Saturday, September 15, 2007

Singapore buys deadly Himars

60-km reach. Our golf buddies in Singapore have chosen a battle-tested, US-made rocket artillery system for their army. The US$330mil (RM1.15bil) deal would be the army’s first rocket artillery system. The order for the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (Himars) includes nine trucks, each fitted with a pod of six rocket tubes.
"At the press of a button, the trucks can launch rockets to pound enemy positions some 60km away."

Ok, I didn't know what Himars was or how the rockets looked like and I wasn't sure if they were used by the American GIs to kill Iraqi civilians or not, but I know approx how far 60km is.
KL to Seremban, that's about 60km.
60km north of Singapore? That would be in Kulai, I think, or Kota Tinggi, the constituent of grilled-on-BBC Syed Hamid Albar. Still very much in Johor, Malaysia's southernmost state. My village folks in Melaka needn't worry. Our Ministers in Putrajaya are safe.
And I am like 330 km away, here in Puchong, so those rockets can't touch me!

Poster Skilgannon alerted me of this Straits Times (Singapore) news yesterday. Excerpts:
Salaam, Pak Rocky
Here's another piece of news that will cause the NST's Syed Nadzri more worry. Remember his hand-wringing about Singapore's plan to acquire precision-guided bombs?
It is interesting to note that the Himars rockets have a range of up to 60km. If one draws a circle with a radius of 60km, with its centre in an army camp in Singapore, what targets would be within the Himars range?
And armour-piercing bomblets dispersed by satellite-guided rockets? It doesn't take a military genius to connect the dots.......

The Star ran the story, here, today.
More on Himars, including pics, here.


  1. Anonymous3:30 pm

    This is most probably Singapore's 'response' for Malaysia's acquisition Brazillian built medium range strategic weapon Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Astros II, now within ATM's arsenal since few years back.

    Definitely paranoia mentality of a Zionist trained pain-in-the-arse!

    Oopps....Beg you pardon for my French!

  2. Anonymous3:35 pm

    BTW, this is link to the Astros II:

    We have these weapons because we have a lot space to defend and a tsrategic weapon is a good deterent against agression.

    Why the hell does an island slightly larger than Klang valley would want these weapons too?????

  3. Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS)


    The High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System ( HIMARS) was initially developed as a private venture by Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control to meet a US Army requirement for a lighter and more mobile version of MLRS that is capable of being carried by the Lockheed Martin C-130 transport aircraft.

    According to Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, the smaller HIMARS will require 30 per cent fewer airlifts to transport a battery.

    Crew training is the same as the current MLRS system with the lightweight chassis offering higher road speeds and lower operating costs than its full-tracked counterpart.

    The system was first unveiled in the US late in 1993 and was shown for the first time in Europe in September 1994.

    Early in 1996, the US Army Missile Command (MICOM) awarded Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control a USD23.2 million contract to build four prototypes of the High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launcher.

    Under the terms of the 53-month contract, the Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control built four systems, which were subjected to a two year extended user evaluation. The fourth system was retained by the company for its testing and evaluation.

    The contract awarded in 1996 was under the US Army Rapid Deployment Force Initiative (RFPI) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) programme.

    In July 1998 the US Army successfully conducted the first firing of an Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) from HIMARS.

    Three of the four prototype systems built have been delivered to the 18th Airborne Corps Artillery for a two year extended user evaluation while the fourth has been retained by Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control for testing and evaluation.

    In December 1999, the US Army Aviation & Missile Command awarded Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, a USD65 million 36-month maturation/Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) contract for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

    Under the terms of this contract, the company's Dallas, Texas and Camden, Arkansas facilities built six HIMARS launchers for extensive US Army trials and evaluation before the award of a Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) contract.

    The first of six HIMARS launchers were delivered in the 4th quarter of 2001 with the sixth being delivered in the second quarter of 2002.

    During an exercise at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, a US Army platoon equipped with HIMARS was delivered to the base by a Lockheed Martin C-130 and conducted a live fire missions within 10 minutes of arrival.

    In mid-2000, it was announced that an HIMARS had successfully fired a six-round ripple of standard MLRS rockets.

    Under the US programme, HIMARS supports the US Army vision of a more deployable, lethal, survivable and tactically mobile force. It will launch all MLRS Family of Munitions (MFOM) rockets and Army TACMS (ATACMS) missiles.

    The United States Marine Corps has placed an order for two HIMARS systems for trial purposes. Total requirement is 45 systems. When fielded, these would be issued to two battalions of the 14th Marine Regiment.

    According to Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, the HIMARS programme is on schedule with eight launchers delivered: six for the US Army and two for the US Marine Corps.

    In April 2003, the company was awarded a USD96.4 million contract by the US Army to commence Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) of HIMARS. According to the company, total joint procurement (Army and Marine Corps) of HIMARS is expected to be more than 900 units.

    In selected US Army units it will replace the 155 mm M198 towed howitzer and the current full tracked MLRS. The US Army First Unit Equipped (FUE) is scheduled for 2005.

    The first units equipped with HIMARS will be two battalions, 3-321 and 3-27 Field Artillery at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in FY05.

    A small quantity of HIMARS were deployed to the Gulf and used operationally for the first time in early 2003.

    As of late 2004 a total of 55 HIMARS systems had been ordered in two batches (30 + 25). Of the 55, 52 are for the army and three for the marine corps.

    The third tranche was for a total of 38 systems, with a value of USD109 million. Of these, 37 are for the army and one is for the marine corps. The system has seen operational use in Iraq.

    Late in 2006 it was stated that under a potential USD752 million acquisition under the US governments Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme, the United Arab Emirates was to acquire HIMARS.

    This package comprises 20 Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control 227 mm (6-round) HIMARS that are already in quantity production for the US Army and have already seen operational service in Iraq.

    When the order is placed, the UAE will be the first export customer for HIMARS. In addition to the HIMARS launchers and conventional unguided surface-to-surface rockets, the package also includes longer range rockets as well as Guided MLRS (GMLRS).

    The UAE will be the first customer in the Middle East to have GMLRS and requires two versions, the dual purpose model which carries top attack sub-munitions and the unitary high-explosive (HE) warhead version.

    They also require the longer range Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) fitted with the standard anti-personnel/anti-material warhead and a unitary HE warhead.

