Monday, July 23, 2007

Open Letter to Umno Youth

"Don't take us for granted". MCA Youth has sent out a strongly-worded advice to the Umno Youth so as to NOT take things for granted. It is particularly upset with Hishamuddin's demand that the MCA shuts up over the alleged fact that Malaysia is an Islamic - not secular - state.
I am reproducing their open letter to Umno Youth dated yesterday.

Surat terbuka kepada Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO

Kami, ahli-ahli muda MCA, menyokong penuh pendirian dan usaha murni MCA menyumbang kepada pembangunan negara dan rakyat Malaysia.
Kami membidas tindakan Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO yang memberi “Amaran kepada MCA” melalui akhbar Berita Harian (tajuk utama, Sabtu 21 Julai 2007) yang meneruskan politik polemik mengintepretasikan semula perlembagaan persekutuan Malaysia. Ini berlaku walaupun pada hari Khamis 19 Julai, 2007, Kementerian Dalam Negeri telah mengarahkan media arus perdana supaya jangan menyiarkan sebarang berita mengenai Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara Islam. Perbuatan Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO langsung tidak menghormati larangan yang telah dikeluarkan oleh KDN yang mewakili kerajaan negara.
Kenyataan Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO terhadap pemimpin MCA yang merupakan rakan kongsi utama BN, tidak membawa manfaat kepada sesiapa kerana ia tidak membawa kebaikan kepada mana-mana pihak.
Kami memberi nasihat ikhlas kepada Ketua Pemuda UMNO supaya mengingati semangat BN yang telah menjadi teras kerjasama dan muafakat selama 49 tahun Malaysia merdeka. Perbuatan mengeluarkan amaran terhadap sesebuah rakankongsi seperjuangan BN juga memperlekehkan semangat toleransi, hormat-menghormati dan bermuafakat.
Kami menyarankan pihak yang berkenaan seupaya melihat Perlembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia secara menyeluruh, bukannya mengambil sesuatu fasal atau fakta secara terasing kerana ini tindakan pihak yang jahil mengenai latar belakang, semangat dan kesefahaman yang telah dipersetujui di antara semua rakyat Malaysia yang menjadi teras membawa kepada pembentukan negara Malaysia yang merdeka.

Leadership Development Bureau
MCA Bangsar/22 July 2007


  1. Anonymous5:40 am


  2. Interesting development. Lets see whether he is got the balls to brandish his keris again.

  3. Bru, cant help but to conclude that this just sounds like another sandiwara in preparation for the looming elections. UM...u..NO...hint hint, which translates to malay votes, yet again miss-uses islam for personal reasons and M...the...CA(UM....u...NO's ever faithful biatch)as planned counter attacks supposedly out of concern for their own kind. Sounds like a win win solution to me! Sorry to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but what more can you expect from this escapade when 'BOLEH' is our national motto.

  4. before we get terribly excited thinking that the letter represents the thougths of the entire MCA youth, take note at the bottom, it's "signed" by Leadership Development Bureau
    MCA Bangsar, not MCA or MCA Malayisa.
    This is just a branch protest.
    It would be interesting though, to see what happens to these young fellas after one year.

  5. Ok. I may be missing something here. I'm not too familiar with Malaysian politics.
    i understand that the MCA Youth is angry with Hishamuddin for issuing the warning to them.
    But rapping him for not "abiding" by the Home Affairs Ministry's directive to the mainstream media to not publish statements in the issue?

    On one hand you want to discuss the issue, on the other you're ok with such directive.

    Ok, so I maybe making something of nothing.


  6. Anonymous8:35 am

    That's the trouble with Malaysians and their reluctance to grasp an issue at a more philosophical, ideological level!

    Instead of presenting a rational, logical explication of what constitutes an Islamic/ non- Islamic nation, they are quick to jump either on the aggressive or defensive.

    Both UMNO Youth and the MCA are guilty of "bad intention" and a hidden political agenda.

    Definitely, it is not for them to resolve this highly-charged ideological/philosophical debate. They do not have the knowledge or wisdom. They will only confuse the public and the political environment and mood.

    But I seriously think this is their intention prior to the elections! They want to gain political mileage and leverage!

    Let's challenge them to explain in depth what they mean by an Islamic/ non Islamic governance!

  7. Anonymous9:06 am

    i get the funny feeling this is all a wayang kulit..........
    elections must be near, and we must champion our own because we are racist, intolerant and everybody seems to buy that...

    well NOT ME...

