Friday, September 14, 2007

Pak Einstein's painting sold!

Nori buys all of Hisham Rais' paintings, including one on daddy looking like a rocket scientist, in a recent shopping spree, it seems.
Go to M-Star here to find out who is Marilyn, the hippie, and the punk.


  1. Eh, salah tu, Bedol is more of 'Rip Van Winkle' and please dont compare Einstein-lar, Bedol has been known to invent 'sleeping' on the job more than anything else!

  2. Anonymous11:24 pm

    But of course...when money is not an objection :-)

  3. Anonymous12:01 am

    Hey Rocky,

    Hishamuddin Rais's Hj Hadui Awang look a lot like you. Maybe, its a sign you should be in politics, most probably PAS.

    Ahirudin "Rocky" Attan in PAS, as a leader????

    Why not?

    Jeff Ooi is already in DAP.


    BTW, these "Andy Warhol's pop art" thingies is Hishamuddin expressing his criticism against the politicians, one BN and three Oppositions.

  4. Anonymous12:08 am

    Defamation man, defamation.

    Well, I suppose if you are stuck with an IQ of 85, you can always imagine yourself to be a genius. Imagine only. You know, dream, dream in your sleep but when you wake up, you are still 85.

    P/s Wasn't Einstein a JEW? Does the dreamer wish he was as smart as the Jew?

  5. eh, i'm totally with bigdog on hj hadi. at first glance i thought it was u la bro. and u'd be something like, TG Hj. Ahirudin Attan, ketua penerangan muslimin PAS cawangan Puchong a.k.a ustaz Rock for short. kihkihh...

  6. hmmm...
    i must be daft and thick.

    I don't get it. i mean the criticisms. for instance, Pak Lah -- Einstein? Or not?
    and the rest...
    no subtlety there then. Just plain attack.

    what does Nori plan to do with the pictures?

    Pleeeeaaaassse..... Andy Warhol? perhaps, just the einstein and monroe. a wee bit.

  7. Anonymous2:36 am


    the Hj. Adi Awang pic looks like you.I thought it was you until I read M-Star..LOL. He rocks and so do you.BTW Pak lah Einstein, sorry le..Pak Lah doesn't even know what a crony means.


  8. If rocky put serban on and let the long hair hang loose, that will be quite a sight. Trend setter!!

    Kalau rambut ikat buat tocang, sekali imbas orang tenguk macam ekur serban,

    Rocky in PAS?. worth a try.. wish you luck. Anyway PAS needs some changes. Hehe.

  9. Anonymous5:39 am

    it's the worst arts expression man can do. but again like what elviza said, when money is not an objection! what a bloody damn waste.. hisham must have been smilin now out of disbelief that his arts is sold!

  10. Anonymous9:35 am

    Shameless, putting badawi's face on einstein, I think there is a hidden message by Hisham on that potrait.

    Honestly, Pak Lah's face is more appropriate to be imposed on someone like Mr. Bean.

  11. Lim Kit Siang a hippie? Perhaps Isham Rais is right. He, liek a hippie, oppose anything proposed by the establishment. And, my hair grows longer...

    Wan Azizah superimposed on Marilyn ballerina photo series ... hmmm whats the message? Insecure or uncomfortable prima donna?

    AAB as Einstein? ... thats sarcasm.

  12. Bro,
    gimme a break lah...comparing that jew with our holy and hadari PM...and maybe Hisham Rais must be sued for distorting the good looks of our PM...something like burning the Jalur Gemilang...!!hehehe !
    And PAS does'nt need you bro,... PAS needs disbanding....thats all !But we could do with more Marilyns ala Wan Azizahs though !

  13. Anonymous2:16 pm

    "E=mc squared?"
    "i donno!zzzzzzz"

  14. Anonymous2:56 pm

    selamat menjalani ibadah puasa.. korang jgn gado2 k

  15. Anonymous4:57 pm

    I have a feeling that Nori will keep buying her Einsteinian dad as fast as Hisham can churn them out, just to keep it out of public circulation.Looks like he has found the mother lode.

    And Apple computer's series of Think Different posters comes to mind.

    Do have a look, those who haven't. Interesting.

    Yes, Einstein was one of those featured.Maybe Hisham can create one of Badawi with a couple of starry-eyed goats in lieu of the apple and "Think different". We must never ever forget that he lost his goats some years ago.

  16. Rocky!

    To me Hishamuddon Rais is trying to depict AAB, LKS and HAwang as Morons, well the pictures certainly look like a good depiction of moron when we know these people are not, what can I say!
    If Wan Azizah could have look like how Hisham Rais depicted her in his drawing when AI was a DPM he could have stood a chance of being a PM, may be? Alas Wan Azizah was, to me, wearing a condom like so many Malay-Muslim women in this country. My take is if God Almighty had meant for make woman to walk around looking like pe%ises in a condom, God Almighty would not have created beautiful hair. Come on, Arab women are forced by their respective male dominated system to wear a hijab for domination, but we are Malays we should be one, and not mimic the Arabs! I have had many nightmares where I was chase by peni%es with condoms with women faces whose lips were thick with red lipstick, I woke up with a sweat! Does any have the same dream?

  17. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Einstein " E = mcsquared"

    Pak Lah "E = A, E, I, O, U, PKFZzzzzzzz".

  18. Anonymous10:13 pm

    To Pak Lah

    E = I love JanE

    Once he step down this piece of art has no value.

  19. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Painting AAB to look like Einstein does make him a genius.

    If it so easy, then there will be many geniuses around.

    I think that Hishamuddon Rais is just trying to tell a message through his paintings and the daughter of AAB thinks that he is praising her father.

    What a big joke?