Monday, August 27, 2007

All-Blogs logo

Tame, simple, effective? Thanks for the feedback, Roxanne and Mr Nobody. I put up a tentative All-Blogs logo on the side bar just to see how it'd look and both of you did not miss it. That, to me, is a good sign.
Yes, we've got the Blog House and now we need a logo. The pro-tem exco were happy with the font and the hibiscus' stigma but we are undecided about the colours and whether the logo should be "hanging loose" or "boxed".
Poster boy Mob1900, who created the Bangsa Malaysia poster, has given us 10 color combinations to choose from.Wanna help us choose? Or suggestions?



  1. [roxanne left this comment under "bangsa malaya to Bangsa Malaysia" - rocky's bru]

    The All-Blogs logo looks tame. Almost like a food club logo. Is that a rice stalk? On the other hand, the "Bangsa Malaysia" poster is strong - personalised by all those signatures. Anyway, congrats. Wish I was there.

    3:01 AM

  2. [Mr Nobody left this comment also under "bangsa malaya to Bangsa Malaysia" - rocky's bru]

    now i get to see the new logo on your side bar ... that is more like it ... simple, nice and effective ... great ... :)

    7:05 AM

  3. [TV Smith sent this 3 mins ago, via email]

    As a logo designed for the new media, some traditional boundaries regarding logo use and specs may be discarded.

    I feel that as long as the All Blogs typeface and stem/dots filament thingy and size
    relationship are specified, the box or background can be of any olour combination. Unless of course, you are using colours to explain some funky cosmic stuff :p

    Since the button will be used primarily on blogs/web pages, a wire frame (thin edge border) may be all that's needed. If for example, a publisher/blogger chooses the white background version, he or she may
    still display on white pages just as elegantly. Vice versa for black.

    Try to select one with minimal 'dots' to avoid future scalability problems and minimal colours so that it can be reproduced across all media including body tattoos, stencils, graffiti, laser display, etc.

    Great job Chris!

  4. hang it loose bro for a 'no boundaries' rationale.

  5. Hi Rocky,

    The "All-Blogs" name itself sounds very much like the "All Blacks" of rugger fame.

    The NZ All Blacks uses the silver frond as a logo and All-Blogs logo samples have an artistically done bunga raya filament.

    If All-Blogs wants to ride on the All Blacks "brand" popularity, my suggestion is that Sample No.3 be used. Of course being a rugby nut my opinion is biased.


  6. kscheah!
    All Blacks. Yep, we were thinking of that when we came up with All-Blogs.

    satria asia!
    thanks for the no-boundaries rationale! makes sense.

  7. Nice! You guys should run a contest and the winner of the best logo contest will win a dinner with the pro team president himself. I like the one with white background.

  8. Anonymous2:21 pm

    ....should be hanging loose, for that freedom..easy going and no boundaries feeling.

    Congratulations to all of you!

    p.s is that a hibiscus stigma??? the one named after.......? hehe, lets be fair here, it can also symbolises rice stalk/stem or our national floooower..

  9. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Yes. The first thought that came to my mind was the logo's similarity with New Zealand All Blacks' logo. It's gentle but don't anyone ever doubt its effectiveness. KSCheah has a good point.

  10. IMHO The logo is not nice...

  11. Hi Rocky,
    I think the logo could be a little "stronger" considering the contentious situations political bloggers find themselves in. Perhaps it's a deliberate attempt by the designer at presenting a less confrontational image.

    BTW I have come up with a slogan t-shirt for All Blogs. Sent it to Tony (alliedmartster) but no response from him thus far. You can view it over at my blog.


  12. 6th one down, my fav, Rocky.

  13. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Err... I say, there's a "stigma" attached to the All Blogs, eh? Geddit? Hehe...

    And what happened to the petals?

  14. Anonymous6:22 pm

    the red and white gives it an umno lah! maybe sikit kasi different lah! just like the 24hr proposed bernama news channel ad on tv - red and white! make it look umno, govt...

