Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A petition to sign

Investigate Malaysia Today's allegations. RPK has made some serious allegations [read here] against Muhammad Muhammad Taib, the former Selangor MB, who had lodged a police report against the website owner for allegedly insulting the King.

Sign this petition if you believe that these are serious allegations that Umno and the BN should investigate.

Latest from Malaysia Today:
Raja Petra Kamarudin has been summoned to the Dang Wangi Police Station, Jalan Staduim, at 11.00am today (25 July 2007) for his statement to be recorded with regards to the police report made by the Umno Information Chief. It is believed a second police report has also been made with regards to the article Raja Petra wrote called ‘See you in hell Muhamad son of Muhamad’.


  1. Anonymous10:33 am

    Wow!! A lapdog mainstream newspaper is loving every minute of it, finally the caption, "Action against Flaming Blogs" hit the streets. Almighty Nazi has declared war against disobedient blogs. "The government doesn't want to be seen as impotent or weak. The time has come to act against these people...."

    Formulating new laws to monitor and act against offending bloggers. And you bet these laws will be flimsily abused, interpreted and enforced according to their twisted and distorted interpretation just like other existing laws to serve their political agenda.

    Well, Nazi, this will be the platform for the next general election. See you at the campaign, I pray you will be re-contesting.


  2. Anonymous11:09 am


    Wow what a brilliant idea.

    You are asking a crook to check on another crook.

    If there is a small crook then there should be a bigger crook.

    What a surprised you can’t see that for yourself. Maybe you are too old and you need an x vision glasses or something?


  3. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Be read carefully.
    The petition is in support of Md.Taib.

  4. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Muhamad the son of Muhamad, see you in hell. And if I go there first I will wait at the gates of hell to greet you on your arrival, Muhamad the son of Muhamad. Ini Anak Raja Bugis bercakap yang mati dengan keris di dalam tangan.


  5. Anonymous1:19 pm

    New Petition...

    Citizens In Solidarity with Raja Petra and Freedom of Speech !

  6. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Lets sign up to petition an investigation against Taib; though you can expect no action from the Authorities.
    Its not about personality per se but what RPK has been trying to do for he benefit of the nation. Another commendable person is Dr Toh of Gerakan who believes in more space for democracy as well as freedom of speech and he walks the talk. Sadly, he is expected to be sidelined in the coming election for his stand which is not in line with the current government's repressive style.
    Do you all still believe what they said about freer press and more democratic space under this repressive regime?

  7. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Funny how quick our police are to act when it is someone of influence making a report. I and my partners, lodged a police report against a politically connected Dato, over a year ago for illegally imprisoning us, and to this day, nothing has transpired.Perhaps,heaven forbid,I should join the party.

  8. Anonymous4:15 pm

  9. Anonymous4:25 pm

    And the real reasons behind the Islamic State sandiwara and the persecution of Raja Petra is to cover up this:

    I think the blogging community will do Raja Petra justice if you all start asking some crucial questions on this issue.

  10. Anonymous5:11 pm

    abang ATTAN

    manusia selalu guna nafsu bila buat keputusan..
    suruh mat taib tanya apa dah jadi dengan aini taib..rakan kongsi lama.

  11. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Tindakbalas bertulis RPK terhadap tindakan ketua penerangan UMNO, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, membuat laporan polis terhadap dirinya serta difahami.

    Beliau berhak menyoal kejujuran, keamanahan, kesetiaan Muhammad Muhammad Taib, yang juga bekas menteri besar Selangor.

    RPK marah dan penulisannya menampakkan kemarahan. Tetapi saudara saya melihat lebih daripada itu apabila saya membacanya.

    Celaan, cacian, maki-hamun dan kenyataan mencabar kejantanan; itulah diantara unsur-unsur emosi yang saya nampak dalam penulisannya.

    Saya menghormati kemarahannya dan hak beliau untuk bertindak apabila maruahnya tercabar tetapi kali saya tidak dapat membawa diri saya untuk bersetuju dengan cara penulisannya walaupun tertera kebenaran didalamnya.

    Sebagai blogger yang tahu penulisannya diamati, ditelaah dan diterima orang ramai, beliau seharusnya lebih arif bahawa pembaca-pembacanya faham dan bersamanya dalam masa genting ini.

    Namun kali ini, penulisannya telah terlanjur. Saya tidak dapat lihat daripada penulisannya seorang yang dapat menahan desakan dan tekanan dengan tenang.

    Mungkin sekian lama beliau menulis dengan lantang tanpa menghiraukan kesannya keatas individu-individu yang dinamakan dalam penulisannya.

    Mungkin sekarang waktunya beliau juga dapat menguji diri beliau sejauhmana beliau dapat bertahan bahang penulisannya sendiri.

    Saya tidak bermaksud untuk merendahkan RPK kerana saya sendiri mengagumi penulisannya yang menampakkan suatu kebenaran, kematangan dan sifat tidak takut.

    Saya berharap sokongan moral yang diberikan oleh pembaca-pembacanya dan juga pengikut blog-blog lain akan menguatkan semangatnya untuk menulis dengan tenang seperti sebelum ini.

  12. No wonder the country is in such big mess. They got themselves so busy with bloggers instead of managing the country.

  13. Anonymous9:00 pm

    He is finally out of Dang Wangi!


  14. Anonymous10:50 pm

    This government stinks to high heaven. What AAB promised before the last election is all illusion, even our National anthem Nagaraku is an illusion under our sleeping PM and we have blogger friend who created Nagarakuku which is the reality. AAB dream of our National soccer team as the best in Asia in 2057 and see what? 0 - 5 lost and better ask him to put his face in a shit hole. With this kind of dreaming PM how many more steps are we moving backward? The govt still have time to go after bloggers? The country is going to the dog and you still do not care. I cry for you Malaysia.

