Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Singapore buys precision-guided bombs

I share Syed Nadzri's worry. Who are they for, Mr Lee?


  1. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Singapore and Israel, the only 2 nations - one of which is illegal - are the only recipients of high tech weaponry the US exports to. Close second comes Japan, and may be India.

    Given the political and geographical turbulence of each country, they may (stress) be understood. But Singapore?

    Who's warplane may I ask, have been caught intruding our airspace? Surely not Thai or Indonesian Air Force. - Amir

  2. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Must be the Sukhoi in case they are off their course,since the
    F-15 can't compete with them.

  3. Anonymous2:36 pm

    what's up with the paranoia? i suppose singapore needs to make sure no one is offended first before they make a purchase? like you check with your neighbour first before buying a spanking new Beemer just in case he thinks you're trying to show him up.

  4. There are 2 countries within the Singapore F-15's operational range in Ground-Attack mode. Singapore and Malaysia, possibly Southern Thailand, but nothing for them to hit there.

    In many RSAF wargames, the "Enemy" side, only identified as "Red Force" is quite obviously Malaysia.

    Just soldier boys playing their wargames...or is it something else ?

    The Sukhoi SU-30 is a very sophisticated state-of-the-art plane, but don't ever underestimate the F-15.

    Most of the pilots who have been at the receiving end of an F-15 in combat never survived to tell the story...

  5. Anonymous3:07 pm

    and what is Malaysia's arms strategy?
    buy from those whose "cut" is right.
    book it in as "consultation fees".

    sigh... they brand a kid who raps [albeit, kinda rudely] a traitor, and honors those who trade our defense for money in their pocket.

  6. Let's be practical..Singapore has always been far sighted and their main defence issue (understandably) being sandwiched between 2 Muslim giants - is DEFENCE with the best $$ CAN BUY.

    Why should we expect them to be sitting ducks?

    If they were so stupid they wouldn't be where they are today.

    It is NO secret that USA have a base there..

    It is NO secret that if Malaysia and Indonesia just row enough sampans over, Singapore will be overrun in ...1 day?

    How else can a country with 3 or 4 million ppl counter against countries with 80 million or 30 million ppl?

    And why would Malaysia or Indonesia NOT target Singapore if SG is a weak country??

    Who will stop MY or ID ??

    So let's not "blame" SG for its very legit and practical reasons for defence.

    It is FOR defence they buy and not for Aggresion...they can NOT afford to be aggresive my friends!

  7. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Mr anonymous said What is Malaysia's arm strategy??? It appears like there is no strategy at all. Malaysian authorities seemed to be too apologetic to neigbour like Singapore,even if the air force jets encroached or intruded our land,authorities will NEVER MIND,we care our neighbour. Singapore can do anything they like,our leaders will apologize but if Malaysians did something wrong,like the case of Meng Chee,they immediately became FIERCE...i think Malaysians are just UNFORTUNATE...leaders have no balls.

  8. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Please do not talk abour Sukhoi Su-30 and the Boeing F-15. Which is better and what not, go to the proper blog kids or shut up and go to your room and finish that aircraft model kit that mama bought for you.

    Don't change the subject here - which is why the feck is Singapore buying all these things?
    The PGM or precision guided munition singapore is asking for are intended for land-based targets. They can be used to blast mosques (everyday in Iraq, Afghanistan), temples (during the Vietnam war) and churches (yes churches, the Israelis has used them to bomb suspected churches in Palestine in Nazareth and Bethlehem),schools, putra jaya, petronas and shell oil refineries, ports, airports, schools, dams, anything which is written in Arabic or Jawi like the Macdonald's in Kota Baru etc etc

  9. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Balance of power i presume. and we gonna live in the state of "Balance of terror".

    Only takes one precipitates case to bring war in front of our doorsteps!

  10. singapore gettng desperate cos running out of land? kakakakaka....

  11. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Great News for Najib and gang - Now can spend some more rakyat money!

  12. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Well--who knows, there might be somenone here sucking up to Bush---if he sucks hard enough , who knows we might get them bombs too.
    So after all the sucking --what are we getting out of it ?

  13. why , they have the money dun they ? these missiles will be aimed at you and me of course
    ( plus some ).
    so question :
    what can anybody do ?

  14. Anonymous5:22 pm

    It's a no-brainer. The missiles are aimed at malaysia and indonesia.