  8. These are all the symptoms. The main cause if a weak leadership with a sub standard intelligence.
    The country must be controlled from the centre but with a weak leadership everyone on the bottom rungs wants to have his way.
    Thus, a nation on auto-pilot.
    This is gutter politics and will do the nation no good.

  9. Anonymous9:47 am

    Malaysia will be very much well off if the politicians stop being the 'batu api' to incite racism to be popular. Obviously the politicians prefer to play the racism card than to work to unite the people. On one hand, the national agenda calls for the unity among her multi racial society and on the other hand, the leaders are busy politicking trying to be the champion of their own race.

    I wish these sandiwara will stop. With Pak Lah's weak leadership, this is going to get worse.

  10. Anonymous9:55 am

    Umno Youth and MCA Youth.ooooooo how nice of them having 'coffee' together.

  11. Anonymous10:00 am

    It will be interesting to see how our supposedly future Malay(sian)leaders respond to this unprecedented open letter from MCA Youth or they will just meekly cower to one corner and keep quiet hoping that Najib or the PM will make a statement to once again rescue the UMNO Youth.

  12. Anonymous10:07 am

    PKR, DAP, PAS, CAP KAPAK, PAYUNG....You have my vote.

    I beg ALL READERS to start voting for the opposition. They are definately better than the BN COALITION.

  13. All racial parties should deregister
    These parties only play race as its agendas
    Look at the party constitution
    Fighting for race……………..

    I rather these parties merged
    Like US of A
    Democrats or Republicans
    So the country can transform
    Into a world power some day

    The 50 years of independence
    We are still bashing with racial card
    I don’t see an end to this foolishness
    Until the party leaders realize
    “You can’t fool people all the time”

    The founder of UMNO
    He had the foresight in his time
    But his brothers in the party
    Didn’t believe in him
    Maybe they called him mad
    Suggesting this radical approach then

    In this century why wait?
    I see we don’t have good leaders
    Fighting for the country
    It is all about race
    Pity Malaysia
    Nobody wants to fight for you

    Where is Malaysia?
    She isn’t a race mind you
    It is our country
    The place of our birth
    The journey of our homes

    What Sam says
    He has no manners in his bones
    Pity his grandfather and his father
    They had the foresight to know
    He should go back study the Constitution

    Malaysia is not an Islamic State
    She will never be one in this country
    In her birth certificate
    She is recorded as a Secular State
    So don’t change her status
    Our founding fathers inked it so!

  14. Anonymous10:29 am

    Bro Rocky,

    ha...ha...this letter is spun by someone from a "puppeteer blogger" and later got consent from Bangsar to be posted.

    This letter would have carry more weight if it is from the MCA Youth Chief. But I doubt he has the guts, he has failed to obtain an apology from the Oxfart Chief and the community is still waiting for that apology.

    Birdie madmonk

  15. Rocky,

    It is time that BN component parties stood up against UMNO hegemony. MIC is very silent. Why, Samy, why? What is happening to Keng Yaik at Gerakan and his successor, Koh Tsu Kun? Tidor kah?

    Hishamuddin is just a parrot.Most of the time, he does not know what he is saying, or doing. He is also warming the seat of UMNO Youth Ketua for Khairy Jamaluddin, and is actually a puppet.

    Never allow politicians to play the racial or religion card. It is time we stood up and show that the BN enough is enough. Go out and register to vote and make your wote count at election time.

  16. Just get out from that f*cked up coalition if they(MCA) still have self-respect. Action speaks louder than foolish talk.

  17. Anonymous12:23 pm

    woo... finally some steel balls from mca, would be interesting to see how kerishamuddin, kj and co. responds to this. wonder if the government controlled media reported this incident. so atm it's 1 : 1. will umno youth stick another one up mca's arse? we will see...

  18. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Pertamanya, saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada saudara kerana menggunakan ruangan (space) blog saudara untuk menyiarkan beberapa isu yang penting untuk bicara semua.

    Saudara, malang sungguh apabila media aliran perdana (mainstream media) dibudak-budakkan; ini tak boleh siar, itu tak boleh dicetak.

    Kecewa hati lagi apabila rakyat pula dibudak-budakkan; ini tak boleh baca, itu tak boleh dijamah.

    Nampaknya pemain-pemain politik negara mahu membodohkan rakyat dengan terus menyekat perbincangan secara telus dan terang.

