Monday, September 17, 2007

Ah, TV Smith

Fasting Malaysians - at Masjid India and in outer space. I've known TV Smith for some years now but I only recently discovered that he fasts in Ramadan (whenever he's got a date to break fast with friends). Judging by the pics and stories he's been publishing in his MyCen News, TV must have been busy fasting this year!

With MyCen News, TV presents to us on a single, small plate the day's stories [including this one on Muslim (Malaysian) astronaut to fast in space!], bloggers' posts, and his own "Sightings".
It's easy to tell that it's one of my favourites - I've placed it right under Tuesdays With Bapak!


  1. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Terrence is an old hand. A pioneer. Rocky thanks for the link. I always "singgah" his place at your blog.

    - Satu Sen Pun Tak Guna -

  2. bukak posa kat masjid india pon best jugak kan....

    amacham rocky,

  3. Rocky!

    I have a story to tell about Masjid India, this happened many, many years ago also during fasting month.
    A journalist friend and I decided to do Friday prayer at this mosque, everything went well until the khutbah, and I did the most unthinbkable in a mosque I burst out laughing and I had to go out to end my laughter. The khutbah was not in Malay. Now I laughed not because I belittled the religion but because I have never had Friday sermon said in Tamil or what ever the dialect was, but it was not Malay.
    There was nothing wrong for what language the sermon ought to be delivered, it could be in Albanian, Chechen, Bulgarian, or Chinese!
    But being a moron all my life, Friday sermon in this country is supposed to be in Malay right? Wrong! Actually it could also be delivered in Tamil, Hindi, and Chinese! Because I am sure God is multi-lingual he understands.
    Whats the point to this? Well, religion is universal, Islam or what, but when it is being expressed by a certain culture it takes a different identity! A Malaysian Hindu studying medicine in Bali said she does not go to temple there to pray because "the Hindu is so different" she said. In Bali majority or the Malayao-Javanese there are Hindu. Actually I am sure the religious aspect is there for real, but just the cultural expression of the religion is different. So once again I apologise to the Indian-Muslim who prayed at Masjid India some 17 years ago for my bursting out laughing when the imam was speaking in Tamil about Islam?
    A story to pass the day!

  4. yes rocky,
    TV has a natural eye for detail and he did relate to me yesterday of his "great warmth and very moving" experience he had with absolutely total strangers at the Masjid India mosque for the breaking of fast....there is yet hope for mankind bro...
    Cheers !

  5. Being at the front, the two guys has gone far with life, and they must be of some standing in the community. The old man with handkerchief headgear brings back memories.

    Talk about details. Yes, this photo pokes at the very core of our society. The breadth.......

  6. Where are the women?