Monday, September 17, 2007

Ah, Zafrul!

Blogging CEO. How many Malaysian chief executive officers blog? I don't know but, after discovering that Tengku Zafrul (he's the boss of Tune Money) blogs, I think I should start counting. He won't blog about politics, of course, but who says blogging is just about politics, uh?
Welcome on board, CEO blogger!

p.s. Zafrul still writes for the NST, though.


  1. Anonymous2:57 pm

    This is a Poll in the Kementerian Penerangan's website bro. Check out the language!

    Fee school repealed, text book loan scheme to all students and a free uniform for co-curricular activities for families with a monthly income less then RM1,000. Do you think these will help to accommodate the increasing price of goods?

  2. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Tune Money ... Tune Sdn Bhd ... Air Asia ... Tony Fernandez ... rumour of ECM Libra Avenue purchase ... Kalimullah Lim Kian Onn Tan Sri Azman ... ECM Libra ... KJ, Kalimullah, Lim Kian Onn, David Lim .... Avenue Capital ... Avenue Asset ... Resigned CEO ... hit at TDM ....?.... Felda listing

    All those reds on his blog are bloody hands!

    Tingkat 4 crony!!!!

  3. Anonymous3:50 pm

    All those reds ..bikin malu sama the kops..

    Tingkat 4 tune..enjin

  4. Anonymous3:52 pm


    smart ass, this CEO. He knows the uses or benefits of blogs.
    he promotes Tune's products through his blog.

    Another one on board! who cares what their intentions are. the more the merrier, eh?


  6. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Doesn't this guy realise that by blogging he immediately is tagged goblok? and isn't he afraid that he may labelled as a liar and a syok sendiri kaki?

    U sure u wanna do this?

  7. bro,
    this guy also writes for NST you say ??? the looks of it it won't be for longggg. !!
    But in the true spirit of blogging and bloggers, I'd say welcome Zafrul, to the world of semians and gobloks....makes us look like we live in "middle earth "!
    Cheers !

  8. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Tengku zafrul is in the same league, tengku azmil, khairy etc, etc... despite of the many blusters and blunders, they are still given bigger and bigger responsbilities.


  9. Anonymous9:32 pm

    This is another monkey blogging. Another hypocrite, another mutt, another sod.

  10. Well bro,

    Let's see how he handles things in a 'shit hits the fan' scenario.

    From his postings, you can see that he's exposing more and more of his personal self which will be a double edged sword in the corporate world.

    As a blogger, he's welcome to join the blogosphere. Anything more will need time to ascertain.

    Meanwhile, bro. You're 60,xxx hits to your next million. Think you'll get it by Raya time?

  11. Anonymous10:41 pm

    guys! give him a break..
    let loose... let see how he will play the game..
    afterall as he also take gamble on tune 'monyet' i mean tune money. ;)

  12. Anonymous12:55 am

    Hey you guys, chill la.

    The more people blog the better. Good that we have a CEO blogging. We need more CEOs to blog.

    What's important is this guy uses his real name. Got balls.

    I am a CEO of a trading company. I know what it takes to put your own name to your blog.
    To be Anon is easy lah.

    So let's encourage Zafrul, not otherwise.

  13. Anonymous9:48 am

    I applaud his effort. Everybody can blog for whatever reasons. And, he writes quite well. Anybody can learn something from somebody. I think we should encourage him too.


  14. website is either down or does not exist.

  15. Anonymous11:17 am

    The blog is a mixture of his personal
    and business interests. Nothing wrong with that. Welcome to the new age of communication!

  16. Anonymous11:45 am

    Dear Rocky,
    Am off topic, sorry.
    But i was around the blogs, and i found one about a missing child, aged 8. She has been missing since Aug 20 and there is now a blog dedicated to her search by the missing child's uncle. http://www.nurinjazlin.blogspot
    Maybe u and other blogger friends can help in the effort with a link?
    I am a parent, and i'm filled with dread everytime i read such news. Feel totally powerless.