    Tetapi, lebih malang apabila ada media aliran perdana yang bersekongkol dengan pemain politik berminda cetek ini untuk mempertahankan agenda yang diragui hakikatnya.

    Isu negara Islam, dalam konteks perbalahan lisan diantara Umno dengan MCA, adalah satu permainan politik semata-mata. Jangan kita terbawa-bawa dengan agenda politik mereka seperti negara Islam, dasar-dasar ekonomi dan agenda-agenda pembangunan.

    Sesungguhnya, saya berpendapat bloggers seperti saudara, Jeff Ooi, Aisehman dan banyak lagi yang lain dapat memainkan peranan yang lebih penting dalam menjana perbincangan yang telus, objektif dan berpersepsi khususnya dalam isu-isu yang dilihat sebagai sensitif.

    Memang kita terpaksa akur bahawa media aliran perdana dikongkong oleh pihak berkuasa yang mempunyai 'bias' dan 'prejudice' mereka.

    Tetapi, yang menyedihkan ialah apabila mereka (media) juga bersekongkol (in cohoots) dengan pihak berkuasa yang digelar 'kerajaan'.

    Harapan saya agar bloggers seperti saudara dan yang lain dapat memainkan peranan penting dalam membawa kesedaran bahawa kesejahteraan dan kebebasan negara kita khususnya daripada segi memelihara keluhuran perlembagaan itu penting.

    Inilah yang perlu diketengahkan selain daripada hak-hak asasi peribadi setiap insan bergelar 'Malaysian'.

    Bloggers, dalam kapasiti individu, sekarang mempunyai kuasa untuk mengubah cara berfikir masyarakat. Gunakanlan peluang ini untuk kebaikan negara dan masyarakat.

    Ini kerana media arus perdana dan pemimpin negara sudah tidak peduli (abrogated) dengan suara rakyat dalam isu-isu kenegaraan.

  19. dah pernah tonton wayang ni. tau aje buat plot agama dan kaum - bosanlah wayang BN!

  20. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Findng the guts to counter najib's statement is one thing and... now having the balls telling this racist guy to toe the line.

    Finally... after 49 years, they decided to be useful.

    But then again,they still won't get my vote...too late & too much damages.

  21. Anonymous1:28 pm

    MCA did just the right thing by forwarding a strongly-worded letter to UMNO Youth. After nearly 50 years of independence we still have 'gunho politicians' who shoot first and ask questions later. In Hisham's case, he is opening his loud mouth first and thinking of the consequences only later! This has been the trend among UMNO politicians lately.

    Peninsula politicians have a lot to learn from Sarawak politicians and its peace-loving people. While in Sarawak the politcians (including from the opposition) choose their words carefully, their brothers and sisters in the Peninsula appear to adopt the "couldn't-care-less or anything goes" attitude when making their speeches.

    May I invite UMNO politicians or for that matter BN politicians to come to our peaceful state and have a crash course on stability, peace, harmony and tolerance.

    There is a general feeling that Sarawak SHOULD never allow UMNO to set foot on its shores. Their form of politics will upset the political balance which we have enjoyed since 1963, the day we decided to be part of Malaysia.

    We have PBB, SUPP, PRS, SPDP. These parties can take care of the interests of all the communities. We don't need racial parties in The Land of The Hornbil.

    In Sarawak, we have Malays, Melanaus, Dayaks, Javanese, Chinese, Eurasians and Indians all eating in the same coffee shops without feeling uneasy.

    So why disturb the status quo. WE WANT UMNO OUT!


  22. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Election sandiwara has started. So what is next? Just wait and see lo.

    RPK/MT posted that a police report will be filed against MT. Trying to cut of a source of info that hurts BN/UMNO. Well election is near lo!!!!

  23. Anonymous3:55 pm

    What has Malaysia come to? An Islamic State or Not?

    Saying Malaysia is an Islamic State but practices something else and calling a Christian (Lina Joy) a Muslim is most bizarre.

    I think Malaysia is truly f..ked.

  24. Anonymous3:59 pm

    abang attan..

    zaman mula berubah..
    ini berlaku bila Melayu sudah mula hayal dan asyik mengejar jawatan serta duniawi.peminpin melayu mula berkata jangan ada pertandingan merubut jawatan dan kena jaga parti.mereka lupa bahawa kris mereka hanya berada di arkid negara.ini tanah air kita ..jika melayu masih lagi hayal..kita kena suruh permuda melayu tanya YTL/GENTING/PETRICK LIM suruh mereka ni tolong betul keadaan.

