Saturday, August 11, 2007

TNB washes hand of fire that kills 5

"We followed procedure". We've read the tragic story of the poor in the papers: factory worker Kasmuri Jasman, his wife and three kids aged between 8 and 13 died in a pre-dawn fire in Kluang, Johor. The fire was believed to have been caused by candlelight. The family had to resort to candles after Tenaga Nasional Berhad, which announced record 3rd quarter profits recently, had cut the electricity supply to their home.
Kasmuri could not afford to pay his electricity bills and that caused him his so dearly.

This morning TNB issued a press statement to say that it had given sufficient notice to Kasmuri before disconnecting his electricity supply.

I am not blaming TNB for the tragedy. Nobody should blame the TNB for the deaths. But you get the feeling of great injustice all the same. Kasmuri was not a rich man. I can only hope that TNB would care for Kasmuri's other kids and find the heart to be more caring in future. A more understanding TNB may save lives.


  1. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Nationalise back the TNB.

    This privatisation of essential services like electricity where greedy corporate captains, with political cronyism, is not good for Malaysians like Kasmuri.

    Following procedures is not the answer. Even a 10cent paid up capital company can say that.

    TNB is morally responsible for the deaths of the 5 members of the Kasmuri family.

    There must be laws to bring corporate captains such as those in TNB to stand accountable for their PROFIT-BASED mentality in the provision of essential services.

    Who actually benefits in this privatisation exercise... I see in my head "UMNO cronies" written all over.

  2. Anonymous4:30 pm


    Also highlighted on malaysia unplug


  3. Anonymous5:20 pm

    TNB recently improved its financial positions by increasing tariff. Don't actually need wiz bean counters to do that.

    Same with MAS. Financial positions improved because of asset stripping and introduction of fuel surcharge.

    This wiz CEOs which the PM dubbed as "best money can buy" have not really improved on operations and bring the cost of production/operations/generations down. The rakyat, need products and services with better rates/tariffs.

    That's what you get when you focused to much on KPIs. The deliverables for these CEOs are about profitability, ROIs, "value & wealth creation" etc. The real reason why corporations like TNB, MAS, Telekom were created in the beginning were completed forgotten; to serve the rakyat and the Nation.

    On top of that, the real crux of the issues for the grassroot is life is very tough that people can't even pay the bills, even though the MSM keep trumping up the "Feel Good" agenda of "economy is doing well", "stocking market booming" and "Malaysia is a trillion economy".

  4. From their GOODWILL account, I hope TNB will educate the kids who are in college.

    This is what i mean!! No fxxking person in this country should NOT be able to NOT afford to pay their electric bill. Wawasan 2020 is 13 years away????

    Hidup NEP. Ask KJ what has NEP done for this family. Open ur stinking mouth now Mr. KJ!! or are u still busy using ur iPhone, while rubbing ur wife's belly in the comfortable house with air conditioning blowing 24/7 and maids running around for the glass of water u asked for? That is not reality dear sir. Silver spoon up ur ass is not the average malaysian.

    Electricity, water, food and a roof above ur head are basic neccesities. Every Malaysian should have access to this basic amenities, regardless. This is what we need to aim for after 50 years of independence and not fighting about religion, national harmony, bloggers etc.

    Mr. KJ....u do NOT represent us...the average Malaysian. We worry about cellphone bills, gas bills, utility bills, rent and more.

    Open ur mouth now for once for something good. Help this family.

  5. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Rocky, yes, we have this feeling of great injustice. Our government announces multi billion project every day but what is the use of it if the poor rakyat denied the life basic necessity. Free medical, clean water, eletricity, clean and safe environment etc.

  6. Why blame TNB? why not blame victim's employer for paying him a low salary, that he is not able to pay his electric bills! Why don't we blame the Education Institution his daughters are studying for it was for them he had used his money instead of paying his TNB Bills. Yes,in hindsight we can blame a lot of folks! We feel sad that life was lost, but was TNB at fault?

  7. It is sad but it is true. Tak Nak Bagi chance is not responsible period.

    Bangsa Malaysia is responsible.

    Rocky, will you lead and we donate to this poor family and show our leaders how it's done. No big deal, nothing complicated, just us ordinary Malaysians chipping in to help our fellow Malaysian regardless of creed or religion.

  8. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Bru! Off the threat, just like to draw your readers' attention to the fact that even as Richard Branson was buying 20% stake in Asia, his Virgin records was up for auction!
    Google Forbes for both news items.

