Sunday, August 26, 2007

Save our (and your) monkeys, Pak Lah!

Pasquale's open letter (sort of) to the PM in conjunction with Merdeka.
"My Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi you better control your decision making apparatus and protect the environment as much as you want to protect your family, your son, your new wife, your pregnant daughter, and last but not least your son-in-law! And those monkeys in your cabinet!
I implore you to save our Malaysians from being exported to be in some restaurants' cooking pots, and in some labs for testing. Pak Lah if you allow it to happens you will be remembered as a PM who destroys the country through a series of bad luck!
Please save our monkeys! They are Malaysians too!
Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians, and Monkeys and Zainuddin Maidin are also included!"

[Pasquale says in Canada, the Beluga, the Moose, the Caribou, the Loon, the Beaver, the Muskrat, and the Badger are considered as Canadian citizens and are protected under the law. Click here for the entire posting].


  1. Dude, maybe we can get the Magpie Man to also write in to save our tuition teachers? Just read about the clampdown on tuition centers in the Star. I couldn't help it and though i would support sorta fight for their cause on my blog! Well not directly anyway...

  2. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Pssstt Bro,

    First u ommitted the link to RP's MT,then now the poster.
    Apa hal brader...cuba cerita sikit..

  3. Rocky!

    Actually I want a flower to be named after my mother, her name is Siti Awa Jaman, a real Minangkabau woman who is now 87 years old and went through a lot, she raised her family and suddenly someone, or rather a parvenu, got a hibiscus named after her! What a bunch of ass licking bastards some Malaysian are, eh!

  4. wak segen!

    tak omit. RPK's MT has always been under blogroll "news on-line". sebelum ni double entry beb. house-keeping.
    poster brother kita tu pun ada, kat bawah sikit, just under bloggers united (atas poster Nat yang berada di atas dua posters saya sendiri).

    tk. selamat merdeka!

  5. Anonymous5:54 pm

    PM not only has to save the monkeys. The more urgent is Malaysia. Bodowi, resigns and save Malaysia from disaster.

  6. Anonymous8:26 pm

    hi again bro..

    Ok Ive found them all...sorry gua ni gabrah skit...Thanx
    It just shows that I only bookmark yr page and link to other blogs from there.
    That was since I stopped buying daily newspapers.

    "Go-Blogs, Dont Go-Bananas"


  7. Anonymous2:32 am

    who care what pak lah said... just look at his credentials!!!...