Sunday, August 12, 2007

Joceline Tan and the two SILs

Update: Pro-Umno blogger BigDog as put up a posting arguing why Joceline's "insider" is off the mark for elevating KJ the "political son" of Dr Mahathir. In fact, it's an insult to the former PM that Joceline would let pass such a shallow and narrow argument by her "insider".
Read "Khairy is nowhere anything like Dr Mahathir."
Read also Zorro's take on Jostling Tan.

Original posting:

Faizal and Khairy. Joceline Tan's article today is as "happening" as Khairy Jamaluddin, the son-in-law, is in Umno's circles (her own words, click here).

So KJ and FA, or Faizal Abdullah, are so kamceng. The two sons-in-law. One the Umno president's SIL, the other the Umno Permanent Chairman's SIL.

Scandal should be Faizal's middle name. Not too long ago, he had to resign as Klang Municipal councilor. His sin? This SIL built his house without the approval of the council. Taikor. He would have gotten away with but fellow councilor Zakariah Mohd Darus had built a mansion so filthy big that it angered the rakyat and the Selangor Sultan. So Faizal had to go, too.
You'd think he'd disappear after that, tail between his legs. But no, Sir. He became bigger. His name is being linked now to the RM4.63 billion fiasco that's called the Port Klang Free Zone. The house he built without the council's approval was nothing compared with this controvesy.

I've heard so many people telling me that he was the No 1 "balachi" or "crony" of the other son-in-law, KJ. I don't know. Perhaps Joceline Tan can tell us if that's true. She's definitely close enough to tell us.

p.s. By the way, in her article in the Sunday Star today, Joceline wrote: "Khairy is being called all kinds of names on the Internet, from monyet to racist."
Where have you been, Joceline?


  1. Joceline? Ha!
    She is a shameless journalist. It's low-down writers like this who help prop up and perpetuate a corrupted regime.
    She is one witch who can transform a frog into a swan in her column.
    She deserves a Datukship for her efforts.
    (Note: I have self-censored all the four-letter words which I had planned to use.)

  2. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Only in Bolehland that the main actor KJ seem to be having a new drama to drum up support for him to assume the youth post.

    Since Mr Maya Team can definately afford to fund a pom-pom team, surely many aspiring people would want to take part. Isn't it that this guy runs the only gravy train in town?

  3. Rocky!
    A case of more than a way to skin a cat! Jocelyn is getting instruction from the Chinese taikor from MCA, to pit the Malays against each other and it will be in "our interest to do so", said the MCA taikor!
    Of course the Malays always forget, mudah lupa, bebal dan selalu menurut nafsu. Mereka ini senang sahaja di lepa lepa kan oleh bangsa terutama Malaysian berbangsa China yang tidak akan berhenti sahingga masharakat Melayu bodoh ini akan berkechai sebagai suatu masharakat! At this rate I couldn't careless if the idiotic and bungling Malay community will faltered and eventually collapsed! Umno members especially the Youth remember that Jocelyn does not have yours or the Malay interest at heart!

  4. Anonymous3:48 pm

    abang attan,,

    selagi melayu kaya di bumi sendiri,saya sokong..

    faizal bakal MB selangor tu.
    KJ.. nak tanding VP..
    moga mereka berjaya

  5. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Oh dear, now the scandals are spreading from the 'cronies' to 'the cronies of the cronies'. It is all going around in a circle of cronies.

  6. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Joceline said," He articulates issues close to the Malay heart." Only racist issues, that is. Such as the CM of Penang should be a Malay; the Bumi should be spoon-fed ad infinitum etc. etc. Never about the surging crime rate, the corruption, the mat rempit or the competitive spirits we need to excel in a globalilsed world.

  7. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Anon348pm: Kalau awak sokong melayu kaya di bumi sendiri, awak tak sokong ke melayu yang miskin, yang telah ditipu, diperdaya dan pelbagai lagi oleh melayu kaya?

