Monday, August 06, 2007

Bengap minister

Zam now and then. I've just realisd that I no longer know Zainudin Maidin. I know the Zam of old, when he was an editor of Utusan Malaysia, and when he was in exile in London, where he lived in physical comfort but went through some very difficult and emotional times. The Zam that is going around calling bloggers stupid - and who can't even do it in Bahasa Malaysia and then had to clarify to say that he did not mean all bloggers are goblok, only political bloggers - this Zam I don't think I know. This Zam the Information Minister is a menteri bengap. I can call him bodoh or bangang or bodoh-bangang but bengap has the same number of alphabets as goblok. Those other words would aptly describe Zam the Minister, too, though.


  1. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Rocky, I prefer "tolol" which has the double O. Thus the Malay TOLOL and the Indonesian GOBLOK.

    The double O indicates double KOSONG or EMPTY such as in Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise!

    "empty" also means "devoid of" as in "devoid of ideas and originality"

  2. Anonymous12:03 pm


    The very act of public denial by the Info Minister over his recent idiotic statement that attacked bloggers as a bunch of "goblok" (idiot), and the almost simultaneous hollow threat by the Internal Security Minister cum PM on those he claimed was abusing "freedom of espression" in the country had only served to glaringly manifest one important development:
    The vast propaganda machine of the current regime is really losing its balance in the war against alternative media, esp the raucously righteous blog spots of Malaysian cyber space.

    In other words, the semi-subterranean alliance of patriotic M'sian bloggers have, at last, established themselves to be real pain in the arses for the power that be and that they are here to stay.

    Alas, the only forseeable option for such desperate Third World regime in facing the so-called "clear and present danger" posed by their patriotic citizens it to resort to rash actions, incl a possible array of extra-Constitutional "extraordinary renditions" (thanks to the regime's "advisers" from the omnipresent and omniscient Western/Zionist neoimperialists' intelligence community) to silence the nation's righteous and gallant cyber-space patriotic fraternity.

    Such desperate move would, of course, spell imminent beginning of the end of the regime, esp in a blatantly globalized Msia that the regime helped create at the becks and calls of their Western neoimperialist/Zionist masters.

    Thank you.

  3. Bro,
    please educate me.....what the hell is "bengap"? Sounds very indon, but then again it sounds nice, very apt to describe an asinine-moron !
    Pardon my ignorance...this is the kind of crap that is only spewed-out of mouths of monkeys-in-suits representing the tak-paying rakyat in Parliament ! Haven't they got any "real" and more important issues to resolve in the government rather then name-calling the rakyat ?? There won't be so much of attention on bloggers if they did'nt feel threatened....of the bloggers' exposes' of malpractise within UMNO!!! heheheh !
    Cheers !

  4. Bro,
    tax-paying rakyat ok...not tak-paying !
    Apologies athousand !

  5. Anonymous12:35 pm


    bro, it is a very contagious disease what zam and khairy are having.

    everybody knows Zam. everybody remembers Zam.
    But Zam doesnt want to know everybody who knew him then, and/or who remembered him then, as you do...

    Zam is now a menteri, bro. he has to ampu-bodek the bengap way as all tolol people do in their best goblok way.

    there, guay udah ngomong!

  6. Now you are angry, sir.

  7. Anonymous12:52 pm

    What about bingai or bongok!
    Zam the Bs - bengap, bingai, bongok, bahlol !

    That'll be good.

  8. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Gua tak tahu ini Zam. Hanya beberapa ringkasan dia buat semacam orang terkena ulat bulu..ada dengar ka? Gua ingat dia itu apek tak tahu cakap sebab lidah sudah berbelit. Apa suara keluar dari ini apek serupa bunyi anjing menyalak bulan...memang bengang la! Lagi baik dia boh

    We really don't know him as a person. The various statements he made in the main media reveal that he is a much-confused personality, clearly unable to distinguish facts from fiction ( so he creates his own 'faction' ), contradictory person who is war with himself ( perhaps, he has some modicum of conscience in his muddled soul ) and the world at large, all these being possible consequences of his turmoiled exiled in cold and lonley places. Obvioulsy, he is an accomplished boot-licker and pemain kayu tiga yang terhandal di rantau kita. And brazenly shameless - he ridicules and punishes himseld at every chance he speaks...kesian la dia.