  15. We should re-visit ZOPFAN. "Zon Aman Bebas dan Berkecuali"


  16. Anonymous5:38 pm

    ... must be for the bloggers-loh ... who else? no collateral damage-mah ... thinking of getting one for the blog house? self defense-loh ... heh, heh ... ;D

  17. when you live in a place surrounded by fanatical big bullies, i think you have a right you arm yourself with some kind of weapons.

  18. Anonymous6:50 pm

    We can also buy but we have spend the money already on the following;

    1) Putting Mat Space on a Russian Spaceship.

    2) Spend RM4.6million on White Elephant PKFZ.

    3) Dump Perwaja into Klang river.

    4) Spends millions on NS so that more young man and woman can cut short their life.

    5) Spend millions on 50th Merdeka to everyone praising each other how great and how boleh and while Indonesian are burning our flag.

  19. Anonymous6:51 pm

    devilmaster said...

    when you live in a place surrounded by fanatical big bullies, i think you have a right you arm yourself with some kind of weapons.


    big bullies u said?
    mind telling me what did the "big bullies" had done to other countries?
    and what about other countries that clearly bullied other country, that considered a good country?
    simply invade other peoples homeland in the name of counter terrorism my ass

  20. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Since this is a guessing clue�let me see. If they wanted to inflict punishing tolls on their neighbors, they would have opted for that Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) (colloquially known as the Mother of all Bombs). But with precision missiles, they are probably getting ready and being trained to take out potential stockpile of nuclear centrifuges or spare parts or targets. How about this for a hypothesis? whispering9

  21. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Singapore buying the latest and most sophisticated wea- pons may not be anything new. But what many people want to know is: Who is its target?

    Come on please grow up. Who give him the idea that when you buy a missle you must use it?

    If one learn karate, this mean that one have to punch someone?

    If I buy a gun, does it means that I have to shoot someone/thing?

    Singapore is using their own money and why does it concern us?

    When Malaysia buy some Russian planes do they complain?

  22. Anonymous @ 6:51 PM said...

    big bullies u said?
    mind telling me what did the "big bullies" had done to other countries?
    and what about other countries that clearly bullied other country, that considered a good country?
    simply invade other peoples homeland in the name of counter terrorism my ass

    Do you really need to wait until the "big bullies" do something, only then you shall act?

    I presume you are were referring to US invasion of Iraq. Do you actually know what is UN Resolution 1441? Do you know Iraq blatantly violated it? If you could stop reading Utusan Meloya & stop watching TV3, perhaps you will have a clearer mind of what is happening in Iraq at the moment was because of Saddam Hussein's own fault.

    Ask the Iraqis. They are now better off without Saddam. If you still want to fall into the propaganda pit laid by BN mainstream media on attacking US interest, then you shoot yourself for being stupid.

  23. Anonymous11:40 pm


    I buy your points.

    Reminds me of something I read, probably a piece by Karim Raslan... "Malaysia has an inferiority complex and Singapore has an insecurity complex" - not exact words, but something to that effect. :D

  24. Precision-guided bombs refer to GBUs i.e. Guided Bomb Unit, of which there are several variations, namely, GBU12/15/28/31/32/38.

    These munitions are essentially unpowered (unlike missiles which are self-propelled) and launched mode is air-to surface using laser guidance, GPS, etc. Hence, using the F-15s as a delivery system.

    Warheads are basically general purpose or penetrating with high value targets e.g. radar sites, fortified defenses, underground command units, etc for its intended usage.

    And for the benefit of Whispering9, the MOAB i.e. Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, comes under the same category of GBUs, codenamed GBU43, carrying n 18700lb HE mixture and is an improved guided version of the old unguided 'Daisy Cutter' which can only load up 15,000lb of HE. Good for creating an LZ or inflicting massive counts of dead people.

    In conclusion, RDC can point these PGMs anywhere they like coz it's their prerogative but as soon as these GBUs are dropped, it will not be for defensive purposes since it will be dropped outside of RDC. Now, if we hear that RDC will be procuring cruise missiles, Mindef better sit up and take notice.

    Btw does anybody know what happened to Malaysia's intention to get MLRs?

  25. Anonymous12:46 am

    i guess that's the price singapork have to pay to be buddy-buddy with the US of A.

