Friday, July 20, 2007

Edward de Bono award for Najib

Educating Malaysians. The DPM will receive the Association of Business Executive-Edward de Bono Gold Medal for his achievements in Malaysia's education award on August 27. De Bono himself will present Najib with the award. Bernama has the details here.
If Najib becomes the PM, I hope he'll educate the people at the Internal Security Ministry who issued the directive to the mainstream media to black out news on the issue of Malaysia being an Islamic state, not a secular one.
When Najib said Malaysia is an Islamic state, I am sure he wanted a healthy debate to follow. Looks like some people don't want that to happen.


  1. Anonymous11:13 pm

    eh? Edward De Bono? Award? Najib?

    For all we know, he probably ordered the Ministry to do the black out thing.

    BTW Rocky, wot do u think? Ni Malaysia Islamic State or not?

  2. Anonymous11:55 pm

    ...for his achievements in Malaysia's education

    achievements? what achievements?

    his crowning glory to date is being posterboy for nepotism.

  3. Anonymous12:01 am

    At first I thought it was Bono himself who would give the award to Nojib :)

    De Bono: Congrats Najib boy! You are a fine chap indeed. That is why I am extending this to you

    Nojib: Eh....thank you thank you. My wife is so happy for me. This will make up for my past mistakes

    De Bono: Mistakes..?

    Nojib: Apa TU..YA, AL Gore and TAN Cheng Lock.

    De Bono: What are u babbling about.

    Nojib: errr...nothing.

  4. An education award for someone who is suspected of preventing discourse on the Consitution ? The Edward de Bono selection panel have been hoodwinked !

    Is Malaysia an Islamic State ? The last time I looked, the Consitution has not been changed and our founding fathers had a secular state in mind and have expressed it as so. Are there historical revisionists at work ?

  5. Mungkin para pemimpin Barisan Nasional telah terlalu lama menerajui kerajaan sehingga lupa perbezaan di antara falsafah Negara Malaysia dengan falsafah pentadbiran Malaysia.

    Sesungguhnya Barisan Nasional adalah hanya satu gabungan parti-parti politik.

    Barisan Nasional bukan Malaysia!

    Vote BN out and vote for SiPM instead!

  6. Yes, we are an Islamic State. It feels like one, anyway. What with moral police etc. Bad enough that majority poor in this country are Muslim. Adding in the insult of policing our youth to the extend that all of them join forces to form ‘rempit’, just to let off steam! A real case of Fear Factor - Cant do this, cant touch, cant show love, cant go there…..!

    Dear DPM, to get a cheap vote from Muslim by playing religion game for political sake will harm our country in the long run and a big insult to Islam. What is your choice of school for your offspring? International School or National school? My guess is right. Why go to National school and end up being brain wash by some over-zealous Islamic teachers and end up being a rempit!

    Do I need this kind of LEADER who ‘Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin?”

  7. Anonymous7:30 am

    Bono from U2 I know.
    Edward de Bono ...I don't know.
    But award for Najib?

  8. Anonymous7:33 am

    Sorry Bru, long time no show. Sabbath man. Since getting booted out of the NST by the Kalli Gang, have time for sabbath.

    Better education award for Najib than Father of K-Econony award given to Abdullah Badawi by his own minister Jammaluddin Jarjis.

    Heard our love birds are on honeymoon again. Perth?

  9. Sdr Rocky Bru,

    Patutlah Mohd Najib "diherdik" mengenai kenyataan Negara Islam itu.

    Malaysia bukan negara Islam sebarangan.

    Mohd Najib terlupa menyatakan bahawa Malaysia bukan Negara Islam yang biasa.

    Malaysia adalah Negera Islam Hadhari.

    Terima kasih.

  10. The ABE is not that prestigious; deBono must have been recruited for marketing reason both-ways.

    Any association that give awards for pecadilloes?

    that's not an esotic type of nut like pistachio.

  11. Give credit where it is due. For Najib to get and presented by Bono himself, it is an acknowledgement of his ability. It is not like getting honorary doctorate from strange unknown University.

    Najib's commented "Negara Islam". Does it mean ISlamic Nation or Islamic State?

    These DAP and PKR yokoos is going much a do about nothing. It election time ... this is a mere act of wooing the Malay electorate.

  12. Anonymous9:26 am

    Similar award from Tony Buzan to Ling Liong Sik. Expect more training courses by Bono

  13. Anonymous9:59 am

    Can the Mr Tong, Mr Ong, Mr Boh Mr Doe ... not jump over nothing on Najib's Islamic State remark!!! Laterral thinking Najib is killing two birds with one stone. Sorry I forgot Mr Poodah!!!

    We are no Islamic State like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, get it!!!

    When Tunku Abdul Rahman and Hussein Onn spoke of Malaysia not Islamic State, he doesn't wanna it to come to be like hudud and stuff. You see any chopping of hand? No. Are we going in that direction? No. WTF all these worries and Jeff Ooi on war cry.

    But we are no Secular State, either. The Constitution declare Islam as religion of the federation. It acknowledge Syariah Court and defines it as beyond the jurisdiction of the Civil Court. The Constitution allows Federal and State budget for Islamic institutions and administration.

    Does it fringe on other non Muslim? No lah. Your right to is not infringe upon. Article 11(3)clearly says each religion administers its own. Administering requires procedures, policies, documents, process, and all those stuff. Case of Siti Fatimah, Kamariah Ali, Azlina Jeilani, Subashini, etc. is abt that. Ntg abt infringing of anything.

    Stop hearing all thsese yoko like Malik Imtiaz, Harris Ibrahim, and SIS keep saying? Constitution is supreme.

    When all are done according to the law, they use human rights and universal issue lah. Don't BS. What abt Suzy Teo, why they did not defend her right as akil baligh to convert to islam.

    Why Islam get special attention? Other religion has no law or special mentioning in Constitution.

    Najib comment that Malaysia is a negara islam is a bait. Remember Malaysia or Malaya or Tanah Melayu or whatever preceding Government here are ISlamic Government. Historically it is so way way way before Paremeswara came to Melaka with documenst available as early as the 1130s. This 2007 ... more than 850 years.

    All these interfaith issues prevailign are just anti religion anarchist fighting agst the idea of religion. First target are Islam, Muslim and its institution. Then it will be a religion near you.

    I believe in religion and promote religion!!! Not anti religion faking as fighting for other religion.

  14. Anonymous10:00 am

    Of course Malaysia is an islamic state:
    We have the largest casino in asia with ex-igp (a muslim) as chairman - of course they are moving to non-islamic states now (good foresight) after making zillions;

    we also have one of the biggest breweries with record beer and stout sales, all listed on the stock exchange;

    the bintang walk and imbi area is well known to tourists and locals alike for karaoke lounges, bars and massage parlours (not the traditional kind, mind you);

    our youngsters (and some old ones too)consume alcohol and drugs and enjoy all the western (non-muslim type) entertainment - (is there such a thing as muslim entertainment?);

    Money is god to most of our people;

    Yes, we are an islamic state!

  15. Anonymous11:23 am

    abang attan,,









  16. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Isu Malaysia negara Islam ataupun bukan memang sukar dijawab. Sebagai seorang Muslim dan Melayu memang ramai mahu ini negara dikenali sebagai negara Islam.

    Tetapi, itu cuma apa yang orang suka berfikir. Hakikat itu berlainan. Sekarang ini isu sudah dipolitikkan. Sememangnya ia bermula dengan Dr Mahathir pada tahun 2001.

    Itu 2001 'announcement' pun satu permainan politik juga. Sekarang Najib punya 'statement' pun permainan politik juga.

    Tetapi janganlah kita cuba 'jump the gun' dalam isu ini. Sebagai rakyat negara yang kemerdekaannya ditentukan oleh pakatan semua kaum-kaum besar yang pelbagai agamanya, kita patut berwaspada dengan permainan politik pemimpin sekarang.

    Ini kerana pemimpin zaman kemerdekaan yang telah mendapatkan kebebasan untuk negara ini sudah tiada lagi untuk berhujah intipati kontrak sosial tahun 1957.

    Yang kita ada sekarang adalah 'paper-cuttings' kenyataan-kenyataan oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman dan Tun Hussein pada awal tahun 1980an selepas Dr Mahathir menjadi PM.

    Kedua-dua mereka Muslim dan Melayu tetapi mereka faham intipati kontrak sosial 1957 dan mereka telah katakan bahawa negara ini sekular. Ini juga telah disahkan oleh Mahkamah Agong kemudiannya.

    Jadi saya rasa (pandangan peribadi) jangan kita hancurkan negara kita dengan permainan politik orang yang berkepentingan sendiri. Yang penting adalah untuk memahami sejarah dan kandungan kontrak sosial 1957 itu.

    Jika ia membawa maksud bahawa negara ini sekular maka biarlah kita berjuang untuk menegakkan kebenaran itu. Pucuknya ini negara milik siapa? Jangan kita lupa pengorbanan dan khidmat jasa semua kaum.

    Tidak ada guna kita laung 'unity' dengan mengangkat tangan ke langit kalau ditangan lain kita pegang kuat 'chura' yang mahu membunuh 'unity'.

    Apa bezanya de bono dengan najib. semua pandai berkata-kata sahaja. semua ada kepentingan sendiri. jangan biar ideologi kumpulan memesong akidah peribadi diri. Sekian sahaja saudara rocky.

  17. Bro,
    It was Pas with all its "Talibanism" that we were afraid of then...and along comes this towering UMNO wira to actually reaffirm this dreaded talk of Malaysia being a Islamic state !
    Are we not free to be Malaysians without classifying us as non-secular ? What did the Reid Report and the Federal Constitution promise Malaysians ? Maybe Najib should read what his father and his predecessors spoke of ! Or is this his actual take of Malaysia ? Sheeesh, bro, we are truely surrounded by half-baked politicians. Now I shudder to think of this country's future if he comes into power as PM !

  18. And he gets an award for this ?????

  19. Anonymous12:47 pm

    ... and the Mcdunno award for Badawi ..

  20. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Of coz we are in an Islamic state.
    What makes you think otherwise?
    We got ... among other things...

    1. Genting Highland
    - for gambling.
    2. Magnum 4D
    3. Sports Toto
    4. Da Ma Cai
    5. Turf Club Horses
    6. Carlsberg manufacturing plant at the front door of Shah Alam.
    7. Guiness Anchor Berhad manufacturing plant -
    right smack of Petaling Jaya.
    8. Rumah Urut - Batin. Hidden under tradisional massage.
    9. Pubs with girlie prostitutes.
    10. International GRO -
    Karaoke at joint.
    11. Rear Pigs in Bukit Pelanduk.
    12. Sell Beers & Liquer at Seven Eleven.

    We are an Islamic Country.
    I can confirm that!

    John Labu.

  21. de Bono's first book was "Use Your Head" before his "Seven Hats" and "Mind Mapping" series. With what's going on I wonder if this award is a bit ironic and faultily incongruous. Can u find out if these awards can be purchased locally.

  22. Why so much debate on Islamic State?
    Its just some terminology..
    changes nothing for ordinary malaysians and shud not change.

    Its better to have a state like malaysia be branded as Islamic than Afghanistan, Iran etc?
    Its shows the muslim world of a positive direction towards the way malaysia has been rather take up on autocratic societies.

    PPL can call it what they want it.
    In the end its just a terminology..
    Those who say its not islamic - cos they dun see it like Iran.
    Those who say not secular - cos they dun see it like Turkey, France, US..

    Obviosly Malaysia is at neither extreme. Malaysia does have its religious afflictions towards Islam and spends money in promoting it, not like Turkey where Islam is out of bonds and tudungs banned in Govt offices.

  23. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Edward de Umno has no choice. He makes alot of money from Bolehland and wants to suck more money from us suckers who just want to see and listen to him talk cock and be "entertained".

    Anybody learnt anything from him? Can you apply anything that you have "learnt" from him in Bolehland when we are told to just "shut up" and be a good lackey?

  24. Yeah, Edward de Bono's businesses have a lot of training and consultancy with both the Malaysian government and various government linked agencies. Quid Pro Quo, eh ?
    deBono's greatest contribution to the world has been to help train people to open up their minds to wider creative possibilities.
    After last week's episode, Najib's largest contribution may be to shut Malaysian minds more tightly than ever.
    What a sad contradiction !

  25. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Wat, tat E-r-ection Gimmick again?

    TDM tried it once & it went down (or is it up?) well once!

    Come on guys, first, Malays shud not depend on handouts, now Malaysia is an Islamic state. Pleases both side, doesn't it? I see an erection coming up!

    BTW, the statement is correct though.

    A secular state has an official religion, practise most of syariah laws with a syariah court?

    Guys, r u living in a dreamyland! The constitution does not have to have the exact words written to make this land an Islamic state. Just wise up! It's a de facto status whether we like it or not!

  26. Anonymous6:46 pm

    there are voices who justify anything when election comes near. well, if so, apart from this Islamic State issue, its alrite if there are more keris waving exercises to get more votes.In any event, this keris waving Minister has already told MCA to shut up.
    Rocky, I fear for you if you continue writing on this "sensitive" issue. They may do a "Nat" on you. take care Rocky and may Go always bless you.

  27. Anonymous9:27 pm

    is this de Boner award? if so, then Najib deserves it.

  28. Anonymous12:06 am

    It was reported that the selection panel of this award feels our DPM has done much to our country's education by 'bringing in' twinning programs in the mid 1990's ladies and gentlemen. It was a very challenging task you know.... Shortlisting all these overseas universities and matching them with our local colleges you see. You need great Lateral Thinking skills to do this kind of stuff I guess, right? By the way, our DPM is practising De Bono's Six Value Medals since 2006, and I'm suspecting he's also trying out De Bono's H+ (plus): A New Religion concepts since our PM has Islam Hadhari...

  29. Anonymous12:08 am

    The most intelligent and level-headed comment made in this post so far was made by saudara Pasir Salak. He discussed the issue cogently and factually, without letting subjectivity and bias creep through. I also like his structured and composed writing style; decent Bahasa Melayu usage that is indeed hard to come by. Syabas, and thank you for your views and thoughts, saudara.

  30. Anonymous12:13 am


    So where is his relevant pre requisite for such title though?

    He didnt pay for the title did he?
    Ahhh ... a desperate PR attempts to cover up his bad asses.

    He didnt change then and he didnt change now.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! ..... the joke is on him.


    Like father like son.

    Father was a fake.

    Son is a sham.



  31. Anonymous12:29 am

    To Rhazes:

    You could do better than singling out Turkey as a secular example for comparison with Malaysia.

    In fact, you need not venture so far. Our geographic neighbour, Indonesia, is a secular state. Gus Dur, their former President and respected religious figure, proclaimed the importance of maintaining Indonesia's secularity. Secularity need not be seen as a threat to religion or belief, as Gus Dur recongnised. (Compare, however, the views of other Indonesian politicians such as Hidayat Nur Wahid or Kiai Alawy Muhammad).

  32. Anonymous1:10 am

    Edward D Bono's lateral thinking, is well documented in the book, I'm right, you're wrong.

    Najib's assertion on the Islamic state, is an extension on why Malaysia is losing FDI, our equity market shrinking, and why despite have english educated middle class, we didnt move to next gear to be another Japan, Korea or Taiwan.

    Making a statement based on sentiment, perception merely solidify assertions that decades back, Malay leadership was represented by doctors and magistrates, the cream of the crop, now its being led by economic dropouts, those without degrees, and TV presenters.

    If syaria is supreme law, than our tax laws are obsolete, and so is genting and 4 d. For leaders of muslim state to allow this, the implication is they are Jahil, and therefore the enemies of Islam. Najib making that statement, merely shows his understanding of Islam is below average.

  33. Bolehland is a Blur-blur State and I'm proud of it!
    *thumps at anyone who digress

  34. Anonymous4:25 am

    rocky said... "is this de Boner award? if so, then Najib deserves it."

    LOL @ rocky's "de Boner award"!

    Laterally, man! ;D

  35. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Philip Kotler, the marketing guru, is also coming over in August. Has HE got anything, any sort of award, for Najib, if he knows whats good for him long term?

    Looks like Bolehland is a goldmine, a cash cow, for all these gurus who keep coming here for a day or two every summer, to collect huge paychecks (millions) for saying nothing new than what their books (RM 80 each) say.
    But then there are enough fools and suckers in Bodohland who will gladly part with their money, proving the maxim right.

  36. Najib does deserve the Edward de Bono award as he was practising lateral thinking by saying that we are not a secular state but an Islamic state. Congratulations, Najib. A job well done!

  37. Anonymous12:09 am

    Lets us remain a good secular Goverment Let us provide security for our citizens, provide them with quality education, great health services for the rakyat, get rid of corrupt leaders, freedom of the press, respect diversity in this country etc. After that if a leader says we are an Islamic State the Rakyat will accept it gladly. And I will be a proud Muslim citizen of this country.

  38. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Malaysia is an "Islamic state" by virtue of Islam as the official religion, the Agong and the Sultans as "protector" of the religion in the same way that the Queen is in UK and the declaration "In God We Trust" in US.The role of religion in UK and US, eventhough classified as secular, is very prominent and dominant.

    However, Malaysia is not a "theocratic state" in the mould of Iran, Saudi Arabia or Israel. We do not have the Council of Religious Leaders ( as in PAS's Dewan Ulamak). Malaysian PM is not under the Ayatollah, Mursyidul Am, Rabii or a Grand Mufti. UK and US, is not a fully secular state either. Religion is still the basis of our governments, unlike Denmark, Germany, France and all nthe communist and socialist states.

    So, as what DPM said, Malaysia is an Islamic state in its own mould!
    Not the secular state as of Russia, Cuba,Cina,etc.

  39. IMNSHO,

    eh, if islamic state meaning kalau stealing, potong tangan, kalau drug trafficking potong kepala, kalau maksiat potong... it's not a bad idea.

    it would explain, why in the gcc countries, the crime rate is way low compared to here. we should embrace the good points and make better the not so good lah cos after all malaysia multi racial kan?

    maybe in near future, we can even safely leave our selipar outside the house without fear of thieves lah. potong tangan for stealing selipar somehow doesnt seem so enticing don't you agree?

    hahaha...macdunno award for bads! damn farny lah.
    also de boner award. rotflmfao