Monday, October 01, 2007

Making profits from our rising crime rate?

A letter to the Blogger: Who needs this billion-ringgit e-Cop system?

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Dear Rocky,
I'm Tehsin Begum Mukhtar Ahamd, just a work- from- home mum/translator. I'm getting increasingly sickened with the state of our country and the people who run it like their own private fiefdom/khazanah to loot and plunder.

Today's headlines set me off really bad. The Top Cop, Musa Hassan, announcing the billion-dollar e-system for policing. Who is going to profit from the increasing crime rate and increasing lawlessness, and the rakyat's misery??? "Them" again.

Do we really need this billion-dollar system??? Or do we need the money spent on proper training of our cops, increased salaries and benefits to reduce corruption risks and an increased police force commensurate with our population numbers??? Don't we need to deal with the massive corruption within our police forces too?

Please highlight this question in your blog as it is read by many. Make people question and question and push for sanity and reason and proper governance!

Our armed forces personnel die /suffer for days before being found, and someone's solution is new contracts for helicopters (to benefit a few), and not basic GPS equipment requirements.

Our rakyat die on speeding buses aka coffins, and someone benefits from some overpriced e-system, which was highlighted recently.

The ones in power KEEP benefiting blatantly from our misery.

We must put a stop to this!!!





  1. Anonymous11:14 am

    I must say I have to agree with Tehsin. Can you actually imagine our police constable using these high-tech gear? I'll apologize if I may sound blunt but I don't think our police squad are that well educated to use these gears. They will spoil it fest due to misuse and soon it will be further budget or scrapped.

    Go to the root of the problem, Mr IGP. Clean up your forces first. They can't even do their job right and have no clue what is professional policing all about, what is the point of spending billions to equip them?

    Bobby in UK are still more effective with what? Battons? What is the use of these PDAs with WIFI etc? In what way are they able to achieve more efficient crime fighting when the guy/gal holding it don't give a hoot what is going on even in front of their eye?

  2. Anonymous11:22 am

    You TELL 'EM, Tehsin!

  3. Anonymous11:35 am

    Ahyaaa the son in law add new billions lah frm KDN. Anybody know Precision Portal Sdn. Bhd.

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  5. Anonymous11:55 am

    Dear Tehsin,

    You're right. I foresee miserable and difficult times ahead, not so much in my lifetime but in our children's lifetime.
    This is a downward slide.
    As for this billion dollar scheme, it will only profit perhaps 3 or 4 persons. Salaries, as you say, will remain low contributing to the rising corruption within the force. Problem is, you know and I know this - heck everyone knows and we talk about all our dirty leaders in hush hush tones - but what are we going to do about it.
    Sure, we know we start from the top down. But let's address issues also from the bottom up. Educating the layman on how simple things he does as bribing for a parking ticket will lead to moral decay. There are a long list of values we should instill in our young. We cannot afford to close one eye and do things we used to do for the past 20 years.

  6. Wow , i must say that i felt so sickening with this bunch of idiots running the country and the police .

    Sir IGP , u certainly has got yr priorities wrong by getting the goverment investing so hugely in such system that beyond my wildest imagination i seriously douubt that it'll be successful especially within yr rank & file officers . Yes , in developing countries this such systems are certainly very very successful as we sees in the Anti Terrorist movie " 24 " , but again why dun instead yr self touch up on the most important subject that is haunting the nation which is the wide spread CORRUPTION in the force itself ??

    Sir , till the issue of corruption has indeed been Tackled , integrity of the force and most important the trust from the public has restored , then only we talk about investing in such a sophisticated system to deal with these bunch of criminals bcoz the most dangerous criminals is indeed lying inside the POLICE FORCE ITSELF .