  17. anon 11,45am,

    thank you. i have started a new thread on nurin. i pray for her safe return.

  18. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Huh, inilah mentaliti malaysians, cynical, suspicious dan cemburu terhadap orang lain. Orang tu nak memblog, lantak dia lah. Tentulah dia tahu baik buruknya. Bloggers boleh lari ke kalau orang hentam pendapat dia nanti? Come on lah give him some encouragement. If you have nothing nice to say about anything just keep those nasty opinion to yourself. Bersangka baiklah terhadap umat manusia tak kira lah apa bangsa dan agama, insyaallah Malaysia akan kekal aman.

  19. Anonymous5:48 am

    This CEO blogger cant write to save his life. The only decent thing he has done so far is to bodek the powers-that-be. Hey stupid, stop blogging if you have nothing decent to say. You have no shame. The blogging community doesnt want the likes of imposters like you. I suggest you switch your talents to Suara Umno.

  20. Anonymous4:00 pm

    nstman: This CEO blogger cant write to save his life.

    On the contrary I thought he writes quite well.

    Not every Malaysian columnist who writes and/or blogs has the wits of Amir Muhammad or the verbal dexterity of Rehman Rashid or the sophistication of Marina Mahathir or the understated polish of Kadir Jasin, but this guy is more articulate than most. At least he writes better than KJ.

    Actually he's quite readable, except for those questionable 4th-floorish names he threw. They tar him, of course.

    Wonder why he mentioned them... was the dude crowing or just plain naive?

  21. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Mekyam, my sources told me he cant write. He just hired some ghost writer to do the dirty job for him. This guy is shameless. the blogging community should disown him.

  22. Anonymous12:05 am

    nstman: I'm glad there's a blog police like yourself to weed out who is fit and who is not fit to blog on behalf of the 'blogging community'. Gasp! You should also establish a blog ISA to throw all this posers in.

  23. Anonymous11:16 am


    Thanks for the additional info.

    But you know, even if what your sources told you is true, it is still a stretch (going by his blog contents la) to accuse him of dirty intent.

    At worst, the CEO Blogger is only guilty of hiding an inability to write. Seen from another perspective, dude could even be appreciated for trying to spare Malaysian blog readers from painfully poor writing.

    Also, last I check, the blogsphere is very much freehold. No rules whatsoever against planting lies or letting your virtual land lies fallow (as mine is). :)

  24. i used to play rugby with zafrul. cubs. which was later came under the Royal Selangor as a 2nd team.

  25. Anonymous5:00 am

    zafrul blogs much earlier than that that. he blogged under malaysia-tomorrow.

  26. Anonymous5:00 am

    zafrul blogs much earlier than that that. he blogged under malaysia-tomorrow.

  27. Anonymous3:18 pm

    You do realise that he appears as a judge on the show "The Firm" with a few other CEOs? He is a celebrity CEO with them. He mentions their names too on his blog. Are they all 4th Floorers or connected to them in some way? Get a grip. You are way too paranoid.

  28. Anonymous7:52 pm

    I know another CEO who blogs, Ernie Chen - The CEO of ATCEN International...
    What I like about his blog is that he talks about his opinions and also his experiences. He's also straight forward. You can learn a lot from him.

    Chetz Yusof
    - Win The Battle -

  29. Anonymous6:41 pm

    I think he's a great blogger, and a great writer. he's very very well-spoken and speaks perfect english. Does that mean he hired someone to cue him on what to say? I'm sure it's not very difficult to write whatever you speak or have in your mind. half of nst's writers can't write to save their lives (i know because i used to work for them and with them), so they need people like him. the writers i know there are mostly too laid back for their own good and never chases for stories or new angles unlike their biggest competitor. i only read nst for his, yasmin ahmad's and joan lau's columns. so the guy from nst shouldn't be too proud of himself.

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