    In addition to the 20 HIMARS the contract also covers the supply of 20 M1084A1 Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) (6 × 6) trucks for resupply purposes, 3 M1089A1 FMTV (6 × 6) wrecker vehicles, 101 ATACMS Block 1A dual purpose rocket pods, 101 ATACMS Block 1A unitary rocket pods, 130 Guided MLRS dual-purpose improved conventional munition rocket pods. 130 unitary high-explosive GMLRS rocket pods, 20 MLRS practice rocket pods and 104 standard M26 unguided rocket pods.


    HIMARS consists of a Armor Holdings, Tactical Vehicle Systems Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) 5 tonne (6 × 6) truck chassis, which is in full-scale production and service for the US Army, on the rear of which has been mounted a launcher which can accept a single pod of six MLRS rockets or a single ATACMS missile pod. For its new role the suspension of the FMTV has been enhanced and fish plates added to stabilise the vehicle when the rockets are fired. The HIMARS can be fired from the side of the vehicle although it must wait a small amount of time between rounds are fired to return to its aiming point.

    To reduce the overall height of HIMARS transport in a Lockheed Martin C-130 aircraft, the tyres are slightly deflated and re-inflated once it has left the aircraft using the onboard central tyre-inflation system.

    The system has the same operating procedures as the upgraded M270A1 launcher including fire-control, electronics and communications sub-units. It also retains the self-loading and autonomous features that have made the MLRS so successful. Although it has a three-man crew it can be operated by just one man.

    HIMARS can fire to the same ranges as all the family of MLRS rockets in service and under development.

    By late 1994, the HIMARS system had successfully fired the standard Phase I rocket, the Reduced Range Practice Rocket and the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS).

    Although the prototype system uses the 6 × 6 version of the FMTV chassis, the HIMARS launcher can be fitted to other 6 × 6 tactical truck chassis types.

    The standard cab of the HIMARS provides the crew with no ballistic protection. Late in 2000, Armor Holdings, Tactical Vehicle Systems, revealed that they were developing two protected cabs for FMTV, Level 1 and Level 2.

    Level 1 has been designed to protect the occupants against both missile blast and foreign object debris (FOD) during firings and to maintain cab overpressure.

    For Level 2, Stewart & Stevenson has teamed with Armor Holdings to further expand FMTV armouring possibilities. This would include increasing the ballistic integrity to protect the occupants against 7.62 mm M80 ball ammunition throughout the cab.

    In addition, mine blast protection could also be offered with a combination of special wheels and rims, deflective armour under the cab and special energy absorbing seats.

    Utilising the modular systems and bulkhead connections of the HIMARS cab, a fully armoured cab could be installed on existing vehicles in about 4 hours.

    Production HIMARS systems would also include an onboard munitions loading and reloading system.

    In addition it would also include an Improved Position Determining System (IPDS) to allow operations with the Army Tactical Missile System Block 1A with global positioning update.


    Crew: 1 + 2
    Configuration: 6 × 6
    (complete system) 13,696.36 kg
    (carrier vehicle) 8,272.73 kg
    (launcher/loader) 2,914.55 kg
    (rocket pod) 2,281.81 kg
    (crew) 227.27 kg
    Length: 6.94 m
    Width: 2.4 m
    Height: 3.18 m
    Ground clearance: 0.564 m
    Wheelbase: 4.1 m
    Angle approach/departure: 40/63°
    Max speed: 89 km/h
    Range: (loaded) 480 km
    Max gradient: 60%
    (with kit) 1.538 m
    (without kit) 0.923 m
    Engine: Caterpillar 3116 ATAAC 6.6 litres 6-cylinder turbocharged and after-cooled diesel developing 290 hp at 2,600 rpm
    Transmission: Allison MD-D7 automatic, 7-speed
    Transfer case: Allison single-speed
    Steering: power assisted
    Suspension: parabolic leaf springs
    Tyres: 395 R 20XML
    Electrical system: 12/24 V
    Alternator: 100 A


    Production. In service with the US Army. 20 HIMARS have been ordered by the United Arab Emirates.


    Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

  4. ps: how far is 480km from Singapore?

  5. A certain Singapore leader once boasted that within a couple of hours, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)could capture south Johor to secure her 'security' - economic as well as political.
    The republic's latest acquisition of weapons, the Apache attack helicopters, the smart bomb and now the HIMARS, certainly is not targeted at China or North Korea.

  6. Himars is what the Israeli army use to shoot at "belligerent" targets such as Hamas leaders driving a car to go home for dinner with their families!
    Himars is bought for one use only to shoot at targets within Malaysia that might want to attack Iskandar Economic Region controlled by S'pore.
    Let say if relations between the two gone awry S'pore will use extreme measures to protect its interest! Dont worry it will happen!

  7. Just curious. Can it be placed in batu putih and if it could, surely it can reach more than kulai

  8. Anonymous5:51 pm

    ermm good enuff to cover WPI range..rite?

  9. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Wow is a good buy, ask Najib how much will it cost us if we are to buy the same thing. So you know why we always choose something different from our next door. We bought helicopter that cannot fly, submarine that can see mangolian beauty and NS that send our young man earlier to heaven.

  10. Anonymous6:10 pm

    I wouldn't bother too much about Kiasuland's latest toys. We've got more to worry from Indonesia, and even the chance of them launching a SECOND invasion is pretty unlikely.

    Kiasuland knows they can sucessfully invade Malaysia... but they know they don't have the manpower and logistics to hold it.

    If we can have our ASTROS, no problem with them having their HIMARS. More business for the military industrial companies...

  11. Anonymous7:05 pm

    BTW, this is link to the Astros II:

    We have these weapons because we have a lot space to defend and a tsrategic weapon is a good deterent against agression.

    From whom? From where?

    Just who are our enemies?

    Why are we buying all these weapons to protect ourselves from unknown enemies?

    If we are buying these weapons as a deterrent, then others can also buy as a deterrent for themselves.

    Why is it OK for us to buy but others cannot? Its not about how big the country is. Its about security. We all want to feel safe.

    Hey, what about Indonesia. Russia just gave them US$ 1 billion to buy armaments. OK or not?


