Sunday, September 30, 2007

Shahrizat, remember Nurin?

Amber (or Nurin) Alert. Blogger Nuraina A. Samad and newspaper columnist Johan Jaafar are agreed on the need for all of us to sound like an old, broken record with regards to what we should/could do or should have/could have done with regards to the tragic killing of 8-year-old Nurin Jazlin.
Nuraina proposes here that Shahrizat Abd Jalil, the minister in charge, consider adopting America's Amber Alert. Johan says her ministry should set up care centres where working moms can park their little ones while they go off to work.

See PrincessJournals' tips here on what they teach you in America about kids' safety.

Meanwhile, the cops have made another arrest in connection with Nurin's abduction and murder. More phones have been confiscated and it seems the latest suspect had swallowed her SIM card, which police believe could shed light on the case. Read it here.


  1. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Your earlier article about Madeline, Nurin..maybe just maybe need to be re read...

    Swallowing the sim card, wish I were there to help her with the phone.

  2. Anonymous3:36 pm

    I agree. There are too many women n kids going missing, ending up dead...these days.

    Amber Alert can be a proactive step towards safe recovery of these kids. My previous post talked about this too.

    And we bloggers could do our part in a more concerted way too.

  3. Ideas are useless unless we attempt to put them into action.

  4. Anonymous8:42 am

    Bro Rocky,

    I'm disturbed by this news. Apparently the apprehended woman was sending messages of Nurin's wellbeing to Jazimin while she was held captive. Why didn't the police act then?

  5. "are agreed"???

    Try to maintain the standard, rocky.

  6. rocky,
    thanks for putting this up.

    i do believe this can go a long way to help missing/abucted kids. we're talking about the future. your grandkids, my grandkids, everyone's kids and grandkids...
    there will always be a sicko in our midst. we all do our part as a scoiety, a community. we teach and educate parents and children about safety and protection and we have law enforcement.
    Our children will stil go missing. So what do we do? we can't go on blaming parents, the police and the government. there will always be lapses somewhere. this isn't a perfect world. Evil happens in the best of societies. But they have systems and measures to deal with evil.

    so,we have Nurin Alert.
    amber alert started in the US in 1996. that's more than 11 years ago. since then, it has been adopted across the US and has been effective and is a success, saving hundreds of (children's) lives.
    Imagine if Amber Alert never happened after little Amber was abducted and murdered?

    Why aren't we thinking about his, ah?

    (by the way, rocky, blogger and former journo Tembam, calls herself Tembam because she says she is tembam.)

  7. Anonymous10:45 am


    Police had 28 days of opportunities to save her but they failed probably because they don't know who the culprits were.

    Now they said they have the kidnappers and the killers in one swipe.

    Wow this cannot be real, LOGICALLY.

    Just another police well scripted play, like tv's police story.


  8. I dun get it, she swallowed the sims, so wat? The phone and sms record are kept with the telco database right? This the digital age for god sake, she swallowed a sim card, not the telco's database server and all its backups.

  9. Anonymous11:33 am

    Hahahaha betul lah Rocky, I dah tembam plus it was my atuks petname for me, I swear. Haiya, you will know me when you see me. Been job hopping to the max.

    Seriously, when Nuraina mentioned about the Amber Alert I did quite a bit of research and am convinced it can work.

    Don't know how else to spread the essage. it shouldn't be seen as a bloggers campaign (Cyblog Warrior? Hmmmm...nice ring to it) but a real attempt to get the message across. No need to worry who suggested, don't politicise it and just get the system up. With billions to be spent in IT, I'm sure the Nurin/Amber Alert aimed at saving missing children alive will be money worth spending.

    I've posted lots of resources, comments, etc on my blog for easy reference.

  10. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Very commendable of hansac to try and correct Rocky, I'm sure.

    However fyi...

    "are agreed" = are united by being of the same opinion; are in accord; are in agreement

    Perhaps it would have been prudent to first check a good grammar book, or perhaps a dictionary. Otherwise, in a public forum such as this one can so easily end up embarrassing oneself...

  11. I have a funny feeling when the news say tht the woman was the 1 who fed arwah nurin. did she really or is she just trying to portray tht she's the 'good guy' among the 'bad guys'? previous report said tht arwah was not fed so wht did she feed her with anyway? air?

  12. Rocky,

    requesting your permission to pursue this matter of grammar subject further.

    I was about to leave the fight, because really, my grammar is not that polished. And my first reaction when my grammar is challenged is to capitulate and/or walk away.

    But I have been reading NST since 1988, writing almost exclusively in English for the past 13 years of my working life, and a wife with a TESL degree, the sentence with "are agreed" or "I am agreed" really stands out on the Hall of Fame for the most frequent grammatically incorrect sentence committed by Malaysian Malays (or Malaysian Malays raised in Singapore).

    No thanks mekyam, but you are dead wrong on this one.

  13. Now lets all try to remember
    Of the fossil resin called Amber,
    It may save a child by December
    Simply say Amber ,please try to remember

    Princess ,Rocky ,Nurina and Member
    Tembam follows with Zorro Together,
    Fellow Bloggers are all for Amber
    Cried in September for project amber

    For that little gal, they’d always remember
    Nurin Jazlin ‘s cry of hunger ,
    To be in the arms of her so loved mother
    Let it not happen to a child of another

    Amber Amber ,please try to remember
    Children are precious, gift of the Maker ,
    More than all the gold there is to gather

  14. i am just curious... there was a case where a woman was killed and her kancil smashed by the rem***s... any arrest made?

  15. Anonymous7:10 am

    I am neither a Malaysian Malay nor a Malaysian Malay raised in Singapore (or anywhere else for that matter), but I have, on occasions, fallen into this "are agreed" trap.

    I'm just wondering out loud, how did I manage to get myself inflicted with this "Hall of Famer" of a disease?
    *scratches head*