Friday, October 12, 2007

Istana Zakaria

60,000 for Hari Raya open mansion. The name Zakaria Md Derus is starting to become synonymous with mansions. These Star and Sin Chew's pictures show his new new "istana" in Klang which boasts of 16 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms (with jacuzzi).

The Star's news article here did not say what happened to his old illegally-extended mansion. But it did mention the man's mansion-sized generosity. Last Tuesday, it seems, he feted 500 orphans for a buka puasa at the mansion; about 100 of these orphans spent the night at the istana. Zakaria said he wanted to honour the children and allow allow them a taste of luxury.
"When and where else will they get such a chance?" he said [here].
[I can imagine the conversation between the reporter and Zakaria after the interview:
Reporter: You are so very the generous, Datuk. On behalf of the orphans and all Malaysians, I would like to thank you.
Zakaria: Oh, please, please ... don't mansion it.]

Zakaria will hold a Hari Raya Open House at the mansion on Nov 10. He expects 60,000 people to turn up. In comparison, the Umno President's Open House tomorrow is expected to draw 200,000 people.

In the meantime, former PM Dr Mahathir, in his Hari Raya message, apologised for not being able to hold a Open House this year. He will spend his Eid at the IJN.
But check out his pictures in baju raya at Rantings by MM!


  1. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    The Arab News today published a story about Prince Sultan. No, not about his villas. The Crown Prince talked about his experience fasting and performing ablutions in space more than 20 years ago.

    Here wishing you and family Eid Mubarak and Maaf Zahir Batin.

    aMiR in Pasir Putih, Kelantan.

  2. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Now what is the stupid ACA going to do about it? This guy is blatantly flaunting his lifestyle which is beyond his means. This is obscene. Only in Boleh Land.

  3. Anonymous4:27 pm

    A symbol of (fill in the blank)...........................................................................................................

    Certainly the 8th wonder of the world!! In Bolehland, of course. Nothing compared to the rich oil barons in the middle east. I thought it is the Istana. Malaysians should stand "tall" of this "pride" (BN achievements of its representatives). it takes the "pride" away from our Malaysian cosmonot in space. Wonder whether the mansion can be seen from space???? Double celebrations for the BN government. i am sure UMNOputras should be equally proud of this wonderful leader. yeah, sorry, second look, the building is "taller" than Malaysians. Happy Hari Raya with a conscience!!

    Donkey Mention

  4. Dollah Badawi, my advise to you if you want to win the next general elections you must initiate a serious investigation on this Deros guy and dropped this guys and further investigate him thoroughly, or your party will tersungkur, or lose!
    When the people's representatives are getting outright arrogant, then something is seriously seriously wrong! There is no way an elected official can amassed such fortune to built a palace, come on are you inslting the rakyat again, like Nazri Aziz, Dollah if you cannot resolve this serious anomaly in Umno, you have to go!

  5. Well, this is Malaysia ..

  6. Anonymous6:00 pm

    There is only one word to describe the man: SHAMELESS. It can apply to Umno leaders in general and Nazri and Zam in particular. Imagine Zam telling newspaper editors that there's no need to tell PM the unvarnished truth! We have an incompetent head and a load of self-serving, stupid and shameless Cabinet ministers. Selamat Hari Raya, Rocky.

  7. Wah! From railway gatekeeper to a pseudo do-gooder and the ACA have no evidence whatsoever of ill-gotten gains?

    Aiyah! No need mansion lah!

    Priceless, bro.

    ZMD's will definitely remain a subject of contention in the next GE.

  8. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Careful. He could be the next MB of the Developed State.

    Don't under estimate the number of people he has under his thumb who will do his bidding.

    Imagine. The Real Sultan calling him up to form the next state government. It might be a possibility wouldn't it?

  9. Anonymous8:05 pm

    thank you. i am proud of your achievements.

    i would be most glad if you could just impart your method of success to others.

    convert service centers to knowledge centers. maybe zakaria school of business studies.

    very soon we can be the richest nation even the swiss envy.