  7. bro,
    I was only seconds away doing a similiar post and yes ,my hats off to Tehsin...very good observation and painfully true !what good is any hi-tech equipment in the hands of an imbecile ?It would cost us tax-payers even more to send these pot-bellied pachiks of average tertiatary education to send to courses to get faliliar with all this hi-tech gizzmos !Forget it ! and spend the money on educating the police force on intergrity and in living decent lives first as up-holders of the law and next a duty of care towards the citizens of the country ! And while we are at it ....what is the IGP doing about that 4 million in a cop's bank account and the other cop with 27 million huh ?? He can confiscate these corrupt money and purchase whatever hi-tech equipment he wants for his boys ! leave the tax-payers money alone, mr. IGP !
    Any and every excuse to waste the rakyat's money....the IGP has to still answer for the forgotten IPMCP...I have a very low regard on our boys in blue...and that's an honest view...until this IGP renews my faith in the police may remain so !
    cheers and spot-on Tehsin !

  8. Anonymous11:57 am

    scepticism and pessimism abounds. the public cannot be faulted for that until and unless the cops clean up their act.
    look at the ACA. it is being alleged that they resort to kidnapping the family members of a whitsleblower ( who happens to be an investigating police officer) so as to protect the triads. go to malaysia-today or zorro blogs for details.
    the cleansing of the various insitutions such as the police force, judiciary, ACA, must begin in earnest and then the public will have more trust in whatever their endeavours.

  9. Anonymous12:08 pm

    To make use of these high-tech gears. The 1st requirement would be to have an online system and database that stores all the information requires for crime busting.

    Once all these hardware and system are available. The next thing would be to have a mobile device that are able to access the information in the database while on the go.

    I don't know why do they need these devices now. I doubt that they have an online system. I heard that when a motorist committed a traffic offence in Ipoh, they will still need to settle in Ipoh's "Balai Polis Trafik" rather that anywhere in Malaysia.

  10. Anonymous12:28 pm

    If you have dealt with PDRM tender, you would agree with Tehsin. Although she is a mum at home, but she has 6th sense and she has sense so far away in PDRM thru the events happening around, to tell us PDRM is corrupted. Once again to proof that corruption is above the table now.

    Secondly, when we have incompetent people holding important job, we will have poor delivery quality. Such, is like our IGP and many top people in the country. Somehow their reaction and decision toward things happening to rakyat is so below the common sense! Why let these people run our country?

  11. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Sir IGP,

    What for spending billion of RM on e-system if the basic things pun you can't handle. Look what happen to Nordin Ahmad, your senior police officer.

    Why not hire Polis Gurkha saja, more economical, efficient, loyal & tahan lama. Kalau ada yang nakal atau rasuah, black list & hantar balik negeri. tak payah nak masuk mahkamah atau penjara.

    Nanti lah bila bapa aku jadi PM, aku buat cam ni.

  12. Anonymous12:59 pm

    C'mon, lets not be so negative.

    Give that guy a chance. He is trying to bring world class technology to our even more world class men in blue the only way he knows how - throw more good money at the force. I suspect that we have a good deal of angst because we can't see that a good deal for the man and his fiends...sorry, friends will eventually trickle, and I mean really trickle, down to each and every one of us - eventually.

    These hand held computers and camera fitted walkie talkies could be pretty formidable in the hands of our local dicks. Faced with any threats to public peace, they could be hurled at the criminals causing pain, serious injury or even death.

    So, like all the top dogs in this country like to say, give the man time, give the man a chance to prove himself before you cry corruption, cronyism, and wanton wastage of public funds.

    This brilliant scam....sorry, scheme could also support the amber alert proposal which the public has alerted the government to, as another opportunity to willfully spend the rakyat's money. Having been alerted, lets now see which of our authorities is first off the plate, Musa's force or Sharizat's ministry.

  13. Anonymous1:16 pm

    while HE is in power, i guess it's time to pocket as much money as possible. they might not be able to do so once the "tampuk pemerintahan" changes.

    i'm getting tired of everything .

    ~anon 12.55

  14. Anonymous1:19 pm

    everything is about money.
    they feel they got not enough time to sucker the rakyat, everything is speeding up to sucker us.

    when will the money last? petronas is bleeding. EPF has been bleeding and this continue blatant cash mishandling is what is going to bring the country crashing down, if it hasnt already.

    sad days ahead for neragaku. :(

  15. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Bunga di tangan seekor kera hancur diramas menjadi hampas.

