Monday, August 13, 2007

Bailing out Disaster Zone

The Sun's front page headline today

Disaster Zone. TheSun has a front page story headlined Disaster Zone. Citizen Nades and Terence Fernandez obtained documents and let you feel the filth and smell the stink of this crony-project. Azim Zabidi's name is also mentioned. He is chairman of Kuala Dimensi and is also Umno's treasurer. This is the same guy mentioned in Joceline Tan's article as one of the most eager to kow-tow to Khairy Jamaluddin's wish to take over the Umno Youth's throne.

Bail out! Bail out! Leslie Lopez, writing for Straits Times (Singapore), also has a field day on the crisis facing Malaysia's "most established port authority". According to Leslie, Kuala Dimensi has long links to several senior officials of Datuk Seri Abdullah's ruling Umno party and was originally awarded the development project at a cost of RM1.08 billion, which has ballooned to RM4.6 billion.
The report said Abdullah Ahmad's Cabinet has decided to bail out the company. This rescue will include a RM510 million payment this year to Malaysian banks, and the remainder in separate instalments between next year and 2010.
Read his piece here.

The shit has hit the fan.


  1. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Ah, ha! I thot I did a little scoop in my earlier post on Leslie Lopez's report in the Spore Straits Times today (see my post in the "Son-in-law in Port Klang FTZ's fiasco" thread).

    Now, anyone wanna bet how quickly the provisions of the OSA will be invoked to cover up this fiasco?

    And, I think, that Leslie Lopez is based in KL. Will he be "invited" by the authorities for an "interview"?

    And will the Spore Straits Times and Business Times newspapers be sued for breaking this story?

    Like I said, stay tuned!

  2. Skilgannon!
    What would a blogger do without a poster like you! Thx for the alert. I had no idea that Leslie was working on the story.
    And yep, we'll stay tuned on this one. There are just too many personalities involved. We have read some Umno names - Azim, Faizal, Ismail Onn, the Kapar division chief.
    We are waiting to hear of some MCA names ...

    Good work, Nades and Terence. Wonder how the other papers are going to be able to avoid reporting the Port Klang Free Zone now.

  3. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Bought the land for RM3 psf and then sold to PKA at RM25 psf, notwithstanding the government valuation was at RM10 psf.

    This is heinous!!!!

    Bet under the current administration, SEMUA OK!

    We can only hope God to take good care of whoever have a stake in that loot directly or indirectly.

  4. Ancient Mariner was a stalwart (I believe) in the Port Authority some years back. I am certain he can attest to the reserves that the PA had in his time, and how it was sodomised over and over again by this buggers! So much so that you and I are paying for the act! RM4.6B?? That can feed millions of poor!

  5. Anonymous2:23 pm


    saya selalu setuju dengan abang punya blog..
    tapi hari saya lihat seolah seolah abang hilang tujuan..
    abang ini tanah air abang dan tanah air saya..
    "sumpah saya orang malayu mesti menjadi tuan di bumi sendiri"

    tak salah dengan apa sekali pun..
    BANK BUMIPUTRA pun dulu untuk melayu
    yang bangsa lain nak sibuk ni pasal apa..
    bukan tok nenek dia orang punya..





  6. Anonymous2:33 pm

    I have the greatest of respect for those journalists and others who dug up this shit and expose the bloody croonies' betrayal to our country---because thats what they are--bloody traitors !

    What do other countries do to traitors ?

    I wanted to mention about the bodawi's brand of Islam that all his lickers were barking about. But that would only bring shame to my religion as well.
    Is this what badowi meant !

    Ya Allah--please save us from further abuse and cruelty from those in power.

  7. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Is the Port Klang free trade zone fiasco only the tip of the iceberg?

    Are there more skeletons in the "cabinet"?

    It is a shame that this joint venture with foreigners left with bad taste?