  10. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Mansion constructed illeglly with money obtained probably through devious means with UMNO links and then feed the Orphans for one meal during this holy month of Ramathan. Deros,the ignorant will say you are a religious man. This is the Islam which I will not be part of.
    Selamat Hari Raya to those of us Muslim who live with conscience.

  11. Now what is the stupid ACA going to do about it?
    The ACA is busy going after Sim and Sivarasa. They have no time for UMNOputras mansions and feeding orphans with his ill-gotten gains.
    What is so great to feed orphans with haram money?

  12. Anonymous8:55 pm

    See! I knew he will get away with it!

  13. Anonymous8:56 pm

    It Malaysia Abang Rocky, you should come to Sarawak to see for yourself the so call "mansion" owned by politicians.I guarantee it will amaze you. For me it OK.Why? Who say life is fair to all and that include the "poor" people like me.

    Bob from Kuching

  14. Dear Rocky bro,
    Let's not worry too much about these plunderers. They will get what they deserve 'cos there's no such thing as a free lunch. What goes around will come around.

    Meanwhile, please accept my sincere and heartfelt Hari Raya greetings to you and your family. Enjoy yourself!

  15. Istana Zakaria in Pandamaran
    Showing the people of his wealth
    A state assemblyman
    UMNO chief in Port Klang

    Imagine the millions spent
    Show casting his talents of acquiring wealth
    The sleeping beauty sleeps through
    ACA turns one eye I suppose?

    No case to prosecute
    It is so hard to believe
    The BN government and UMNO
    The golden fleece of modern glow

    16 rooms and 21 bathrooms
    Maybe he wants to turn into an inn
    In case he plans for his family never turns out
    He can put it up as a budget hotel

    Istana Zakaria and his takes
    Of what the people wait
    Will the sleeping PM wake up soon?
    After blast off he falls asleep!

    No wonder many rats go free
    Into the holes under the bridge
    ACA waits for the signal
    It never comes at all

    Money my friend
    Works wonder in life
    But if you steal it
    You never sleep easy

  16. i noticed the malaysian flag fluttering on a tall flagpost. does that indicate that he is in residence at that time. will the flag be brought down when he is outstation or overseas or elsewhere? you know like when elizabeth regina is not in residence at buckingham palace, the flag is lowered.

    this guy zackie sure got style one...

    to plagiarize a wellknown blogger, NIAMAH !

  17. Anonymous10:46 pm

    what is the ACA oh shall we call it PCA - do about this? Look the other way. There are 2 sets of rules in this country mah.

    BTW zakaria used Taiwanese Feng Sui master for his mansion. The tower is Octagon shaped and the water features etc. why never used local bomoh?

    This guy seems to think he is one hell of a big man..mau lawan Sultan it looks like.

  18. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Just look at the selective investigation the ACA is practising.

    This Zakaria guy nothing happens and can even show off his wealth and just look at the poor guy at Keadilan who exposed the Lingamgate.

    The Keadilan should follow Zakaria and give a open huuse to orphans to allow them a taste of justice?????

  19. Rocky,

    I don't care about this guy Zak. All I want is to wish you and your family, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

    I also wish all your Muslim readers here the same.

    God bless all of you!

  20. I hope duit2 n barang2 raya yg anak2 yatim dpt tu is legal.

    Otherwise.. well..

  21. Anonymous12:50 am

    I say... Kayap Mat Derus nak beli markah nampaknya. Ataupun... nak tebus dosa secara jalan pintas. ;D

  22. This joint venture open house with Zakaria for everyone?
    Takut-lah bouncers banyak
    Selamat Hari Raya

  23. rocky should pass the word to the association - get bloggers to start collecting pics or videos of all the big mansions of the politicians;

    then post them in the blogs together with their photos and profiles, possibly their salaries.

    let the people ask questions and judge for themselves.

    do it before elections.