  9. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Caring for kasmuri's kids is the least that TNB can do to show its corporate magnanimity.

  10. I agree, TNB is not at fault. But let me share something.

    I used to work with a big, international coffee shop own by a certain tycoon whose HQ was in front of Times Sq. I was sent to many of the outlets and at nearly at three or four of the outlets, I saw electric bills amounting to 'berpuluh-puluh ribu' which are not paid for months, so much so that these bills often come with their 'yellow warning letter' threatening to cut off the electric to the outlets.

    Months passed by and I still see these bills and newer bills arriving at the stores, but yet tak pernah pun TNB will cut the supply. I doubt they ever will with such a big chain like that coffee company.

    The same with the factories all around. I just wish TNB would be fair enough when following these so-called 'procedures'

  11. Anonymous7:03 pm

    just wondering if TNB will be as vigorous and effiicent in cutting off the supply, if the victim is a big corporation. Or TNB will negotiate with deffered settlement and continue supplying the electricity?
    To digress, Rocky, may be you should post this top story about the complicity of the police and immigration officers together with the triads in flesh trade. Posted in MSNBC and Malaysiakini recently. RPK has also been talking about the linkages of the police and triads. This has once again proved that bloggers are not just liars and their stories fantasies!

  12. Anonymous7:06 pm

    No, don't blame TNB, don't blame the NEP and Govt, don't blame the plethora of Muslim/Islamic groups , don't blame the local community, the local surau, the schools. Just wring your hands and agonise and do nothing.
    This nation is willing to imitate Al Gore's 'Green Day Concert' to 'save the world'. Why not do something original like an annual concert to save your own victims of poverty?
    Next time well-heeled Malaysians celebrate a romantic evening by candle-light on Valentine's day, remember Allahyarham Kasmuri and his family.

  13. Anonymous7:07 pm

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  14. Anonymous7:17 pm

    ps ps - On the campaign, the draft copy is made available at - Amir

  15. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Bro, a lady in a yahoogroup tried initiating a campaign writing to TNB and requesting to pay only half of the latest monthly bills. The other half - should TNB agree - would go to the sole surviving family member. Think you and other bloggers could help? (You draft a simple letter for others to follow).
    - Amir

  16. Anonymous7:27 pm

    i do not see any logic putting the blame on TNB - morally or otherwise.

    TNB is no welfare.(Unless you are the chairman who happened to be an MP or a wannabe MP who can authorize such "charitable" cause to your constituents/would be constituents.)

    TNB is a commercial outfit. Period.

    Welfare needed - please contact the necessary department.

    The way i see it - it is the system that fails us and failed us miserably.

  17. Rocky
    kata orang kampung, pengurusan TNB ini 'kurang ajar'. kurang ajar bukan kerana matinya keluarga ini. kurang ajar kerana orang besar dan syarikat besar yg tidak bayar berpuluh ribu tetapi tidak pun dipotong bekalan elektriknya. ini salah satu dari kegagalan dr m dlm melaksanakan penswastaan. sepatutnya utiliti adalah satu tanggungjawab sosial negara terhadap masyarakatanya. TNB untung berbillion - tarif dinaikkan juga. yg elektrik terputus berkali-kali dalam satu hari, tiada pula dinyatakan berapa rebatnya terhadap pengguna.

  18. TNB ought not to be blamed.

    Just goes to show that the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  19. Please read the blog carefully, Anon, Rocky has stated TNB is not to be blamed, but as a 'Corporate Entity' instead of just issuing a statement 'washing hands off this tragedy', they could at least offer some form of help. As you've said TNB is a commercial profit, what about the coal mine fiasco at Indonesia?

    Whose tax money does a GLC like you-know-who digs into when it's in the red? When a GLC makes money, it's because they dig into our pocket(higher tariff) and when it loses money, it also dig into our pocket(bailout). We the rakyat loses on both ends.

  20. Anonymous9:05 pm

    This tragedy shows that there is an anomaly in our economy. A family with schoolgoing children will always pay their electricity bills first, unless, there is not much money left for the family to put food on the table. We should take note of this tragedy and it should be discussed in talks as an example of high rising cost of living and the tragic it could bring. let's face it, all of us worry about making the payment for our house loans, credit cards and such. others, worry about owning the latest electronic and phone gadgets....

  21. Anonymous9:36 pm


    TNB does provide welfare services to corporate giants. several steel millers a few years ago owed the utility hundreds of millions, also some factories, hotels etc.