    IMAN yang hanya mampu membawa melayu pergi lebih jauh..

    "akhir sekali melayu akan menjadi seperti burung wak wak,,spesis yang terlindung" ini belaku kerana peminpin nya yang hanyal nak jadi calon wakil rakyat/dan nak berebut kuasa pada pemilihan parti nya..

    "raman palil berkata pada saya,,kalau khir toyo tak nak kekal dia sekali lagi.dia akan lawan sampai mati"

    ini dia perminpin melayu..zakaria klang di telanjang kerana hasat dengki..seolah olah dia bersalah..

    hishamuddin,khir toyo,musa aman,zahid hamidi,mahathir khalid, ..sibuk nak lawan NAIB PRESIDEN..ini perminpin melayu..


  25. Bro,
    Why is the UMNO young turks bitching about now ?
    Have we all as tax-payers and citizens got a damn right to question the state of affairs and the stand the PM is taking on the status of "islamic or secular" Malaysia?
    Isn't the taxes paid by the non- malays ( which also comes from "duit haram" or gaming and alcohol tax) count, as I have a divine right to know...I just want to know why this fuss ??Sheeesh !
    One thing I know is this country is in a state of DENIAL !

  26. Anonymous5:17 pm


    Mark my words....there will be an open announcement of a "cease-fire" and the U Must Not Object Youth chief will also denied that he had issued a warning to MCA. Everything rests in peace (that's what they hope and think) until the next UMNO AGM. Until then, my prediction rests...also in peace.


  27. finally the puppy barks but why the old dogs didn't? they should all bark together then the pussyfoots will know who is louder and bigger

  28. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Cool! The MCA boys has got balls. Kerishamudin and his fighter cocks should realise that this is a question that affects all.

    Instead of a dialogue of understanding, Umno Youth does its usual swaggering and posturing. Grow up.

    History has often been written by the winners, they say. But conveniently rewriting history to suit the prevailing political position will not hold water anymore.

    If I was not mistaken, A Voice brought up the distinction between Islamic State and Islamic Nation. It's useful to know the difference before this ugly swaggering continues.

  29. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Hey Rocks, me went Googling and found this stuff that I'd like to share.

    Maybe this is only indirectly related to ur post, but what discussion TPTB didn't permit on mainstream media, maybe we the Netizens can discuss and illuminate for each other?

    Also, Wikipedia kata gini gini. Betul ke?

  30. Anonymous11:57 pm


    Oh well what is new. Another script for the GE.

    Try harder.


  31. It looks like BN is falling into pieces juz before the elections!! hehe

  32. Anonymous11:55 am

    Actually 'whats is going on?'

  33. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Pemuda Umno, MCA bersandiwara cetus sentimen perkauman
    M Khaleel Kas
    Tue | Jul 24, 07 | 03:27:28 PM
    KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Julai (Hrkh) - Serangan Pemuda MCA ke atas Pemuda Umno adalah tidak lebih sekadar sandiwara semata-mata demi mendapatkan sokongan masyarakat Cina dengan membakar sentimen perkauman.

    Sila layari untuk Laman Utama English Section atau untuk melayari HarakahDaily.Net menggunakan telefon bimbit GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) anda.

  34. Anonymous7:36 am


    I agree totally with Pasir Salak that credible and responsible bloggers must uphold the aspirations of the nation and not contribute to its decay and deterioration be it political, economic, moral or spiritual.

    Yes, there are fools and imbeciles among us as in other communities. But we must not fall into the trap of being smashed face down into our own S--T, i.e. the mess or socio-political disarray of our own thinking/making!

    We must imbibe knowledge and wisdom and use them to pursue nobler objectives to rise above the self and the selfish!

    If we say we love our "tanah tumpah darah" we must demonstrate this - not by hitting out at each other and at the government of the day, but by good counsel and advice!

    Of course there are opportunists and imbeciles among those entrusted with authority and power! It is for us to win them over with good argument and argumentation.

    And the mainstream media is not always bad either. To slander them is to show your own inadequacy!

    I know I'm going to get a bashing for being "holier than thou" but this is my ijtihad Rocky!

    And I'm proud to be a "stick in the mud" sometimes and the "devil's advocate" at other times!

    And I'm not just a fickle or inconsistent old female fart - just a very real and realistic Malaysian!

  35. Anonymous2:27 pm

    election is coming. MCA fells are desperate and must show that they have the balls to stand up to UMNO else they will face the backlash from the voters. After election, I bet it will be back to norma, you know whatlah.