  24. Anonymous9:07 am

    How can this idiot get away? Why wasn't it torn down when it wasnt approved to be built? we need new govt

  25. Anonymous9:33 am


    Here's wishing you a Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Eid Mubarak to you and family. May it be a joyous and fulfilling one.
    Take care

  26. Dear Bro Rocky,

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to you and to all in the ALL BLOGS Exco, Blogging Community and Blog Readers. Unable to send a personal greeting to each of you but nevertheless have a joyous and wonderful holiday and may peace be with you all.


  27. Anonymous11:35 am

    How about tearing down Zakaria's mansion and the imcumbents? Boy, why must malaysians put up with this sh*t?!!!

  28. If I remember correctly, it was reported that he was a former railway gatekeeper. Unless he has an excllent investment guru, and has saved millions, or he inherited millions, or he married rich, how the hell can he afford such a palace? Please tell me, I must have been sleeping in economics class...

  29. Anon at 4.27...cannot be one of the wonders of the world. My beer-buddy-jouno Bobby said that the Taj Mahal got this status because Sher Jahan DID NOT USE A BANK LOAN! However, this Deros guy could qualify because he got an UMNO nod. Properly connected, you can C4 or buy yourself a good spot in heaven with a NOD.


  31. Anonymous10:33 pm

    zakaria boleh!

  32. Kalau KAYA itu ada rupa dan wajah, memang ia sangat pelbagai.

    Di satu hujung kita ada al bukhary, manakala di satu hujung yang lain kita ada seperti yang dipaparkan. Dari gambar tertera sangat ternyata KAYA memang berwajah. Wajah jika di make-up keluarlah serinya, bercahaya dan bergemerlapan.

    Rumah atau istana adalah pernyataan terhadap Kekayaan. Albukhary memilih untuk menderma dalam senyap lalu ternyata berkesan dan dihargai. Ramai yang rasa terhutang dengan budibaik Albukhary. Namun dia memilih untuk bersepi dan bersyukur. Ini sekadar persepsi saya. Mungkin yang lain turut rasa begitu, mungkin tidak.

    Harta bukanlah dosa. Harta halal dan terurus bersih, tentu memberi pahala. Tetapi pahala bukan datangnya dari poket kita macam angpau. Pahala dan dosa dibawah jurisdiction Tuhan.

    Tentu bukan sedikit keringat tercurah untuk mengumpul harta sedemikian banyak. Harta adalah permata hati dan memberi ketenangan.

    Tentu kita juga boleh jejak langkah-langkah yang diambil oleh orang-orang kaya. Disebalik semua ini, ternyata apa yang sering disebut ramai, "be at the right time, at the right place, and with right people", seringkali benar. Jadi kaya selalunya bukan fluke atau by accident.

    Tahniah pada Zakaria kerana sudi menderma di hari mulia. Tidak ada apa yang harus dimalukan....

  33. Anonymous12:59 am

    allied martster

    simple, if you are a malay, join umno. if you are a chinese in peninsular malaysia, join MCA. if you are a foochow, join the correct party in Sarawak. after that, get elected as MP and make sure you rise to a fairly senior position in the political party.
    then you are set for life. this fella mansion is small money lah.
    imagine, you can screw the government for billions aka Port Klang Free Port style. dont worry the ACA wont go after you. PAC will give you a clean bill of health. and the government will give you another multi-million contract as a reward for screwing them.
    16 bedroom and 21 toilets istana is nothing, isnt it? what are you waiting for? jump into politics. caveat, jojn the right party and be prepared to be rotten.

  34. Anonymous6:39 am

    Our PN and DPM says our country is islamic country and does that mean in Islam this is allowed?

  35. Anonymous10:47 am

    Is this the so called 'Towering Malay' example?

    Would Pak Lah endorsed his achievement?

