Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why do they fear this man?

poster by Mob
Lion of a Prince. At the Dewan Rakyat today, Nazri Aziz said he will use the Internal Security Act, the Sedition Act, and Section 121B of the Penal Code against bloggers who write on sensitive issues. [Govt warns of tough actions against bloggers who disparage, Bernama, 24 July].

The Minister in the PM's Department did not name Raja Petra Kamaruddin but was obviously referring to the Malaysia Today owner when he called a blogger childish for attacking former Selangor MB Mike Tyson over the has-been's police report against the website. [Muhamad the son of Muhamad, see you in Hell!].

Mike Tyson also raised the matter of the police report against RPK at the Dewan Negara.

Tonight, at the Malaysian Press Institute's award night, the DPM also warned website operators and journalists to take full responsibility for their websites [Website operators, journalists not above the law, Bernama].

Najib should tell Mike Tyson to withdraw the police report against RPK and tell Nazri to shut up. These kucing kuraps (Bakri Musa's words, not mine) - not this lion of a prince, RPK (again, the surgeon's words) - are giving all of us a bad name. [here].


  1. as far as i m concern, these people are shameless cowards....memalukan..

  2. This ex-Mentri Besar with 2 Muhammads in his name was trying to use children as an example of blog readers. OMFG! Does this really make sense? Will a 10-11 year-old kid interested in reading political blogs?

    Those who read this type of political blogs are the one that care for the country well-being. MOST of these blog readers are actually matured adult.

  3. oOoh man, I forgot his femes Nick!
    Mike Tyson!

    He was like our very 'Dan Quayle'(VP to Bush. Sr) way back in the 90's, he provides endless laughs to the rakyat!

  4. Looks like a storm's a brewin'. Relentless bloggers vs government with a siege mentality. Suburbia vs the heartland? Will bloggers be the new national Boogeyman for the government to unite the country?

  5. Anonymous2:27 am

    politically correct comments, humor, outpouring of emotions long bottled up, the exorcising of skeletons in closets/corsets, the vulgar seeking attention, displays of upbringing on the net showing the maturing boomer generation searching for that which makes us respect ourselves. When you cannot bear to watch the emperor in his nakedness, would you accept his philosophy of nudity ? how do we live with our complete acceptance of authority...when we know things are not quit right? RPK may be far from perfect but his assertiveness for reform and his opinions points to his desire for leadership he could respect and support...without feeling simpsonish:)his facts shout volumes about malaysians looking for better adminstration.One that provides a little pride in being Malaysian.
    When people feel unappreciated and not supported in their quest for a "worthy" life, the leaders have failed and the company pays big time. Deming said "remove fear from the workplace AND provide opportunity for pride in workmanship.
    cannibals & kings ( the origins of culture) marvin harris is a book that looks at situations that causes cultural evolvement. this leadership crisis that is perceived was a long time coming
    we must keep the intentions of our actions worthy of support and effort. sorry seems to be the hardest word but truth is, accountability is the bitter pill to swallow after all these years of "tidak apathy", There is the adequate respect that is obligatory but thin is the veneer. May we see better comments as malaysians and others use their right for fair comment and may we have the sense of responsibility to know n correct whats wrong without losing our "worthy" intentions.

  6. Anonymous2:27 am

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  7. Dear author and all,

    I was trying to search malaysiatoday's site but ended disappointingly. izzit still dere on da net or a coward bully 'hero' has tore it down?

    I need to read it before agreeing wif da jokers dat it 'poses a threat to da national security'

    please assist


  8. Why didn't MMT and NA respond to the MCA Bangsar's open letter to UMNO Youth?

    Why pick on bloggers without being specific in their allegations?

    Why do they stand up in parliament and say bloggers promote anarchy within the 'younger' generation and yet, they refuse to acknowledge blatant corruption within their peers?

    Election's coming.

    That's why they're falling all over themselves to become 'champions' against bloggers.

    And they have no idea who they are up against.

    P.S. Nice poster, Mob.

  9. Anonymous7:50 am

    This is the mother of 'scraping the barrel' He really needs to look for the mileage that isn't there anymore --for him ,at least. Silly man !

  10. Anonymous9:33 am

    MOST of these blog readers are actually matured adult.
    its say 'bloggers have come to believe that they are like MP's with immunity to say whatever they like.NST?.

  11. zackidris...just click on the links that Rocky has placed in his post!
    You will be hyperlinked there...
    otherwise, go to malaysia unplugged.
    If you still can't find it, go to the regular blogs, you will be sure to see it in there fav's!

    Need I say more about the mentality of our MPs? Please pick yourself up and be sure to vote in the next election!

  12. Anonymous9:37 am

    Raja Petra is being called to Police Station Dang wangi today at 11am.