    "either you are with us or against us". with us means buy more of our defense stuff whether u need it or not care not what your neighbor thought of it. what's the next best thing to do if they already got lky's balls in their hand.....squeeze 'em.

  26. Probable defense against F-15s with GBUs.


    Nasty stuff, folks, if it gets into the wrong hands.

    And no, it's not a male sanitary napkin.

  27. The weapons are for the pig farms in Melaka. All the over production of pigs will drive the price of pork down and Singapore's pork importers will lose money. So since the Melaka authorities couldn't do the job of culling the pigs, Singapore is going to blast 'em to pigly bits with newly acquired precision bombs.

  28. Anonymous1:48 am

    Yes Singapore do not complain when Malaysia buys Sukhois but the Kiasu singaporeans buy what they think is better like the F-15, after Uncle Sam tells them so and they like to get cosy with uncle Sam. Whom they think would help them when they are in trouble.

    Why? Because they are scared shit, because the government tells them people so. They are surrounded. Despite all the bull shit military strategy talk.

    THey may buy all the top weapon US systems even Israeli weapons, study Israeli tactics BUT ISRAEL THEY ARE NOT. Strategically and geograpically they are fecked. Defence-wise they do not have depth and rear guard or reserves. NO place for reserve. They are like, well, Sorry Tuanku, like Brunei.NO rocket science here your DSTA people. HOw would you defend against millions of refugees from Indonesia coming to singapore on small sampans or swimming on rubber floats. Plse do a paper on this for your next seminar OK

    But then again Brunei is not Singapore which elected to be a state in Malaysia what ever their reasons. (If not Singapore could have gotten thei independence in the late 1990s like Hong Kong or maybe not)
    Hell, even Taiwan which is an island umpteenth times bigger is FECKED strategically and politically. (BTW Lee Kuan Yew onced wished Singapore has the size of Taiwan) Not even ancient Greek warlike city Sparta ( You know what happened to Sparta? QC not Queen's Council but Queen Control. Their pampered women caused the downfall of that state. Singapore women are now pampered with slimming programmes etc ask their PM's wife) Oops here I think Malaysia got the same QC problem too.

    So got to your room a read a book or finish that F-15 model that mama bought you or have you got the JSF one.

  29. Anonymous2:34 am

    Who are they for?

    Well, we could ask ourselves why are we buying Sukhois, Polish tanks, French submarines etc etc. Who are they for Pak Lah? Najib?

    Why are you all so paranoid? They buy, you complain. We buy they must not complain? In fact, they have not said anything at all!!!

    So what is your agenda for asking?

  30. Anonymous5:31 am

    Nothing to worry about their precision guided bmb.They can buy anything they want.But their weapon is only effective for the target such as structure,base,moving object and GPS designate location with pin point acurracy.They want to use this precision guided weapon in thick canopy Asian jungle?It ineffective and useless.Did you know that the US use all type of this weapon in bare land(desert) Iraq?Difficult in desert,10 times more difficult in jungle.They can't and even don't know how to eliminate a bunch of rifle-armed fighter with their so-called sophisticated weapon.Magic?Ilogical?or Believe it or Not?The so-called 'superpower'are being defeated in Iraq on open ground or in close quarter battle.Singapore know about this(defeated)but disgrace to admit it.'Kiasu at wrong place'.
    In Iraq, despite overwhelming superiority in firepower and technology, a group of lightly-armed "rebels" effectively forced the US military to change their strategy several times without achieving anything.

    Same goes to the Russians,they have learned that conventional military prowess is no match against rebel forces, led by skilled and committed leaders in Chechen.

    It Hito-zukuri that counts.For Malaysian nothing to worry about...We need to modernise our own military with proper equipment and new tactical warfare. but don't forget we have thousands comitted soldier and civilian(current minister not include)who can give them 'bloody nose'.

  31. Anonymous8:44 am

    If you've read LKY's recent interview, he repeatedly stated Singapore's a pragmatic country. They've even thought as far as ahead as to build dykes to curb the rising seawater levels which won't be significant until in at least 50 years.

    So in a country so small, they have to fully maximise their human resource potential & also attacking arsenal. In a war, anything can happen, S'pore could lose most of their pilots in a rogue strike by one of the unguided bombs, etc.

    So it makes alot of sense to acquire these precision guided bombs to destroy the enemy's primary military installations as quickly as possible in the least amount of sorties?