  15. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Rocky, your link to the petition is a wrong one which support Md.Taib.

    This is the correct one :

  16. Anonymous12:08 am

    get as many signature as possible

  17. saudara pasir salak,

    reasons for RPK not holding back his *punches* when writing is because his blog-column already says it all : no-holds barred

    if he is holding back his *punches* it wouldn't be called no-hold-barred isn't it ?

  18. Anonymous3:15 am

    If the Govt really clamped down on bloggers then what can they do with sites such as which are outside of Malaysia.

  19. Anonymous6:23 am

    anon 11:43pm

    Read his entry again, carefully. MAYBE, the link is indeed the one Rocky menat to point us to.

    This para (emphasis in caps are mine)did make me pause for thought:

    "Sign this petition IF YOU BELIEVE that these are serious allegations that Umno and the BN should investigate."

    However, I do really hope I'm wrong, though. After all, I'm no journo, and my england not so powderful lah.


  20. Anonymous12:46 pm

    I may be brash, bold, proud, arrogant,(over)confident, cocksure, clever, well-connected BUT I would think a thousand times about slandering someone or hitting him/her below the belt, especially if the person hasn't done anything bad to me or my loved ones!

    So, in a sort of warped way, RPK is justified in "blaspheming" Muhammad2 because Muhammad2 did him in by lodging the police report and accusing him of high treason. You hit me so I hit you harder with all the skeletons in your cupboard tumbling down and out for all to see.

    But why does RPK have to drop the names of his royal family connections and his royal Bugis ancestry, including that of the Yang di Pertuan Agong.

    Mungkin terlajak ya RPK? Atau mungkin terbawa-bawa oleh darah
    Mat Salleh yang mengalir. Kalau benar darah Melayu tak bercampur Barat, tak kan sampai hati nak megheret masuk nama Raja dan saudara-mara di Raja. Apa kata mereka nanti? Sebab mungkin sepupu2 di Raja itu pun ada skeleton2 mereka sendiri.

    Saya tak kenal RPK dan tidak pernah berinteraksi dalam blognya yang popular itu. Tetapi saya pernah dengar tentang kehebatanya bersuara dan berceloteh.

    Saya pun tak kenal Muhammad2 tapi saya pernah dengar tentang kehebatan akademiknya(First Class Honours (Malay Studies) UM)serta kelantangan retorik politiknya. Tak kan tak tahu cakap dan faham bahasa Inggeris!

    Kedua-dua protagonis ini "handsome" kata orang Inggeris; "lawa" kata orang Melayu dulu; "segak dan tampan" kata orang Malaysia sekarang dan "cun" kata orang muda.

    Tapi di sebalik senyuman manis lelaki2 Melayu ini tersembunyi cita-cita merebut kuasa - kuasa politik dan kuasa media alternatif. Inilah hakikat dunia lelaki dan kecenderungan mereka merebut kuasa, suatu faktor psikologi yang tidak begitu ketara di kalangan wanita.

    Apa sudahnya semua ini? Sekali lagi Melayu lawan Melayu dan orang lain seronok sekali. Cuba lihat petition dan kiralah sendiri!

  21. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Am I the only one to have noticed it, but since when did one of our former IGP's move into Zakaria's mansion?

    Must have a good deal on the rent as surley he couldn't afford that on a government salary.Zakaria must have also thrown in a few cars including a BMW.Nice colour too. The car that is.

  22. Anonymous1:59 pm


    Itu rumah kepunyaan bekas IGP.

    Bukan rumah dia sewa dari Zakaria.

    Heran juga rumah bekas IGP di Shah Alam tu amat besar dan tersergam.

    Cuma nak tahu how former IGP with his salary can afford to build a mansion ah?

  23. Anonymous4:25 pm

    The Police are the lackeys of UMNO.

    This is fact. The proof? Just check how many Police report against members of UMNO get act upon and check how many Police reports by UNMO member get immediate attention!

  24. Anonymous1:10 am

    This may be rather late but related news, webtv8 , is currently showing the interview with Nathaniel Tan who was detained by the police sometime last week.

  25. Anonymous11:34 am


    It appeared that the ruling party to date did not take disciplinary action against its own delegates at its previous AGM for seditious remarks but now issuing stern warning and threats against bloggers. Remember, an almighty politician publicly said the party will take charge of disciplinary actions and not in the domain of the enforcement outside. Isn't this a gross double-standard and made another politician a fool by saying, no one is above the law?


  26. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Dear Pete and Valors,

    1 question. Why Singapore is so small but so kuat and Malaysia is transposed?

    There is a million words that I can drag out from my vocabs but I dont know much about Malaysian Laws(just a small kid here.)But everybody knows la.. Polis= Gangster that you fear. They are craving for the 30 bucks that you have in your pockets.

    Government- Do something la. Talk to much kok wanna catch RPK? Save some energy and teach your polis forces how to do their work la, dont just expect us to belanja them minum.

    Maybe they offer an incredible RM 5000 to catch our man. 1 saman only get RM 50, so thats 100 x better for 1 man.

    No wonder so hard working... ( not quite stupid afterall )

    Peace out.

    Sorry for the absurd language- but I’m born a Malaysia. I’ve always been taught this way. Just recently RPK( the gentleman) shows us some genuine writings- Respect.

    Peace out.

  27. Anonymous8:40 pm

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