Sunday, August 26, 2007

bangsa malaya to BANGSA MALAYSIA

pix by TV Smith, poster by Mob
Blog House, 25th Aug 2007 - More than 100 bloggers and ordinary Malaysians met at the Blog House at 66 Lorong Setiabistari 1 Bukit Damansara 50490 Kuala Lumpur tonight to form a movement to realise one Bangsa Malaysia.
Haris Ibrahim, who initiated the gathering, also announced the formation of Pelitar (short for Penyanyang Legasi dan Inspirasi Tunku Abdul Rahman), a body that will carry the Bangsa Malaysia aspiration to other parts of the country. Penang, Ipoh and Johor Bahru were named as the next venues for the Bangsa Malaysia awareness campaign. (A new blogsite on Pelitar will come up this afternoon). update: click here to go to the Pelitar blogsite.

Ahirudin Attan, the pro-tem president of the National Alliance of Bloggers or All-Blogs, formally opened the Blog House. All-Blogs was formed in April to promote blogging and protect bloggers.
Several politicians, including Zaid Ibrahim and Tony Puah, were present. Malik Imtiaz and "hippie" professor Azmi Shahrom were among the speakers at the Bangsa Malaysia forum.
All-Blogs vice-president YB Jeff Ooi, secretary Nuraina A. Samad, treasurer Tony Yew and exco members Li Tsin, Walski, Rajahram, Galadriel, Husna, Jun-E Tan, and Zorro were also present. Zorro aka Bernard Khoo was also one of the speakers at the forum. Jeff wrote a pantun and Walski played Wish You Were Here on the guitar. Azmi showed his Dylanesque side, playing two of his own compositions, and Black, who will launch his album this Thursday, gave us two big folksy protest numbers.
There were many others: Marina Mahathir, Nathaniel Tan, Shar101, Shanghai Stephen, What a Lulu, Rikey, A Voice, Pasquale, I am a Malaysian, Desiderata, the Stand-up Philosopher, Ancient Mariner, Sang Kelembai, SK Thew ...
Two young bloggers - Aishah, 11, and Aiman, 12 - were among the future hope of Malaysia who attended the event, which started at 5 pm and ended just shy of midnight. Aishah was also probably the first to put up a posting on the Blog House do, here.
Blogger Big Dog recited a beautiful poem by Usman Awang entitled Tanah Air (Menjelang Merdeka). The national laureatte was also featured during my session at the forum, where I got six Malaysians to read Untuk Malaya Merdeka, an unpublished love story from 1949 about a group of young Malayans who were chasing the Bangsa Malaya dream.


  1. Saudara Rocky!

    Selagi orang orang Malaysia berketurunan China atau India memandangkan negara ini ada lah masih negara yang di mana tampuk kuasa politik nya masih dikuasai oleh orang Melayu dengan ada nya system kesultanan Melayu di mana Yang Di Peruan Agung masih orang Melayu, maka idaman kita untuk mengujudkan sabuah Bangsa (bukan Bangsar ya!) Malaysia masih akan senantiasa samar samar sahaja. Kesimpulan nya saya menchadangkan supaya anggapan negara ini negara Melayu harus sekali gus kita lenyapkan dengan menghapuskan (dissolved) system kesultanan Melayu untuk menyakin kan orang Malaysia keturunan bukan Melayu supaya mereka boleh menerima konsep Bangsa Malaysia yang masih di persebutkan dan masih akan dalam kedudukan samar samar jika ini tidak dapat kita perbuatkan (menghapuskan system kesultanan Melayu). Mungkin Perdanan Menteri Abdullah Badawai boleh menchadangkan untuk penghapuskan system kesultanan Melayu bagi memeriahkan hati hati sagelintir orang orang Melayu yang sudah bijak sana untuk mahu kan perubahan dan bagi menyenangkan hati sanubari peguam peguam bukan Melayu yang tetapi masih sechara kebetulan, atau sechara sedih, masih terpaksa mengunakan nama nama Melayu!
    Maka panggilkan lah mereka itu apa jua bangsa pun tetapi saya masih tetap orang yang berketurunan Moron yang terperangkap di negara ini yang saya nama kan Moronland, oleh kerana sabahgian besar penduduk nya yang masih paling gelisah dan bermuram durja oleh kerana mereka ini masih tidak tahu lagi di mana itu atas atau di mana itu bawah!


  2. Anonymous2:57 pm

    not dog house! Not bog house!
    certainly not goblog house!
    all-blogs is now open for membership! Email for details!
    See ya at BLOG HOUSE!