  8. Anonymous2:45 pm

    AAB does not even know what's going on. The 4th floor boys have been giving him a all-is-rosy-so-go-on-honeymooning briefing.
    Bro, the shit has hit the fan and our PM doesn;t even know that, for crying out loud.
    That is why people like Khairy, Faizal, Azim and the Umno buggers will do everything they can to shut up bloggers like you and Raja Petra.
    The thing is, at one end, the PM is happily in the dark, so evrthing is fine and dandy, on the other end, blog readers are getting whiff after whiff of all the scandals and exposes. Frankly,
    KJ and his minions don't care about bloggers EXCEPT you, bro, and Raja Petra, and Ron, and well, you know, those who expose their shit.

  9. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Mother of all scam...that is for 2007 only lah.$3 to $25, wow almost as good as printing money.

    Do you think UMNO Selangor will rush to the police station and ACA to report this as in RPK case? My two left foot they will. They claim they are defending Islam and king.Islam forbids corruption!!! So where is UMNO Selangor....they are willing to be bombed you know to defend religion and king. LOL. Jokers. Now some MCA kuncus are in this as well.How can a service based party to this..servicing ones self interest?

    anyway Semuanya OK and Pak Lah Tak live goes on and Msian tax payers will bear this as usual.

    Maybe the Sultan of Selangor or the Agong have to step in cos the gu in charge is taking a nap.

    Daulat Tuanku!!!

    the 1st rocky

  10. The government is more interested in hanging Wee Chee Meng than in this petty multi-billion ringgit mess.
    I wonder why journalists who ask Ministers for comments on Wee did not seek their take on this project?
    Or are they expected to ask only 'government friendly' questions?
    Why should foreigners join forces with a gang of thieves, bandits, plunderers and ringgit thirty vampires?
    Take my word, the government will come out with a spin, to demonize Jafza and defend the UMNO thieves.

  11. Anonymous4:17 pm

    wow govt company/officials trying to evade tax set by own govt...ain't that an irony. so disgusted with the whole bodowi gang of crooks - o.c. phang, you give women and chinese folks a bad name!

  12. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Who is going to bail out msia later?

  13. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Hey Rocky, this case reeks of cronyism, self-interest to make a quick buck, and now, a bail out from the administration? Isn't that tax-payers money anyway? Money that could be used for new schools, hospitals etc?

    RM1.08 billion to RM4.6 billion? Heads must roll.

    There ought to be a monopolies commission or equivalent to investigate these dealings through and through and name all parties who have interests in these large projects. Looks like the NCER and the Kelantan/Terrengganu developments announced recently are nothing but pre-election sweeteners to charm the locals, I just hope the locals can see through these offers of progress as another white elephant.

    "Beware of people bearing gifts"

  14. Anonymous4:45 pm

    you think thats the end of it? hey, according to the Edge, the same company is going to be awarded a flood mitigation project in KL worth billions of ringgit based on negotiated terms without any bidding. A euphemism for inflated contracts to cronies.
    these greedy politicians, when would they learn to stop sucking the country dry.

  15. Anonymous5:05 pm

    For some of the things happenning it looks like the Government is not just closing one eye but closing both eyes. Semua ok! Semua boleh!

  16. Anonymous5:10 pm


    Editors of other papers will only use their columns to write about free nights out with billionaires and politicians. They must have collected the door gifts as well.

    Or use them to defend such blatant abuse of my taxes by the power abuses. Enough is Enough. If mature and right thinking Malaysians continue to vote for a party which blithely goes ahead to safe individuals with OUR money, they deserve the government they get.


  17. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Is the Sultan smelling something ? thus the interview with phone number and email address ?

    Now all emails would be directly be read by him. Wow ! He will know first hand.

    Can you imagine how MB/ADUN will answer when the Sultan ask them on sothing that you complaint ? Terkencing dalam seluar kut !!!

    Daulat Tuanku, your first hand inquiry on the matter is very much appreciated.

    Nani, Cheras

  18. Anonymous6:13 pm

    If I am not wrong, Chan Kong Choy was appointed Transport Minister in mid-2003. His predecessor resigned.