    Anan348pm, awak dan yang awak menyokonglah pengkhianat agama, bangsa dan negara!

    Dalam agama, yang benar dijadikan ikutan, yang salah dijatuhkan hukuman. - Amir

  8. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Since the article appear in the mainstream newspaper, this is expected..

    If bad things are written it will definitely not printed.

    If you want to read "frabricated" news, go to the mainstream papers. If you want read about the truth go to the internet.

    Now we are now in the SIL dynasty.

  9. I pity journalists especially those from The Star. They have no backbone and are no better than their Singaporean counterparts.

    From their newsdesk to their sports desk, none dare to rock the boat and stand for the truth.

    This is not being a's more of a spokesperson.

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  10. Anonymous7:16 pm

    You have no shame, Joceline. I have been observing your wtite-ups. And they are all geared towards one thing - make Khairy, the punk, look great. I have known you for 18 years, and you know what i think of you? Your guess is as good as mine. Another thing - you seem to be fixated about Khairy's supposedly good looks. It shows how inadequate you are. Well done, Datuk Paduka Seri Joceline Tan.

  11. Anonymous7:40 pm

    When will she be Datuk..?

  12. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Jocline Tan must had gotten a good hump from the SIL.

  13. Anonymous8:33 pm

    TheStar, expected, maybe she is been paid to write craps?

  14. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Heh...good old Joceline. Like so many good journos, reduced to ass-kissing at The Star...which she's quite accomplished at apparently.

    What a sellout! The thing is, writers like this really insult the public. Can't she see how reviled KJ is, how lame the article is, and what a determined jilat piece it was?

    It is not the MCA tai kor that's instructing her to do this...there's more to that story man.

    ok...i need to go puke now.

  15. Anonymous9:05 pm

    This lady is a joke. She seems to have only a few source and is sucking up big time. She forget about the scandals and the racist remarks by the SILs. It seems they are now god send for us malaysians.


  16. Joceline Tan = Star Publications = MCA = BN = UMNO [QED].
    A journalist's job is to remain objective and remain impartial when reporting on issues. Her articles protray nothing more than yellow journalism. Huh!

  17. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Ah.. Joceline.. taking care of her backside. one pitiful lady who writes to please her subjects.
    Her piece on Khairy is most telling. of her and of course, of the subject.
    Khairy most watched politician?
    Joceline girl, it's not because he is all that's great about a prospective leader. He's the PM's SIL and shamelessly and unabashedly abusing that position.
    And well, let me not say what Klang Umno Youth is made of..
    And Joceline girl, Khairy was the one calling bloggers monkeys because they call him what he really is.

  18. When one wants to write an article
    One must balance its reporting
    More so when one writes about politics
    One can’t give the good bits
    Forget about the bad moves

    He is the happening guy
    For the wrong reasons
    Only his father in law reigns
    Every branch leaders want the gravy train
    Stopping at the doors
    Lick it till the lights disappear

    What happens when the father in law dies?
    Will the happening guy makes it to the top?
    No guesses here the line is drawn
    Every one will sack the ship
    Going for the Black Pearl

    The happening guy makes waves
    When it hits the shore lines
    He doesn’t know how to cry
    Because every plan goes awry
    The strong wind blows everything away

    This is Malaysia
    It is not a race leader to rule the nation
    The flaws in BN is just a camouflage
    Hiding the truth bleeding the masses
    The coalition partners sing the same chorus
    We govern by consensus
    In words but not in deeds

    If he is the happening guy
    He should make it known his sincerity
    But calling bloggers monkeys
    He is cycling the same old story
    Pity he will be on the side show one day

  19. Anonymous10:10 pm


    what's happened? i tot i was reading a PR piece but when i checked, nope, it was not an advertorial.

    what's so happening about KJ? his new iPhone? sorry, two new iPhones?

    even his bangsa, agama scripts are plagiarised. think anwar ibrahim.

    eh, joceline, get out more lah!

  20. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Bro, many apologies to you and your readers. Again, another out-of-topic message.