  3. Sorry not in the country but would definitely have attended..!!

    Bangsa Malaysia?

    Thanks to segregation & racism in our country we need this term to coin us as being malaysians.

    Personally - and I am sure LOTS of ppl are like me - I don't care if my leaders are white, brown, yellow or black.

    I don't care and have never even considered the color of my friends'skin before I make friends with them

    My Sultan or Agung is Malay and always will be Malay?

    So what?

    So long as they are fair, kind and humble to ALL Malaysians, they will always be MY Sultan and Agung.

    My PM/MP/Minister is a rojak of all races and he is green in color?

    So what? So long as he is wise, fair and just to ALL Malaysians, he is still MY PM /MP/ Minister.

    Unfortunately, the only kind thing I can say right now about our government is that their skin colors are not green, while the rest of their moral attributes are CORRUPT!

    What does being a true Malaysian mean for me?

    That I have friends and neighbours of all races and relgions and we live in peace and harmony.

    I do not wish for money; because we can see where $$ leads us and what it can NOT buy

    In my old kampung days (and I am Chinese!), my neighbours were Malays, Indians, Eurasians.

    Every festive occasion was an open house for all neighbours.

    Nobody in those days thought it was a sin to take a drink from a non-halal kitchen; or that cookies were served on non-halal plates.

    Nobody served pork or beef and we had no imam to tell us that either.

    Being Nice does not depend on the skin color

    Being Nice does not depend on the religious conviction

    I used to think Malaysians were the NICEST people I have ever lived with and encountered in my whole life.

    Now only "moderate" muslims are my friends

    I have been told that "real" muslims do not want to be friends with me because I am "haram"...

    really wtf have we become today?

  4. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Good to see you there bro!

    More to come!

  5. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Tunku Abdul Rahman was a prince. He was a member of the royal family. That is why Malaysian royal families will always be around. Getting rid of the monarchy will also mean forgetting Tunku Abdul Rahman. So all the royal families who enjoy such privilege and such luxuries of life should be thankful that there was a Tunku Abdul Rahman. Tanah Melayu untuk Melayu was a banner used while fighting for independence. Was it wrong ? Was it suppose to be ? We may never know. Our ancestors have given the permission for the Malays to have the final say in everything. But what about the Malays themselves ? What do they really want for Malaysia ? An all Malay affair ? A colourful mixed Malaysian affair ? Should we change the name of Malaysia ? Bcie. Doesn't sound so grand.

  6. Anonymous6:23 pm

    hah ... congratulation guys and finally it's off the ground ... great gathering from what I see from the pic ... I have a little bit of advice though if the image I saw is actually the logo ... try to keep the logo as a design format rather than an image, because it would be much more practical when it comes to printing official matters like stamping chop, letterhead and many other stuff ... the flag on the palm is a great idea and I luv the tag line also - Bangsa Malaysia: Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia, although the word Bangsa Malaysia is repeated twice which I think it may not be neassary ... this is just my opinion but it is really a great job done ... kudos to all you guys ... :)

  7. Anonymous7:12 pm


    Actually I wanted to recite another national laureate Dato' Usman Awang very famous poem themed on 'unity', called "Anak Jiran Tionghua", published in 1962. But I don't want to steal the thunder of other more interesting presenter for the night.


    I am a dog and I fell at home at Blog-house. So its a "dog house", to me :)

    I saw two stack of CDs under the TV rack and I thought it was two large cans of dog food. Really!


  8. Bigdog if you're at the Dog House and need some snack call me over I'll bring some Dog food! woof! woof! hehehehe....

  9. Anonymous9:43 pm

    wow! i can see that you guys had a great time. too bad i missed it as i'm not in kl but i'm glad to note that pelitar will be brought to penang (where i am).

  10. rocky,

    why are you addressing Jeff Ooi as YB? Care to elaborate as i am interested to know.

  11. It was a pleasure to be there, Brother Rocky, and to give everyone the song - despite being broadsided.. again... Heh heh...

    More importantly, I think that last night was the start of something very important for our nation.

    I'm working on my own retelling of 24 hours ago (later than others, as usual), in hopes that I can immortalize the feeling of belonging that I had - something I've not felt in a very long time...

    One people, One Malaysia...

  12. devilmaster,

    didnt mean to be mysterious. every blogger addresses Jeff Ooi as YB now.

    It means Yang Berblog.

    That title has stuck after Jeff decided to make that leap into active politics last month. It is just a temporary title before he gets the real YB, which will stand for Yang Berkhidmat. Insyallah or God willing.