    For yet another "expose" on things Malaysian, check out the report "Can everyone really fly now?" by Pauline Ng in the Spore Business Times ( paper today, Aug 13.

    In her report, Ms Ng said: "According to news reports, the new budget terminal will be built much nearer to the KLIA. It is expected to be completed in 2010. Some reports have said that it would be built on a 'private finance initiative' and at an estimated cost of RM1.7 billion".

    She also said: "It remains to be seen now whether the proposed new LCCT can be good for more than three years. In the euphoria of AirAsia's and Malaysia's expanding role in the budget travel segment, the low point last week for many was the fact that barely 2 years into its existence, a RM108 million terminal was already seen to be inadequate.

    "That was all the more jarring, considering that no-frills travel is pretty much all about savings and ensuring that costs are kept as low as possible".

    I am reminded of what London Mayor Ken Livingstone said about Heathrow Airport recently. He called Heathrow Airport a "shame on London" and was reported to have said that Heathrow "is typical of the English short-termism, lack of planning, lack of investment".

    Sound familiar?

  19. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Quick!!!! Give the Tun the mike!!!

  20. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Sometimes I wonder who gonna give me that kind of money and if I fail I get a bailout somemore ... hey, siapa tak nak?! ... lol ... ;)

  21. Anonymous7:46 pm

    The shit may have hit the fan, but to people who are used to have shit on their faces it may not be so bad. They may even enjoy it. After all they are the ones who laughed all the way to the bank aren't they?

  22. Tetapi Sdr tidakkah kita dijanjikan keterbukaan, kebertanggungjawaban dan ketelusan?

    Tidakkah orang yang sama menguar-uarkan meritokrasi, daya saing dan persaingan global?

    Bukankah mereka membenci, mengutuk dan membatalkan projek dan gagasan Mahathir Mohamad kerana kononnya tidak menguntungkan rakyat?

    Apakah berlaku open tender dan competitive bidding seperti yang dimanterakan untuk memilih rakan kongsi projek mega ini?

    Umno perlu berhati-hati, takut yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong bercociran.

    Umno kaya sekarang. Ibarat gula, banyaklah semut yang mendekatinya.
    Tetapi semut juga mati kerana gula.

    The Sun's report, even if it's fractionally correct, is damning.
    I think The Sun could be alone on this one. Other major newspapers may shy away from this hot potato.

    What should also worry us voters, taxpayers and guardians of this land is the viability of other mega projects like IDR, NCER, Eastern Corridor, the 2nd Penang Bridge and the PFI.

    Think and thank you.

  23. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Guarantees by Govt whether implicit or explicit is not in the balance sheet . Suggest someone to do an analysis of how big this mess is should the Guarantees come into effect due to default of the respective counterparty. How will it hit the gov budget.

    You can start with the Term Sheet or offering documents in the SC website ...but must read the fine print on specific covenants especially potential "put" option to against the government.

    This is a problem which have been brewing for a long time... BNM should know about this

    What is the criteria for the gov to provide guarantee to private sector. How is the economic benefit considered for the gov to extend the so called guarantee...?

    One thing i dont understand is how in the world does a default by one company can create systematic risk to the banking system? Does not make any sense at all ...4.5 Billion is small compared to the outstanding loan in the banking system...unless one particular bank is overexposed ..then again they should have single customer limit to begin with...

    next question is it a direct loan or a bond? if direct loan what is the collateral ? if bond what is the right of bondholders in the event of default.....

    So folks put on ur thinking cap...why does the government need to bail out this company? Does it pose any systematic risk to the financial system? Is the project so strategic that it tantamount to failure of the Selangor Economic System.....i dont think so....

    In the market economy....companies are bound to fail and financial intermediary should understand the risk involved in financing such a venture....and government should not get involved apart from taxation incentive.....

    This is a classic case of good money chasing after bad money

    Rocky do ur thing n dig deeper please........