  12. Rocky, you are not safe either.
    First they reach Kilai. From there they will shoot Batu Pahat, then from BP they air at Melaka, then Seremban and then Putrajaya and Puchong!!!!!!
    Don't forget the conquerers gain ground as the enemy fly away to Australia, UK, India and the Middle East.

  13. Anonymous9:27 pm

    This is a counter buy. We have a Regiment of MLRS(Muliple Launch Rocket Systems)somewhat similar to Singapore's buy. During the cold war the Commies used to have a similar system, which were referred to as "Stalin's Organs" by the West.

    Getting to S'pore's acquisition, they have armored piercing capabilities, they can rain over 3,000 armored piercing bomblets over a selected target area, which can pierce 10cm thick of armor.

    Malaysia had never had tanks before, the so called "tanks" with tracks were scorpions, which were actually recconaisance vehicles. They too if ever used in combat would have been burning hulks of metal as they were over modified.Their target acquisition capabilities were poor. Their turret system, was not compatible with the hull. The recent acquisition of the Polish Twardy tanks are a real threat to S'pore backed up with our own General Support 155mm guns which have ranges of 50 km or more depending on the rounds used plus our MLRS Regiment. Our recent tank purchases, hopefully there have been no "over modifications", might have triggered the S'poreans to acquire this latest.Their polcy on defence is the "Total Defence".

    Our doctrine has always been to evict an entrenched enemy. Anyway I do not think we will come to blows, as we would be assured of mutually screwing up both the countries.

    I only wish our arms acquisition programs were more honest and transparent to get the best for our poor soldiers on the ground, without someone making huge amounts of money. Even their boots need much improvement, there is no R&D Dept to research on boots, for soldiers. Try the Malaysian Army boots and you will know why.

    I think we should be more concerned on the basics, at the end of the day no invader will last long on the Malaysian soil. Most know that, they would not want to stay and fight in another person's country. Malaysia is a terrain which is covered with primary and secondary jungles, with streams and rivers criss crossing the land, it is an invader's nightmare.

    It has been proven in Afghanistan, when the Russians pulled out, in Vietnam when the Amricans pulled out, when the French were humiliated at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, the Germans at Stalingrad, the Pakis at Kargil and in many other places.

  14. "I only wish our arms acquisition programs were more honest and transparent to get the best for our poor soldiers on the ground, without someone making huge amounts of money."

    thank you for writing that - completely true; if all the side money were added up, our boys will be better armed and more highly equipped to fight counter-offensive tactics on terrains we command.

  15. Bro Rocky,
    "...used by the American GIs to kill Iraqi civilians...'

    My sentiments exactly. Whenever you see reports that 20 Al Queda members, Iraqi insurgents, or Taliban extremists were killed in some fighting, you can bet your bottom Himar that it was some unfortunate woman, child or old man (or some poor shepherd and 20 of his sheep, or an innocent Afghan family shooting off their flintlocks at a wedding celebration - take your pick) that was at the receiving end of coalition or US forces firepower. Of course, if reports do get out that civilians were killed, CNN and Fox will immediately add the standard caveat that "such deaths could not be independently verified".

    Now, coming to a theatre near you, thanks to the infantilism, greed and stupidity of these third worlders, the merchants of death in the first world have got a new market. Now more civilians can die.

    Oftentimes these weapons are bought because of the kickbacks promised to some corrupt minister of defense or some other leader. Then the neighboring country gets into the act pleading self defense, another joins in and before we know it, the race has begun.

    Meanwhile, the rich west rub their hands in joy, marveling at the stupidity and corruption of their ex colonies that help keep their own pockets filled and economies humming along at a brisk clip - all at the expense of the innocent citizens all over the world.

    When will we ever learn....

  16. Anonymous10:45 pm

    The KiasuLand just wanted some comfort to counter BolehLand purchase of missile from Brazil.

    At least the KiasuLand got what they pay for and not like in the BolehLand getting junks but paying for the sky.

    Look at the Naval ship, the Navy is paying extra R1.4 billion for nothing????

  17. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Worry about :

    (a) Why our planes and helicopters fall from the sky

    (b) Why our tanks and other amoured vehicles are non-operational because of lack of spare parts and from supplier problems

    (c) Why our navy ships are non-operational because as the Auditor General says, many specifications are not met, there is considerable delays in their delivery, costs have gone up by RM 1.5 billion so far, the engineers are incompetent etc etc

    (d)why our munitions e.g. C4 and thousands of bullets are missing and unaccounted for, or have been dumped in the drains (today's papers)

    Our security situation is pathetic. Illegal immigrants can invade us at any time.

    Solve our internal problems first before worrying externally and about others.

    Start putting pressure on the top brass. They have to be more professional and responsible.

  18. Anonymous2:15 am

    The Republic's Armed Forces getting the HIMARS is one thing. HIMARS would give you that rapid deployment. Remember that its the platform, what would be more worrying is the armament that it is capable of firing.

    They can shoot the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) Block II Missile. Contrary to what you were told Bang Rocky, the ATACMS actually has a range of up to 128 km. Not only that, it has a guidance system and the attack vector means you can use it in urban terrain, over hills and stuff no problem.

    Everything both country is doing whenever they 're-equipt' their military strength is almost as a precautionary measure to counter one another. While the SAF got their 'eye in the sky' AWACS, note that only Russian made missiles shot from Russian planes can drop the AWACS from the sky - hence the MIGs and Sukhoi that we are getting. Notice how all our air groups are now based way up north? We know that they can be a threat.

    I'm more worried with the island's air force strength. To date, they still have up to 60 F16s in operations, and most of it are based overseas, in America, Brunei etc. And they are getting clever too, 'giving older F16s to Thailand in return for the use of several Thai bases for the SAF. All their Apaches are based in America. They are getting rid of the old E2-CAWACS and now going for faster, more maneuvrable Gulfstream G550s. Those so called 'fly-by' and encroachment into our airspace are not accidentals - those are to gauge our response time. And those so-called trips by Singaporean groups to Ledang etc. Not intel gathering?

    Sounds paranoid? To be honest I don't know what they are worried about. There's no way we would be interested to go over their place.

  19. Military hardware can never replace human ingenuity and/or overcome hit & run tactics.

    RDC do not have a large enough ground force to maintain a strategic hold, even in IDR, despite references to the 'Mersing Line' gambit.