    TNB negotiated with them. I beleieve they were also given discounts, and TNB execs were proud of the fact that they managed to collect from these bad debtors.

    Never once was these firms' electricity shut off. Now you try to do that for a few months. candle light dinner lah.

    It was corporate welfare then, and I am sure some companies stil do enjoy the treatment today.

  22. Anonymous10:08 pm

    There will always be poor malays who will live on the borderline of poverty and below poverty.

    Why? that umno will always have excuses why the nep should be continue.

    why can't the malays wake up and see the whole picture?

  23. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Why is UMNO Youth so fucking quiet over this tragic story? Cat got your tongue? I bet KJ will be the first to swing his boss's keris if this energy company belongs to non-Malay.

  24. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Hantar mat rempit pi kutub ada duit. Hantar mat otak pi angkasa lepas ada duit.

    Orang miskin yg berusaha kuat kuat, nak bagi anak masuk universiti, supaya tak miskin lagi, tak leh tolong pulak.

    Sial majal pada UMNO. Memang sial majal pada UMNO.

  25. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. TNB, like all the rebranded GLCs, has the KPI to meet. Corporate social responsibility cannot be a priority when, instead of being an agent to the government for providing electricity to the people, you are told to make more and more money for the government.

    2. Services to the people vs money for the government. Record profits are good for the top brass, the Khazanah and the government.

    3. People, especially the poor and the lower income rakyat, are getting poorer. Electricity vs food for your family. Your sleep better in the dark provided your stomach is not empty.

    4. GDP growth is impressive but not enough jobs are being created -- less in 2006 than 2005 said MIER.
    The GDP per capita is rising, but who enjoys the rising per capita?
    Not the poor souls who cannot pay the TNB's higher tariffs.

    5. Index-linked counters of the Bursa might be doing well, but others are not. Then again, how many Malaysians have enough money and knowledge to dabble in the stock market?

    Many more questions can be asked to answer your question why TNB is cutting supply to poor domestic customers and why the poor are burning candles and pelita.


    Thank you.

  26. Anonymous11:10 pm

    no amount of money/talk can ever undo what has happened...if this tragedy happens again then the P.M is totally responsible...P.M who is so called from a religious family/upbringing must surely know what will happen to him in the afterlife(akhirat)....btw,how much money was owned by the arwah(deceased)....???

  27. Anonymous12:44 am

    why has TNB not taken steps like this with bigger accounts and those with influence? Yeah I don't blame them. But I say they practise double standards.

    where is the UMNO MP and adun in Kluang who suppose to help Malays? don't they have allocations to help? They are busy chasing contracts? guess so.

  28. Anonymous12:54 am

    My heart goes out to the family of Kasmuri Jasman, and all the others who have to scrape and scrounge daily to pay for basic needs.

    Its easy for TNB to wash its hands off any culpability. But like the many failed public corporations in the country, it too is liable for its inability or unwillingness to think of and put into place systems and people willing to help the needy and the marginalised instead of resorting to just "following procedures". Ordinary German soldiers of WW2 were also just following orders when they sent millions to their deaths.

    Where I am living now in the US I am amazed by how almost all segments of society or types of customers have recourse to alternatives or options if somehow they fall between the cracks.

    For example, residential electric customers of Ameren (a local power supplier in Illinois)will be provided relief on their electric bills which went up due to a tariff rate increase recently.

    Ameren Corporation announced a comprehensive $488 million rate relief package to their customers. The program is part of a more than $1 billion settlement to reduce electric bills for every residential customer of Ameren.

    Through bill credits—retroactive to January 2007— residential customers will see a cut of 40 percent or more from the expected increase in their 2007 electric bill. Even customers using small amounts of electricity will get at least a $100 rebate. This assistance will continue in 2008 and 2009 to limit customers’ future rate increases.

    In addition, millions of dollars in assistance will be directed toward the special needs of eligible low-income customers, senior citizens, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations and customers with unique hardships.

    Other help is also available when it comes to paying electric bills.

    The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is designed to assist eligible low-income households, elderly persons and people with disabilities pay for energy services. Assistance is based on the number of persons in the household, total income, etc.

    Customers who have difficulty paying their bills are allowed to make staggered or installment payments to the company to avoid disconnection of utility service. This is based on factors such as size of the past-due amount, ability to pay,payment history,etc.