    Better he keeps his own counsel more for, as they say, people may think you are stupid by your silence which is really proven once you open your yakkety-yak. QED.


  9. Doesn't ZM know that the internet is not a quantifiable entity like a nation or a company?

    It's an invention brought about by advancements in technology which enabled humanity to communicate a lot more quickly and perhaps, more efficiently, if not effectively.

    Herein lies the actual reason for this 'bengap' minister of information to continue lambasting bloggers because we have practically usurped his purpose of existing i.e. disseminating news and/or information almost at an instant.

    And sopo bloggers are not cowards, that's for sure.

    Be afraid, ZM. We're not done with you yet.

  10. Bro!
    These are big new words for me, can everybody speak english please !
    bigdog OR even amir help me here ...please !

  11. Bro, no worry. We've won. These are just cheerleaders. They just want to make noise!

  12. Me thinks the real ZAM was abducted and replaced with a s-i-l clone, his statements echoes dimwitted s-i-l as precise as syncronised swimming olympic event.

    Release and free the real ZAM now, treacherous S-I-L!

  13. Anonymous3:01 pm

    bingai would be a good choice.

    i dont know. this regime loves name calling and all the name called are either bad or offensive.

    i dont think the same would happen if the grand ole man still in the office.

    not because i want to drag him along, but the new regime is... loosening up on everything - money (lose), manner, etc.etc.

    lead by example? oohh noo...

  14. Fankulu...we calle 'scemo'!
    or 'fessi'....

  15. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Oh Zam! You are just tongong, bahlol & plain bodoh

  16. Someone who rhymes with Bam is anak kaparat....isshhh, mau marah di guek.

  17. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Ministers cannot say something and in the next breath deny. Not nice and not honest. Say it like a man and take responsibility, like Dr. Mahathir.

  18. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Let's drink to your statement bro; tea, anyone? - Amir

  19. Bro Rocky,

    Once upon a time, I had a journalist friend by the name of Zainuddin Maidin or ZAM. We served the northern region of the Peninsula, in particular Penang, we were close buddies, then. I do not know what happenbed to the original ZAM after he left the Utusan Melayu group. Alas! A different ZAM appeared in the political scene, first by way of the Senate, supposedly as a representative of the media, then as an elected member of Parliament. Yes, men do change for various reasons especially due to greed and power. As the saying goes.. power corrupts (the mind).

  20. As my late gentle dad would say when he ran out of expletives: Bloody kai-tai! Guys, he definitely is on his way out....just trying the only trick he knows on how to get attention: SHOUT. Zom(bie)Zam - first rule in communication: Dont shout. When you shout, people remember your shout but do not remember your message. Till now, I can't figure out what message you are getting across. You real kai-tai lah.

  21. Anonymous6:02 pm

    that was then and now he is a cabinet member. suddenly, he finds himself with the perceived right and might to decide your status and calibre. just imagine a man suddenly envelope with such perceived power and on top of that he has curried the big bosses and his cronies.
    under the circumstance, can you blame him for such unbecoming behaviour. rocky, move on and there are more important issue to blog. he deserves not more of your time and good riddance such rubbish.

  22. Anonymous7:42 pm

    When Zam had crossed swords with Malaysiakini awhile ago, he then engaged them with a meeting. This was when he was dep info minister. Now that he's a full minister, he starts making general statements that bloggers are liars and then added goblok to his description of bloggers. When he was an editor, he would laugh at ministers who double talk. Now he himself double talks! He doesn't realise that, maybe.

    When Zam finishes his term as MP, he may be made ambassador or head some agency as chairman or something like that. He'll be quite happy and then starts all over again. If he' going to be made ambassador, he shouldn't be send to countries where IT is very much part of the system. No India, South Korea, Japan. Not even the UK and all that. Timor Leste and papua New guinea should be quite suitable for him. If he's sent to India, South Korea, Japan and the rest, then he should only be sent as the country's secret weapon where he can easily confuse the host country. He'll be a natural...!

  23. Bro
    jika sesuatu barang atau idea itu boleh menjadi baik dengan dicuci atau dikitar semula, idea menteri bengap ini bila-bila pun tidak boleh menjadi panduan walaupun berkali-kali dibasuh. semakin dibasuh semakin menjadi-jadi 'kebengapannya'. sempena merdeka ke 50 ini kita tabalkan dia sebagai menteri paling bengap dalam sejarah kemerdekaan tanah air.