    And perhaps, if Mindef have acquired non-aggression peripherals like electronics and/or radar jamming equipment, RDC will realise the futility of a first strike and the possibility of a lethal response (especially if it can be done from a 360 degree approach).

    Still, one wonders on their acquisition of so many surface to surface and air to surface munitions unless they presume that their airforce is sufficiently equiped to handle any first strike by air.

    If we ask ourselves "Do we need the RDC real estate?" and come to the obvious conclusion that "We don't", then let RDC do whatever they like. Given enough time, these munitions will deteriorate and post a hazard within their own backyard (which I think is running on empty anywayz).

    This arms race thingy is a 'black ops' business sanctioned by the big powers which not many realise or will understand.

    Who do you think is the largest arms dealer-country all this while?

  20. Anonymous7:30 am

    Besides, attacking Malaysia will require strategic alliances unless Singapore is preparing to fight or to defend enemies to her south, east and west. I agreed with ranger; a good pair of boots is more useful when you decide to fight during monsoons, especially in a jungle warfare. We should be more transparent and open in our own arm or stationary acquisitions without costing Malaysians an arm and a leg. whispering9

  21. Anonymous11:53 am

    I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

    The HIMARS are pretty deadly to anyone at the receiving end, but in the context of Singapore as a small island, they have zero use as an offensive weapon.

    Its a lethal DEFENSIVE weapon that's all.

    As to why Singapore thinks it needs such a high-tech defense system, that's a political question that Singapore, Malaysia and possibly Indonesia need to address.

  22. Rocky

    Why post subjects like this? It makes one big dog horny.

    Our defense with Singapore is made more difficult with the awakening of one sleepy head to start thinking of "an idea" of his own. Like the moon falling on their lap, the IDR serves Singapore interest on many aspect. One of them is the defense liability it pose to us.

    Read and download Singapore Forward Defense: A Threat to Malaysia

    Another potential problem is as Tun has highlighted of another Malayan Union problem recently and the Scribe wrote in When the Budget figure don't tally.

    Jahatlah tanah kelahiran kau, Rocky!

    P/S Hee heee heee ... Moi's childhood was at one Kg Quarry at Bukit Timah. As Johorean, who does not survive on fruits, tinned lychee, clothes and cloth from Woodland then? When adoloescent, adidas football boots bought at Peninsular and worn through customs (after throwing the worn out slipper away) :-)

  23. Anonymous1:31 pm

    anan at 11:44>> (b) Why our tanks and other amoured vehicles are non-operational because of lack of spare parts and from supplier problems

    In June, when I was driving up to Penang along the West Coast highway, I saw quite a number of armored personnel carriers (APCs) heading down to the Klang Valley, possibly for an exercise. What unnerved me was a large number of these were by the road shoulder with the engine compartment open.

    And in Penang, I saw a few Mercedes Benz army trucks from the Bayan Lepas camp with only two tires on the rear axle (isn't the rear is supposed to have 4 tires?)

  24. Me thinks Singapore were spooked by our recent 50th/44th Merdeka fireworks display! lolx

    Kunan should go down there and explains the million dollar fireworks(which were supposed to be banned) are just ...explensive fireworks, nothing more which can't be compared to HIMARs.

  25. Anonymous8:27 pm

    God will never help a people unless they help themselves. Just look at our government. A never-ending story of scandals. Who wins at the end ? The crazed Umnoputras. The rest of the citizens are struggling to meet end`s meet.Our defence is a priority but these monkeys are making money out of it at the expense of the country. According to the UN disarmament site, the US transferred(as reported by the US govt)94 of the latest F-16s to the RSAF. The RSAF has about 50 F-5Es and 12 F-15Ts on order. Where is our air-force? Can anyone tell me? We are not poor. Just that the money goes into the pockets of corrupted princes.

    When will we change?

    If the Sinkaypoh government flexes thier muscle, can we show our bums at them? Their planes fly into our air-space but our planes are miles away because we do not dare face them and because our air-force is so small. Time to wake up Malaysia!!

    Vote opposition !!!

  26. Anonymous8:31 pm

    This is what the Singkaypohrians are getting. It is actually 18 systems, 9 support lorries and 32 XM31 Unitary rockets which go as far as 70 km or beyond. They are accurate unlike our Astross rockets. What is worst is that they may end up buying the ATACMs which have a range of 150km-300 km. Or thier big brother`s (read Israel) rockets which have a range of 150km-200km. We need to spend more on defence people.

    18 M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) Launchers
    32 XM31 Unitary High Explosive GMLRS Pods
    30 M28A1 Multiple Launcher Rocket Systems (MLRS) Practice Rocket Pods
    35 VRC-92E Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radios Systems (SINCGARS)
    35 VRC-990 Vehicular Radio Communications Sets
    45 VRC-950 Vehicular Radio Communications Sets
    9 M1084A1 Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) 5-Ton Trucks
    1 M1089A1 Wrecker

  27. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Boleh land tak boleh, kiasuland refuse to su, that's why have so many losers like you. Yes, yes, you primates can go on believing we Zionist trained kiasuland going to bomb you worthless orang-utans with our million dollar rockets.

  28. Anonymous10:23 pm

    The US forces in Iraq don't use the HIMAR currently as it's not an accurate enough weapon for pin point precision attacks. The HIMAR is more or less used against enemies massed in large numbers. I find it most odd that you lot willingly believe anything bad about US actions in Iraq pertaining to their use of airpower against insurgents using civilians disguises but I don't see you saying jack about the constant string of Muslim suicide bombers which have killed far more Iraqis that US bombs. If the Americans accidentally killed some Muslims, OHHH plenty of Muslim outrage, but when fellow Muslims commit suicide with truck bombs and suicide vests and kill hundreds of Muslims, NO MUSLIM OUTRAGE! You people really need to get your facts straigtened out.

  29. Anonymous11:40 pm

    HIMARS in Arabic mean donkey. let them play with the donkey.nothing to boast about.We have battle-proven soldier to proud of. They have nothing, except they buy it, like the gurkha's and some caucasian looks mercenaries.