    Furthermore, with the crazy Malaysian politicians mouthing nonsense in the parliament everyday, it wouldn't surprise me that military strategists in Singapore are confused if they are retarded or they are joking...lol

  32. devilmaster said...

    when you live in a place surrounded by fanatical big bullies, i think you have a right you arm yourself with some kind of weapons.

    well said!

  33. Anonymous10:10 am

    CLASSIC FEAR MONGERING BY THE MEDIA (coincidentally government controlled too).

    Rocky, I am actually surprised that a man of your supposed caliber and experience fell into this trap of suspicious thinking.

    Do you actually believe Singaporeans will want to cari pasal with her neighbours?

    Surely you have enough common sense to know that it will only spell disaster for the region should that happen. It's a globalized world after all, everything's interconnected.

    But to paraphrase one commentator above, if I learn karate does that mean I MUST use it to whack up someone for no reason?

    Disappointing post.

  34. Anonymous10:27 am

    Devilmaster, you wrote "the Iraqis are now better off without saddam". Seriously I would like to know what newspaper you are reading friend? Do you know that The Syiahs and the Sunnis and the Kurds are at each others throat at this very moment and iraq still does not have a proper government to rule itself. Bombs are exploding to maim and kill innocent iraqis almost everyday since after the Americans invaded iraq.Devilmaster, please get your facts correctlah.

    Anyway back to the subject matter, I don't see a problem when Singapore has the money and have a ready and willing supplier of sophisticated weapons from the USA. The US has a naval base in Changi and Singapore also needs to keep the US Military happy so that there you are what better way to make the US Government happy than buying very expensive precision guided bomb that they don't need anyway. Don't worry about targetslah, Singapore would actually commit harakiri if they think that they can go to battle with their sophisticated weapons and win a long sustained war with their neighbors or other so called "bullies". Look at the mighty US forces in Iraq and the NATO forces in Afghanistan, they are stuck with no way to win the war or whatever you call it.

    Remember also that Singapore is a service/trading and soon to be gambling/casino nation and therefore whatever grandstanding that their leaders would like to show their neighbors, in truth this region's economy and prosperity depend on it being perceived as a peaceful place.

  35. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Thanks for the info, shar101. Aiyah, US or the Swiss won't sell the Manpads to us. Can consider Vanguards or not? Hahaha. But seriously, I don't think our neighbours want this region to be embroiled in any kind of conficts like anak jawa johor commentated. Buying weapons is instinctively a typical man justification to measure up to their smaller toys at hands. Got what I mean? Just look down south. Besides, who else is going to buy US expiring missiles if not a faithful alliance. I don't usually make too much fuss of such purchases? I commented just for the fun of it. Hope I didn't upset anyone. whispering9

  36. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Hello wankers!

    Even if SG wants to buy a missle for every single Singaporean to have at home and aimed at MY, ID and even Brunei, biarkanlah!

    Tak payah la awak ni semua kaypoh sangat.

    If I'm living in a house where the two houses flanking mine are inhabited by two physically big and strong guys who live with many equally big and strong children (and I have no idea if they are sincerely friendly with me or not, despite being neighbours for so long) and my best buddies live quite a distance away, I think it is wise of me to take some precautions, security-wise.

    Heck, it could even be a deal between the Govts or Defence Ministers of both sides, I imagined.

    It's something like this: "Dude, please go buy something better than mine so I can come up with an excuse to 'refresh' and 'upgrade' my hardwares where my rakyat won't get (too) upset when I spend their money.

    "You never have to give big excuses to your people since you are a tiny nation of MOSTLY non-Muslim, non-Malay people. I need something to justify my shopping spree.

    "If you agree to help, my cronies and I, you included, will earn some nice kickbacks in the process too. Howzat? Deal?"


  37. Anonymous4:19 pm

    I believe the precision guided munition is intended to strike amongst others, the MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) which Malaysia bought from Brazil some years ago and just acquire some new ones recently. Now Malaysia Army have two such battalion of the MLRS which if launched simultaneously (obviously from the vast expanse palm oil plantations in johor), can annihilate the whole of the republic in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Hiding in the hilly palm oil plantations, it is quite hard for their Apache helicopter to target and fire, unlike the open deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  38. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Singapore has something to worry about. Malaysia has just been declared an Islamic state.