  13. Lulu's got her theory - http://whatalulu.blogspot.com/2007/07/lulu-wonders-if-mattyson-not-very.html
    i think in his stupidity, rash and greed, he kena set up

  14. Important issues BN government slips by
    Putting gag orders these leaders like to do
    Asking them to rebut allegations
    They sleep on their chairs

    Crimes hit every state
    South, Centre, North, East and West
    Illegal immigrants walk free out of net
    Corruption erupts smoke in the air ignore
    Busy counting the pile in the stock

    The bloggers love the country
    This is where we belong
    This is our land of our birth
    The BN government forgets
    Leaving us thinking we are child play
    Giving us sweet to silence our crying

    The crying now loud and clear
    Echoing into the corridor of power too
    One man RPK got guts to hit the leaders
    These leaders want laws to protect them
    They don’t rebut they use their clout
    Through the Police
    To silence the crowd of bloggers

    The Netizens will grow
    Every corner in the country
    Why spend time to stop them?
    The government should stop crimes
    Corruptions, white collar ones too
    Aren’t they are suppose to do?

    The waves of illegal immigrants
    Flooding the city gates
    Don’t the leaders see them?
    Ah my friends……..busy counting!

    UMNO youth gives warning
    MCA says it isn’t a slave
    MIC digs its head
    The rest of the partners
    “Don’t drag me in”

    Now bloggers are warned
    Don’t try sensitive issues
    But when UMNO runs overboard
    Police ignores the report

    Oh Malaysia!
    The voters let you down
    Electing leaders who don’t care
    The wounds inflicted in your mind

  15. Bro,
    In the famous words of the Malay Male & Pasquale;
    Cheers !

  16. Bro,
    In the famous words of the Malay Male & Pasquale;
    Cheers !

  17. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Poly-ticking. Behind all the swift moves and ill declared intentions to fight what they called lies and slander is the overwhelming force called power play. Promising young politicians wanting to be promoted and old ones wanting to be "re-cycled" and make a come back. Do you think all these political nits are interested in pursuing a better nation, promoting a civil society and all those lofty ideals of a democracy? They are bankrupt of values in humanity. They are only good at political rituals and hence, power, wealth and positions are their political hallucinogenics. Well, karmic tribulations should leash at them shortly and "natural justice", unlike the farcical man-made justice, never fails. So be it.


  18. Anonymous12:39 pm

    "Website Operators, Journalists Not Above The Law"

    That also includes ex-MBs and politicians....,

  19. Anonymous1:54 pm

    I dedicated this poster for RPK!


  20. Anonymous2:22 pm

    this foul mouth minister is into his usual "name calling". am told in psychology this is an ominent sign of grey matter depletion. any shrink to confirm this?

  21. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Sdr Rocky, please continue your trusted comments for the good of this country and do not allow threads to stop you from highlighting corruption in our present government.

    The terrorist BN are trying to silent those blogger citizens from exposing their corrupted deeds.

    This is only the last hope to exposed them. Newspapers only censor the truth and tells lies most of the time.

    My family are eagerly waiting for the coming GE to show if we are please with the present government.

    - NewsObserver

  22. Anonymous5:17 pm

    "These kucing kuraps (Bakri Musa's words, not mine) - not this lion of a prince, RPK (again, the surgeon's words) - are giving all of us a bad name."

    how true indeed. it's always these kuching kuraps who gave the country and the religion islam too a bad name.

  23. Anonymous7:24 pm

    It is always darkest just before the day is dawn.

  24. Anonymous11:56 pm

    To Nazri the anjing kurap

    Don't let your togue cut your throat.

  25. Anonymous11:14 am

    "The liberal writing on the portal can cause young minds to think that there are no rules and sensitivities governing articles and that anyone can write on any matter in the name of individual freedom,"


  26. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Nazri, Why don't u ask or direct the ACA and PDRM to investigate the corruption accusations against the two Musas, Musa the IGP and Musa (who is so not Aman). You UMNOshit have no balls. Remember the joke that was in circulation when Anwar was asked to present himself in the emergency UMNO Supreme Council meeting that was convened in order to sack him way back in 1998? The security guards were blinfolded and asked to check the balls of those who came to attend the meeting. The attendees filed in one by one. The guards checked their balls and sure enough each of them had no balls. Then one of the guards found out, two of them had one ball! They received instructions to identify who they were. Guess who were they? Zahid Hamidi and the former MP from Kedah who was deputy finance minister (I can't recall his name). They were allowed to go in. Then one of them had another problem. He reported to the boss, this one was flattened. The guard was reprimanded, stupid, don't u know that is Rafidah! Finally, the guard had the biggest problem. This time the guy they are checking had two balls. Boss said, check who is it. It was Anwar.

  27. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Haha... Nazri again.

    man with lidah bercabang dua

  28. pengiran said...
    Former son in law of Sultan Selangor,former MB and Former Mike Tyson of Malaysia has a track records...meaning to say...Scandalous? These politician are Politicalruptcy., check it out Nazri Aziz? About Raja Petra Kamaruddin's website Malaysia Today, angered some politician in authority? Is it an accusation of allegations about abuse of power and corruption? Why don't we look at Eric Chia case,Altantuya case,Sukhoi and Submarine and Dang Wangi police report? Check it out with Samy Velu or Nazri Aziz....??

  29. Anonymous4:42 pm

    as far as i m concern, what is the thing that is in the mind of this bunch of people, they are too childish coward,,dont they know that paper can't cover fire...truth will always prevail...long live RPK. u will never walk alone.

  30. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Ha! This ex MB was caught carrying a large sum of foreign currency into australia and was eventually acquited. Now he is adminted into the cabinet. This is Malaysia Boleh! Semua pun boleh!