  24. we need the mega projects like IDR,NCE etc to boost the ekonomy, if not, we are facing retard economy growth, withou t this, what is the suggestion ?

  25. Anonymous8:26 pm

    As expected, there isn't a word of this fiasco in the mainstream newspapaer. Datuk Joceline Tan, I don't know if you read this blog, but if you do, please say something about this debacle in your next colummn. You know, not many rakyat are IT savvy or read the Singapore Straits Times. Yet they desrve the right to know the truths, since their hard earned money is at stake. I bet you would be the rakyat's champion if you can make it.

  26. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Bru, isu pkfz dah keluar berita tv3 tadi. Pak lah tlh di tanya oleh wartawan mengapa pengurusan jabal ali tarik diri dan pak lah jawab, beliau akan komen slps dpt laporan.

  27. Anonymous9:45 pm

    With all these bailouts, which investor is worried about losing big money. Some are just using the opportunity to line their own pockets because, after all, the Government is going to foot the bill. The three development projects are likely to suffer the same fate and the Government is again going to be suckered big-time by some people.

  28. Anonymous10:36 pm

    "no komen..itu berita karut..rumours..rumours..mana ada laporan.."

    That's the PM for you

  29. Anonymous11:48 pm


    Joceline Tan is just a mercenary who will write anything to keep her job. She is the most unprincipled senior journalist of all times. I am told that she also write for the opposition papers.

    How can one trust mercenary like Joceline Tan. It is so obvious that she is licking the son-in-law in the hope that she will be rewarded.

  30. Anonymous1:02 am

    Is It a coincidence that the DPM is on a 2 week hiatus?...
    Is it a case of 'If u cannot stand the heat,get out of the kitchen?'.. or is Najib indirectly asking the PM to sing?... or any other canaries for that matter.....tq


  31. AAB said "Without Independence and the struggles of our forefathers, we would still be slaves of the colonial government".

    Geez, it's more like:

    "Welcome to the UMNO government. We are your new masters. And we'll use your hard-earned taxes to pay for all failed crony projects starting with this PKFZ thingy.

    Afterwards, we'll use all the 400ha to plant giant sweet potatoes, harvest it when we have the time and/or if it grows, send it to the East coast factories (please ask MY, my agro guy) for processing and ship the 12 food products to the world. We will conquer the world with sweet potatoes".

    "We promise and we deliver. This is our policy. We don't promise something just as an election gimmick to fish for votes. It is not an empty promise. The people know this. I don't do things to mislead them as God is watching what I am doing and what I have promised them".

    Seriously, folks, how does this guy sleep at night? And God watches over him?

  32. Anonymous6:36 am

    Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd, the entity of the said RM 4.6 bio scandal is an associate company of Wijaya Baru Global Bhd:

    Faizal bin Abdullah, et al.

    Abdul Azim Bin Mohd Zabidi
    Faizal bin Abdullah, et al.

    Shame on you orang-orang Melayu who still think UMNO is your "payung pembela bangsa", or what not! One day, your children and grandchildren may curse you for "collaborating" with the traitors with your unwise votes. Please do not be selfish and vote wisely for the future of our country. You have eyes to see, ears to listen, and brain to think, use it all to evaluate between the good and evil.

    The word of mouth is more powerful than any other media, please spend some of your time to share your thoughts with your family members, friends, neighbours and orang-orang kampung, on what is really going in our country before it is too late.

    Thank you Mr.Rocky for allowing me to share my thoughts. Wishing you good health and a good continuation.

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  34. Anonymous7:10 am

    The PM could not give a straight-out response to the Press over the PKFZ because he COULD NOT, he did not know how. He was very honest. He had to get it first from his boys. they will coach him what and how to reply.

    He dare not say the wrong thing.

  35. Anyone who spell Melayu as "Malayu" is not a Malay.


  36. Anonymous9:43 am

    A Bernama report carried in the Spore Straits Times ( today, Aug 14, said that the PM had said that he would not comment on questions over the Port Klang Free Trade Zone project until he receives a report from the Transport Minister.

