Monday, September 03, 2007

Mahathir to undergo heart op Tuesday

Bypass surgery. Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been admitted into IJN and is scheduled to undergo a bypass operation tomorrow. Reuters has the story here and SK blogged it earlier here.
The risk of undergoing such a major surgery at his age (82) is higher, of course, but we are talking about one tough human being here. Let's pray hard.

Special prayers at Masjid Kampung Baru will be held after Isya' tonight.
Doa untuk seorang Bapa, a prayer for a father.
Another poem for Dr M: Sebak dadamu, Sebak hati kami.


  1. Anonymous1:11 am

    Since 8 November last year, Tun Dr. Mahathir have had three heart attacks and hospitalized in IJN. He was admitted into IJN upon returning from Johor Bahru on 10 February 2007, where he made the call for UMNO leaders to not fear leadership change and again on 15 May 2007, whilst on a private visit to Langkawi. The latter was a rather serious attack and he was flown back to Kuala Lumpur and admitted immeidately to IJN the moment the IJN specialist who flew to Langkawi to treat him managed to stabilise him and able to take a flight.

    He had his heart by-pass after his first heart attack in 1989. It was done by Tan Sri Dr. Yahya Awang, then cardio thoracic surgeon at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. The success of his triple heart by-pass led to the creation of Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) and that had served thousands of Malaysians, including children with heart ailments.

  2. He's one tough nut. All the best Dr M.

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  3. semoga Tun segera sembuh dan teruskan perjuangan

  4. Yes, TDM's one tough personality.

    And it was only a couple of weeks ago that some of us were witness to his 'vintage' sarcasm on the state of our 'rotten' nation at PLF.

    May TDM recover quickly from this operation and Allah grant him longevity.

    I'll be at IJN on 5/09/07 walking with dad for his check-up. Perhaps, I'll get to meet some of the usual suspects then.

    Sorry, bro. Can't be there with you for the NST thingy or with Audra & Tony either.

  5. Anonymous4:21 am

    He should be OK. After all he has a stout heart as hard as stone.

  6. Dear Tun, Get well soon and you might dont realise it but we are all here with you. Not all of us is 'Kacang lupa kan kulit'.

  7. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Kita doakan.

    He has an undying trust in his Malaysian doctors.

    We too should.

    Thank you.

  8. Tun, semua rakyat akan berdoakan semoga cepat sembuh & kembali berada disamping keluarga tersayang. Insyallah.

  9. Anonymous8:29 am

    My and my family's prayers with you Sir.

  10. Anonymous9:15 am

    all the best to Tun M and get well soon to give those in power the check and balance....

  11. 20 Sha'ban 1428

    Semoga tuhan memberkati Tun untuk menyelesaikan perjuangannya.

    Ramli AR

  12. Anonymous9:42 am

    Having a bypass at 82 years of age is one pretty brave adventure, i would say.
    My dad had his done at age 78.He was an alert and active person,but a bypass path was taken to alleviate the blocks in his heart. He drove his car right up to the day before he was admitted for the op. He was supposed to be out after 10 days but was in the hospital for a month when lung infection set in after the successful bypass. Today his heart is pretty much ok with regular checks/feedback every few months though his memory is a cause of concern.Of course we NEVER let him drive anymore and someone is with him always.
    So there, every adventure has a story.
    Anyway, I wish Tun Dr Mahathir a wholesome total recovery.


  13. I pray and hope he would be A OK after this operation. To his family take care. Life is like that.

  14. Dear Rocky and everyone, thank you for your prayers and good wishes.

  15. Anonymous10:23 am

    May Allah speed his recovery - Shah, wtv8

  16. Dr M
    A hard nut to crack
    A man of decisive action
    Sometimes he forgets

    For whatever reasons
    Dr M now needs our prayers
    Let him recover in good health
    So he can fight on
    The no focus administration

    At his age
    He knows he needs to change the direction
    The wrongs he had done then
    It is his voice the people needed to hear
    So we have the confidence not to fear
    The government flips flop decision
    It is hardly a road to greatness

    So Dr M
    We pray in our hearts and souls
    When you recover
    You let us know what to do

  17. Anonymous10:35 am

    There will be a special Sembahyang Hajat prayers for Tun Dr. Mahathir's surgery tonight at Masjid Jame Kampung Baru.

    All are welcomed.

  18. There will be a solat hajat performed at the Masjid Kg Baru, after Isya to pray for his well being tonite.

    We hope all Malaysian give their prayers.

  19. Anonymous10:47 am

    Semoga Semuanya Selamat

  20. Anonymous10:58 am

    Saya berdoa agar pembedahan ini berjalan dengan lancar dan Yg Amat dihotmati & dikasihi Tun Dr Mahathir selamat dan kembali sihat untuk meneruskan perjuangan beliau untuk tanah air.

  21. Anonymous10:58 am

    Wishing TDM a speedy recovery. whispering9

  22. Anonymous11:07 am

    My prayers for a successful surgery and swift recovery. Dr M has set standards a lot of people can only dream of. He will soon be back on his feet. He is no ordinary man.