    Please take note that webtv8 has been hacked by some unknown criminals. However, it still can be viewed at , then search for Malaysia; only webtv8 is listed there. - Amir

  21. Anonymous11:20 pm

    The latest recruit to blow, to trumpet and to spin.

    What is principle? Probabably not in the dictionary:)

  22. Joceline reminds me of someone,
    another 'machai' or hired water pistol, hired to write rosy stuff on her boss.

    but hey, we stop reading the NASTY Paper long time ago, thanks to these journalists-fakes-bonekas!

    and they're still pondering why their sales drop...

  23. Anonymous12:30 am

    Oooohhhh.... Rock, your headline brings back memory of my favourite song:

    Me & you & a dog named Boo!

    Now I feel all nostalgic, here's my top 14 favourite golden oldies from the past if you are interested to listen to:

    1. LE FREAK
    5. You dropped a bomb on me

  24. Anonymous1:02 am

    is it satire? quite good satire, if so. maybe it is satire.

  25. Anonymous1:09 am

    nstman said about jocelin: "Another thing - you seem to be fixated about Khairy's supposedly good looks.

    My question ( not that it matters. but if i want to be a metrosexual man , these are things i need to know. ) is khairy really considered goodlooking? what makes him so ? it looks to me even if he is goodlooking now, he looks like someone who would get jowl-y pretty fast. the other SIL that jocelin writes about , of course need s no questions ask of his looks.

    i know i am rather superficial talking about looks. but a monkey like that, what else to talk about?

  26. Joceline wrote:

    Khairy, said a top political insider, reminds many of the young Mahathir – clever yet abrasive, daring but strategic, and so sure of himself.

    “It's frightening but it's true, you can see how different they are from the rest of the pack right from the start. The Mahathir children and the diehard Mahathir admirers are not going to like this, but Khairy is more the political son of Tun Mahathir than Mukhriz,” said the political insider.

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is such a gentleman in private but his public and political personas are quite different. Mukhriz on the other hand is a gentleman inside out.


    Khairy has yet to contribute anything to country, community or family, and never even had a decent steady job. But by 30, already was behind one of the biggest financial scandal where power abuse, co-ercion, and cover up at the highest level of Government was used. ECM Libra scandal broke every conceivable rule, and moral hazard involving so many parties.

    He and his friends has messed up the working of government and is ready to destroy the legacy of every Prime Minister from Tunku ABdul Rahman.

    Khairy represents the symbol of nepotism and stupidity of AAB of the highest order

    Has Joceline turned blind or time to compromise professionalism for survival? Perhaps she realised blogging doesn't make money to replace journalism as a profession.

    But Joce, how could you compare to Mahathir who struggle to get through World War and disrupted schooling before finally getting into Med School?

    Did Khairy ever vocie any issue of significant for anybody - God, King or Country, that does not have his personal political interest?

    KHairy fear any threat to his position and cover all bases. Mahathir was challenged and even kicked by UMNO.

    Mahathir never feared meeting up his friends or foes. Khairy needs Hishamuddin to cover and was coward to meet up MCA and Gerakan Youth leaders.

    Look, Mukhriz dare say "nothing new". Remember?

  27. Anonymous5:34 am

    Joceline was better when she wrote for New Sunday Times, Period!

    Is she buttering the bread for the Star?

    I heard some Star bigshots have political ambition.

  28. Anonymous6:52 am

    at the rate she is going,,she might become editor in chief of utusan and berita harian.

  29. KJ looks like a beruk on heat! Goodlooking my ass.

  30. Jocelyn, gimme a break!!You have just 'sold' yourself !!!It is so obvious that it is an arse licking article.Hope u get what you want.Sick lah...

