Saturday, September 15, 2007

Latest on M

IJN, Sept 15: Dr M was transferred to the ICU last night (7pm) to allow doctors "to conduct investigations and close observation of his overall condition post bypass surgery", according to the latest statement issued by the hospital minutes ago.
In her blog, daughter Marina, who was outstation, called hubby on the mobile phone yesterday but was greeted by Dr M, instead. "I am getting stronger," he said, "but the doctors want me to get stronger faster."


  1. the problem with bypasses is not infection of the chest but infection of the leg from which the vein is extracted to be used on the heart.

    i know.

  2. Anonymous4:35 pm

    "but the doctors want me to get stronger faster." think even the doctors are worried about the current political trend in this country!

    Come on doctors, do your best!

    Come on Dr. M, give your best! - Amir

  3. Good to know that Dr M is getting better and better...

  4. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Do they need his bed urgently? Slowly la, Let him recover in his own time. He's 82.

  5. Anonymous10:55 pm

    I hope Dr Mahathir will recover the soonest and continue to whack the many misdeeds and wrong doings of the present regime.

    We need Dr. Mahathir to keep an eye on Abdullah and gang.

    All is not well in Malaysia;Abdullah is just too incompetent to be the PM of Malaysia!

  6. "And sometimes the fear of death is worse than death itself".

    With TDM getting better more quickly, the other side will have to revamp their strategies (and of course, bungle it bigtime) based on this possibility alone.

    Wow! Shooting from the hip and doing it from his hospital bed.

    Brilliant move, I might add, from the master strategist.

  7. Anonymous11:40 am

    chest infection following a bypass is quite common, especially so on an elderly patient.

    well to expect TUN Dr M to get well soon and whacked the present leadership very soon is too much.

    He need his rest .good rest for 4-6 months.

    He will be fine.


  8. I like the name 'M'. Just like in a James Bond movie. Who is James Bond the 007?