    As per the Bernama report, the PM said: "I will have Kong Choy tell me what is happening".

    Will the PM ask Jafza to give him an independent report on what had transpired?

    On a separate note, the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (Jafza) is owned by Dubai World. Dubai World is wholly owned by the Dubai govt and was founded in July 2006 under a decree by Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.

    I think that the Port Klang Authority and Kuala Dimensi didn't quite know who they were messing with when they decided to take on Jafza.

    I have no doubt that Jafza has already submitted reports on the Port Klang Free Trade Zone project to the top bosses of Dubai World, and that, perhaps, Sheikh Mohammed has already been briefed on the subject.

    Imagine - a subtly-worded message from the Sheikh, and Malaysia's reputation would plummet amongst the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), of which Dubai is a key member. Which would no doubt dent Malaysia's ambition to a leading global hub for Islamic banking and FDI from the Middle East.

    Perhaps, the Sheikh would even pick up the phone and ask the PM just what the heck is going on.

    Or maybe not. In Arab culture, it is not the practice to cause your friends to lose face. Nevertheless, the Arabs have long memories......

  37. Will heads fall on the fiasco?
    Will there be excuses to say?
    “It is not my faults
    I wasn’t involved”

    Will there be responsibility here?
    Will the government of AAB keep quiet?
    It is not something to hide
    This is a big chuck of money
    The taxpayers have a right to know!

    And don’t tell us is under OSA, please!
    It is so ridiculous to hear a judge said it
    They are paid by the people
    For the people and the country
    Yet the taxpayers are kept in the dark

    Now the juices seeps under the belly
    It makes a trail so long every eye sees
    Perhaps the workers put up banners
    “This is under OSA
    Nobody has right to say
    Keep off the perimeter
    Unless you want to be a hit”

    Then the Cabinet decides
    Bail out this project
    Save the cronies
    The flags direct
    No head shall fall

    Lips service on accountability
    Words of transparency
    It sounds so hollow
    When money matters flow

    Will the ruling elite change?
    On the goose laying the golden egg?
    The people must decide
    The power in their hands
    To vote wisely
    And for heaven sake don’t listen
    To the coated honey speeches!
    So fight for change
    Let it be known we can do it
    Send these goblok leaders
    To the grazing field

  38. Anonymous10:18 am

    Overnight millionaire, all out for the interest of money and NOT for the people and country. Isn't that a norm?

    And we keep voting for those cronies, pathetic!!!

  39. Anonymous10:18 am

    When is the Badan Pencegah Rasuah and and the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri got to kick in and take action about this fiasco where a supposedly RM1 Billion project could baloon to RM4.5billion, thats 400% higher than the original cost and is a monumental mess up, so much for celebrating our 50th Merdeka this 31 August.

    This mess smacks of something very,very fishy indeed and somebody or a group of somebodies must have gotten really filthy rich by manipulating the land prices etc.and I wonder where they could hide or launder their ill money robbed in daylight from the rakyat they are supposed to serve and protect.

  40. Anonymous11:23 am

    when you allowed moron to take a lead, you will see stupid result.

    why people do not understand leadership?

    the rootcause of above issue come from incompetent leader. we will see justified result if the job lead by qualified leader.

  41. Anonymous12:03 pm

    This is a whiff of what the IDR, NCER, etc gonna be like. And we all are gonna pay for it. God bless Malaysia.


  42. Brother

    "I will check, and no comment for now". Thats what PM ABB had said yesterday.....ini lah yg selalu di katakan oleh ABB.


  43. Anonymous2:03 pm


  44. lame duck pee-am said:

    "I will ask for an explanation from Chan"

    I say:

    "ask chan to resign"

    "ask chan to jump off the cliff"

    "lock up those responsible, be them retired or in office, be them croonies, be them reletives. And make the cough up the lost with interest, flog them, cane them."

  45. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Come election time, the Rakyat will put BN back into power.