    We have 2 sets of rules for the Malays, one is for the VVIPs and one is for the man on the street, like the guard working in my work place. He worked on first day of Raya.

  36. Rocky, you got me hyperventilating now! Couldn't go to get the papers, and you give me this ZakaRIAK piece. I'm fuming.

  37. Anonymous11:48 am

    another towering malay and proud of it.

    -bloody shit punya orang!

  38. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Whaaaa, what a big house???

    Just wonder how much the house with every thing inside would cost Zakaria????

  39. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Bro, I thought I saw him two months ago inside 'Space Furniture' the exclusive and very expensive furniture store in Bangsar! Raya shopping ke?

  40. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Zakaria is issuing a direct challenge to the ACA because he knows they don't have the guts to get him!

  41. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Score Board of No of open house visitors

    Prime Minister 200,000

    King No figure

    MB Selangor 10,000

    MB Perak 3,000

    MB Johor 50,000

    Sultan Johor No figure

    Istana Zakaria 60,000 est


    Thousands at PM’s open house

    KUALA LUMPUR: About 200,000 people from around the country attended the Hari Raya open house hosted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Cabinet ministers at the Putra World Trade Centre on Saturday.

    Among them were business leaders, educationists and leaders from the opposition parties led by DAP adviser and Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang.

    Foreign tourists and international students also took the opportunity to attend the open house.

    Abdullah, dressed in a gold-coloured baju melayu, greeted guests, accompanied by his wife Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, who was dressed in a cream-coloured baju kurung with gold embroidery.

    This was the first time Abdullah hosted the Hari Raya open house with Jeanne.

    Also greeting guests were Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Cabinet ministers and their wives.

    The event was opened to the public from 12.30pm to 5.30pm, while VIPs including foreign dignitaries and ambassadors started arriving from 11am.

    Earlier in the day, Abdullah was at Istana Negara where he had an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin.

    Tuanku Mizan hosted an open house for Cabinet ministers, dignitaries and foreign diplomats at the Istana on Saturday morning.

    In SHAH ALAM, thousands of people from all walks of life were at the open house hosted by Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, at Istana Bukit Kayangan on Saturday.

    Some people turned out as early as 8am to celebrate Hari Raya with the Sultan.

    Among those present were Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo and foreign dignitaries.

    At the Selangor Youth and Cultural Complex in Section 7, some 10,000 people thronged the open house hosted by the Mentri Besar and his wife Datin Seri Zahrah Kechik.

    Among the VIPs who attended the function were MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and wife Datin Seri Wendy Ong, and MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

    Dr Khir will be holding another open house on Oct 20 at his residence at Simpang 5, Sungai Besar in Sabak Bernam.

    In IPOH, more than 3,000 people attended the open house of Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali at his residence here on Saturday.

    The Mentri Besar, his wife Datin Seri Kamariah Mokri and their three daughters greeted visitors from as far as Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

    Among those present were state officials, representatives from the Barisan Nasional component parties and associations such as the Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    Tajol Rosli said he was delighted that Malaysians of all ethnic groups would take the time to attend open house gatherings.

    "This is true even for festivals like Chinese New Year and Deepavali, and augurs well for the future of the country," he said.

    In JOHOR BARU, thousands attended the open house hosted by the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail, at the Istana Besar.

    Long queues were seen outside the palace as members of the public along with state officials took the opportunity to personally wish the Sultan.

    Meanwhile, the Tunku Mahkota of Johor, Tunku Ibrahim Ismail, hosted his own open house after attending the celebrations at the Istana Besar.

    At the open house hosted by Johor Mentri Besar, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, around 50,000 people were seen joining in the festivities.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Aww man. Give that Abang Zack guy a break! What is wrong with you guys? Its Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, can`t a person treat others and share his `hard earn sweat and blood` money with his supporters and well wishes?