  15. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Wasn't sure whether it was a snake raising its head or somebody peeing.

    Overall, Cissy, Ugly. Not inspiring. Surely it can be better, more imaginative.

  16. Anonymous7:16 pm

    maaf saya pinta sekiranya saya menyesakkan,saya bukan seorang blogger..namun saya harus utarakan yg saya asyik dgn logo no.3.komen saya hanyalah logo itu akan lebih menarik sekiranya tiada kotak di keliling logo itu.terima kasih.

  17. Anonymous7:20 pm

    13 Sha'ban 1428

    Appreciate the effort. I go for the fifth one.

    Ramli AR

  18. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Let's see...

    1 from the top: abit too dull
    2: Looks like coca cola
    3: A bit terangganu-ish, but nice
    4, 5 & 6: among the 3, I'd go for 4
    7: Colout scheme don't add
    8: dull. does not reflect bloggers
    9: Also dull.

    Q: What's with the bunga raya thing? Can't we have something like a seladang or mousedeer? Hehe..

    Then there's the stem, it looks like a scmitar lah!

    Hey, I'm enjoying myself as a critic already!

    But seriously, I'd pick no 4 with a tint of silver background, or no 3 with no borders but with the silver tint. - Amir

  19. The All-Blogs logo strategically placed on a baby-t would look awesome !:)
    Brings to mind immediately the Police song "every breath you take"
    I am sure the Malay Male if around would concur with me.

  20. May I suggest something like the lower right hand flower in this tinyurl .
    The petals would even out the 3-lettered ALL with the longer 5-lettered BLOGS and the stigma is a stylized hyphen.

    Please note that this is not the newly-named H. rosa sinensis Jeanne Abdullah I read about today !

  21. Now the symbol arises
    Spreading its light to the world
    The All Blogs has a face
    Hit the road
    A force to be known

    There are many
    All races ranks and files
    Spreading it out far and wide
    Something is brewing
    A tiny drop an ocean in time

    The wings of All Blogs
    The golden rays of hope
    Let the bloggers write their saying
    Influence people making choices

    On the marks the echo rings
    All Blogs waving freely
    Spread its wings
    Flying high for all to see

  22. i prefer the 6th frm top.

    and honestly, the one displayed on the side bar looks more like a logo of an airline company la rocky.

  23. Bro,

    I'm ok with the All-Blog typeface and bunga raya thingy.

    Perhaps the choice of colours will enhance the design. Like having red/blue/white but I can't figure out where to put them.

    And 'no box' as explained above or at worse, wireframe.

  24. the first one is cool!

  25. Anyway based on comments that the 1st one not so garang I cetak rompak Mob's design to make another sample maybe can have feedbacks as well. Felt that the pollen seeds should be high enough to fly and make more new blogs wherever they land! hehehehe

  26. Erh .. the original and number 4. What about a poll?

  27. Wow!
    Great feedbacks. My choice would be the red on white/black background, works under any environment. ;)

  28. Anonymous3:44 am

    No box, cut it loose.. more design-forward n contemporary.

    Also, the "~" (hyphen) can end in a (computer) mouse at the bottom right. Would be kewl.

  29. Anonymous6:22 am

    No offense but this 'logo' is SO lame. As people have already pointed out, it is rather PLACID and FLAT. A 3-dimensional (or 4D) version would better represent the diversity/plurality (views, demograhics, etc). As well, needs to be more dynamic/organic....

  30. Bro,

    Mat bunga? Visit Malaysia?

    Nice but do we have other option. Just give another month and I know somebody out there will come out with better alternative.

  31. Anonymous10:00 am

    I like the first red/black one on top and I think it should not be boxed at all. Letting it hang loose (the hibiscus stamen stand unrestrained, the blood flowing, the purpose growing)would signify the freedom that bloggers seek, red signifying blood and passion, black showing serious intent and purpose!

