Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dr M stable

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Dr M in ICU after bypass surgery. IJN said in a statement that the op went as planned and that the former PM is now in the ICU for close observation. The next 48 hours will be crucial. An SMS from daughter Marina at 4.47pm:
"Dear all, IJN will issue a release but just to tell u op went as planned, TDM stable under sedation at ICU. I will blog later but pls thank ev'one 4 all their prayers n good wishes from me."


  1. Good to know that part 1 went well.
    looking forward to seeing him well again. . .

  2. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Syukur Alhamdullilah.

    We will keep praying for your speedy recovery dear Tun.

  3. Dr M spent 5 hours
    In the hands that made him well
    Now he is in recovery room
    I pray he gets along fine
    For he has much to tell us
    The life of the country

    Now he has to rest
    For the fight of a patriot
    It is a long struggle to define
    In his days in our time

    Dr M a respected leader
    We don’t find one like him
    Though he makes his mistakes
    He tries his best to make his way

    Dear Tun Dr M
    You make our country shines
    The fight is never ending
    It is there
    In all our lives

  4. Semoga YABhg Tun cepat sembuh dan kembali seperti sediakala. Tun sememangnya patriot Negara yang sejati.

    Doa dari saya dan rakan2 di Seksyen 1 Wangsa Maju khusus untuk melihat Tun terus sihat dan sejahtera. Buat seisi keluarga Tun, semoga terus tabah menjaga kesihatan Tun.

    We love u so much Tun Mahathir.

  5. rocky bru,
    over husin's blog u mentioned abt rozaid (x-utusan) the one who have had commotion with johor royalty over the badak issue... he's now press sec to khalid nordin, mecd.
    do in touch wth him, he probably has knowledge on why many usahawan not become usahawan anymore.

  6. Anonymous10:27 am


    semoga Allah pelihara kesihatan dan keselamatan Tun

  7. Semoga Tun segera sembuh dan menyumbang kepada pembangunan negara kita dengan idea-ideanya yang bernas