  13. Anonymous12:17 am

    bangsa malaysia... will remain a myth until we could get rid of the morons in the current adminsitration by the next ge.

  14. Anonymous12:24 am

    it was good to have been there.
    thanks all blogs!

    keep on rockin' !

    boleh ka bolehland?

    Big Easy

  15. The All-Blogs logo looks tame. Almost like a food club logo. Is that a rice stalk? On the other hand, the "Bangsa Malaysia" poster is strong - personalised by all those signatures. Anyway, congrats. Wish I was there.

  16. Singing Negara ku with the participants was the most humbling moment I've had in a long time.

    My heartiest congratulations to all, especially Tony Yew, who made this night memorable for all the right reasons.

    Just the right tonic to push forward.

  17. Anonymous7:05 am

    now i get to see the new logo on your side bar ... that is more like it ... simple, nice and effective ... great ... :)

  18. rocky,

    a great gathering of many wonderful malaysians -- aaah....who happen to be bloggers.

    the police recieved instructions to check out the gathering. the instructions came from the police chief who got instructions from the internal security min/4th floor boys/etc etc... who got the info from the mercenary cybertroopers/

  19. Anonymous8:41 am

    Dear All

    In order to realise this dream of Bangsa Malaysia ,the majority of the population must endorsed this concept and must truely understand what its stand for.

    And since the majority of this population, here in this country of ours MALAYSIA is Malays (52% so so)hence to call for the elimination of the sultanate of TANAH MELAYU is uncalled for and thus the call for a Bangsa Malaysia started at the wrong footing.

  20. Anonymous11:39 am

    I hope you all will continue to build the "critical mass" that spells the breakthrough to public awareness. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery and today (August 25) a gift of your collective efforts. It should be the "present" for Merdeka.

    I shall only be "free" in December 2007. Best wishes to this aspiration!


  21. All Blog logo seems "tame"..not that I am graphic designer but maybe something more GARANG to indicate we mean biz but in peace!

    There was a call to Eliminate the Sultans at the Blog meet?


    Not even being Malay & FAR fr being a Royalty suckerupper and a traditionalist (any such word?), I am ALARMED anyone wants to call for such an action before Bangsa Malaysia can be formed.

    WHY? Are sultans in our way to being SATU NEGARA, SATU BANGSA?

    Here I am thinking the evil forces were...corrupt politicians and their off-springs (or spring-offs).

    I have never felt screwed over by our sultans.

    Even if a tiny part of my tax goes to them, at least with them "speaking" out now, I feel it is SO worth it!

    What I am pissed off to hi-hell abt is the BIG part of our tax and resources disappearing in to the private pockets of our corrupt government to squander.

    So Rocky - plse help me out and tell me if you know why there was such a call and why?

  22. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Dear Gobloking

    Please don't confuse me with the Blog owner. I am bru99, well else rocky bru is rocky bru.

  23. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Your poster / picture of Bangsa Malaya/sia can be mischieviously used or intepreted by some "sensitive people".

    We were told that wearing clothes of the national flag is a no-no and can be liable for prosecution for insults to the country and the like.

    Your poster looks too much like a glove from some Mat Rempit biker out to show his "loyalty" to the country.

  24. yes in relation to yr posting bru99 and I assume rocky bru also attended the Bangsa M gathering; was there REALLY a call to eliminate the Sultans before we can achieve BangsaM?

    I just don't see how the Sultans are standing in our way to achieve 1 nation!

    Just asking anyone who attended the meet to pse enlighthen me if there was such a call and how on earth the 2 matters are no sultans=Bangsa M

    sorry but i was never the brightest bulb and did not go to oxford-anything!

  25. Anon (7.37pm),

    On the other hand (no pun intended), it could also mean that Malaysia's future is in the hands of true Malaysians. Hence, the flag on the hand.

    TAR raised his hand with an open palm when he shouted 'Merdeka' seven times.

    It may look differently if the hand was clenched or with one finger extended in an 'up yours' sign.

    Btw did any of you notice the outfit worn by Nasha Aziz during a function to launch clutch bag designs by Zang Toi and presented to the Raja Permaisuiri Agong recently? (See Star Metro Central 24/08/07).

    I'm definitely not complaining.

  26. Anonymous2:29 am

    The guy in the SAF uniform could be either a foreign worker - bangla or indon, or actually a real bonafide SAF officer studying here at one of the Malaysian Armed Forces institutions. (This is part of the super-not-secret-but-hidden-from the-public-of-both-sides-of-the-causeway Malaysia-Singapore Separation Agreement- LKY and the late Tunku knows this)