Sunday, September 16, 2007

Patrick Badawi's first Penang hurdle

Review Penang's RM25 billion mega project. Five NGOs have gone on record with a demand that the government reviews the Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) project in Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad's homestate of Penang.The mega development, designed to better Mahathir's KLCC, was approved without local inputs, these NGOs said in Mingguan Malaysia, an Umno-controlled newspaper, today.

The project was launched last week by the PM himself and front-paged by the NST, a daily run by Patrick Lim's business partner Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan, who counts the PM as one of his "friends". Lim earned the nickname Patrick Badawi due to his closeness to the Family.

A representative of the Penang Heritage Trust, Ahmad Chik said the developer of the PGCC was rather dismissive of the little local inputs that had been solicited for the project.

“This project was approved in Putrajaya, the plans finalised without any local inputs, and was launched amid wide publicity.

“There was no discussion. This is an attempt to sideline all forms of opposition (towards the project). This is a colossal project that will affect about every person in Penang. It needs a more comprehensive review before it can start," Ahmad Chik said.

The Mingguan article here.


Syed Imran said...

The Penang Turf Club at Batu Gantong is a diamond mine compared to the barren land at Batu Kawan, the land offered as the new race course. The government (Pak Lah that is), was pleased to give away the mine in exchange for the so called development of the Penang Global City Centre, to none other than his buddy Patrick Lim aka Patrick Badawi. So what is new? NGOs and the common man in the street can protest, shout and demonstrate but will they listen?
One by one Penang's heritage are being demolished in the name of development, not for the sake of the people but to fill the pockets of greedy and corrupt individuals.
Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Who cares! Time to make money (dirty or clean) before someone else takes over. Lands, contracts, or even screw drivers! Anything will do..

Corruption for Muslims in Malaysia is okay! If not, how do you explain the "screw drivers" case, as an example? Were they not Muslims? The PKFZ..the untouchables etc.

Selamat Berpuasa kepada Muslimin dan Muslimat! Duit raya nak tangkap towkey mana?


shar101 said...

For someone who espouses Islam Hadhari to not only Malaysians but the world as well, AAB seems to have a lot of 'vanity' projects in his first term.

As they say "Pride before the fall".

I think he knows where the exit door is but needs a little prodding from us to get going.

Astalavista, Baddy!

*Hey, if P.L. can get a nickname, so should AAB*

caravanserai said...

“Penang Gone Crying Conflict”
This is a massive project
Involving $25 billion

Locals felt let out
About the island growth
No consultations no inputs
PM wants it hurriedly too

Penang Island is already congested
With many traffic problems
Changing many roads to one way streets
Thinking it will solve the problem

What will happen on the landscape?
That part of the traffic flow will be jammed
As it is now the traffic trawling
During peak hours morning afternoon and evening

The chairman gave out statistics
Let the people know this project is worth it
Has he done an evaluation the impact of the project?
About quality of life in general has he?

During my 7 years stay in Penang
The situation of traffic became worst
Even driving to Batu Ferrighi and Tanjung Bungah
It took patience on the roads

The quality of beaches sad to say
It has become dirty and polluted
Now we multi-storey buildings
Near and or on the beach
Life to unwind will become worst
As many people found out now

Everything on paper is always good
Nothing is bad no word to disagree
It is after effect that will play havoc
Then taxpayers’ money will come to rescue
It is then finding solutions to ease the headaches
Of making the island a better place to live

Penang Island has lost her shines years ago
Maybe this project will boost her image
Again there will be price to pay
When crying of the concerned people bloom
Hitting it on the ballot boxes
The leaders then will have to evaluate

nstman said...

My beautiful island of Penang has been raped, mugged, abused and murdered by Umno and its collaborators for the past 20 years. The Penang I knew is long gone. It's becoming like KL. In the name of development, the beautiful island has been stripped of its life and soul. Chinatown, Penang's soul, has been abused to such an extent that you find the place lifeless. We had a war crimes tribunal for perpatrators of World War II, how about a tribunal for peace time criminals who rape the environment and culture?

pundek said...

bloody hell ! call himself a Muslim !@#%#$#!
how in heaven's name did the project goes to this paprick badawi

Anonymous said...

“This project was approved in Putrajaya, the plans finalised without any local inputs, and was launched amid wide publicity.

Looks like the job of the fourth floor's boy @ SIL.....

Pasquale said...


I am writing another script for RTM: The gist is like this, a PM of a small-medium tin-pot Asian country had a bastard from an illicit liaison with a Chinese GRO and the bastard found out who his real father was from his mother, by that time this bastard is already a small time businessman, now he went out to blackmail this weak PM to tell the world about this PM's relationship with his mother!
Now this enterprising young bastard got himself many big projects at the expense of the others! Now he is a much more powerful businessman then he was and he made a vow to destroy his illegitimate father's race which is Moron! Meanwhile the PM's people cannot do anything to this bastard because the people from the 5th floor could not, for their lives, figure out why this weak PM is so accomodating to this "little Chinese boy" whom everyone is now calling him by his Moron name of Daniel Abdul! Oh! the fictitious Asian PM's name is Dolmat Abdul! Rocky do you think this will sell?!

Anonymous said...

Nasi Kandar Project closed down in Perth.

Now he wants to try his luck on horse racing land.

This 'soft-loan' man's gonna create the mother of all white elephants or more likely a disaster site.

Maybe when he has dug a big hole, he will then want to build a tunnel to the mainland. Smart, eh?

Penang wants to be an UN Heritage site? Why is Rais so quiet?

Anonymous said...

Feedback from the public and interested parties? Are you kidding?

Its neither Islamic nor Secular; its Hadhari, so its OK. Just start digging. The Boss said so. Never mind public opinion or feddback.

Well, there's the ballot box coming up soon. Will the people tell him "Up yours"?

Anonymous said...

want to stay in nice bungalow in perth? asked PM how to do it.
and the approval for this massive project has no linkage to the PM's friendship with this guy. NO?

George Badawi said...

KLCC was RM1.8 billion.

PGCC is RM25 billion.

Don't compare manggid with rambutan meh.

Plus PGCC have not included incidentals. If PKFZ can increase from less then RM2 billion to nearly RM5 billion, just imagine what Patrick Lim and Abdullah Badawi can achieve here!

lucia said...

with all the development they are going to do in penang, the island of penang is going to sink one day!!

for 'you can't read in the mainstream media news' on PGCC, please visit my friend, anil's blog.

Bee Bee said...

I prefer to have the PGCC rather than the turf club. It does not give big impact to all level of Penangite. It's only a boring padang rumput.