    In some countries,I guess such elaborate payment plans, benefits and assistance are usually only granted to large corporations and the well connected.For the rest, toe the line or WE will follow procedures.

  29. Anonymous1:19 am

    If TNB is not to be blamed then who is?

    5 are dead and 4 are orphaned...

    Khazanah boss Azman Mokhtars instruction to his CEO's - execute or be executed...

    Was this an execution in order to demonstrate ability to execute?

    read it here


  30. Anonymous2:06 am

    Look at TNB's website....

    TNB shared values:
    - Integrity
    - Customer Focus
    - Business Excellence
    - Caring


    5 dead and 4 orphaned is that CARING enough?

    TNB should be stripped off all the accolades especially their MS ISO 9001:2000!

    Their customer focus is aimed at poor customer's bills and not the corporation's.

    You put a fool to lead this kind of monopolistic business, he/she also can achieve whatever KPIs set.

  31. Anonymous3:40 am

    So KJputra, you have now heard the chorus, are you genuinely wanting to help the Poors (ie Malays)? Then sell your bloody iphones and equity shares or whatever ill-gotten possesions you have and donate them to the genuinely needies. While you are at it, KJ, rally round all your UMNOputra/BN Component-parties colleagues to set aside 40% of your incomes(whereever they may come from)a year as a service to humanity. Remember that's charity truly comes from the bottom of your heart. And Heaven/Nirvana will be awaiting you at the end of the tunnel! Services to Humanity are truly Bliss and Heavenly! Let your gangs know that!

  32. Now, perhaps this finally confirms it all. The NEP has not benefitted the poor Malays a bit but instead fattened the pockets of the UMNO elites. It is so sad to note that a family could not even afford paying the electricity bill which probably would not have amounted to much since they were not staying in a bungalow, mansion or palace like some of our UMNO blokes. I do hope many of my Malay brethrens do see the light of it all following this tragic incident.

  33. Anonymous8:01 am

    We have been saying all along that Islam prohibits privatisation of basic necessities such as water, electricity, education, medical services to name among others .....

  34. Anonymous8:29 am

    DAMN ! DAMN ! DAMN !

    I wish all these discussion from this and other blog sites comes from people in the Govt.

    After all this is all we can do. But as it is, theres not a word from people of influence.

    Last week, when NST reported the event in Langkawi, they must have mentioned about a million time how our "great leader " gives way to TDM. How "magnanimous" our "great leader" etc etc. (it reminds me of the way the Chinese papers in China do their reporting when Chairman Mao , their great leader , was ruling them,) I puked when i read the news last week off a free copy of the NST---and thank God i didn;t waste my money on a cheap paper.

    So, how many more Kasmuri must there be ? Just like the Nuri episode, sometimes human life is cheap to some people --if only it happens to one of their kins.....
    Again ....sigh.....

  35. 5 family members died
    Without electricity supply
    Got no money to pay
    Earning so low in life

    Late payment
    TNB sent notices
    Yet family couldn’t pay
    The electricity supply was terminated

    Stop a minute to think
    Big corporations and factories
    Owing millions in bills
    Yet nothing is done
    Business as usual

    The poor and no connection people
    They are the losers when financial pitfalls come
    Asking TNB to help
    It is like a wall speaking no words
    Hear the echo
    No solution in sight

    TNB makes billions
    Not with the sweat and tears
    It is through tariff hikes
    Even a fool can do it
    Because it is the monopoly trade
    TNB can act as it wishes

    Do we blame TNB?
    Corporate responsibility isn’t the loading
    Corporate community services merely make to look good
    Providing help it takes a big circle

    Now 5 family members died
    In a fire caused by candles
    TNB could be sinful
    Never stretched its hands a bit longer

    What will be our ‘I don’t know’ PM say?
    It is a government controlled business
    Got elected by the people
    In the end the voters got black eyes
    And he has this to say
    “I am the Prime Minister for all races”
    When it matters he doesn’t deliver!

    Too much sadness
    Too much lopsided treatments
    It is time the people think
    Don’t be swayed by sweet promises
    Use your vote
    Make it worth to right the wrong

  36. Anonymous9:13 am


    Mark my word. Sime Darby, Golden Hope and Githrie will be worse when merged. No competition. one-third of the staff in commen-user services will be retrenched. CIMB, the father of Synergy Drive, stands to make RM500 million buta-buta.

    PNB was forced to accept the merger by Putrajaya. This was an old idea by Chua Ma Yu. He tried to sell it to Mahathir. No go. He sold to Hadhari government in a blink. It swallowed hook, line and sinker.