  31. Anonymous7:54 am

    To be fair, Joceline had been objective. She hadn't said anything particularly good or bad about the SIL. She's a good political observer. There were far more said in between the lines than what she had written. I wish she would be openly critical but then her masters would have censored her.
    And I've to agree with the political insider about Mukhriz being "a gentleman inside out" and that he'll do well "if it's just a personality contest". The Mahathir children are made of gentler stuff than their father (and people, including me, like them because of it) but in order to be good politicians (as we all know, bleeding hearts and intellectuals do not make the best of politicians), they have to be ruthless like Khairy, who is aptly called the true political son of Mahathir.
    Personality-wise, I think the Mahathir children would live far happier lives if they stayed out of politics but IF they believe that having power (or serving the country, as they would most likely see it that way) is worth all the sacrifices that would accompany it (as they would know from their father), then, by all means, give Khairy a run to the finishing line.
    Personally, I wouldn't be too surprise if Khairy wins the Umno youth leadership. The grey eminence has acquired a taste for power and would stop at nothing for more. Pak Lah is not in the best of health and Khairy is turning to the DPM to consolidate his political career. If it's anything to judge by, the SIL's move would mean that the DPM is "untouchable" and would come out of the Altantuya case unscathed.
    Khairy is not one of the most-watched politicians in the country" but IS the most watched in- and outside the country. The Americans are watching but - like a bulldog with one eye shut - they are ignoring his accusations because they need Malaysia as an ally and why rock the boat when it's unimportant in world politics?
    But like it or not, we are watching a future PM in the making. Whether Khairy would someday become PM or not is another matter. We must keep in mind what happened to another (ex-) political son of Mahathir, so anything can happen. The beauty of politics is irony when least expected.

  32. Anonymous8:07 am

    When you are related to somebody who is powerful, there are a lot people who like to "ampu bodek" you.

    These people hope that they will be 'rewarded'.

    Are they sincere in what they write?

    Are their conscience clear?

    Are they puppet of the OXbrain monkey?

    Anyway nobody called the SIL monkey first.

  33. Anonymous8:49 am

    Shame on you Joceline, shame........where is your sense of righteousness?

  34. Anonymous9:28 am

    Jocelyn is obviously carrying some big balls. Maybe she needed the money afterall and sold her soul.

    What a who$$

  35. Anonymous9:36 am

    For someone who writes TRASH, it does say a lot about the writer, doesn't it?

  36. Anonymous10:02 am

    OINK 1 OINK 1 OINK 1

    From the Simpsons :

    'Spider ... , spider ... !

    or somethinh like that.

  37. Anonymous11:30 am

    saying KJ is Dr.M's political son is an insult to Dr.M!!! who is she to say this? Shoe polisher!!! KJ is SIL of Pak Lah!! That is all!!! Period!! and yes he is a racist based on all his comments and he will do anything to get to the top.

  38. Anonymous11:31 am

    There is corruption here to the tune of RM 4.6 billion and nobody here seems to be outraged about it! Instead we have Malays like Pasquale blaming the MCS for trying to split the Malays! Amir Hafizi is right! Malaysia is so f**ked up that theer is no cure and only a nuclear bomb can clean this country.

    Hey KJ, Faizal, Kali - if you are reading this, you are given the all clear. You can continue to rape the a$$ of all Malaysians!

  39. Anonymous11:33 am

    Ms Roxanne,

    You sound like a clever lady, but "... (the US) need Malaysia as an ally"? That's an unfortunate giveaway, m'lady.

    I think the US does not need Malaysia as an ally. It would like Malaysia to be a pawn.

    Thank you.

  40. Anonymous11:54 am

    Joceline Tan is from Tanjung Rambutan, cannot blame her for her lapses, as she forgets even her old classmates from the Convent, likewise KJ's sins.

  41. Anonymous12:00 pm

    please don't insult mahathir.
    khairy for prime minister? oh please.
    joceline has killed khairy with this article.
    who would believe such obvious one-sided 'commentary'?
    such a disgrace. no one will read her anymore at this rate.

  42. Hey bro,
    I'll named this Faisal "man of the week" ...just go and see him on my blog under "pic of the week"
    couldn't get his whole face into the frame only close-up !!!
    Cheers to your singles championship last night in darts..gave you a big fright...did't I ???..enjoy anyway and congrats !!

