Thursday, September 13, 2007

YB Chew says wherever, whenever

MP responds to the People's Parliament. Yang Berhormat Chew Mei Fun has given prominent lawyer Haris Ibrahim's People Parliament blog the response it deserves. Haris has been running a Get to Know your MPs: Will they defend our secular Constitution series, to which Chew Mei Fun, the MP for PJ Utara (MCA), replied that "(the MCA) will defend (the Constitution) wherever and whenever is appropriate, including in Parliament".

Read her response, verbatim, here.

Haris knows he's on to something good. He has now asked his People Parliament's members to get the other MPs to commit to an answer to the question - Will they defend the Constitution?
Read him here.
If everyone's as forthcoming as Chew, then we'll be getting responses from the MPs of Subang,Wangsa Maju, Batu, Titiwangsa, Ampang, and Lembah Pantai.

Will the Umno MPs be allowed to emulate their MCA colleague in engaging the blog?


  1. Anonymous8:29 pm

    I always thought Chew Mei Fun had no balls (no pun intended) but probabably I am wrong. This is only the beginning. It's time all Malaysians stood and tell the powers-that-be that malaysia is a secular state. It is time to stand up and be counted. It is time to tell Umno to stop playing the divide-and-rule and religious extremism games. It's time to tell Umno that their games are outdated. It's time to tell Umno to stop fooling all Malays. It's time to tell Umno to stop all the cronyism that is destroying the fabric of Malaysian society. It's time to tell Umno ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  2. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Rocky & All,

    The FIRST MP who engaged the bloggers openly in a forum (closed session), under the purview of All-Blogs was YB Dato' Zaid Ibrahim, UMNO MP for Kota Bahru at Bloghouse, Sunday 25 August 2007.

    There should not be anymore challenge against UMNO MPs. Maybe you should challenge an UMNO Cabinet Minister or any of the junior ministers instead.

    Why not seriously try to get your 'former' friend and journo-colleague, YB Dato Zam Maidin or non-colleague, YB Dato' Azlina Othman Said? You might get YB Dato' Nazri Aziz instead!


    That would be something interesting.

  3. Anonymous10:11 pm

    mca = a big "empty vessel" without destination or purpose.

    cakap tak serupa bikin - a disgrace to their own kind

  4. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Yes, Ms Chew and MCA geng.

    But please let us know when "whenever and wherever" is?

    All I remember is total silence. No one from your geng has said anything substantial "wherever or whenever".

    Did I miss anything? Did you say something "wherever or whenever" in defence of your stand?

    Hello? I can't find anything in the Hansard. Will you repeat what you said "wherever or whenever"?

    Why is your geng now so silent and well behaved? Will you all come out openly and tell the PM that we are NOT "a theocratic or secular state" and also NOT a rojak state?

  5. MP given the response to the blog show that the power of the blog.So not all the blogs are goblog, all MP are goMP?

  6. Anonymous3:10 am

    well done CMF, if only other politicians start telling the truth and tell it as it is.

    BTW, Rocky, check out yahoo's democratic candidate mashup at on the US 2008 election. Maybe u can start something similar here in Malaysia (web TV)and give our politicians, ruling and opposition, another avenue to talk about their policies and such. And at the same time ask them the difficult questions which the main stream media has failed to ask.

    (you're the man rocky)

  7. Anonymous6:46 am

    the MP for PJ Utara (MCA), replied that "(the MCA) will defend (the Constitution) wherever and whenever is appropriate, including in Parliament".

    I will be more convinced if she had said "regardless of the consequences to MCA rather than "whenever is appropriate,"

    Appropriate...what does she mean by appropriate..enlighten me dear MP., otherwise that word to me is political gibberish. When PM says that we are Islamic country..I did not hear a whimper from any MCA reps. We have people waving kris like madmen..and yet no protest from the party that claims to represent the chinese in this country and many more such instances..

    YB is cheap

  8. Anonymous10:39 am

    I have never felt that Malaysia was anything but secular and apart from the posturing by Umno, to counter PAS's call for an Islamic state, there is nothing in Umno politics that indicate they even want a secular state.
    Please do explain the hoo ha..

    BTW I heaerd that Chan Kong Choy was possessed by the spirit of the dead after he went to see a post mortem of one of the Bukit Gantang bus accident victims.... Betul ke Rocky

  9. Anonymous10:49 am


    Giving her the opportunity to persue this noble intent is in actual fact giving her the opportunity to protract their hypocrisy.