    Bunga di tangan penyair dikarang menjadi puisi yang indah.

    Senjata dan kelengkapan biar secanggih dan semahal mana sekali pun tiada bermakna jika yang menggunakannya tidak pakar.

    Our police force is already among the best equipped.

    Terima masih.

  16. Anonymous1:43 pm

    I had to help the police to type my report when I was rob. Do u think they are ready with e-police? They even had the cheek to talk to each other commenting that I am 'Chuun' thinking that i dont understand Bahasa just because I am a Kadazan!

  17. Anonymous2:30 pm

    LOL @ mr bojangles tongue-in-cheek comment.

    Ini sah satu lagi tindakan a la "Beruk Tarzan" (monkeys see, monkeys do).

    Dengar khabar CCTV yang ada tu pun banyak yang tak diselenggara.

    Belajarlah maintain dulu sebelum kita nak maju ke setingkat lagi dan memakai pengawasan yg lebih hi-tech berharga berbilion2...

    Lagipun, sebelum beli peralatan yg diguna oleh first world, polis kita kenalah belajar berfikir secara first world dulu.

    Contoh bila berlaku jenayah teruk, jangan mangsa pula yg disalahkan. Atau, bila orang ramai berkumpul, walaupun tidak disenangi oleh pemerintah, janganlah ditembak dgn peluru hidup...

  18. Anonymous2:34 pm

    They are only trying to emulate all the "spies" and "lookouts" as currently practised by our illegal DVD sellers. Very effective advance warnings. The culprits get away most of the time.

    If you can't beat them, join them.

    But our Police is just going to be more "high tech" whatever that involves. As usual, style mesti ada. The more spent, the better. We got "style". We got alot of money.

  19. I read somewhere that the police don't know how to use the meters to read the chips of the mykads, and also there are not enough of these meters, and also how much was paid for each mykad over and above production price, and also how they have been forged by illegals.

    We also now know that over two hundred million was blown on buying a non-usable DOS customs systems when GUI has been around for ages, and that now they are going to change the whole system with something costing even more.

    With all these horrors hovering above our heads, why don't they first come clean and explain how the !@#$$ these things can happen BEFORE going ahead with the next mega-ripoff of the rakyats' money?

    Sometimes you wonder whether they let problems fester and become urgent, then push an idea which costs billions, and sucker the rakyat to quietly accept the next ripoff.

    This is crime by the govt, for the govt, of the cronies.

    Even Ocean's 13 can't fight them.

  20. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Rocky, you are not obliged to publish if you are not quite comfortable.

    All this attack on police does not reveal one very important problem happening.

    There is a grave interference done by the the executive in the running of the royal police force.

    The IGP is being systematically designed to be rubbbished as to allow the IPCMC Bill to go thru. Musa Hassan opposed it. IPCMC will essentially curtail police operation for what seemed as to make police abuse and corruption reduced and efficiency increased. The IPCMC will essentilly make someone or a group more powerful over the police and control the police from outside.

    What is happening is that the chain of command is now being by passed. Certain politicians woudl bypass the IGP straight to the Directors of Operatioss via allegedly Jo Bahrum, which received instruction from Wan Farid (man allegedly planned the Batu Buruk attack on demonstrators). He is actually a Khairy man, which means the ultimate decision is from Khairy.

    To support this allegation, teh proof is the dangerous preceddent set by Pak Lah. Unlike other PM, under Pak Lah, security briefing is no more a 4-eyed meeting but Pak Lah request Khairy to be in the meeting.

    The press and bloggers have been manipulated to give the police a bad name. Please see the big picture and events behind any news involving the police. There are invisible hands at work.


    What business is having FBI to help find Nurin muders?????

    THis report of security system is not the first. Lets not forget the pulohan juta spend by Pak Lah to renovate his resident.

    WPI project is a big security budget waiting to be spend by certain people for certain people. Look who gets that contract and what is the background of the vendor? I mean the overseas principal.

