Friday, September 14, 2007

PKR threatens NST with legal suit

Batu Buruk incident report. PKR has given the NSTP* till the end of today to publish a correction to a Sept 10 newsreport 'RM1m damage, 23 held in riot’ in its New Straits Times daily, failing which the political party will file a lawsuit against the tabloid.
Read the Malaysiakini story here.

p.s. Interestingly, the picture that the NST used here bears no attribution. The same picture was later "shared" with other newspapers and was used by the Star the next day, I was told. Newspapers are very territorial and usually don't share their scoops. Maybe the rules of the game have changed....

* the same newspaper group that filed a suit against this blogger in Jan for defamation. our next date in court is Nov 28 this year.


  1. Anonymous2:45 pm

    If you ask me, I would think their sharing of scoops were forced down their throat.

    Read somewhere that pic may have been doctored on the accounts of the shadows alone; any one can verify this? - Amir

  2. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Hey hey hey! I found something fishy in this photo! It is superimposed! You see the people don't look at him burning the flag! That's strange, isn't it?

    NSTP* is in trouble now.... heh heh.

  3. Anonymous3:16 pm

    The photos and video are the same for everybody because they are the only official version coming from the police. Make you wonder why with all this commotion???????

  4. The photo caption opposition member...I would like to know whether the NSTP check and counter check the identity of the man burning the Jalur Gemilang? If not, how did they know that he is a member of the opposition party? Who knows, the man could be a member of the governing party or even the police, who knows?

  5. My concern is only with the employees of the Nasty paper. Being a media propaganda for a party will only expose them to vulnerable suits and potential unemployment. Recklessness and biased reporting of their bosses has already resulted so many loyal readers dropping the paper. Their dropping subscription ought to tell them but they chose to ignore it and continue to rely on Taxpayer's money as bail-outs every year. This is the worst we've seen after so many years, of outright propaganda that endangers the rakyat.

    Happy berpuasa and berbuka with family and kakis to all our Muslim friends.

  6. Anonymous4:01 pm

    The photo is a fake.

    Flag burnings are usually done with a huge crowd looking and cheering on. This unidentified fellow, whoever he was, was doing it alone.

    Nobody else in the picture was interested or paid any attention and were probably not even aware of it. Most unlikely sceanrio. The picture is a fake, fake, fake.

    Perhaps the NST photographer can produce the original photo for verification?

    As I understand it, all photos used in the news media must be undoctored and some international news services have been known to have sacked their photographers for doctoring their photos?

  7. Our print media has absolutely no journalistic ethics, principles and morality.
    It can make a rape victim the predatory and the rapist the prey.
    They are UMNO dogs.

  8. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Jurugambar ini harus disiasat,kenapa takut memberitahu identiti jurugambar tersebut.Ada sesuatu yang tak kena. Jika 'kunun' gambar itu benar, kenapa jurugambar tersebut ambil satu shot sahaja.Kameranya harus diperiksa.Kenapa tak ambil shot pada muka @mungkin kerana kedua-duanya bersekongkol untuk mendapat 'acting' yang menarik.Ni mesti kerja orang yang bersekongkol dgn mat rempot.

  9. Anonymous5:30 pm

    This photo is DEFINITELY a doctored one as none of the people in the background seemed to be aware of the person burning the flag! Anyone can tell you it is common sense that when someone does a dramatic thing like burning something (in this case even more dramatic as it is our national flag)many people will be watching and you can see the expressions on their faces or actions. None here. So this picture is a fake, and is no better than the one Tien Chua put up not too long ago on Najib, Baginda and Altantuya in Paris.

    Will NSTP now dare to say openly that this picture is a fake?

  10. Anonymous5:51 pm

    come to think of it, it is strange that no one is looking?

    and was the guy from the opposition or the BN or from jakarta? We don't know, do we?


  11. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Why not ask Tian Chua to cook up a better photo, this time with Altantuya burning the flag while Baginda and Najib looked on?

  12. Anonymous7:03 pm

    guess the mat rempits are also p***ed off with park lah & cohorts

  13. Anonymous7:32 pm


    Zoom in and take a look at the man's shadow. The shape is too uniform and the colour is way out!

    Nasty BOLEH!!!

  14. A very interesting photo... The guy fully concealed with helmet. The physique is very much like a policeman, steady and strong. Pas people generally exhibit different feature and character. This one is way out.

    PKR pulak, kalau pun ada penyokong,badannya tak mesti sebijik macam polis. haha.

    Foto yang menarik, aksi hero tu pun menarik, sampai orang lain yang berseluar dan berkain buat tak peduli.

  15. Anonymous5:42 am

    why the guy burning the flag hasn't been arrest yet? i smells a rat

  16. Anonymous11:36 am

    Messages from dumnoGestapo

    We, the dumnoGestapo-YBs, condemn unequivocally that:

    "You, the ciitizens of Malaysia, are a bunch of Scumbags and worthlessd Human Garbages"

    "Tha is why we are more concerned, in our parliament debate, about our Glorious Jalur Gemilang than you human scumbags"

    Our dumnoNaziland motto:

    "We will, at any cost, shoot to kill or maim in order to protect our Glorious Jalur Gemilang! You have been warned!!!!"

  17. Anonymous12:03 pm

    There are pak hajis and other people in the picture. Why don't these people stop the act of flag burning? I believe when you have too much hatred of the government you will resort to such act.

  18. Anonymous11:16 am

    ...kalu budak yang bakar bendera malaysia depan saya dah lama kena pijak-pijak dgn gua tak kira la mana asal-usuk memang jawab dgn gua...biar ade chop mohor..kat muka..hairan...

  19. Anonymous11:27 am

    Hey hey hey! I found something fishy in this photo! It is superimposed! You see the people don't look at him burning the flag! That's strange, isn't it?
    NSTP* is in trouble now.... heh heh.
    2:49 PM