  24. Rocky

    Since he stole the javanese word "goblok" from you, there is still other javanese word " dublek" ... extreme stupidity as in no compute and no response forest gump.

  25. Anonymous8:30 pm

    What about bingai or bongok!
    Zam the Bs - bengap, bingai, bongok, bahlol !

    That'll be good.

    12:52 PM


    BADUT !

  26. Anonymous8:35 pm

    If you read in between the lines, the info minister actually that those politician who do not blog are goblok.......

  27. Salam Rocky,

    Ini minister, ish...ish...

  28. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Rocky....Bengap minister - well I though he said go blog instead of goblok.....

    Did you know, it you swapped the word blogger for politician, the article still reads quite well...
    read it here


  29. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Syed Imran,
    Answer 2 ur puzzlement, quite simple:
    Zam becomes a Zap!

    In any case, Goblok is the Indonesian way of pronouncing GO Blog.

    So why don't u all go blog loh, aiyah! He said oledy mah!

  30. Bro,
    Ini minister is beyond words and reasons. Beyond bengap even

  31. Anonymous9:56 am

    Our Zam reduced to name callings of bloggers (sigh) I never thought I'd be a witness to this days. I do pity him though. I read many books authored by Zam and I think I like him more as a writer as then he does not write or talk rubbish.

  32. The leaders must know
    Discipline manners and words
    No use saying something
    Then try to justify it
    By the favorite phase
    “I am misquoted”

    Blogs are here to stay
    The organ of truths or half truths
    Self diaries whims and fancies
    No leader should try to control
    It is the ‘Waterloo”

    Embrace this
    It isn’t hard to do
    Don’t try to stifle the bloggers
    It is no use

    Pent up emotion
    Ranting out of way
    Don’t try to tell us
    We aren’t stupid you know

    This the government leaders try
    Instead of mushrooming progress
    The leaders in BN picking petty issues
    With bloggers who want to say
    Pieces of stars falling from the sky

    The leaders must realize
    The voters make you
    You are the leaders
    Not by yourself but by the voters

    You say you walk for the people
    You never make it to the finish line
    You hide behind shadow
    Never want to feel the sun

    Words come out
    Statement sounds hollow
    You are the moron, minister
    Borrowing word from Indonesia

  33. Anonymous10:55 am

    if he is so BENGAP, why is Pm still keeping him in the cabinet?

    Maybe PM does not know Zam is in his cabinet?

  34. Anonymous12:08 pm

    artchan said...
    if he is so BENGAP, why is Pm still keeping him in the cabinet?

    Maybe PM does not know Zam is in his cabinet?

    Understandable lah, the PM does not even open his 'cabinet', and how do you expect him to know what is in it.

  35. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Goblok, bocor, bodoh, racist, shut up, get out are just the NORMS in malaysia. What a disgrace!

    I wonder if Zam knows how to use the internet???

  36. Anonymous1:29 pm

    the PM will always say "saya tak tahu" (or he buat tak tahu???) with whatever his men are doing lah. see, the one closer to him, his SIL had done a lot of damage, and he tak tahu too.

    zam as menteri bengap - very good and appropriate name indeed!

  37. Bengap is the clown who appointed him as' Information Minister! Ha,

  38. Rocky,

    This minister is actually a bangang, full stop.

  39. Anonymous10:08 pm

    "Understandable lah, the PM does not even open his 'cabinet', and how do you expect him to know what is in it."

    He doesn't open it because there are too many skeletons in it.

  40. Anonymous10:29 am

    what!he called me goblok!my mother never said that tome.itu GOBLOK kasi balik samu lu lah!.

  41. Rocky you knew ZAM from way back when...
    So do share...
    1. was he born this way? OR
    2. was he dropped on the head as a kid or maybe you flers play football & he got hit by the ball?OR
    3. Aliens abducted his body? OR
    4. On becoming YBesar, he got a free lobotomy?


    How can anyone change that much??

    I have never met a former schoolchum who changed 360 degrees...sometimes they were a certain way but we never took notice, so we think they hv changed..

    Recalling school days, I do know that the fler who loved to play at being a gangster became one. So what happened here???