Monday, August 06, 2007

50 wishes for Malaysia

2. Cleverer ministers, please. For the 50th Merdeka, blogger E-Woon is collecting 50 wishes to post on his blog I am a Malaysian. He has not moderated my comment but my wish, which is the second on his list, is that my beloved country will not be cursed with another "menteri bengap" after the next general election.

Please add to E-Woon's wish list here, thank you.


Berita dari gunung said...

Ramai orang main golf. Satu flight ada maksimum 4 orang. Orang bergerak dari lubang ke lubang, sambil bercakap, bercerita dan pukul atau ketuk bola. Kadang-kadang maki diri sendiri bila pukul tak bagus.

Ada juga yang berjudi di golf course. Ada yang rugi sampai RM70,000 sehari. Yang berjudi KASAR tentulah orang kaya. Siapa orang kaya? Sama ada orang kaya itu ialah peniaga ke, pewaris harta ke, menteri ke, petani ke, nelayan ke, saya tak tahu.

Cleverer ministers yang rocky sebut ini seharusnya waras, amanah dan bertanggungjawab. Seharusnya juga bersih diluar dan disebalik tabir. Dengan struktur politik negara yang berpaksikan pengaruh, kriteria CERDIK, cerdas, AMANAH dan BERTANGGUNGJAWAB mungkin sukar dijelmakan.

Tapi, tidak salah untuk kita terus mengharap.


Sdr Berita dari Gunung,
Terima kasih. Kita terus mengharap. Dah ke I Am A malaysian?

The Ancient Mariner said...

Goblok, bangang, bodoh ... just semantics, old bean.

How does one measure smartness? We have seen that a B.A. Oxon or Cantab does not really equals intelligence. As an ex seaman, at one time my definition of a 'smart' girl was a girl who agrees to everything I say ... ha ha

And I bet Pak Lah would certainly want this of his ministers, eh?

pollyneedsacracker said...

There's always a better way to say things.

Sadly, our Information Minister is just like all the other ministers- there is just no sense of elegance and respect.

What do you expect from a bunch of people who throw such degrading words among each other in the 'holy' house of Parliament. If they can't respect their own kind, they certainly do not know how to respect us, the rakyat.

-The Man Who Sold The World-

Ari said...

Was at the Parliament today. Among the MPs, I spotted one smart one, one real no brainer rude GOBLOK, a few I-only-want-to-secure-my-sit-after-GE and the rest slept with eyes wide open (some even closed). Sigh..

shar101 said...


E.Woon is gonna get more than 50 wishes at the rate things are going.

Hope the UMNO cyber-troopers are reading coz it ain't a pretty sight. And some ministers will probably be saying "Not me, please". Well, at least the 'bengap' types.

manamanu said...

hmmm.. its sad when you think about our nation's prestation.

HA HA HA HA !!!!!!

No I'm not laughing at our nation's performance, I'm laughing at the word 'prestation' (thanks Rocky) as used by the 2 Ms. And to think that he was complaining at RPK's articles in English.

Thanks MM---nice one. You are going to be a successful joker . Maybe not as an MB or a liar, but as a clown---youre born for it.
(Go sign up in an adults' English night class.

prestation..... ha! ha! ha !

The Eugenist said...

Bro, I hope the Minister up there, who is responsible in making crude and idiotic remarks about bloggers would come to realize that we, bloggers ARE indeed united in a sense where we do feel offended with his statements about us.

Janganlah lepas ni dia cakap, pengguna Google as Goblok know, Google-Gooblok..

Inside joke bro...

Hesmel Faznee Faisal

caravanserai said...

50 years down the road
Malaysia smile
Sunshine and moonshine
Casting shadows
Big and small

The harmony in mind
The tolerance in the eyes
The patience of a thousand smile
Malaysia move on

The many races in harmony
The diversity of religious freedom
It is there in roadside stalls
Cafes or restaurants

Then there is corruption
Government tries
It never starts from the other side
So it never stops it
Though lip service seems the lie

Connected people in high places
Gangsters under their umbrellas
Moving with greed and power
It is money my friend what got them

Religious officials
Class divide laws step aside
Catch the rats forget about the mice
Thinking they are the good side

50 years down the road
Talk of race forget about Malaysia
The country going in living colors
The politicians only think of positions

50 years
The ugly faces of politicians
The corrupted officials
The sinners of religious officials
Yet Malaysia move on

Living colors of the people
Colorful threads pulling a common goal
Living in harmony and peaceful glow
Ah Malaysia the light of our hope!

Mr. Smith said...

A country needs leaders with two important qualities - impeccable ethics (morality) and talents.
Unfortunately, we don't see those in our leaders.
The only qualification required in UMNO is unquestioning loyalty to the leadership and the neck to make empty promises and deceive the people.
How on earth can Mat Tyson ( a real scum) could become the vice-president of the ruling party?
This could never happen in a civilised/religious society.
As for Zam, his brain has decended to his feet.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ah, Mr Smith! Always a good one. I thought his brains had descended to somewhere between his head and feet, around the region of the arse.

Pardon my language, but I believe that's how we get assholes.

Voon Tek said...

one wish to top all.


and one weather forecast after the regime change.........

tomorrow will definately be a fairer day.

Anonymous said...

a small story to tell who really rules the nation. Body language:

"One day the body organs got caught into a serious argument as to which actually rules the body, without which the body dies. The heart boasted and said, without me, there will be no heartbeats, no oxygen for you guys and all of you will rot. The brain thumbed up its superiority and told the others that it is the central control system. The liver and the kidney both bragged that they rid toxics and without them all systems fail in the body.

(To cut the story short): "Finally the asshole got so fedup with the arguments and said, all of you are not as important as me. Try me, if I stop all your shit from getting out of the body, all of you die."

See, the ASSHOLE is in charge.


ewoon said...

What can i say, bro, but thanks.

For 5 days the wish list hardly moved. You picked it up here and in 24 hours or less the list has hit limit-up. That shows the kind of power your blog commands. You are truly The Rock.

Question is: shall i close the counter or let it run for a few more days?

My thanks to all who posted a wish or more at I Am A Malaysian. Your responsible postings did cheer me up somewhat and i hope whoever is reading the list will take to heart what Malaysians hold dear and do the needful. The wishes posted are generally meaningful and insightful except for some cheeky ones.

Thanks once again, people.

BigFatWish said...

My wish for Malaysia is the ABB resigns as PM and hope TDM will temporarily take over as PM while grooming a better succesor.

Anonymous said...

RAIS, Zam, hisham, azlina...they have to go.