  43. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    A former senior member of the Mahathir Cabinet, who was very close to Anwar, said after meeting KJ that the latter reminded him of Anwar.

    I think KJ is fashioning himself to be the new Anwar. The mild-mannered
    Hishammudin Hussein reminded me of Haji Suhaimi who lost the Umno Youth chief post to Anwar in 1982.

    Pardon me for saying, I personally see many similarities between Anwar and KJ. Both make no secret their ambition.

    Thank you.

  44. Anonymous12:30 pm

    After reading Jocelyn's piece on Sunday, I lost hope for all newspapers in Malaysia!

    What a shame Star!

  45. Anonymous1:33 pm

    jocelyn has not an ounce of journalistic integrity. read her piece on jeff ooi and it was so clearly critical of jeff and DAP, and this piece on KJ is all about sucking-c*** (the contrast is so obvious!) she disgusts me.....pimping herself journalistically is degrading.

  46. Anonymous1:34 pm

    well prostitution does come in many forms & one is...

    The act or an instance of offering or devoting one's talent to an unworthy use or cause.

  47. Anonymous2:33 pm

    KJ has to make it big before the FIL is dethroned.

    How ca we compare Anwar with KJ?

    One based on own abilities and KJ depends on FIL.

    I think it is an insult to Anwar.

  48. Anonymous2:48 pm

    KJ is not fit to even kiss TDM's worn-out slippers.

    Jostling Tan must have got special personal plan of her own as she cannot be that blind so as to lick kj's .... .What else are you prepared to do for him ? No , dun tell me. Young kids might be readin this site.

  49. Anonymous3:07 pm

    "He even told Faisal that if he were interested, there would be a place for him in the wing's national line-up."

    This position that will lead to national leadership was offered to a guy alledgely implicated in the RM4.6b scandal and also abuse of power to build a mansion without approvals. I wonder why SIL1 offered this? Birds of a feather?

  50. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Maybe one of the primary test of an ethnical journalist or columnist at any given time is whether they write the truth, nothing but the truth especially about rent seekers, the corrupt and political egomaniacs while distorting the needs and sufferings of the underpriviliged or minorities. As James Baldwin once said, "Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have."

    Journalists like Jocelyn should know that any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man of some sense to know how to lie well. Afterall too, a truth being told with bad intent sometimes beats all other invented lies. A caretaker in the zoo looking after monkeys would be the best optional job for these journalists.

  51. Anonymous4:34 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Anonymous4:41 pm

    What has Khairy done, Joceline. His only claim to fame is his assocaition with the PM. How can you associate him with Dr M. Khairy has been helicoptered into the byzantine world of Umno politics, and he appears unstoppable. We are going to see more feel-good articles about him in the Star and NST. And of course Datuk Paduka Joceline, the backstreet writer who thrives on gossip, lies, half-truths will lead the way.

  53. Anonymous4:51 pm

    I dont even bother to read her articles anymore. She has sold her soul to the devil with her writing so to speak and I wonder how she can sleep at night.
    Anyway, the Star can keep her till eternity and let the paper's credibility go down the tube as NST. The last bastion of "free press" is only THE SUN now. When will this paper be sanitised by the powers that be? If that day comes, our CITIZEN NADES will be a jobless blogger! Then, Rocky please welcome him with your open arms. not that I wish and I hope this doesnt happen.
    Best wishes Rocky.

  54. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Explain yourself further anon of 11.33. Only idiots fire blanks.

  55. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Her article can backfire on Khairy if TDM speaks his mind on it. In some way, even if it is a political observation, her approach insults TDM children in between the lines. Personally, I never like to read her biased reportings. Her article is usually a 'We win you lose' edition. whispering9

  56. paper should I read now...

  57. Nostalgic..heres another...
    Its Not Unusual...

  58. Anonymous8:12 am

    The only similarity between KJ and Tun M is they are Malays of Jawi Peranakan ancestry - KJ's mother hails from the Kedah line.