  39. Anonymous4:48 pm

    It's a no-brainer. The missiles are aimed at malaysia and indonesia.
    but what about our missiles!can we direct them to TUAS.
    those on top have no balls eh!!!

  40. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Salaam, Pak.

    I think that Syed Nadzri's worries are a tad overblown, and if I were to be uncharitable, slightly hypocritical too.

    The Spore govt is just doing what it does best - planning long-term and trying to take into account every possible scenario, contigency or possibility. It is a hallmark of the Lee Kuan Yew mindset - to be ever paranoid because hard-won success and prosperity can disappear in a matter of weeks, if not months.

    So, Spore builds bridges with everyone, including Iran and Myanmar. It uses Free Trade Agreements to anchor itself to the fortunes of its key trading partners. It hosts elements of the US Armed Forces - the Navy and the Air Force. It hosts the regional HQs of many MNCs and foreign banks. So much so that the much of the world has a vested interest in ensuring that Spore survives and continues to grow and prosper.

    I wish that the Msian govt could emulate the best aspects of Spore's governance without indulging in taxpayer-funded lawatan sambil belajar missions to faraway destinations!

    Oh, yah - the Russians do make precision-guided bombs and missiles for the Sukhoi SU-30 aircraft.....

  41. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Singapore has one of the best trained army, if not the best in the region. Their battle-readiness is probably higher than ours.

    The geopolitics of the region makes it no surprise to me that they buy those weapons.

    Plus, their expertise has also been to the region's advantage where counter terrorism is concerned.

    When you really look closely, their situation is not that different to that of Israel.

    Only South East Asia is not a cauldron of continuing strife like the Middle East is. But then, besides Malaysia n Brunei, u can't really predict the stability of the rest of the SEA countries, can u?

    I could be wrong, but I am not as afraid of Singapore having those missiles/bombs as I would of some other unstable countries. Maybe I'd me more worried if it was purchased by a military regime. We have at least two in the vicinity.

  42. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Atually no one have the rights to question what our immediate neighbor is buying.

    I mean even our own government is not answerable to us when they wasted our money on PKFZ, Perwaja and also the billions & billons lost to bad loans and foreign currency trading lost during the 97 financial crisis. Have any of you receive a satisfying answers from our government so far to something which they are suppose to be answerable to us? We are unable to handle our own house and what we have got to says about others?

  43. Singapore is an avid believer of Sun Tze who has said that to maintain peace one must prepare for war. So Singapore can turn around and says that the preparation is all for peace.

    Now on Malaysia's part, what have they done to prepare for the "Mersing Line" and the "destruction of the Twin Tower with only the Maxis Building standing." (quotes from Malay Mail).

    Maybe Malaysia just don't have to do anything (the easier way out) but just sell sand and granite to Singapore for it to expand without having to look north.

  44. Anonymous12:16 am

    Why can't Singapore just used C-4 like Malaysia?

  45. Anonymous5:19 am

    The Brahmos cruise missile, with a range of 290km and a 350kg warhead is specially developed for India's Su-30MKI.

    Perhaps the Su-30MKM can carry this system as well.

  46. Chill people,

    to counter attack the singaporean we dont need any weapon what so ever-no tanks,no ground troops,no jets.Just a truck load of poison for the pigs farm in Melaka.


  47. faidz
    dun be so simplistic lah...SG tests all foods in lab be4 permitted to sell lah...

    They even have bunker rooms in HDBs in case of an attack...but just that the rich ppl in their condos no bunker lah!!

    So...if they continue to shore up their defence with USA (& by extention of that - the other Western countries) as allies - they are just doing it so that their ppl won't be killed OR domesticated by their big bru neighbours!!

    Whatever evil intentions their neighbours have, SG have enough ears on the ground to know what next to expect or do..

    didja know LONG LONG before something happens they already hv the news eg..canned meats from China are badly tainted; so a directive within the top govt echelons are issued NOT to touch the stuff.

    Then kaboom!!! 6 months later this news became public in the world...so how does SG know all this BEFORE the event is revealed?

    Go figure!

  48. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Yew all suffer from myopia and prejudice lah.

    Just like them Brits in 1940. Guns facing the wrong way. Didn't see the enemy, the Japs, who came swiftly from far, far away and kicked them out.

    So maybe the threat is from...ummm...Mongolia who want to take revenge for Altantuya?