    And the the plunders continue

    until God send His wrath, at that time even the minority who voted opposition cannot escape...

    God have mercy on us...

  46. Anonymous7:52 pm

    As the PM, did he not instruct his ministers to inform him about all important developments in the country. Why must he ask, when he should rightly be informed about the unfolding fiasco, especially of such an enormous sum of money involved. He is running the country, is it not. Or am I wrong.

    I wonder whether PM really is unaware of what is happening, especially when his Cabinet already decided to bail out the company. When a decision is made, the cabinet must have talk about it for some time, and yet PM is right now just asking for an explanation. This is not right, especially asking for an explantion after you have decided to bail out the company.

  47. Anonymous10:41 pm

    macam nih lah baru Belia 4B ..hehe
    dulu amik juta2..skrang zaman pak lah..sekali rembat billion..
    rocky..can this port issue link up to azim abidi's post in M3nergy.or
    any of this company :
    Was selected by the Securities Commission to be a member of its Capital Market Advisory Council. He also sits on the Boards of Permodalan BSN Berhad, Wijaya Baru Global Berhad, Kumpulan Europlus Bhd and OSK Venture International Berhad.Was recently appointed to the Boards of Axis Reit Managers Berhad, Ranhill Berhad, Timberwell Berhad and Focus Dynamics Technologies Berhad.

  48. Anonymous3:38 am

    PM still honeymoonlah, All his answers no substance lah.

    What do you expect from a person who always says 'i don't know'?

    Maybe he should start saying I will ask "my SIL @ Monkey king @ su moo kong @ Oxbrain @ 4th floor moroons" in future?

    The defacto PM @ SIL will definitely know all.

  49. Anonymous4:05 pm

    voon tek
    what if he and his family members are part of this defrauding scheme? who is to jump then? let me put it another way. why would he let his credibility be under questioned if there are no benefits accrued to him? think about it.

  50. Anonymous12:03 pm

    "Anonymous said...

    saya selalu setuju dengan abang punya blog..
    tapi hari saya lihat seolah seolah abang hilang tujuan..
    abang ini tanah air abang dan tanah air saya..
    "sumpah saya orang malayu mesti menjadi tuan di bumi sendiri"

    tak salah dengan apa sekali pun..
    BANK BUMIPUTRA pun dulu untuk melayu
    yang bangsa lain nak sibuk ni pasal apa..
    bukan tok nenek dia orang punya..





    2:23 PM"



  51. Anonymous12:47 am

    Saya terkejut sangat dengan pandangan - ..KITA PERLU BANYAK KAN MANUSIA MACAM KJ DALAM UMNO..

    ya, Melayu macam KJ akan kaya, tapi kekayaan itu hanya akan dielsploitasikan olehnya dan Melayu lain takkan dapat manfaat.

    Kebanyakan orang Cina kaya mendermakan duit untuk bina sekolah, I believe u always heard that. Tapi, yang pernah saya dengar pasal Melayu yang kaya, hanyalah berita tu di mana perkahwinan dengan kosnya beberapa juta tu dilangsungkan. give me any example yang Melayu yang kaya memang membantu masyarakat Melayu.

    So, please, think maturely. Yang salah tu memang harus diperbetulkan.

  52. Anonymous12:48 am

    Saya terkejut sangat dengan pandangan - ..KITA PERLU BANYAK KAN MANUSIA MACAM KJ DALAM UMNO..

    ya, Melayu macam KJ akan kaya, tapi kekayaan itu hanya akan dielsploitasikan olehnya dan Melayu lain takkan dapat manfaat.

    Kebanyakan orang Cina kaya mendermakan duit untuk bina sekolah, I believe u always heard that. Tapi, yang pernah saya dengar pasal Melayu yang kaya, hanyalah berita tu di mana perkahwinan dengan kosnya beberapa juta tu dilangsungkan. give me any example yang Melayu yang kaya memang membantu masyarakat Melayu.

    So, please, think maturely. Yang salah tu memang harus diperbetulkan.