    Crime in JB statistically is not on the rise, but normal. But is made to look to be on the rise. DAP is behind in the shout and they are echoing Singapore. Why?

    Because Singaporean wants to live in WPI and expand their population from 3.5 million to 8 million and increase their territory by 1 sq km a year. They want if possible to have WPI cordone off like they did to Pulau Bentan, Indonesia where locasl require passport to enter the Singapore area.

    Many strange things happening. People, lets not look at things straight forward.

    In fact, Nurin murder also semed to be manipulated to divert our attention.

    Sounds like a conspiracy theory but please ponder it before dismissing it totally.

  21. Kudos TBMA. Now that's a fiesty lady having her say.

    The IGP forgot the other 'cheaper' method to upgrade the RMP. Swallow a computer chip with 10mb of RAM. Call in sick and we'll have one less problem on the streets.

    With the public's perception of the RMP being inept and/or corrupt, we have an IGP willing to throw more tax-payers money towards solving the problem. No wonder he got his contract extended by AAB. Birds of a feather, I guess.

    BTW IGP, is the beast still out there somewhere?

  22. Anonymous4:06 pm

    I thought the cops had the BEST CSi lab somewhere in Cheras and what has happened to it. Instead they had to send the cctv pics to the FBI. Does anyone remember, they announced about 18 months ago. I cannot remember the date but they did make a press announcment of it.

    Will the same happen to the HIGH-TECH equipments

  23. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Very good idea. The police can spend more time playing with the PDA and high tech gears and have less time on field.

    The crime rate is not high enough. Should be higher???

  24. "Play it again, Sam"

    Here we go again.

    They take us for fools. And dammit, they may be right.

    We are fools, if we continue to accept status quo & continue to sit on our arse & moan.

  25. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Tehsin is absolutely right!!!

    These vultures are just waiting for every tragic situation to steal from the taxpayers.

    It has become a SOP to call every one of this sick scams "e" as if the "e" confers on them the right to steal.

    Lets be honest about it IGP. I am not being cynical. How many of your machais are tech savvy enough to make full use of those high tech stuff you are boasting about? Giving diamonds to monkeys do not make them Ms Universe.

    Fighting crime is all about prevention rather than trying to catch them after they have committed the crime. Spend the millions you think you will get from AAB on improving the basic training of your force and put more of them on the streets. Increase the patrols and this will act as a deterent. Beware of falling into the trap of thinking that technology will solve all your shortcomings. Technology gadgets are only as good as the people can use them properly.

  26. Anonymous6:55 pm

    interesting tehsin. hmm. maybe should look at the contract and money trial. does it lead you to tengku, the IGP's good buddy as alluded by RPK.
    just thinking aloud but am not surprise that there are unseen hands using surging crime rate as a cover for this massive contract. remember the tragic bus incident and viola the E-kesihatan project was accelerated to start in Oct until it was shelved following massive public complaints.
    lets be vigilant against the spin doctors especially from the mainstream papers, STAR, Nasty Pee and their stable of publications included.

  27. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Berbilion ringgit? Bukan rupiah? Huh, berilah latihan secukupnya kepada anggota polis ini, beri mereka gaji dan elaun yang setimpal. Mereka perlu berada di tempat orang ramai dan mereka perlu ada apabila rakyat memerlukan bantuan. Mereka juga harus bijak dan jujur dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab, jadi anggota polis ini mesti cekap dan cepat menangani aduan dan menjaga keselamatan. Ratio anggota yang membuat rondaan hendaklah melebihi yang duduk2 kat pejabat. KPI latihan polis ialah dalam masa setahun ini semua anggota polis mesti celik IT.

  28. Reminds me of the ten of thousands of laptops issued to maths and science teachers who were hastily trained to teach in English, before they even learned how to pronounce the maths and scientific terms properly, they had to grapple with another tools supposedly would aid them in their jobs. It ended up that most of these laptops not utilized or underutilized.

