Friday, September 14, 2007

PP responds to YB Chew

"The voters are your boss ... Not Ong Ka Ting, and not Pak Lah".
"Either stand up to defend the constitution, both in parliament and outside, or be prepared to be shipped out of parliament at the next elections. Please convey this to your colleagues in MCA."
Read Haris Ibrahim's full reply YB Chew Mei Fun here.


  1. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Yes, Ms Chew, Let us hear YOUR stand "wherever and whenever".

    Waiting for you to make a statement.

    Don't let the UMNO fellows make you "shut up".

  2. Anonymous12:54 am

    Ms Chew, we'll ship you out to Africa.

  3. Politics is dirty business
    The blue film in the open
    Everything for money
    Sweet honey beautiful smile
    One can say one wishes
    The masses listen
    sadly believing all the words

    The Constitution is slowly eroded
    Every clip silently disappeared
    The ruling elite and its partners
    They don’t have to change its face
    They go through the back door
    Ultimately the cracks appear
    The people don’t see it
    They go vote them in every election

    Now the placards in the air
    The dirty politics cream the minds
    The masses eye the sweet coating exchanges
    As Dr M said $200/- would do the trick

    The blue film of politics
    In the open camouflage as charity
    Funds provide for the people
    “Saying vote for me
    You get more for your effort
    Don’t go to the opposition
    They have no diamonds and gold to please”

    They can tell you in straight faces
    Without baiting an eye
    We will fight for you
    Every inch of the way
    You just give me your vote
    We will decide what is best in the end

    In my mind to the future
    There must be more Lee Lam Thyes
    Then the country will be fine
    Shining bright in the global stage
    Malaysia has truly arrived!

  4. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Ms Chew, our Foreign Minister said on BBC that Malaysia is neither a secular state nor an Islamic state.

    Will you speak out now "wherever and whenever" to correct him? Today? Tomorrow? Day after?