    Good Luck you Bloggers in Goblokland! How I envy your birth and youthful spirit!

  32. Hi Rocky
    The typeface look great but overall logo look incomplete and loose. Seems like the sigma of hibiscus was taken from 50th National Day logo design by Nor Azian A.Hasan. On it own, the sigma graphic look like an Arabic sword and a smiley face when view as a whole logo. I hope this is not the finalized logo. But this can evolve into something beautiful, just stick to typography...

    my two cents worth.


  33. Hmm..., sorry guys(blurry eyes, me just got up). I miss the 't' there,suppose to be 'stigma of hibiscus'


  34. Anonymous8:16 pm

    In the spirit of transparency why can't you start an open contest?

    If this crappy design came from either you or some other in a core group of "leaders", wouldn't that be a pointed case of "Animal Farm", where some are more equal than others...

    You should bust this "competition of ideas" culture wide open.

    Open tender lah, bro.

  35. Ann 8:16 pm

    Jangan kurang asam, asam pedas jadi kurang cili. Tak sedap.

    Kalau tulis pun pakai anonymous, shows you are not from one of us bloggers. Cakap tak boleh baik sedikit. Baca balik rukunegara, mana dia kesopanan dan kesusilaan?

    Husin Lempoyang nak logo yang ada orang dan unta boleh ke? Lagi untung jual orang (terutma yg tak ada budi bahasa dan tamak haloba) dari jual unta. Wow!

    Husin suka All-BLog kerana bunyi macam All Black ... lagu kita pun pakai lagu haka style pasal original song adalah kebebasan dari ancaman terhadap nyawa. Logo biar ikut all black. Warna merah2 macam lembut.

  36. Anon (8.16pm),

    The fact that Rocky has put up the possible options as submitted by Mob1900 for the rest of us to decide, comment, propose, etc is pretty clear there's no 'animal farm' or 'core leaders' in our midst.

    But the again, diplomacy may not be everybody's forte or crap, even if done anonymously.

  37. Anonymous2:24 am

    The logos look nice on their own, bro.

    i must agree with some that it looks a little feminine, not that i am against femininity okay. Predominant red also suggests copying AMNO.

    Perhaps we can look at replacing the hibiscus stigma with a 'mouse' since its all about blogging.

    The colours of the text in my mind should be blue for ALL, red for BLOGS. (True blue bloggers with a strong point of view!)

    my 2sen worth.

  38. Anonymous6:22 am

    I absolutely agree with anon 8.16pm.
    Although whoever designed this (sorry, I think it's really tame, passive, uninspired looking) logo deserves BIG A for effort, I do think with the wealth of talent out here, why not have some sort of contest? For one, it fosters creativity, and it might even promote blogging!

    Undoubtedly, it's a sure way to let all (inclusively - SoPo or not!) bloggers have a sense of 'OWNERSHIP' that ie they are a real part of the All Blogs movement. Not just confined to the elite pro-tem or a priviledged few "in the know" of the inner circle.


  39. Basically mob did a good job.

    Brillint idea e-woon!

    Ohhh ... I am an all black fan as much as husin, KS Cheah and rocky.

    I've got the haka chant below:

    Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! ka ora!
    Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
    Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru
    Nāna nei i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā
    A upa ... ne! ka upa ... ne!
    A upane kaupane whiti te ra!


    ’Tis death! ‘tis death! ’Tis life! ‘tis life!
    ’Tis death! ‘tis death! ’Tis life! ‘tis life!
    This the hairy man that stands here...
    …who brought the sun and caused it to shine
    A step upward, another step upward!
    A step upward, another... the Sun shines!

    -- Haka (1810), Chief Te Rauparaha (1768-1849)

    Sounds combative ... hmmm ... just like bloggers.

  40. ewoon said..perhaps we can look at replacing the hibiscus stigma with a 'mouse' since its about blogging.
    may i add that the box be replace with a keyboard.