  23. I have great faith in our local surgeons. i'll be praying hard too. insyaAllah.

    we all love you, Dr M!

  24. Rocky!

    My wife's aunt had her skull open by a very competent doctors at age 94 to clip an aneurism in the brain area, she survived. And whats 82 still very young and longevity runs in Tun's family and I bet ten to one he will survive to give some ass a run for his ill-gotten money! Me and the rest of my very old and respectable Minangkabau family will pray for him as usual!

    P.S. A Kadir Jasin is right Tun trusts his Malaysian doctors otherwise he will have flown to Australia! And somebody in this country needs to resign for the sake of the country and its people!

  25. Anonymous11:25 am

    Inilah seorang yang negarawan yang percaya kepada keupayaan Malaysia.

    Untuk pembedahan yang rumit dan berisiko, dia menyerah dan memberi kepercayaan kepada doktor-doktor dan pakar bedah tempatan.

    Taklah macam seorang tu yg nak buat operation hidung pun dia lebih percaya pada orang putih yang tak pernah mandi wajib.

    Husin mendoakan semuga Tun sihat sejahtera dan kembali sihat. Kami sayang pada mu Tun!

  26. Anonymous11:28 am

    all our prayers and thoughts are with you Tun M!

    We need you.

  27. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Insyaallah, dengan izin Allah, saya doakan agar pembedahan berjalan lancar dan Tun akan sihat. Perjuangan kita masih belum selesai dan Tun perlu menyaksikan pencapaian Malaysia seterusnya selepas 50 tahun merdeka yang mana sebahagian besarnya merupakan sumbangan Tun.

  28. Salam Rocky

    Innalillahi wa inna ilahi roji'un.
    InsyaALLAH DrM will be in the best care of IJN.
    Semoga DrM selamat dan sembuh dengan segera. Semoga ALLAH limpahkan Hidayah dan Rahmat ke atas DrM.
    Ameen, Ya Rabb.

  29. Anonymous12:25 pm

    May he have many more years with us.
    All that can be said about the redoubtable Dr M has already been said. Just want to convey my best wishes and prayers for him and to his family. Amin.

  30. Anonymous1:06 pm

    We will pray for your speedy recovery Tun.

  31. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Apek said ....
    May God protect and blessed him with speedy recovery.
    As always Tun prefer to do it `My Way'.

  32. Make sure they autoclave the surgical equipment properly. The postoperative problem from cutting open the chest is cutting open the leg to get the vessel for the bypass. Somehow the leg heals slower than the chest. Infection sets in. The patient remains warded.

  33. Anonymous2:36 pm

    a coronary bypass at the age of 82.

    well he need it and Malaysian also need him badly.

    so a coronary bypass is the solution.

    insyallah with a successfull coronary bypass, he will walk with us to 2020.



  34. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Cannot agree more with Galadriel; Dr M has set standards a lot of people can only dream of.

    That's because he has dreams.

    In contrast his successor is a dreamer.

    But this is not the time for disagreement.

    We Malaysians must band together to save our country.

    We cannot go on like this.

    Dr Mahathir can fire our hopes. But we must be the ones to realize the task of saving Malaysia.

    We are now the leaders in an otherwise leaderless country.

  35. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Semoga Allah pelihara kesihatan Tun dan sihat sejahtera hendaknya

  36. salam rocly
    Dr M is in our prayers.

  37. Anonymous4:00 pm

    sebak dada mu sebak hati kami

    kau umpama pelita tua
    masih menyala menerangi semua
    usia tua mu penuh khidmat dan jasa
    mana mudah dilupa saja

    kini kau terlantar lagi
    berjuang sendiri tanpa henti
    kesetiaan mu harus dicontohi
    bukankah kau yang mempelopori

    kau umpama pelita tua
    perjuangan mu untuk semua
    penyuloh jalan kami segala
    mengisi hidup ruang negara

    dengan teladan penuh yakin
    menjadi pemangkin tulen
    peka pada si miskin
    yang sukar kini dah mungkin

    dulu kau dipuji tanpa henti
    sekelip mata ramai menyepi
    kini kau terlantar lagi
    mungkin ramai yang ingin mendekati

    dalam diam ramai tak berdiam diri
    mengikut jejak mu setiap hari
    sebak dada mu sebak hati kami
    menanti kembali mu ke pangkuan kami

    demi negara demi bakti
    kami iringi doa setulus hati
    kami mohon restu ilahi
    agar kau terus bersama kami

    ahmad a talib
    3 sept '07

  38. Tan Sri Dr.Yahya Awang was and is the only person Tun trust his life upon. The cardiothoracic surgeon initially refused to do the surgery for obvious reasons earlier.However , there was a change of mind as Tun insisted so much.

    A high risk Operation.. but it is all in god's hand. Prayers to Tun..

  39. Tun is a great man...I will pray for his succesful bypass operation and speedy recovery...

  40. Anonymous5:19 pm

    We should all pray for the GREAT MAN and stop mentioning the names/nick names of idiots who think they are leaders.