    A trait which they probably share is the confidence and courage to assert themselves when Malays of other ancestries are "segan" and "malu".

    In the olden days, other Malays looked down on the JPs AKA Mamak because they were considered presumptious as in "hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong". The JP noses however are high-bridged and narrow - thus "mancung" - while other Malay noses are low-bridged and wide -thus "penyet" or 'lemek". To the JPs their own noses are perfectly "terletak" while the noses of other Malays are crudely "tergantung" (my view)

    In the olden days too, the Jawi Pekan excelled in being the "orang suruh" Raja or "saudagar raja", the Raja's royal merchant who conducted diplomatic and business undertakings at Tuanku's behest.

    It is said that the JPs of today, of which there are a few in the past and present Cabinets and in the corporate world, are forward thinking and dynamic and dare to go where other Malays fear to tread. ZAM is one such person!

    Not having a Malay Sultan in Penang - the place of origin of many of their fathers and grandfathers, they are at ease among royalty and dignitaries and do not exhibit the deference of other Malays towards their Raja and VVIPs.

  59. Anonymous10:12 am

    "selagi melayu kaya di bumi sendiri,saya sokong..

    faizal bakal MB selangor tu.
    KJ.. nak tanding VP..
    moga mereka berjaya"

    1) Kalau nak kaya, mesti guna cara cara yang halal, dan yang pentingnya mesti ada sumbangan kepada produktiviti negara! Menipu, mendapat gaji buta, corruption, rent-seeking, itu menjanahamkan semua, termasuk awak.

    2) "bumi" ini dikongsikan dengan semua warga Malaysia. Sebelum ini pun pernah dijajahi oleh Empayar Majapahit dan sebagainya. Awak tak beri perhation kepada buku teks Sejarah SRP/PMR kononnya

  60. Anonymous12:41 pm


    you called me an idiot. sob.

  61. dear rockybru:

    I wanted to say many things butt NSTMAN preceded Desi, so I'll LET IT BE!

    But I spin a tale of Two personalities because there is commonalities.
    Back to 1997/98: the currrent MCA Youth deputy chief, one Ling Jnr,-- as counterpart to KJ, SIL so what?-- was son to Transport Minister always acting as Megaphone to the then PM. So with his "talent", Ling Jnr managed to borrow funds close to RM1.2billion at age 27 to control several Listed Companies. Came the stock market crash, and the Youngest billionaire-at-27 touted as The Iconic Model for the Malaysian Chinese youths, disappeared from the local landscape for almost 3/4-decade. He came back at last MCA Youth Elections with a bid bang, with Daddy's help off course, to now occupy a potential MP-seat-then-deputy Ministerial post ater the next GE. Hey, what's a little ball-polishing of KJ when actually it's the insider balls like Liong Jnr's slowly but surely re-polished to promote the new Chinese vanguard's Eat, Drink and Be Merry kind of KaraoCroakingUMNOYouth politics that MSM "The People's Paper" and well-starRED journalists, led by double Datuk GEIC-in-the-wings, to trumpet how great Malaysian journos can become given the right moo-lah.

    PS: As a former MSM newshound,now freelancing, Desi feels sad that MSM will lead the way for NegaraKu towards the Abyss, save theSun -- thank God we still have the likes of Kay Tat and Nades, Jackie Surin et al! --Sad but true, just ask my former menteee now axed-Star SAdr Anuradha aka Galadrei, was shedding "tears" because the blardy desk editor did "not" use a corporate bigwig (Glof-kaki-lah!)story and she had to "face the music" instead. I stand corrected on the facts by "Knightly" blogger who crept in the steal of the night at LVC wan Blue Moon nite...:)

  62. It is comfirmed, I should no longer believe in God, but rather Science and technology.....

    "see, monkeys does look alike"

    "see, they've managed to clone monkeys"

    "oh my..... did they use baboon's back side to cross with monkeys?"