  30. Anonymous1:58 am

    Perhaps S'pore n M'sia should dispose all their weapons and shake hands.Historically we are like one bro.Come on,as a S'porean,I would not want any conflict against each other.

  31. Anonymous3:01 am

    Dude. The Us has deployed the himars( since September 2005) in Iraq. The reason why they prefer the Himars is because of its 1) mobility and 2) the accuracy of the GMRLS rockets. Do not confuse it with MLRS rockets carried by our Astross systems. The GMRLS are gps-guided, etc rockets and are very very accurate. In other words, they are literally cruise missiles.

    Go here;

    We need a bigger budget for weaponry my friends.

    But we need to remove the corrupted politicians managing our country.

    Vote opposition!!

  32. Anonymous8:51 am

    I dont envy our neighbours buying a top of the line weapon system, but what I am pissed off is the fact that Malaysia bought an artillery system that is like the stuff at the Jusco members day bargain bin. The Astros II first entered service in 1983! Avibras, the company that manufactures Astros filed for bankruptcy in Jan 1990, but has paid off much of its debts now, and is involved in the production of primarily civilian goods. I doubt there is much development on the system now, but the company site did say that one "new technology modules for the ASTROS II System is the TM (Tactical Missile), with a range of up to 300 kilometers".

    Just to add to the previous post - the Astros is a "Artillery Saturation Rocket System" i.e. kill-all-in-a-zone-and-let-God-sort-em-out. Whereas the HIMARS have been dubbed the 60/70km sniper with its guided rockets... Both weapon systems have different deployment scenario. Then again, the HIMARS can fire rockets with cluster munitions anyway...

  33. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Like the US accusing China of spending too much money on the military, when they themselves spend much much more. Like the US accusing China of selling arms to other countries, when they themselves are selling much much more to others. In this world is it international law that only big brothers can do certain things that small brothers cannot do likewise? When Indonesia or Thailand buys weapons nobody farts.

  34. Anonymous6:30 pm

    I tell you what the weapons are for. It is to kill all stupid malaysian(smart one will be left alone). Just to name a few stupid ones: mob1900, bigdogdotcom. and the owner of this blog because he posted this news to start the paranoia and making stupid comments like "use by american GIs to kill iraqi civilians".

    Let me tell you how bodohland kill civilians, they use malay mobs during may13 1969 and kampong medan

    Let me tell you one thing, Spore does not care 2 hoots about what (the land of bodohs) think anymore. you can make all the noise about the weapons purchase, but I tell you: you are no more in Spore's league.

  35. Anonymous9:19 am

    Do you think by using rocket with GPS or what so called GMRLS can hit FOB, Tactical Command, or strategic base in the thick jungle?. Maybe most of us seen too much movies. US used GPS since Vietnam war and still cannot defeat Vietcong army. Even US Seahawk helicopter with FLIR technology cannot detect Nuri at Genting Sempah.
    That Genting Sempah! With younger tree compared to Endau-Mersing jungle. Of course they most probably used HIMAR to attack strategic building but are we really sure this HIMAR can hit vehicle or tank in the jungle?.
    Why so paranoid with Sg Apache helicopters?. During Balkan war, even US wont dare to used it against Serb.
    MY has bought enough vshorad and shorad (manpads) to counter heli and low flying jet fighter. Dont even think Sg Guard can sneak into MY territory so easy without being detected.
    If they fly low, our GAPU ready to wipe them out so their heli need to fly high. Dont worry our new SU-30MKM will take care of it.
    Let's think, Sg alway being KIASU and paranoid, wory about us.
    Just relax... think, think and think why their MINDEF bought so many AMRAAM just to counter and afraid with our old Mig-29, Hornet and SU-30MKM?
    If their airforce was too good with 60 plus aircraft why worried with tiny RMAF?.
    If their Guard (heliborne) and commando the best in ASEAN why worried with our PARA and GGK?.
    If their Victory and Fearless vessel was too up-to-date why they scared with our small Laksamana class corvette?
    Actually their MINDEF knew they can hit Johor but they cannot even go far away than tambak.

  36. Anonymous9:36 am

    Why worried?

    They buy Apache - we counter with manpads.

    They buy F-16 - we intercept with Mig-29.

    They buy F-15T - we hit with Medium SAM.

    They buy new AWAC - we wipe with R-77

    They buy SPH - we attack with PT-91M

    They buy Spike missile - we used camouflage

    They buy IFV - we rain the with LOH-109A roket pod.

    They buy Victory vessel - we hit & run with Scorpene

    They buy anythings with their money.
    We buy our's with spirit and glory.

  37. Anonymous10:46 am

    A lot of farting but no substance.

  38. Anonymous10:53 am

    Wah, talk big eh. How to fight when you need NEP protection to compete even at home?

  39. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Hurmm why worried with HIMARS?. You think HIMARS can hit us so badly?. Malaysia so luas lar. Dont even think HIMAR with GPS rocket (644 bomblet) can hit moving vehicle like Maverick missile.
    Yes they can hit static target like building. But what are we going to do with our Astros II?.
    If Sg talk big about their ATACMS, just let them alone. We already involve R&D in such projectile long time ago after ATM purchase Astros from Brazil.
    Even our normal rocket S-30,60 & 80 can make deadly damage with it's cluster.
    HIMARS so mobilized? Mobilized with what? Across tambak just like McD drive thru?. To make HIMARS effective they need to cross tambak so they need chinook (underslug). I dont think MY army will let any hostile heli across so easily?. So funny.
    Actually if Sg cannot transport their HIMARS across tambak during war, they cannot do much damage to MY because to got no place to hide like Astros. Sg not like MY. Most of us didnt knew much about MAF capability but love to cut and paste from other web.

  40. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Dont be silly. i know you are smarter than that but dont spout jokes for our singkayporian friends to make fun off.

    They will not use the cause-way; the most obvious route. duh !! It will come from sea and air. have you heard of military bridges and amphibious assaults? They will use thier 94 F-16s, 50 F-5E and F-15s to control the air and support thier invasion.

    That is why we need more weapons.

    Vote Opposition !!! Only way

  41. Anonymous2:47 pm

    To that monkey who call us `bodohs'. Well, you`ll still remain a little red-dot with a fetish for fear of destruction. Meanwhile, we enjoy life down here lah in Malaysia and uh, so much free space. You dont live forever. Ciao

  42. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Dont be silly. i know you are smarter than that but dont spout jokes for our singkayporian friends to make fun off.