    Ma Yu's daughter advises Khazanah. What more do you want as a proof of a government-hijacked. What is 5 deaths when more are dying.

    Mat Rempit are selling their girlfriends for the price of motoroil, cigarettes and noisy exhaust pipes. Go to any Mat Rempit assembly point, carwash and beaches. This is the curse when you fool around with religion.

    In one year, hundreds of overnight millionaires will be made when Synergy Drive sells its non-core businesses and floated its business units on the Bursa. 4th Floor boys will decide who gets the shares and tens of thousands of Sime Darby, Guthrie and Golden Hope employees will be out of job.

    This is the new reality of GLC and KPI. Find out more about who this Chua Ma Yu is and you will know that our country is up for sale. This is indeed as sad, omonous 50th anniversary of merdeka.

  37. Anonymous10:36 am

    Yes, TNB charge exhorbitantly. Normally if you buy more of a same thing, you will get discount or reduction of price or something. But in the case of TNB bills, the more you use the electricity, the higher they charge you in one bill. Like if yours is a two-storey house, it's cheaper to pay the bills if you instal a meter for each storey rather than only one meter for the whole house. It's crazy. That aside, blaming TNB for the tragedy is not proper. I'm sorry to say it, but it was the deceased's responsibility to provide safety and security for his family however hard he had to struggle. If he failed, he failed. He was just unfortunate and unlucky. May Allah bless him and his family.

  38. Anonymous11:00 am

    " TNB has a Tabung Penyayang whereby 10% of the annual profits it makes from the rakyat is ploughed back to the fund; instead of going to the pockets of the Umno cronies. Hardcore poor like Kasmuri who cannot even pay for the basic amenities have benefited greatly from the fund,ooz,ooz,oooz...."
    Sorry, none of the above. I was actually in a dreamland.

  39. Anonymous11:18 am

    Electricity is a basic neccessity now. Just like handphones are no longer a luxury item.

    THe tariff hieks has taken a toll on these ppl and also the lives of 70% of middle income earners.

    HOw do u expect ppl not to rigged meters?

  40. Anonymous12:31 pm

    John Labu Said...

    A few months ago two guys walk up to my office at Sec 13 Shah Alam an threaten to disconnect the bill.

    They are the `privater hirer terminator` by TNB. You see, when they disconnects the meter and connect it back they will get RM50.

    Thats how they earn their money & commission.

    My bills is not even touching RM500 and its is overdue by two (2 ) days as my clerk could have oversight it.

    These two bunch of intimidating malays was so eager to just cut the cable power away. I told them, please use `budibicara` as I am running a business. If you cut the power, I won`t be able to use the PC, Faxes, PABX Telephones, AIR-CONDITIONS etc.

    I will loose one or two days business. God knowS when you bunch of blood suckers will come and connect the power back.

    They replied, " Kalau kita tidak potong api , kita tak dapat RM50 dari TNB. Kita nak makan apa. Siapa nak bayar duit minyak kita " Rudely explained and with a bribery asking face.

    Something like " Hello Encik awak bayar aku RM50, pergi TNB dan bayar bill. Esok, aku datang jika kau tak bayar lagi aku potong ! Engkau ada faham ka, bodoh!"

    Imagine a chinese own factory in Banting doing `canned Bak Kut Teh and did not pay the electricity bills and met these two bunch of blood-sucking leeches to terminate the electrical power supply.

    There will be a healthy good doze of `negotiations` that might have taken place for this episode.

    Coming to the story...
    I took the bills went to TNB immediately to settle the payment.

    The dark blue tudung clad elderly soft spoken lady at the counter was very approachable. I related the `ransom` story to her . She was upset and angry.

    She told me to report to the manager inside. She insisted. " If you don`t report, these people will do it to other people " she said.

    Guess what the hadhari gotee face manager said when I relate the story to him? " Kalau dia orang tak potong, dia tak dapat duit untuk hari itu " with a straight poker face.

    I wonder who actually go and disconnect the power cable at the late Kasmuri Jasman house?

    Its the system. Its in their dirty blood. It ransom. It flexing muscle. Its showing how many kilowatts you have.

    Candle in the wind by TNB. No ammount of PR work can replace their lives. Just don`t waste money to your PR agency, TNB.

    In less then a week , Malaysians shall forget the tragedy. Melayu mudah lupa , beb.