    They know full well how the whole scheme of this thing will turn out to be, but who cares when there is millions to be made. Someone is getting very very fat, and for the umpteen time we tax payer are screwed.

  29. Anonymous12:34 am

    Tehsin well said. Like you I am concerned of the state of affairs of my country. The abuses we have from Port Klang fiasco which until today the Minister of Transport has not said anything and no one is held accountable speaks volume.
    Remember a few years ago the police fix cameras at all the traffic lights and every time you beat the light the camera snaps your car and you be given a ticket, What happen now? Gone to waste.
    When i read in the papers about GE Company coming here in a big way on security i though something is brewing. I bet this is it. I bet as Tehsin said the project is more to plunder the country.
    At the end of day these people who made their fortunes will probably go and live in Australia but what about us?Yes Tehsin we must stand up and be counted

  30. Rocky, im all for the gadgets BUT do they REALLY have to cost 'berbillion RM'? I think before we buy all those high-tech gadgets, our cops must be sent for some classes first. if u have the time, pls read my take on our PDRM here,

  31. Anonymous1:46 am

    Rocky and all,

    The Police Force now numbering 90,000 men and women need to enforce law to a population of near 28 million over 330,000 sq. km, over 4,800 coast line and over 2,000 km of border.

    Of course they need more people and equipment. They also need to upgrade on their work process, techniques, technology etc etc. They also need expertise in specific fields like forensics, ICT, commercial crime (accounting & corporate law) and psychology (for cases like Nurin Jazlin's gruesome murder).

    And they gravely need better people to come forward and volunteer to do a job which no one actually willingly want to do (ultra demanding and very heavy responsibility, complex problems and issues to deal with as job specs, so easy to get blamed!)

    The investment of high technology equipment should commensurate the Police's physical and operational expansion and work processes.

    So easy to do arm-chair analysis and condemn people without actually understanding what they have to go through to get things done.

    I live in a suburban area of West Petaling Jaya which Police precinct covers 15,000 homes, 80,0000 residents and a lot of very important commercial and shopping area. There is also a major PATI colony in Klang Valley in the neighbourhood. This area is only manned by 31 men and women in Blues.

    I would not want to be the ASP in charge of this precinct and be accountable with this burden of responsibility and complexity with just 31 men and women, handful patrol cars and substandard communications equipment and firearms.

    Once, I remembered a Director in DBKL arrogantly claimed that Kuala Lumpur employed a very good traffic system and soon will make traffic cops redundant. The next day, the traffic cops did not show up for work and Kuala Lumpur saw a massive traffic nightmare ever seen outside flash flood and a national grid electricity failure!

    In short, regardless what is being invested, bottomline it falls to the Malaysian public attitude towards everything. Its the Malaysian public who generally made things more costly and complicated.

  32. Anonymous5:51 am

    anonymous, its true about the extremely worrying police to population ratio. thing is, many basic issues need to be dealt with first, esp the low number of cops, their training, their pay. i'm all for the latest gadgets, if they are put to good use and don't end up as white elephants. what i get all riled up over is that despite the AG's report of blatant profiteering and total lack of transparency n accountability, nothing has been done. what i get all riled up over is that WE KNOW, FOR EVERY 1 MILLION DOLLAR'S WORTH PUBLIC PROJECT, 20 MILLION OF OUR MONEY GOES INTO SOMEBODY'S POCKET. (that's just a random, overinflated figure like all govt invoices, but then in Malaysia where a 50 sen pencil for a govt dept can be invoiced for 100 RM...what else can i say) Just read the Auditor General's report, the Royal Commission on the Police bla2 and bla2...when will we EVER see justice.....I'm just curious...where does our Highness the Agung come in? Has he been reduced to a mere figurehead? I thought we could hope to see some changes with an enlightened, young, dynamic King as Tuanku Mizan..where are thou? say something...

  33. Anon (3.29pm),

    You've piqued my curiosity with what you wrote.

    There is certainly a need to look at the bigger picture.

    And it's quite plausible that the IPCMC can be used by 'hidden hands' to 'overrule' the RMP in various matters.