    The enemy may not necessarily be from our immediate neighbours. 9/11 and all that, proved this. Also it can be from within e.g. London and Glasgow.

    So why you all so myopic and so fearful if the little red dot want to be careful and be fully prepared for all eventualities?

    What are WE doing to protect ourselves? We have Adnan tanks that don't work, helicopters and planes that fall off the sky. Haiyah!

    And today Russia says it will lend Indonesia US$ 1 billion to buy Russian arms in exchange for Indonesia allowing them Russkies to buy Indonesian assets?

    Why don't you complain about this BAD BIG NEIGHBOUR - Indonesia?

    Why, Pak Lah had to apologise to the Indonesians just last week because some of our undercover cops beat up one of their citizens in peace loving Bolehland?

    So what say you now?

    Sheesh!! Busybodies!! Paranoids!!

  49. Anonymous8:48 am

    the americans are scraping their F-15s fleet and are replacing it with the all-rounder and more expensive F-22s.

    russia and america design planes to beat each other. eg, f15 was designed to beat the mig-21 and the mig 22 for the f18.

    btw, once sg owns the IDR, they'll probably be precision bombing everyone around it.

    btw, precision bombing u require foot soldier to pinpoint the location to the aeroplanes above and if there is no pinpoint, it wont detonate.

    malaysia's army is much more high tech just that we dun happily announce it to the whole world.

  50. Anonymous2:14 pm

    How true anon 8:48. We have the arsenals and capabilities to sink sing 3 times over. Even our military intelligence is better. So I don't understand the paranoiac expressed here. At least, you have enlightened the reason why the F-15 missiles are expiring and in needs of 'buyers'. F-22 raptor is stealth and mean. I think I will stop talking about my favorite toys now. Folks don't worry about the toys down south lah. whispering9

  51. Anonymous10:43 pm

    so if Sadaam commits mass genocide on his own people its ok, but when the Americans remove e despot, they are to blame?

    more people are dying in Darfur than Iraq, Afganistan combined.

    oh wait, if its muslims killing muslims, that's ok...

    P.S: US dont interfere in Darfur, not as if you would be getting any gratitude anyway. (remember somalia)

  52. Anonymous10:46 pm

    to correct anak jawa johor,

    who says america cant win in afganistan and iraq? just bomb the shit out of them and build a aladdin-themed disneyland. :D

    hell, take out the middle east and malaysia, indonesia, volia! no more terror threat.

    everyone goes home happy.

  53. Anonymous5:02 pm

    thanks for anonymous 2:14 PM. our army and our special forces are much more trained for our local terrain than singapore's high tech which can only get you so far. not everything can be solved by a press of a button. except maybe a genocide weapon.

    btw, those missiles can be fired from any aeroplane not just from the f15s. :) just want to mention that the upgraded f16s are better(singapore upgrades or changes whatever technology they get) than the older f15s which i do not think singapore has (correct me if i am wrong).

    just so you know, you can only bomb several targets. as you know the us a is more of a democratic country than M'sia. so if they bomb the civilians it will raise a public up cry and word of it gets out (eg it gets covered up) The president and the leading party will get ousted. eg vietnam war when the usa were forced to withdraw.

    the fact that Iraqis want to bomb their own countrymen makes it hard for any normal human to accept. they will be more facists.look, they bombed even their own cults.

    so please dun simply write up comments and post it. makes replying less painful.

  54. Ummm shouldn't Singapore be complaining that Malaysia is interfering in their domestic affairs and kedaulatan by questioning their military purchases?

    Or is this kedaulatan thing a purely Malaysian privilege?

    Besides, Singapore knows it cannot withstand a prolonged siege by Malaysia and Indonesia. LKY acknowledged as much in his most recent interview with IHT.

    But that doesn't mean they will lie down and die. Far from it. Singapore seeks to ensure maximum losses on the attackers side while providing themselves a slim possibility of breaking the siege.

  55. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Singapore buying the latest and most sophisticated wea- pons may not be anything new. But what many people want to know is: Who is its target?

    Come on please grow up. Who give him the idea that when you buy a missle you must use it?

    If one learn karate, this mean that one have to punch someone?

    If I buy a gun, does it means that I have to shoot someone/thing?

    Singapore is using their own money and why does it concern us?

    [b]When Malaysia buy some Russian planes do they complain?[/b]

    LOL i think you too busy watching porno web lately.