    Happy Merdeka and happy working extra hard on black monday.

    Alfatihah to the victims.


  41. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Bro Rocky

    I was in New Zealand earlier this year. A woman named Folole Muliaga died after a Mercury Energy contractor cut power at her South Auckland home due to an overdue bill, turning off the mains-powered oxygen machine which helped her breathe.

    Her son Ietitaia, 20, said the contractor knocked on the back door of their Mangere home at 11am on Tuesday, saying he was there to switch off the electricity because a bill of $168.40 had not been paid. She died two hours later on 29 May 2007.

    Prime Minister Helen Clark appeared on National Television. She said Mercury Energy and the contractor who cut the power had committed an inexcusable chapter of errors.
    "We have set up guidelines and protocols so they do not happen...I don't believe the retailer and the contractor working for them acted in either the spirit, or even probably the letter, of those guidelines and that is why we need to toughen it."

    "This is intolerable. We all feel ... devastated that this incident of heartlessness by a company and a contractor has gone around the world conveying an image of New Zealand that we don't like of ourselves," she added.
    "This is not New Zealand. This has never happened before and it seems an outrage to me that the callous actions of one contractor working for a company should throw our country's reputation down the drain," Miss Clark said.
    Top officials from Mercury Energy and its parent company Mighty River Power visited the family and gifted $10,000 towards funeral expenses.

    While police are still investigating the cause of death, Mighty River Power chairwoman Carole Durbin apologised for cutting off the electricity supply saying no one should have to die because they could not pay their power bill.

    I hope our PM would look into the matter because “no one should have to die because they could not pay their power bill. “


  42. If I am not mistaken, many local councils and well connected factories owe TNB million of ringgit.
    Will TNB disconnect their power supply?
    In this country, it is only the "small man who is vicitimised.

  43. 7 days is all you get, and I bet for a person like Kasmuri, his bill may have run between 100-250 ringgit!

    The temple in Tabmbak Paya got less than 3 months, from the initial notice.

    But a certain big shot, former gateskeeper has had more than 5 months!

    WTF, please look into this as a Malaysian with conscience and tell me the govt is the one you want to lead us!

  44. Anonymous8:49 pm

    No, not blaming TNB, but if we were to go by what the TNB PRO said following the incident, everyone going through hard times may be given a reprieve for his bills.

    Thats PR talk. In reality if you ask them for such things, you will get only one reply: 'TAK BOLEH'.


    However, if you are a corporate user they just might consider it.

  45. Anonymous9:58 pm

    that blow was dealt to that family because they were "nobodies", they were nothing, they were poor, they were ordinary...

    where is the humanity in this? where is the compassion?

    none... reserved only for the "yang berada".

  46. Anonymous8:10 am

    Just look at the cause of the problem. It is carelessness.

    Just do not understand why TNB being dragged in???

  47. Anonymous10:47 am

    Hello! carelessness is one thing. 5 lives are lost in this case because they cannot pay their electricity bill. The leaders and TNB must wake up to the realisation that there are people who need help. Prices of everything is skyrocketing and many people just cannot settle their bills in time.


  48. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Has there been any statement, comment, opinion from any Govt or political official on this unfortunate incident?

    I'm still waiting !


  49. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Anybody care to start donating to this poor family, if the gov don't... why don't all of us who frequent this blog start with something.

    Waiting for the gov or other organization to act takes ages. You guys can initiate within a night and start donation for this family.

    What say you all?

  50. kau orang semua ni byk cakap je. Majoriti org senang tapi kononnya nak ada 'social consciousness'. Tk buat apa tapi cakap je.

    Kalau nk tolong sgt, pergilah kampung diaorang tu dan tolong betul2. Jgn melalak di blog ni je.

    Mereka tu bukannya unik. Di negeri aku pun ramai lg mcm tu. Yg tak ada letrik pun ada lagi.

    Dh dia tk mampu byr TNB, tk mampu la. Bukannya sbb tu dia mati. Zaman dulu pun ada yg mati (sekarang pun ada lg) sbb kebakaran dr lilin/pelita. Apa kene mengena dgn TNB, dgn UMNO, dgn kerajaannya?

    Semua yg berlaku dlm Malaysia ni ada sbb politik ke?

  51. Maria8:01 pm

    The truth is that this is very sad news. That poor family, if they had fire extinguishers (extintores) at hand these things would not happen, I would say that any family could acquire fire fighting equipment and that these things would not happen. Let's hope there are no more deaths.