    They will not use the cause-way; the most obvious route. duh !! It will come from sea and air. have you heard of military bridges and amphibious assaults? They will use thier 94 F-16s, 50 F-5E and F-15s to control the air and support thier invasion.

    That is why we need more weapons.

    Vote Opposition !!! Only way

    First of all, sorry for my bad english.

    You don’t get it. Do you think I’m try to make a joke about SAF capabilities?.

    Dude, think about this. Yes they can cross causeway by military bridges (pontoon) and amphibious assault. The topic here is their HIMARS. We not talking about foot soldiers.
    What I’m try to say is although HIMARS is a tracked and can mobilized well on the road it just suitable for Sg. But to make this beast cross causeway is not easy. It cannot shot while mobilized like Tunguska – “Anti Aircraft” system from Rusia so need to stop and make a fast calculation before launch rockets to the target.
    HIMARS can attack any static target within 70km (while ATACMS can exceed 165km). Somebody says from Sg to Kulai. But to attack more than that it’s must across causeway. So this is the point. How they make this machine cross causeway without being attack?. While Astros II with special ammunition can hit the target up to 90km (unofficial claims, only Mindef can verified). Astros II also got special ammunition with exceeding range more than 165km (sory forgot it’s name).
    So this is how we (MAF) counter Sg HIMARS. With Astros II, our MAF is superior than any Sg HIMARS, artillery or SPH (Self propelled Howitzer). Astros II ammunition got 64 bomblets and with single bomblet can wipe anything within 100 meter radius. Just imagine Astros killing zone. I don’t think any tank or artillery can survive.
    Yes, we can say RSAF will provide air support for their HIMARS to cross causeway safely but i don’t think RSAF F-16 or F-15 can track static Astros II with camouflage in the thick jungle. And of course RMAF also will provide air support to our boys and intercept any fighter in the sky with R-73 or R-77. Although Sg got 94 plus fighter most of them was based in US, Taiwan etc.
    With hundreds or maybe thousands SAM missile, I believe GAPU can knocked down RSAF aircraft before they leave any airbase. Have you heard that we are going to buy medium SAM from China ??.
    Actually to buy more weapon is not the right decision.
    I always see that MAF will buy weapon when it good enough to counter Sg.

  43. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Hmm, calling a human a monkey. So if a human equals a monkey, then it now becomes a monkey calling another a monkey. QED

  44. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Dude, I would not say im au fait with military stuffs but i read a lot.

    The SAF maintains a huge superiority in intelligence. We do not have that. Thier ofeq satellites allow them a real picture on the ground all around South East Asia. Thier E-2C AWACs and Phalcon AWACs increases the detection picture. For the Phalcon, that is 400 km all around detection in the air and on the ground. They have many UAVs like the Searchers, Hermes, Fireflies, etc which enhances the picture even more. Trust me, they will know where the key structures and equipment are; even on the move. It is hard for us to tell as normal persons because that is the job of military intelligence. Furthermore, they have thier own spies in Malaysia.

    Most importantly, Singapore employs a pre-emptive strike policy. That means the likelihood is high that they will strike first. It is very logical. All thier equipment and men are located in a particular area. They can move very fast and in huge numbers. We cannot do the same as the MAF has to tend to a large area.

    I do not understand about the Himars mobility part. It is very mobile and can move across the various roads in Malaysia. The Singakaypohrians will have no trouble bringing thier equipment over from the thier side of the straits as well. Bridges can easily be formed and they have close to 450 amphibious transport crafts.

    Urm, you are wrong about the RSAF part. The majority of RSAF`s planes are in Singapore. Around <20 are based in the US for training. The rest are in Singapore in hardened bunkers; meaning they are immune to bombs or artillery strikes.

    I do not want to look down on the RMAF but clearly the RMAF is out-gunned/out-numbered and out-classed by the RSAF. Do not forget that thier planes are well maintained and upgraded constantly.

    GAPU is practically non-existent compared to SAF`s anti-missile systems. They have a sophisticated layered air defence structure consisting of a variety of equipment.They would have no problem knocking out unguided rockets like the Astross. What do we have ? We just have a handful of jernas and hand-held rocket launchers.

    Yes, yes. the government will buy this and buy that. Please give and take 10-20 years. Do not trust this government.

    sorry, if you still believe we are safe. You are wrong. Military analysts the world over say the same thing.

    Vote Opposition to change things !!!

  45. Anonymous9:44 am

    Hello dude Anonymous, it’s me again.

    Wow.. interesting topic. Yes you’re right when we talk about Sg intelligence.. they got satellite image & real time, UAV searcher etc & AWACS while we only got UAV Nyamuk, ALUDRA and a big UAV from CTRM (forgot it’s name). But if you think Sg superior in intelligence, half of you point is right and another half is wrong. Right because they got latest technology like satellite etc but wrong if you think Sg are much much better than MY. MY also got spies in Sg. Just imagine thousands MY people cross causeway to go to work everyday… do you think some of them are really employer?.

    Oh if you need an evidence. Try to find a newspaper in 1980’s to 1990’s, just check how much/often incident happen in their yard?. Hopefully I wont get OSA about this. Even our spies much better compared to them. They managed to stole A4 Super Skyhawk from their logistic and send it to the Sg Intelligence HQ. Surprised ?.

    That’s why I said… never underestimate MAF because they’re professional.

