Friday, September 28, 2007

Five people (and 5 handphones) arrested

With a little help from the FBI, our cops have made their first arrest since Nurin's death. Go to mStar for the pics and full story.


  1. Anonymous11:00 pm



    Not after the fact.

    Such is the sorry state of the country.

    If this is not PR for their sorry asses what is.


  2. Anonymous2:08 am

    John Labu

    Bravo. Well done police.
    Good job. Clap, clap, clap.

    Now prove it that these suspects commite the henious crime and sentence them.

    Don`t let this slip away without strong evidence.

    Go. Ma.

  3. Anonymous6:05 am

    sorry if this is inappropriate, but can anyone gimme steven gan mail address?

  4. Anonymous8:01 am

    The credibility and integrity of the entire government is at stake.

    Safety and security of lives and properties are the connerstone of good government. They are the fundamental rights of the people.

    For now fear is abound. The beloved Malaysia seems to be heading towards a serious breakdown of law and order.

    The image Islam is at stake when Abdullah fancifully rebranded Islam as if it's a supermarket good. What hadhari is he talking about when a child was kidnapped, molested and murdered?
    Abdullah has blood on his hand as he is the minister of internal security.

    This is not civilization, this is barbarism of the worse kind.

  5. Police napped 5 suspects
    The Nurin death tragedy
    An innocent young girl of 8 years old
    Tortured and molested till she died

    A woman was discharged
    When her statement was done
    Though she is pregnant
    If she is guilty
    Let the law takes its course

    The 4 suspects in remand
    The police must get it done
    The public wants justice
    For a crime too many to forget

    Don’t go to court
    For PR exercise
    When the case gets in process
    The accused all discharge

    The police must do it thoroughly
    No such thing as evidence gone
    It has to get it good in court
    Let the crime be punished for what is worth

    No sloppy work
    It will anger the public
    Let the people believe in the police
    As the force keeping the streets safe

    So don’t go to court
    Just to say you have done your homework
    When there is no proper investigation
    It makes the police look bad

  6. Anonymous11:12 am

    let us hope that the police did no get the wrong people.
    The cirme committed (against Nurin) was vile and heinous...the punishment is harsh, possibly the death sentence. so let's hope they've not got the wrong people as suspects.

  7. bro,
    if I may stand corrected...crimes like this are always committed by 1 person.....and a very sick and perverted mind !and this assholes won't allow anyone else to be involved, because he/she won't want to share the pleasure they derive from their perverted acts with anyone else !
    I hope I am wrong in this case of arresting 5 people....and I'll stick to my gut feeling or accept our super-effecient police force's 5 people picked-up as suspects ! Nothing to be ashamed to bring the FBI or CIA or Interpol or even Mr. Pasquale if his theory holds much truth in it, to assist our PDRM !

  8. I'll keep my options open, knowing the incompetence of our police force.

    At this moment it's too early to rejoice, this country has many sickos, the tip off, could be another crank call to the police.

  9. looks like a staged event to appease the public ...