    They have done nothing in the past and they will do nothing now. In fact their hands are soiled from the craps they have been throwing at the public.


  10. Sdr,

    Do you think Zam will chide the MCA MP or report him to the PM for establishing dialogue with bloggers?

    A moot point here is the MCA and other Chinese-based BN parties are more open to debate and are embracing the ICT.

    When I was a member of the Second National Economic Consultative Council, I found the MCA and MIC representatives more vocal in defending the interest of their communities than the Umno reps.

    Also they came up with better ideas and arguments, which were well researched.

    Thank you.

  11. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Cut and paste replies to Harris on MCA's stand is not good enough. As a representative, did she stand up in Parliament to defend the party's stand and defending the electorate she stood for. If so, can she produce in evidence, her verbatim debate (speech or whatever) she actually spoke inside the House and during the session. An extract of the verbatim (obtainable from Parliament) should be sufficient to prove that she had effectively represented her electorate particularly those who disagreed with the PM and his deputy's claim that Malaysia is an Islamic State. Unless she does this, the reply can be provided by any Dick, Tom and Harry who are not elected MPs. Yes, the noodle MP can do better than this!

    Noddle Hawker

  12. At times, I am worried that the words summed up by the MCA during their party general meeting implies that they are kowtowing to the UMNO people. I am also concerned that YB CMF would just merely talk but not doing what she had written in reply to Haris.

    True to the fact that non-UMNO BN party members are able to adapt to the ICT, but most of the people that make the statements of blogging absolutely does not even know what blogging is about.

    I believe that we should get more MPs to debate on this issue with the blogging community directly with footage of interview recorded as proof.

  13. Anonymous2:25 pm

    I could be wrong; but very likely she might just be another "politikus" who "cakap tak serupa bikin"!

  14. Anonymous2:55 pm

    first of all, what she actually replied is ambiguous. 2ndly, all the documentary "evidence" are nothing new. Haris' has more or less pointed these out in detail in his blog since months ago.

    all i want to ask is, whichever is the right/appropriate way MCA has stood up and made an unequivocal statement regarding the nature of this nation, as per the documentary evidence, and when has that happened? i've not heard them talk about it in parliament. i've heard some of them said it in the press, but was immediately threatened and shouted down by Kerismuddin and gang. i've seen them wave the constitution during their just-over-AGM, and the youth chief made some heroic statements about mca's position vis-a-vis umno's, but oddly enough not in his BM portion in front of KJ. Ong Ka Ting has been conspicuously silent over this matter.

    in parliament, as far as i could recall, i have never heard mca MPs defended this "laudable" position.

    so my question to YB Chew is this - ever since u've become an MP, what substantive issues have you actually articulated and defended in parliament, as well as in the press? never mind the fact of the very nature of our state which is under threat, but all the other lesser issues of national interest. all i've ever heard and read about her has been about deeds and actions which MBPJ should have done in the first place.

    am i convinced then with her reply? not at all, until i see clear and unambiguous action on her part to act out her reply.

  15. The Choy cabut lari to Downunder, where would you like to hide, YB No-Fun?

    and BigDog,
    getting the Nazi, eh I meant Nazree or Aza Lesbian in a session dialogue would be long overdue. They've NEVER answer to the people. But can try-lah, hahahaha...

  16. Anonymous4:13 pm

    I really appreciate what CMF stood up for us. Whatever she said is true and justifies all facts and believes. But what has come to my senses about MCA is they are mostly one step slower compared to other oppositions in responding to rakyat concerns. I'm not sure if you all agrees with me, but to me I feel they usually thinks for themselves rather than the rakyat and usually they will just ignore or keep quiet on imbalance issues pours out until they have been interrogated by those who feels it for the rakyat.

  17. Anonymous6:56 pm

    No idea who is Chew Mei Fun...

    but do know chu mei feng - former taiwan councilwoman

  18. Anonymous6:58 pm

    I'm not a bit excited over Chew's reply. It is the same platitude from a politician. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. One wonders if MCA can be at the fore-front to take the 'Umno kerbau' by the horns when it comes to defending the Constitution, or get cold feet and whine at the back?

    However, I have to laud her for reading the blogs and keeping her finger on the pulse in the blogosphere.

  19. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Will she dare to say what she wrote to her UMNO bosses?