  36. A cheerful post from OFF. Everyone would like that. But that is exactly what a misguided government would want too, because the OFFs of this country would help it to neutralize those recalcitrants who keep on being thorns in its side, trying to expose what it is trying to hide or what it wants to continue doing - which is to make all the citizens of this country do exactly as desired by the few who wield power to serve their own ends unbalanced by good governance.

    We are seeing double standards. If the malay oligarchs can make racial and even gender slurs and then get away with it, why should they be allowed to clamp down on others who happen to fall into the same situation while trying to highlight the ills caused by these malay oligarchs?

    If we are seeing menteri besars carry suitcases of money in foreign land whose amount would be too large for it not to have been electronically transferred if it had actually belonged to a company, a reason adduced for the travesty of international laws, then would the OFFs continue to close one eye in order to maintain the calm beatitude of innocence?

    If we are seeing exceptionally bright scholars denied their earned right to university places and government support when they are no less citizens of this country which has called for their national loyalty to King and country, would anyone be able to stand aside and not be moved beyond tears?

    If we are told that all the brinkmanship of local politics is to create a level playing field, would the OFFs of this country accept that you can't create a level playing field by digging a hole for one, and then heaping the shit on another?

    If we are told not to talk about all this, would the OFFs of this country say that is the right thing to do as civil citizens even if to be so one has to suspend all sense of justice and sensitivity to good principles?

    How is anyone who really cares for this nation going to be able to enjoy a day of peace and serenity, a good meal, a warm bath, a cosy serenade with a buxomic and hot woma, if he remembers that for every moment of his apathy, someone else is being bullied in full public view by a bunch of arrogant nitwits who think their jaguh kampung mentality is all that is needed to surmount the assault of a globalized world?

    In one of the NEP episodes being shown on TV, the moderator excused that the malays have their own situation which calls for special treatment. What about the indians, and the poor Chinese, ibans, dayaks etc? Furthermore, if you are looking to progress this country, you should be going by standards chased by the best in the world, not those set by the ambitious and arrogant but subqualified twirts who rule this land. And the first thing you learn from the best in the world is that they don't give a shit (excuse me) for your special situations. They are only concerned with the best they can buy from your country.

    Now tell me, can this post qualify as sound advice or is it rhetorical hell-raising slur against racial and religious sensitivities?

    I would rather it be the latter if it hits the truth button, than the former if it hits the erase button.
    Being erased will be all of us, not just this country's future.

    walla of arabia.

  37. Anonymous8:37 am

    Dear Walla

    Obviously you have misread me but there is nothing I can do to stop you interpreting what I posted against the wider background of your understanding and perceptions.

    This is part of the "context" of interpretation of verbal and non-verbal communication expounded in the theory of RELEVANCE (Sperber and Wilson 1986).

    The human mind selects what is relevant to it and accepts that to be the interpretation.

    Congratulations on proving this theory right!

    But how frightening the implications of this human cognitive capacity!

  38. Thanks for responding, OFF.

    Let's take one:

    "Of course there are opportunists and imbeciles among those entrusted with authority and power! It is for us to win them over with good argument and argumentation."

    Please tell me how you would win them over with any example you would care to name.

    How you respond to this will provide new evidence for selective cognition.

  39. Anonymous5:28 am

    If you will give me your email contact I will forward you a fresh perspective on corruption which can counter current "political" thinking. But I must warn you it may be unacceptable by way of the "truth" it reveals!

    It may be beyond the comprehension of the general blog readership but you show signs of great enlightenment! So perhaps I will share it with you!

  40. Anonymous4:23 pm

    haha stupid drama once for every five years.

    if they have the guts to fart out loud like that, i'm pretty sure they can do more than just beating around the bush,....

    but too bad, drama is drama.

    everybody mostly orang kampungs are fooled over and over again, once every five years.


  41. thanks, OFF.


    much appreciated, and pls don't take to heart the bite of my write.

    i never mean anyone any harm.

    just can't stand still and see the country go down; it's probably the last thing i can do for her, this old lady.

    at the end of the day, we must care for one another.

    a socialist e-friend said it like this:

    "share and care; there's enough for everyone".

    i pride myself that despite my rantings, i could relate to it..instantly.

    we all have good intentions for everyone, but it seems the system in place at the moment prevents those good feelings from growing.

    as we reach fifty, that shouldn't be so; someone at fifty should already have the emotions and place in the world aligned to the stars.