    After all he gave work and job opportunities to people as follows:-

    1. Food caterer - to serve 60,000 people. ( i.e. *RM6 per head X 60,000 = ??? ) *Rough estimate

    2. An opportunity to minggle and share new `ideas` of next projects with scores of VVIP`s, VIP & *VOP ( very opportunist people )

    3. The main contractor to build his mansion and some lucky few sub-contractors.

    4. Imported furniture and Imported lightings guys.

    5. Job opportunities to gardeners, landscaping peoples, local maids, drivers, body guards, guards and freelance body guards, fly by night guards etc etc.

    6. Feng Shui practitioners on the corrrectness of Ying & Yang. This is to avoid nasty poison arrows of the media writting bad stuff about him. Especially bloggers.

    This are some of the job opportunities that he has given to others. Hate not. Lets give him a standing ovation.

    Clap. Clap. Clap. Well done.

    Give Abang Zack a break guys!

    Maaf Zahir & Batin.

  43. Anonymous12:45 am

    Fuhhh..chinese said cuci wang...evrything possible in Malaysia.

    Man, KL

  44. Anonymous2:02 am

    "The Star's news article here did not say what happened to his old illegally-extended mansion."

    isn't this mansion the same as the old illegally extended one? see my post here and compare the picture of the mansion on my post (the one on right) to his completed mansion. same lah.

    walla, after the bising-bising issue of zakaria's mansion last year, few months later, someone from penang (a recent freedom film fest winner) did record mansions of rich MPs in penang.

  45. Anonymous11:20 am

    Check out the baju melayu --- ROYAL yellow!

    Sultan Selangor tak murka ke?

  46. Anonymous11:21 am

    Check out the baju melayu --- ROYAL yellow!

    Sultan Selangor tak murka ke?

  47. Anonymous2:28 pm

    bodowi wont do anything cos hes got his own shit to cover. Moreover these people might know more about his shit than the bloggers. Case of scratch my bacd and i will scratch yours !

  48. Anonymous4:44 pm

    NSTman and Mr Smith said 'stupid ACA'.
    Shar101 said ' ACA have no evidence whatsoever of ill-gotten gains'.
    Caravnserai says 'ACA turns one eye'.
    Rocky says 'shall we call it PCA?'.
    Anonymous says 'look at the selective investigation the ACA is practising'.
    Hey guys, why talk bad about the ACA? Give chance lah sikit.
    At least their website has on paper (or online) the following:


    Mewujudkan masyarakat Malaysia bebas daripada rasuah berlandaskan nilai-nilai kerohanian dan moral yang tinggi.

    Menjadikan BPR agensi pembanterasan rasuah yang professional dan unggul.


    Menghapuskan jenayah rasuah, penyalahgunaan kuasa dan penyelewengan di Malaysia.

    Mengukuhkan integriti dan memantapkan kepakaran melalui program pembangunan sumber manusia secara terancang dan berterusan.

    And they only have their 2003 Annual Report for the public on their website.

    We should not know what they did after that, especially when Dr M handed over the reigns of power to a very trusted successor?

    So, are we going to continue hoping that the enforcement guys will really take up the challenge and investigate the owner of the 'charitable' mansion?

    Hello, this is our homeland where we always join our 'leaders' of 'integrity' and 'righteousness' to frown upon neighbouring countries for their 'wrong' ways of addressing corruption, whereas we have the 'Malaysia Boleh' formula to franchise to the whole world.

    We even 'celebrated' through prominent write ups in the mainstream media when we rose just 1 ranking upwards this year in the Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

    That was a fantastic achievement which should have been celebrated on an even grander scale with fireworks, open houses, ceramahs, etc. We should have declared a week-long public holiday!

    Imagine if all those countries above Malaysia, followed our styles - then they will be on equal footing with us annually in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) and there will be worldwide celebrations - led by Malaysia.

    We can go down in history that our model was successful in bringing many countries together to the joint number 1 ranking of the CPI.

    These countries can also send their personnel to the ACA Academy which strives to be 'the regional hub for anti-corruption capability and capacity building to fights corruption'.