    Yes they adopted pre-emptive strike policy against MY. But I don’t think it’s easy to use this policy now since GGK, PASKAL, PASKAU plus combine armed force had setup their camp in Gemas. I really doubt if their foot soldier can cross causeway and hold Mersing line.
    I agreed if you said Sg army can move fast but with the huge number, I don’t think so unless Sg already finish their R&D and complete trial their own hovercraft. How many heli they got and how many of their soldier are heliborne qualified?. They got small SOF members and most of their soldiers are conscript. Not qualified as a paratrooper. So they need to use truck, boat, LST etc to move from island to JB.
    I don’t say, Sg cannot move their HIMARS to JB but quite difficult during war time although they got so many amphibious transport crafts. Believe me .
    Yup maybe I’m wrong about RSAF. Last time I heard half of their plane was stored in other countries. And to bring home their F-16 from US to Sg take almost 2 days with 2 times in flight refueling. (first refuel in US, second tanker from Japan).
    Well if our Astros II launch it’s rocket to Sg first, I think Sg wont dare to let their fighter leave HAS. Yes, they’re immune but without air support their troops are hopeless.
    Yes I agreed RMAF outgunned/outnumber but RMAF policy is to fight with Sg jet fighter 1 to 1. We cannot buy so many jets fighter because we need used money to other infrastructure. But to counter this scenario, ATM buy MANPAD in huge quantities (Shorad & vshorad) from China – FN-5A, Russia – Igla, Pakistan – Anza, UK – Jernas.
    Sorry dude, this is my first time I heard Sg got so sophisticated weapon to knock down Astros unguided rocket even Israel cannot do this to Hizbullah Katyusha. They used what? Gatling gun?.. don’t tell me Sg already used Laser weapon because Israel & US still in process to R&D/develop this kind of weaponary system. Care to share your info?.
    Btw I’m not military analysts. I don’t say MY so safe even nobody can touch us but please don’t too paranoid with Sg.

  46. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Worry not!Bro!We are in JB always ready for it.
    BUT what worrys us most is that those top ranking peaople up there.They are enjoying themself.

  47. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Sorry - my bad

    "They managed to stole A4 Super Skyhawk from their logistic and send it to the Sg Intelligence HQ. Surprised?."

    Actually they stole A4 Super Skyhawk tyre. Commanding oficer in charge was fired if i'm not mistaken.

    "Yes I agreed RMAF outgunned/outnumber but RMAF policy is to fight with Sg jet fighter 1 to 1."

    What i'm try to say RMAF policy is not to fight 1 : 1 with Sg.

    "Anonymous said...
    Worry not!Bro!We are in JB always ready for it.
    BUT what worrys us most is that those top ranking peaople up there.They are enjoying themself"

    And yes. I admint some of them (i'm prefering to army officer. Not sure about high rank) too corrupt. This is not good to our people and army.

  48. Anonymous5:14 pm

    With most of the military secrets all stolen by Malaysia, Singapore is doomed. 'Never underestimate MAF because they are professionals'. My God, Singapore's SAF must be kindergarten kids by comparison, playing police and thief everyday. And that guy who profess to know so much about military strategy seems to suddenly turn around and confess that he is not a military analyst. I rest my case.

  49. Anonymous2:31 am

    "They managed to stole A4 Super Skyhawk from their logistic and send it to the Sg Intelligence HQ. Surprised?."

    "Actually they stole A4 Super Skyhawk tyre. Commanding oficer in charge was fired if i'm not mistaken."

    Yuh, I have heard of similar claim in the 70s of how good the Malaysian commandos were when they managed to slip into the many layers of Perimeter Fence Security System at one of the "Anti-Aircraft Missile Hill" at "Bukit Batok" and planted a mini bodohland flag on the Commanding Officer's table. Obviously, the story will end with Commanding Officer being fired.

    I have also read about how the Thai Police detained Malaysian commandos found in the Thai soil after they were being chased by Malaysia's bigfoot in the jungles.

  50. Anonymous4:53 pm

    What a sad bunch of paranoid people. If Malaysia can buy military hardware, why can't Singapore?

    Singapore's military purchases are aimed at creating balanced military with superior technology and firepower, unlike Malaysia where military purchases only serves 2 purpose:

    1) smoke ignorant citizens and divert attention from scandals or failed policies,

    2)more importantly, to fill the politician's own pockets.

    So much hardware with little to no spares for maintenance. Sometimes you wonder if the military is in the scrap metal business.

  51. Anonymous2:45 am

    I cant help laugh at the mis-informed comments here. Astross rockets are easier to be knocked out than guided missiles because thier trajectories are not complicated;i.e no on-board systems to guide the rockets in complicated flight patterns to confuse the enemey air defences. Anyway, that`s why they are called rockets and not missiles. the issue is whether the enemy wants to waste expensive air-defence missiles like singapore`s I-hawks, rapiers, etc to knock out relatively cheaper rockets. If i am to shoot a wooden arrow at you, will you take an rpg to try and shoot it down assuming you can track and target the arrow? But then again, the Sings are rich buggers.

  52. Anonymous2:51 pm

    HIMARS cannot fight ASTROS II la....even though HIMARS use ATACMS rockets,they still can be target by ASTROS II...

  53. Anonymous3:01 pm

    HIMARS still cannot hit ASTROS II...deadly ATACMS still cannot fight ASTROS deadly missile and rocket...ASTROS II has many secret rocket and missile programs...

    athrun zala

  54. I across this blog post and its comments quite unexpectedly, and I thought that I'll try to be a voice of reason and (moderate) knowledge. I hope that my opinions below will serve to plug some information holes and cause readers to reflect upon the issues raised.

    First of all, I'm Singaporean, but I have many relatives in Malaysia, and that’s the case for many Singaporeans too. I don’t believe that anyone in Singapore wants to be in a conflict with Malaysia, and neither do the smarter politicians in Malaysia who don’t resort to the cheap, populist tactic of Singapore-bashing. Our two countries are too closely intertwined to go to war without setting back our economies by at least two decades, which is something that neither side wants. Consider the China-Taiwan relationship. It’s even more hostile in nature than the Malaysia-Singapore relationship, since China was never willing to let Taiwan secede (all but in name) in the first place. However, China will probably never invade Taiwan unless the latter does something “forbidden” such as unilaterally declaring independence, simply because trade between the two is flourishing and China would not want to jeopardise its much-publicised “peaceful rise” as a major world power. The squabbles between Malaysia and Singapore are petty indeed in comparison, so if cool heads prevail, it is very unlikely that our two countries will go to war. The one exception to this concerns the state of the water supply to Singapore.

