sama depa bergaduh rupanya. Kita sama-sama jaga anak kita, anak-anak jiran kita sajalah. Tak boleh harap polis, BPR, AG dan Hakim lagi di bumi malaysia ini.

  13. Anonymous12:27 pm

    CCID chief is stil awaiting to be interviewed by ACA. But AG said investigation by ACA completed! Hey, how can an investigation be completed when the chief is not even interviewed?
    Interestingly, CCID chief also has to engage commercial lawyers to prepare affidavit in reply to the filing by Goh.
    What is the AG office doing? Not defending the CCID, which is acting on behalf of the Government.
    More than meets the eye and perplexing isnt it?
    I can tell you the outcome eventually from all this expose. They will have to close rank coz further revelation will be damaging for the government. Case will eventually be closed with some small fries in CCID being charged and Goh fella released. CCID fella will go for his umrah and retire gracefully afterwards. Wanna bet, any takers?
    Conspiracy theory, no?

  14. Anonymous3:31 pm

    "Underworld elements and foreign agents from a neighbouring country have permeated into every aspect of our society influencing decisions, including the police force, ministries, including the PM's office and possibly the DPM office"

    Goodness me, looks like Malaysia is being run by a neighbouring country. If that were so, I think the NEP would have been dismantled long ago and the country would be in a better state. But sadly the truth is clearer than the fantasy.

  15. By leaving out Malaysiakini and RPK's MT from the PC, is RY trying to test the credibility of the MSM?

    After all, he blamed the MSM for disclosing confidential information which apparently originated from the ACA.

    With this statement, is RY further confirming the allegations put forth by an ex IGP who writes for the Star recently?

    And with this statement, will the spotlight revert to the current IGP's 'innocent' status?

    Apart from the judiciary, I think we need an RCI for this issue as well.

  16. Anonymous11:53 pm


    Kuala Lumpur - Criminal Investigations Department Deputy Director Senior Ass Comm (1) Datuk Ramli Yusuf saw then IGP, Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Noor in the act of assaulting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the police lock-up on September 20 1998. SAC Ramli told the Commission of Inquiry that he rushed into the cell to restrain Abdul Rahim, who was on his back on the cement slab in the cell before he and CID Director Comm Datuk Yaacob Mohd Amin reached there.

    The Star, March 2 1999

    Q: Is this CID Deputy Director and CCID the same person?

  17. Bro
    Saya rasa, ada yang tak kena nie.

  18. Anonymous7:25 pm

    help! help! police help! aca help!
    help? what help? under what section you're going to be help.