    This is a distinguished inistitution indeed. The Chief Executive has said (check the website), "The Government is very committed in the effort to develop a free corrupt Malaysian society even it takes times. Various and continuous effort are taken by the government towards achieves this objective. One of the examples is the establishment of MACA which is to equip anti-corruption officers to become more knowledgeable and capable in carrying out their duties'.

    Such is the splendour of this educational arm that UKM has also joined forces with this academy to offer professional 'paper' qualifications.

    We are indeed pround of Zakariah, as he has passed all the acid tests that the ACA and its Academy graduates have been initiating to clear such people from being wrongly perceived by bloggers, the common folks and those who have no gratitude for the peaceful situation in the country nurtured by the Zakariahs and those in power.

    Why cant everyone emulate this 'noble' man, be like him and spread his philosophy beyond our shores?

    Is he not a role model for the 'Malaysia Boleh' concept to be franchised internationally?

    Why go after the ACA when they are doing a 'fantastic' job?

    Be reasonable-lah you guys!

    'Rever' this icon who brings many rays of hope for all of us and be inspired to also be like him to fast-track the country to developed nation status. No need to wait for 2020.

  49. I wanna puke bro,.....
    shameless piece of shit, this Deros moron !sheeeesh !
    And the holy PM watches from nice !

  50. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Pharker Lah also cant touch him.

    Whether he can touch the Happy cock we dont know. BUt if he can touch and yet didnt touch, then we know this pharker lah is not envious bcos he has more than what happy cock has, which I believe is the case. And alsot eh other theory is that happy cock is holding someone else's cock and he cant even scream in pleasure.

  51. The irony of things. I seen the photos in The Star online edition. And judging from his ' bigger than low cost' bedroom, this guy have money but no taste in interior design.

  52. Anonymous11:47 am

    People, please all got to work hard to be like him. Don't envy him. Remember he is only a railway guard not too long ago. For such a short time he can have a Istana bigger than many public listed company owner/directors. Can only happen in Boleh Land.!! So make sure you vote for BN!!

  53. Anonymous2:03 pm

    this comment is "better late than never" [cuti raya la ;)]..

    On Zam's beloved TV station- TV1 there is this one indonesian show titled "demi Masa" (funny show!), every weekdays on 7.30pm.
    There was this one episode where the character of the "ketua Kampung"/politician's wife said to her "ketua Kampung"/politician hubby while serving him a plate of rice...

    " Seorang pemimpin ngak boleh makan lebih kenyang dari rakyatnya yang paling miskin!"

    such an irony for TV1 to show that. hehe. i wonder if Zam and his friends are watching it.

    on the other hand, though his intention of menjamu the orphans are nice but it is sad when i think about where THE money came from. when u feed the people with dirty money, don't be surprised if they grow up becoming all these rempits with social problems and collection of crimes.

    ~anon 12.55

  54. Anonymous3:19 pm

    ha! another quote from the same show.

    this guy already has a girlfriend-AL, but there's another girl-RI who is interested in the guy and he feels the same way. RI later on, "retracts" her intention towards the guy.
    one day, RI and AL solat berjemaah with the RI being the "imam appointed" by AL.
    AL asked RI, why did she stopped pursuing the guy?

    RI said "saya tidak akan mengkhianati orang yg memilih saya menjadi imam".

    i wonder if THEY even knew what kind of irony they've put on THEIR TV station.

    ~anon 12.55

  55. Anonymous11:24 am

    as frankie said...
    Would Pak Lah endorsed his achievement?
    hello pak lah!
    I am,one of the one in the street,working on the first day of hari raya.

  56. Anonymous7:58 am

    aiyah, this fler has something that scares the goment : " try me, i will leak out all shits of others, just TRY ME !....."

  57. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Malay politicians blood sucking other races money,they just want to win over chinese and indian..I'm lucky to be an European now.