    Water literally is the lifeblood of Singapore, and so Singapore views any threat by Malaysia to cut off its water supplies to be a direct challenge against its sovereignty. (As for an earlier comment that Malaysia has never threatened Singapore or something along those lines, just do a simple search on the Internet to disabuse yourself of that notion.) Protection against those threats is, in part, a raison d’etre for the Singapore military. If Malaysia really does turn off the water supply, it’s very likely that Singapore will mobilise its military and attack. The aim won’t be to conquer and hold territory, but to give Malaysia a very bloody nose by crippling its infrastructure, ruining its international reputation and disrupting its economic growth. Singapore is trying to be a very spiky porcupine – eat it if you want to, but you’ll suffer for it. Singapore knows that Malaysia knows this, which is why threats of cutting off its water supply that are bandied around from time to time are not taken seriously, and both governments can get on with their real job of forging stronger ties without that unnecessary drivel. On the other hand, if Singapore didn’t have such a strong military, it would be forced to grovel for leniency every time Malaysia threatens to cut its water supply – not an ideal position for a country with global aspirations. That is a primary reason why Singapore needs such a strong military.

    Another reason is to assist Singapore in developing closer relations with its neighbours. A partial list: Singapore Navy ships were the first to reach Indonesia to assist after the tsunami; Singapore holds regular military exercises with and exports military equipment to Indonesia; Singapore sold F-16 fighters to Thailand for a nominal $1 each in return for the use of training airspace; Singapore sends troops to Brunei for training all the time. I have no intention of sounding offensive, but look at Malaysia’s position on the map. Thailand lies to the north, Indonesia to the south, Brunei to the east – if a war were to break out between Malaysia and Singapore, where would these countries stand? Probably right in the middle (remaining neutral), but that means they won’t be supporting Malaysia, contrary to what some might imagine. Thus, Singapore’s military is a force for both deterrence and diplomacy.

    Switching gears a little, some of the above comments struck me as being particularly pithy, in particular the ones that end with “Vote opposition!” From a Singaporean’s perspective, all the frequent sabre-rattling in Malaysia that’s directed against its favourite bogeyman (Singapore) is simply meant to blind you to your country’s domestic problems and deflect attention from the corrupt, inefficient systems that permeate your government. At the risk of sounding didactic, I submit that perhaps cleaning up your house first will go a long way towards solving many of your problems, including that of external defence.

    There was also a comment about how Singapore regularly sends its fighters close to the border to test Malaysia’s responses, as though it’s the only one that acts all unfriendly. In reality, Malaysia does that too. I’ve spoken to an air traffic controller in Singapore, and he confirmed that Malaysian fighters approach the airspace border every day too, just to provoke the Singapore Air Force into sending intercept flights (both sides turn back before they violate each other’s air space, of course). The point is, both sides do the same thing, so any holier-than-thou attitude rings hollow.

    As for the notion that the Malaysian intelligence network will utterly undermine Singapore’s military, I can’t help but say that that sounds awfully ignorant. The evidence presented, that Malaysian commandos stole one thing or another from a Singaporean air base (the exact object story differs between accounts – I had heard it was a missile part), that was three decades ago, when Singapore hardly even had a military or a decent security apparatus. It’s not likely to happen anymore.

    I want to end this admittedly long comment by reiterating that I have no intention of being offensive. All I’m trying to do is to (hopefully) answer some of the questions brought up in the above comments and (most importantly) promote a more balanced, reasoned perspective on Malaysian-Singapore relations. As such, I’m not interested in being flamed based on biased opinions, so to anyone who’s tempted to do that: don’t bother trying. It won’t get me upset, and you’ll appear embarrassingly shallow to anyone with brains. Similarly, if you find a Singaporean sprouting offensive nonsense like “We will crush all of you easily with our new fighters blah blah blah”, kindly ignore the stupidity.

    (I have no idea whether this will actually be read and found to be useful, but if it is, I would be happy at having spent two hours writing it.)

  55. Anonymous12:29 am

    you have presented a much balanced comment on Malaysia-Singapore relation versus some of the views expressed would have thought that the very fact that singaporeans and malaysians have close relatives on both sides of the causeway is enough reason for us to think that it is not impossible for war between the 2 countries to could some of us here has come to adopt the stance of the extreme fanatics here in Malaysia whose only interest is to cover up their mismanagement and plundering of the nation's has to be found in their gullibility of news coming from the proganda machinery from the controlled main stream. media.

  56. Anonymous11:45 pm

    lol doesn matter if singapore got 10 times military forces

    if they were to attack,retaliation from Malaysia would make singapore like atlantis II

    fact are with small land size,even our missles wouldn got much target left

    Beside i would say before singapore even start the war,riot from singaporean would have overthrown the gorv,if war start where u gonna shelter urself,certainly not in a flat or apartment

  57. Anonymous10:13 am

    I read with regrets the many comments about using military hardware to throw deadly punches to kill in Malaysia and Singapore. Especially those who think they know a lot about warfare. One can read with feeling of their vicious intent in wanting to see a war break out between Malaysia and Singapore. We have seen the horrors of wars and the afflictions it bear on innocent people and the infra-structure of the lands involved in conflicts. Is that what those who wrote negatively want to see such carnage in Malaysia and Singapore?
    Why can't you see the purchase of arms by both countries as complementary to the defence of the S.E.A region as a whole than to see it as for conflicts within the region, especially between Malaysia and Singapore? Why must there be so much blood oozing out of your vein in wanting to flood the steets on both sides red?
    I am a Singaporean (not singakaypohrean), in case you are wondering. I have no relatives in Malaysia. But all the people in Malaysia are my "relatives" and I want to see that no harm come to them or to any of my fellow Singaporeans. Let's live harmoniously without suspicion and do nto whip up violent bias and frenzy against either country.
    Both Singapore and Malaysian have the right to purchase military hardware according to their financial affordability and strategic requirement. Do not be envious and most importantly do not do or say anything to harm the good bilateral relation of the two countries.

    Peace Lover

  58. Anonymous5:23 am

    The XM31 rockets Singapore is buying are GPS guided unitary warhead rockets used for attacking point targets. They will likely be used in the role of counter battery artillery or attacking high value stationary targets like enemy command bunkers.

    One thing to note is that being GPS guided, they are dependent on the Americans maintaining the GPS military band signal accuracy. If the Americans choose to they can degrade this signal and cause it to become inaccurate.

    Some videos:
    XM31 GMLRS unitary rocket tests

    Malaysian Astros II MLRS barrage fire: