Friday, July 20, 2007

Not before end-Sept, says EC

We are not ready yet, EC chief says. Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman has explained here why the general election won't happen next month. In fact, the EC chairman says, the EC won't be up to hold a general election until end-September. Basically, it needs time to train the 200,000 election workers from throughout the country.
The GE must be held by 20 March 2009.
Did you know?
RM220 million is the amount of money the EC will spend to organize the next GE
RM100 million is the additional amount it will need to buy new equipment, including transparent ballot boxes
RM40 million is the additional amount if the government decides to use biometric (finger print) identification system.


  1. Anonymous9:40 pm

    "wake me up, when September ends".

    dedicated to PokLah.

  2. This country is never ready for anything.

    We were just writing a piece on the CYC but many don't realise it's starting Aug 5. The same goes for other events.

    If the GE is held too late, it'll be BN's loss as the people will forget about the pay hike and other related matters.

    But then again, some are hoping for more juicy stuff to be revealed in the Altantuya case which they believe could be the fall of several noted personalities- have to be careful with the choice of words these days :)

    -creamcrackers crew-

  3. Why should so much of the peoples' money go out whose only result is to elect ultras and f-graders whose only skill and remit are to abuse the peoples who vote them?

    it's like widening the road to cater for more traffic and then putting in dividers by the side to prevent parking.

    in this country, one must be half-mad in order to just stay sane.

    rocky is a good man.

  4. This is a rip off
    Years of doing GE
    Aren’t got the rhythm yet?
    What happen to years of experience?

    And millions just to do it
    Retraining staff to handle
    Somewhere there must be gravy holes
    One gets the key
    The golden rays of brilliant light

    Don’t hear hundred thousands now
    It is always millions opening remark
    Taxpayers’ pockets full of tightening holes
    The EC wants millions to do its jobs
    Yet complaints of yesterday GE
    Never heading to find a solution

    Here it goes
    “I am ready
    Give me the money”

    EC must be ready
    Every time through the years
    This is how efficiency set in
    What happens when there is a snap election?

    Right now PM will write in money
    Put a sign on his door
    “Don’t disturb me no more
    I have other business to take care
    Call me when it is ready”

  5. Anonymous11:19 am

    Wah! So much money to be spent on a democratic process when there's no democracy? Fuyoh! Like this, no wonder there's more and more rich people in BN! - Amir

  6. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Wah, now the Election Commission can TELL Pokemon when HE can hold elections.

    Pokemon is now being dictated by just about everybody. He is so powerless and isolated, so he runs to his hideaway in Perth to sulk with his new found love. And he lets his "Islamic state" fall apart. Oh, woe! Try the other Nipple, Pokemon.