    I've been suspicious, especially, with regards to how the Nurin case is unfolding lately and also suspect that the MSM has been used by 'hidden hands' to sensationalized news reports and/or highlight unsubstantiated aspects of such cases to divert attention away from other pressing issues.

    The blogging community, unfortunately, may suffer the same fate. I'm not talking about UMNO cyber-troopers but a person and/or group of persons clandestinely manipulating certain influential bloggers. However, unlike the MSM, thought provoking feedback from readers such as yourself is practically instantaneous and depending on the blog owner's political affiliations (or none whatsoever), it may get published.

    I'm sure Rocky will continue publishing your comments such as the one you submitted earlier. I know I would.

  34. Anonymous7:36 am

    Ok bodowi----wasn't it you who said that we have developed nation facilities with third world nation mentality to run it- or something to that effect.

    GOTCHA !


    But with all the billion dollar equipment we will still get these comments from those concerned...

    'Sorry lah --- off-line. Cannot do anything!'

    'Oh this one ah ! It happened at Jalan blah blah ,so you must make the report at the bodoh belah police station lah .'

    Can anyone suggest any more expected comments that the paying public will hear inspite of the super-equipment ?

  35. Anonymous7:58 am

    The whole Malaysian way of public spending is totally without proper study and due care.

    Whoever wanting to push through a project sells dream only and they want the approving party/rakyat to think they can achieve the objective of the purchase (or was there any objectives?).

    Was there any (or is there ever going to be any) study on the human side such as aptitude and psychological aspect on the police force and is there any match with the model enforcement they are planning? And most importantly, is there any continuous measure of success or guage on the roadmap? We have GPS and what not, what is the GPS reading of the forces current location and is someone checking if they are lost?

    Anyway, they have state-of-the-art CSI lab but those who were sent for overseas training came back half-baked and there goes our episode of CSI fever! Ask any criminal lawyer and I think they can tell you more about it.

    In the end, IGP and AAB is very close on a 'family basis'. How not to push and approve what he wanted here. Sama-sama cari makan mah.....

  36. Anonymous9:25 am

    Since when they know how to fight crime, purpose expensive tech gadgets and OVER-CLAIM it? It's all about the money

  37. Tehsin strikes a chord.

    No one in this country will begrudge our PDRM from modernizing its force in order to serve the people better.

    Currently they have serious issues at hand:

    - top echelons in cahoots with bad hats;

    - middle ranks in cahoots with brokers;

    - lower ranks demotivated, untrained, and untalented;

    - rampant crimes; passion, drugs, whitecollar;

    - growing non-trackable foreign group;

    - underutilized and substandard equipment; low maintenance

    - weak prosecution; and now,

    - integrity of judiciary called to question;

    - animal-making extortionist prison system and immigration, customs checkpoints;

    - bad international reputation as an extremely unsafe place for women and children.

    Yet, what we have for all these pressing problems is not one serious initiative to stop the rot and save our society.

    It's all hand-wringing. Today you may have one program, another day another project.

    The rakyat can close one eye that this govt is not very bright because that explains why they always react and not proact.

    The rakyat may even sigh and walk away when people start giving excuses why everything is so slow-moving in such a serious matter about protection the safety and property of the people.

    What the rakyat cannot accept is that there hasn't been a single program, project or contract of this govt which isn't tainted by corruption, substandard, failure to meet objective, or in plain english - to do what has been paid for, at a price that is market-realistic.

    Who can therefore not conclude that each time a new idea comes up, it is because money is to be made by someone or a group somewhere from the inflated price at which the thing or service is to be bought?

    Think the cost of our mykad, think e-supremme, think how the toll agreements were cut, think all those Auditor-General reports from way back, every year to now.

    The money goes three ways: to the top guys and cronies, to the political party, and only after them, what's left to do the job.

    Is it any wonder that things don't work, roofs fall down, and the taxpayers are made to suffer another bailout, another project?

    Just imagine - if all the excess money had been collected, we would now be amongst the modern states in the world, using the most hightech gizmo to fight even anticipate criminals, with clean and safe homes and streets, policed by smart, dedicated and talented enforcement personnel who set world standards in protection services.

    What have we got instead, right now, for everyone, regardless of strata and race?

    Tell, please.

  38. Anonymous9:58 am

    i just read that malaysia is declaring war against dirty toilets.

    we should be expecting an announcement soon that this will cost billions too.

  39. Digital force
    On the rise
    Out of which
    The laziness reigns
    Is there no way to end?

    Basic reports
    The public run and run
    One station to another
    The police can’t even follow
    A simple directive from IGP

    Billions will be spent
    When the basic structure needs revamp
    Why don’t IGP get cracking?
    Clean up the forces
    Before he talks about going digital
    To smooth flow of security of the nation

    Think about it
    Our GPRS isn’t working first class
    If you install it
    You will always get line busy
    And the people pay for nothing

    Is this way to waste billions?
    When gadgets will fail because system isn’t ready
    Look at another government agency
    Spending over $250 million for computerization
    But it isn’t in use in its operations

    It is better to go back to basic patrolling
    On the streets into the neighborhoods
    Interactions with the people
    Showing commitment and eager to serve
    Be prepared to serve above self
    Rain or shine in the force

    Do more community interactions
    The officers go attend people’s gathering
    Mingle with the crowd show your presence
    In this way billions will be saved
    The police will move ahead
    With the public supporting it all the way

    Crimes happen
    When the police sleep
    When the patrolling is lacking
    When bad cops rule the day

    Even if the police spend billions
    I am afraid it will hide in its stores
    Gathering dust because not many know how to use
    Lack of training no commitment

    And the taxpayers seeing red
    The sea of mud flow its sanctuary
    No one admits liability
    The wastage glares once again

  40. Dear BigDogDotCom , i do agree with yr salient point to a certain extend but if the 90k strong personnel in the force is not sufficient to ensure the country law and order , then has the goverment make any neccesary effort to increase the numbers instead ??

    The use of High-tech gadgets is definetely a must in this era of technology but will it ensure effectiveness and success if those 90k strong force when only 20-30% of it is actually on the field work ??

    Our country use to be a very peaceful and very nice place for us to live and earn our decent living but recently the whole internal security has been in great doubt and mess whereby , there is almost daily rape and snatch thieves cases being reported but then again this contributing factors is not merely on the police force bcoz there a lot a lot of contributing factors to this unbecoming of this security nature such as economy factors , lots of influx of foreigners and most important corruptions .

  41. Anonymous1:10 pm

    big dog,

    what about the PKA fiasco? why are you silent on that?
    Is the public one of the causes for the above complication and inflated cost?
    damn it, its about blatant abuses and corruption that we are concern with. in this case, are the police putting the cart before the horse. Does Ketuanan gives the special right and greenlight for corrupt acts for certain elitist? Guess, you are in best position to answer, big dog.

  42. Anonymous1:54 pm

    with samurai sword?
    tell me how!and sure proceed with it!

  43. Anonymous4:50 pm

    That's what I thought too (when I read the news on high tech gears for cops)...'this is going to enrich some people at the rakyat's expense!' It won't just end with getting the hardwares, what about maintenance? It will be another several hundred millions? Govt no money.. never mind, the Hasil boys will be more 'rajin'. Conduct a few more field audits to get the money. Sick, sick, sick of the charade the government is playing. We, rakyat not stupid!

  44. fight with the pen and words and action la...bukan dengan pedang...if so scaredy cat hiding behind "anonymous"..camne...

  45. it's normal to bodo la government... all projects cost billions of our money... very ambitious...

    if we can still remember... why is our mykad now still can't migrate with jpj system? don't know how much the cost they sold the system... but still like pig shit...

    heard that pdrm got 5b budget from the government.... we can assume they will buy some heli, some csi equipment, some boats and later they gave to Scomi (or other through direct nego ka) to handle this equipments.... he is bodola.... but in term of robbering, he is good....