    May God Bless Us, Malaysians, and let us have Dr.Mahathir and Dr.Siti Hasmah for many years to come!


  41. He is not done yet. His agenda has not been completed. He will say "that's it" only when it is time. We continue to pray for him and his family.

  42. Anonymous6:46 pm

    We love you Tun!

  43. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Dr M is in my prayers.

  44. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Sdr Rocky,
    Doa kami sekeluarga untuk Dr M, semoga pembedahan berjaya, semoga kembali perkasa, semoga terus menjadi obor untuk perjuangan yang belum selesai!

  45. Semoga Tun DrM selamat dan sembuh dengan segera. Amin

  46. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Mari lah kita semua doakan semoga Tun selamat dan Toh Puan dan keluarganya tabah dan bersabar.

  47. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Sir, come back safely (Insyallah) and take a well-deserved rest. Tough as it is, you have done enough for the nation. You Sir, will be remembered in history as one of the greatest Leaders Malaysia ever had , and by the looks of it, will EVER have.

    Let us all pray for your good health and that this nation can be saved from the greedy ones.

  48. keputusan Yg. Bhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir untuk melakukan pembedahan di dalam negara amat mengagumkan saya.. beliau benar-benar yakin kemampuan anak tempatan.. seorang manusia yang benar-benar merdeka!

    salam doa dari kami sekeluarga!

  49. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Am filled with fear and dread for our dear Tun. Having grown up with him always being a "Superman" in charge, we sometimes forget that he's now an 82-year-old grandfather who's had a dodgy heart for almost two decades. My late father also survived for almost 20 years after his first heart attack.

    All my thought and prayers go towards Tun for a succesful operation and speedy recovery. And
    please, please, tender hugs to Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, who as a doctor, knows the risks faced now by her husband.

    We must stop being selfish and expecting Tun to continue fighting our battles for us. We must take up the gauntlet that he has thrown down -- so many, many times -- that we should have the guts, self-confidence and trust in ourselves that we CAN change things , if we only just start trying.

    What a great, great man and leader!. Remember him waving the flag on Merdeka day, instead of resting ahead of his surgery.

    How can anyone doubt his love for Malaysia?

  50. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Adding my prayers too.

  51. Anonymous2:11 am

    Dear Mr Rocky,
    Kindly convey our warmest salam and our doa to Tun's family if you happen to meet them. Tun is a remarkable man, I used to be very proud to tell foreigners that I am from Malaysia, and the first name that come to the foreigners' mind would be would be Dr. Mahathir. My late grandfather used to tell me stories about the kindness of Dr.Mahathir when he opened his clinic back in the old days, where he did not charge a single sen to the poor people of Kedah. Thanks Mr Rocky.

  52. I wish a could pen a poem for Dr M.
    But, for now, I pray that the operation is a success.

    In Allah I have faith.
    In Dr M I have confidence that this (old) tiger will prowl back....

  53. Anonymous9:43 am

    Already prayed for Tun.

    On another matter, do you notice that there's a trend amongst country leaders - they are in the habit of squandering money, get ousted, go into exile (normally London), then try to make a come-back?

    In the process they may get arrested for corruption, etc. Or they may 'negotiate' a deal with those currently in power.

    Dia orang ni kerja untuk rakyat ke atau untuk keluarga dia orang saja..

    aduh aduh...

  54. Anonymous11:29 am

    Tun will pull through, today is an auspicious one and governed by the yang principle. Moreover, his role as critic is not over yet. His latest criticism on NEP abuses, "You have to be more selective. You cannot give (NEP benefits) just because he is an UMNO division head."

    We pray for his speedy recovery.


  55. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Saya doakan dia mahathir selamat agar dia ada kesempatan untuk bertaubat di atas segala dosa-dosa yang beliau lakukan. Amin

  56. Dear Rocky,
    Any update? Is he out of the surgery room?

    Anon 12.47. Do you know the meaning of compassion?

  57. Insideout,

    As at 2.15pm, Dr M was still inside, acc to Marina.


  58. Insideout,

    As at 2.15pm, Dr M was still inside, acc to Marina.


  59. Insideout,

    As at 2.15pm, Dr M was still inside, acc to Marina.


  60. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Thanks for the update bro. Am waiting anxiously for better news. May Allah see him through.

  61. alhamdulillah tun dah selamat jalani pembedahan (referring to klpos)... mari kita doakan yang tun segera sembuh untuk meneruskan perjuangan menetang kera jaan sekarang...

  62. anon 12.47,

    aku doakan ko mamposs cepat tak sempat nak mandi hadas.

  63. Anonymous6:14 pm

    I hope all is well.
    May Allah keep him safe.
    We still need him...oh God, please...


  64. Ya,tuhanku
    selamatkanlah bapa kami
    segalanya atas ketentuanmu
    kami hanya mampu bermohon dan berharap
    kami memohon keselamatan bapa kami
    kami berharap kesejahteraan bapa kami
    terlalu banyak jasanya untuk negara ini
    terlalu besar baktinya
    terlalu besar pengorbanannya
    Ya, tuhanku
    selamatkanlah bapa kami