Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Missing Nurin

Bloggers, please help. This 8-year old has been missing for 28 days. I am a parent, too, and my heart goes out to her parents. The least I could do is pray for her safe return and, as a blogger, let as many people know about Nurin through the blogsite her dad has set up to help find the baby he's lost.

It's nurinjazlin.blogspot.com. Please do a link, fellow bloggers.


  1. ye la kawan2 semua, jom tolong mak n pak dia...

    semoga Tuhan membalas jasa semua yang membantu nie....

  2. ok bro, got it linked up...lets pray for the best..

  3. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I pray Tuhan Almighty melembutkan hati dan mengambalikan iman dan perasaan belas kesihan di hati orang-orang yang menculik Nurin. That whoever is that will release her soon unharm.

  4. Anonymous3:04 pm

    to all malaysia...bangsa malaysia yang merdeka..sama-samam jaga anak kiter dan sama-sama mencari nurin..moga doa kiter bersama keluarganya di bulan ramadahan...bukan nurin jeee...banyak lagi yg hilang tak jumpa..bro rocky...memang u are the man pasal itu depa lantik jadi president...

  5. Anonymous3:15 pm

    I wrote u earlier. Thank You, Rocky, and may Allah bless you, and all bloggers.

  6. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Rocky bro

    Its done. The help notice will remain on the front of the blog page until little Nurin is found.

    We pray for her safety and early return to her parents.

    Malaysian Unplug

  7. I sincerely pray and hope that the little girl is found safe and unharmed.

  8. OK, posted her photo and the link on my sidebar. Will remain there until she is found, insyaAllah.

  9. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Noted. Will tell all blogger friends of this thread and link it form mine too.

    Thanks bro.

  10. Dear Almighty,

    Please protect her, let her be alright, found well and returned safely soon to her parents.


  11. rocky,

    my prayers for her safe return...

  12. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Sad to see this kind of problem facing the country but what can we do, we have so much corruption in the police and government. Who is so upright to do anthing before the next case happen?

    Who is going to protect our little girls? Even an MB can get away after raping an underage girl what else can we hope?

    The country is heading towards the way Pakistan and Taliban live and tomorrow we will see more parents sending their daugther for Khifadh which they will claim is the rule of Allah.

  13. May God bless us all. What's wrong with our motherland? At 50 motherland is not that old to look after things. Motherland should be sensitive on all this, because it hurts so much.

  14. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Dear Rocky, I read yr comment at nursamad. I'm a mother of two, and like you I too feel my kids or anyone else's aren't safe anymore. What do we do?
    I'm sure you read about the little girl sexually battered and dumped in a sports bag in today's papers.
    Have we become an unsafe society?
    Years ago, I lived in the US, and they had pictures of missing children on milk cartons. And I remember feeling blessed that I came from M'sia, relativley crime-free. And now, have we become them?
    In the case of little Nurin, the blog says there are volunteers fanning out to look for her. I'm just wondering, if maybe some local newspapers or printers would help out by printing big posters and hand them over to the volunteers to distribute. Maybe stick them at bus stations, taxi stands etc, air, sea and rail exit points?

    I end with a prayer: Ya Allah, pls keep our children safe. Amin, Ya Rabbal Alamin.
    P. Maimunah

  15. So many people missing
    So many children gone too
    How low must we go?

    The crying of parents
    Of loved ones disappear
    Calling for help
    Not many come to lend
    Every one is busy
    Looking after his own turf
    Leaving the rest to others
    This is where the predators hit
    The unwary and the innocent

    Sometimes it is the carelessness of parents
    Leave the children running about
    Believing the place is truly safe
    They forget embrace in their own affairs

    Take the case in hypermarkets
    Children walk without adult in tow
    Browsing on rows of goods
    Parents don’t know where they go

    It is still happening
    In our society
    So many crimes on the rise
    Yet the adults and parents
    Never want to take care

    I pray nothing is happening
    To the child missing 28 days
    I don’t want to read a report
    Like today about a child dead
    Stuffed in a blue sports bag
    And dumped in nearby office
    This wasn’t a civilized way
    It is a sick mind on the prowl

    On this holy fasting month
    I pray she is released unharmed
    Back to her parents torturing their souls
    Knowing every second makes so much difference

    May Allah grant the wish we pray

  16. Anonymous12:34 am

    I'm deeply sadden by the abduction on this innocent girl. I pray to God that she'll be safe and return home unharmed. Pray too that the abductors will come to their senses and return her to her parents. Now only God is the closest to her and comfort her as she's going thru this trauma...

  17. Hey, don't mind me asking a stupid question.

    Is there any possibility that Nurin being detained by ISA?

    Cause, if she is, there's no way anyone going to know her whereabout. Which is equivalent to disappeared.

    Just a thought.

    I really express my symphathy to the parents of Nurin. Whoever who captured Nurin, must be brought to justice.

  18. rocky, I have been following this story and my heart goes out to the parents. The poster of Nurin will be featured in my blog until she is found. Insyaallah.

  19. thanks sk, it's the uncle indeed.

  20. Anonymous3:11 pm

    assalamualaikum... buat keluarga nurin jazimin diharap supaya bersabar. sesungguhnye semua ini sebagai dugaan ilahi. kepada jabatan perdana menteri janganlah menjadi seperti budak2. boleh tak jadi orang yang bertamadun... negara kita sudah merdeka 50 tahun tapi "menteri yang berkenaan" tak macam orang yang macam yang sepatutnya.. kalo kita cakap pasal undang2 kita patut utamakan kenape undang2 Allah(hukum hudud) kite tak laksanakan? jangan cakap yang undang2 ini tak sesuai.... siape kita nak cakap undang2 yang Allah ciptakan ini tak sesuai.... ini semua bahana sekularisme... dalam kita sedar dan tak sedar.... jadi fikir2kan adakah wajar kita menghukum orang yang tak bersalah? jangan kite bertindak zalim dengan tidak meletakkan sesuatu pada haknya.... fikir-fikirkanlah.....